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Gratitude- The quality or feeling of being thankful. Gratitude usually comes in the form of one’s appreciation for the blessings, advantages or even luck they’ve experienced in their lives. Something like cancer would not typically find its way onto anyone’s “gratitude list”. However, that’s exactly how your host, Matt Moran, feels about his personal fight with kidney cancer. Join Matt as he shares his journey from grief to gratitude with heartfelt and informative interviews with fellow adversity specialists, industry experts, spiritual experts, spiritual leaders and more. Learn how a simple expression of gratitude can change YOUR life. You’ll be grateful you tuned in. Matt Moran is a husband, father, successful businessman and grateful cancer patient. The Cincinnati native was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015, but after one of his kidneys was removed, doctors told him he was cancer-free. Then, in late 2018, the cancer returned, and the biopsied tumor was malignant.


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Gratitude- The quality or feeling of being thankful. Gratitude usually comes in the form of one’s appreciation for the blessings, advantages or even luck they’ve experienced in their lives. Something like cancer would not typically find its way onto anyone’s “gratitude list”. However, that’s exactly how your host, Matt Moran, feels about his personal fight with kidney cancer. Join Matt as he shares his journey from grief to gratitude with heartfelt and informative interviews with fellow adversity specialists, industry experts, spiritual experts, spiritual leaders and more. Learn how a simple expression of gratitude can change YOUR life. You’ll be grateful you tuned in. Matt Moran is a husband, father, successful businessman and grateful cancer patient. The Cincinnati native was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015, but after one of his kidneys was removed, doctors told him he was cancer-free. Then, in late 2018, the cancer returned, and the biopsied tumor was malignant.



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Cancer is Not an Excuse, it is Motivation, with Bryce Steele

Some life lessons we are forced to learn earlier than others. For Bryce Steele, he learned at age 17 that suffering is part of the journey and that bad things can happen to good people. In September of 2019, Bryce was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called thymoma, which after the initial treatment, would still return two more times. Cancer was not part of his plan of a being a future college linebacker. Initially, Bryce was recruited by over 30 schools around the country to play football including Ohio State, Texas, Michigan, and Tennessee, but cancer narrowed the list and ultimately, he was led to Boston College. When the cancer returned a 3rd time, surgery and treatment set him back physically but he has fought to defy all odds to return to the field. It was during one of his routine scans at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, that Bryce met Matt and Bill Moran in the waiting room. While they connected because of their cancer journeys and several mutual friendships, there was also an admiration and appreciation in how each was living and battling. Matt immediately saw the maturity, charisma, and faith of Bryce and the positivity he carried despite the battle. Prayers, support, this podcast, and some motivational words from Bill would just be part of the relationship that sprung from this chance meeting. In addition, the stories of both Matt and Bryce are being shared in an article appearing on the Jimmy Fund website. In conjunction with the article, a fundraising Giving Page was created to help fight cancer in honor of Matt and Bryce’s journey - http://danafarber.jimmyfund.org/goto/mattmoranandbrycesteele. Direct donations can be made there online, or by mail at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, PO Box 849168, Boston, MA 02284 or by phone 800 525 4669. Through the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, Bryce has been surrounded by love from his family, his girlfriend, the University, and from the staff at the Dana Farber Institute in Boston. We hope you will also join us in supporting, praying and perhaps donating. The 2024 football season is also just around the corner for Boston College so keep your eye out for number 2 for the Eagles, that's Bryce. He is courageously preparing and is optimistic about all that is ahead for his future. The video version of this episode can be found here on Youtube.


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Every Day is Hard and Every Day is Beautiful, with Ellen Duncan

Ellen Duncan strives to live a life of joy alongside grief. Every day she models strength, love, and faith for her daughters and all who know her. In July 2022, life took a shocking turn and she lost her husband Paul of 10 years while he was out on a morning run. A heart condition - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – which Paul was unaware he had, took his life and created a new path for the family. In this conversation with host Bill Moran, Ellen shares the love story between her and Paul and it’s beginnings during the autumn of 2009 on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Paul, a graduate student and offensive tackle for the Fighting Irish, and Ellen, in her junior year, found a deep connection that evolved from friendship into a profound love. Two years later they married and began a family. After a short time in the NFL, Paul built a successful career as an industry leader in construction management with the Walsh Group in Atlanta, while in 2020, Ellen founded a strategic marketing company called Pineapple Partners. Their story and life together was filled with joy and efforts to live each day to the fullest. No one is ever prepared for the hardship that lands in their path, but Ellen felt touched by the Holy Spirit and has slowly been putting the pieces in place to honor Paul’s big-hearted life by helping others and finding daily strength despite the ever-present grief. On her Instagram page -@pineapplellen -Ellen inspires others who are dealing with loss by sharing her experiences of grief, hope, love and faith, demonstrating and again modeling a path forward. Paul was only 35 and was taken too soon, but he created a light with Ellen that she shines onto others through her work and her smile. Her grace filled story that she shares will lift anyone who has touched loss, can be heard here and watched here. Before Matt passed in August of 2023, he followed Ellen on Instagram and had discussed having her on the WGM show. Some commonality in their stories but mostly Matt saw Ellen’s wisdom, her desire to be present, and wanted to shine his light on her story. May the Heavenly light of both Paul and Matt inspire and bless all of those listening today.


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Making Daily Choices and Knocking Out Anxiety, with Dr. John Delony

Dr. John Delony is a highly sought after best-selling author, mental health expert and show host covering relationships, mental health, anxiety, healthy leadership and emotional wellness. In other words, this episode is relatable to just about anyone aware of the opportunity to learn from adversity. John has been with Ramsey Solutions since 2020 and hosts the Dr. John Delony Show. Through his speaking and writing, he helps individuals work through past trauma and find a path forward. So often when dealing with a crisis, we feel stuck and alone. The wisdom John provided starts with a reminder that you are not alone in the room. His perspective and guidance comes from battling his own personal challenges, finances and discovering how to heal. John also spent 20 years working in crisis response and discovered how be a comforting yet strong voice of change. John’s most recent book, Building a Non-Anxious Life is the centerpiece of the discussion for this episode. His down-to-earth approach and advice has a tremendous appeal and inspires many across the world. For more about John’s background, his show, books, other podcasts and articles, check out his website. To purchase any of his line up of products, go to the Ramsey Solutions store. To enjoy Bill and John’s discussion, you can listen here or watch here. Before Matt passed, he had become a fan of John's work and had made arrangements to have him on as a guest. It is wonderful to see this come to fruition and be another source of love and strength inspired by Matt. ADDITIONAL NOTES ABOUT DR. JOHN DELONY: · John has two PhDs and over two decades of experience in counseling, crisis response and higher education. · He is the author of the bestselling books Own Your Past, Change Your Future, Redefining Anxiety and most recently, Building a Non-Anxious Life. · John has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox News and Fox Business and been featured in Real Simple magazine, Fast Company, The Today Show, and HuffPost. · He has been a guest on The School of Greatness Podcast, The Minimalist Podcast, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast and the Mind Pump Podcast. · John’s goal is to help people navigate tough decisions, improve their relationships, and believe they’re worth being well. Follow John on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and X.


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Finding Meaning in Life's Final Days, with Dr. Christopher Kerr

Dr. Christopher Kerr is an end life researcher, a hospice physician, CEO and Chief Medical Officer for Hospice and Palliative Care in Buffalo, NY, and the acclaimed author of Death is But a Dream. He provided hospice care for Matt Moran and his family in August, 2023. His extraordinary care and guidance was impactful and comforting for the family in the moment and in the grieving process that followed. As Matt would certainly would have wished and how he so often did with this podcast, we are passing along the lessons and spreading the good word about Dr. Kerr. Dr. Kerr’s work, his research, book, and films are based on his experience and research working with hospice patients and seeing the extraordinary way the mind connects reality to the thoughts, visions and dreams of the dying. His work validates these powerful moments and brings comfort to family and to the emotions that come at the end of life. Dr Kerr defines End of Life Experiences or ELEs as significant, subjective experiences within the dying process that occur while asleep or awake. They can happen hours, weeks or even months before a person passes and may increase in frequency as patients approach death. These experiences are indeed gifts and impact the bereaved because “how people leave us matters,” says Dr. Kerr. His website provides many resources for learning more about his work, including: · View the award winning TED talk from 2015 titled ‘I See Dead People, Dreams and Visions of the Dying” to learn more about Dr. Kerr’s perspective on End of Life Experiences. · Order the book, Death is But a Dream: Finding Hope and Meaning in the End of Life, by Dr. Christopher Kerr, available from numerous book outlets. · His film, also titled Death is but a Dream, shares many patient stories. This is available for viewing on YouTube or you can watch a short preview here. · End-of-Life Experience Research In this podcast, Bill Moran and Dr. Kerr talk though many of these topics and how Dr. Kerr helps brings perspective, purpose and meaning to the final days of a life. You will also hear how Bill was able to piece together what he was feeling as his brother was saying goodbye, the love and connection that was present, and the awareness of the power and incredible gift that came from this time that will last forever for him and the family. While the emotions don’t necessarily become less painful, talking through what is happening and what it all means shines light on the process. With that perspective comes much more joy, much more impact, and less focus on the loss and declining health of the individual. Tune in here to listen to the podcast (or connect to your favorite streaming service listed) or view the podcast on youtube.


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Celebrating Matt's Life, with Bill Moran and Dr. Roy Vongtama

SHOW NOTES: The world lost a positive force of nature, a friend, brother, a husband, and a father of two amazing girls on August 20, 2023, when Matt passed. Over the past 3 years while Matt lived with his cancer, he created 71 episodes of With Gratitude, Matt. During that time, he shined his light on many others and helped give a voice to stories filled with life lessons. He modeled how to live with gratitude every day and how to be a man for others. His earthly presence will be dearly missed, but Matt’s spirit will be with us in many ways including on future episodes of this show which the Moran family will continue to do in his honor. Matt’s older brother Bill hosts this episode with Dr. Roy Vongtama, who was guest number 1 in July of 2020. Dr. Vongtama was Matt’s integrative cancer coach, friend, and an inspiration in how Matt approached his treatment and daily routine, much of it pulled from Roy’s book, Healing Before You are Cured. In this episode, Bill and Dr. Vongtama discuss how Matt approached his diagnosis, his healing and the choices we all have in how we see tomorrow when given tough news. Dr. Vongtama also shares his thoughts on grieving, living without resentment, serving others and, of course, the power of gratitude. Dr. Vongtama’s new online course, Healing After Your Cured: Science Backed Post Cancer Care is due out soon and will be helpful for anyone looking for how to best care for yourself after being declared healthy or cancer free. Resources and course information are available on Dr. Vongtam’s website https://www.mdroy.com/. You can also connect via Instagram : @doctorroyv or Facebook Roy Vongtama, MD Please enjoy this episode and next step forward. You can listen here or watch here. SPECIAL NOTE: Matt was admired and loved by countless family members, listeners and friends, many who reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. On October 7th at 1pm, please join us for a Celebration of Life at St. Xavier High School. If you are unable to make it and would like to send a note to the family about what Matt’s podcast has meant to you, please leave a comment attached to this episode on the WGM YouTube page.


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Caring for Haiti's Children, with Danita Estrella-Watts

Danita Estrella-Watts is the founder and President of Danita’s Children in Haiti which cares for orphaned children. Her vision began at the young age of 11 after a mission trip opened her eyes to all the suffering. Twenty-five years later she returned and by listening to God’s voice, she began to create tools to care for the children of Haiti. Today her organization is able to meet many physical, emotional and spiritual needs through a home which cares for 80 orphans, a school that educates over 300 children, a feeding program that serves over 16,000 meals, a church, and a pediatric medical center with over 26 nurses and medical physicians. Danita’s journey started with fear and uncertainty and ultimately yielded to purpose and peace as she uncovered the rewards for improving the lives of so many through education, medical aid, love, and nourishment. Be sure not to miss this episode as Matt and Danita explore themes of faith, courage, overcoming adversity, and of course, the power of gratitude. Listeners beware as you may be inspired to reflect heavily on your own blessings and how you might make a difference in the world! Learn more about Danita, her foundation, and how you can help at her website, danitaschildren.org/. You listen to the podcast here, or watch here.


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Honoring Their Son and His Tragic Loss, With Tom and Stephanie Quehl

Stephanie and Tom Quehl are the proud parents of four boys. In September of 2021, they faced the worst tragedy when they lost their son, Jack, to a lethal dose of fentanyl-laced cocaine at the young age of 24. Jack was not an addict or a habitual drug user and had never intended to take fentanyl, but it unfortunately robbed him of his future. Jack’s background was filled with academic success, athletic achievement, family love, friends, and impact wherever he went (he was an avid traveler), not the profile anyone might expect in a story like this. But fentanyl doesn’t pick out its victims and deals loss and grief wherever it goes. Stephanie and Tom have courageously transformed their pain into a mission, founding the ‘Do It For Jack’ Foundation. Their work covers a wide range of initiatives including educating others on fentanyl, preventing overdoses, dealing with loss, and communication. This heartfelt and educational episode is a wake-up call to all parents on the dangers of substance abuse and delves into the Quehl’s journey, the power of community support, and insights on how they maintain open communication with their children. Their story is a testament to how love, resilience, and prayer can create the possibility of hope in the face of such heartbreak. You can listen here or watch here.


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From Domestic Violence and Homelessness to Strength and Faith, with Jennifer

Jennifer’s story is heartbreaking yet also powerful as it provides a unique lens into domestic violence, homelessness, and the remarkable resilience of the human spirit. 10 years into her marriage, she reached a breaking point after barely surviving an episode where she was beaten and almost set on fire. But it was the love of her son and eventually God’s spirit that put her on a long path of recovery towards finding a better life. Jennifer’s serendipitous encounter with Matt at the Logan International airport is not surprising once you get to know Jennifer and feel the grace and love that pours out openly from her heart. Her faith drives her and she is not one to miss an opportunity to help someone whose heart is also open or is in need of help. In the lively dialogue with Matt, Jennifer provides listeners with a deeply personal and enlightening perspective about her experience enduring domestic abuse, which led her and her son into a life of homelessness. As they faced the challenges of living in shelters and depending on soup kitchens, she sheds light on how she pulled herself up and found God healing her wounds and energizing her days. Now Jennifer is the one who takes time to advocate for local shelters and help others who are victims of domestic violence. Enjoy her story and how Jennifer dismantles societal misconceptions about homelessness and highlights the humanity, struggle and path of a person who might live these circumstances. Make sure to catch the end of the episode as she prays over all the listeners in the same way she prayed over Matt in the Boston airport. Whether you listen or view the interview , be prepared to be inspired and feel the energy from Jennifer and her extraordinary story of courage and faith.


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Faith and Work Coming Together, with Brett Smith.

Brett R. Smith, Ph. D. is the Founding Research Director of the the L.I.F.E Research Lab at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (L.I.F.E =Leading the Integration of Faith & Entrepreneurship). His program explores how spirituality and business can indeed be interwoven together for a more fulfilling professional and personal journey. The program’s birth at a public University was unlikely, but after hearing about Brett’s journey, his calling to teach, his deep faith, and the seeds that God planted in his life, it all makes perfect sense. Matt and Brett delve into his early roles, experiences with corporate and start ups, and finally his transformation to Miami University where, with his commitment and drive, he has led a flourishing program that has opened the minds of students in a unique and powerful classroom experience. The L.I.F.E. curriculum provides guidance, experience, and knowledge in social entrepreneurship and how faith can live in that environment. For anyone who has experience in starting something new, you know there will be high and lows. What the L.I.F.E. program suggests is that our faith can be an asset for survival. Faith is what let Brett to Miami, it is what shines light into his marriage to Laura (guest on 11/16/20) and into his role as a father to four kids, and it is what continues to provide guide posts as new challenges and opportunities fall on the path at Miami. Brett candidly shares some obstacles including how he faced health scares and question marks, but also how these challenges and set backs have been stepping stones to growth and insights to making decisions, arming him with more awareness that our clock is always ticking. This episode is a must-listen for all who are seeking courage to listen to our callings and are curious about how to harmoniously blend faith with their careers. To learn more about Brett, visit the Miami of Ohio University website. His achievements have also been featured in Time, Business Week, Financial Times, CNN, MSNBC and he has been asked to speak at the United Nations, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Tedx Youth, and a number of leading universities. You listen here or watch here.


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Finding Purpose Everyday with Starbucks Former President, Howard Behar

In this insightful episode, we dive deep into the life of Howard Behar, the former president of Starbucks Coffee. As one of the founding leaders, he participated in expanding Starbucks from just 28 stores after joining in 1989 to over 15,000 stores in 5 continents after his 21 years of service ended. Since retiring, he has written 2 books It's Not About The Coffee: Leadership Principles from a Life at Starbucks and The Magic Cup: A Business Parable About a Leader, a Team, and the Power of Putting People and Values First. Howard is an experienced business leader, author and speaker who actively shares his wisdom with developing future leaders through his many speaking opportunities but also as a board member with many profit and non-profit companies. In this podcast, we explore Howard’s journey to leadership, challenges faced and personal philosophies that have shaped his career and life. Howard shares some powerful stories from early in his career, including a life-altering conversation with a leader of a company which led him to a path of self-discovery and the defining of his core values. As part of Howard’s journey, he also openly shares the challenges of battling depression and anxiety which were very present as he transitioned into retirement and searched for more purpose. This episode offers a profound look at how personal values and authenticity can drive a successful leader and Howard’s unique approach to leadership, his deep-rooted belief in prioritizing people over profits, and his commitment to authenticity. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation which is filled with unique insights and life lessons for us all. You can learn more about Howard, his books and his speaking engagement on his website, http://www.howardbehar.com/. You can listen this podcast here or watch it on YouTube.


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Cultivating a Life of Listening and Paying Attention, with Jen Pollock Michel

Author Jen Pollock Michel has found that one of the keys to being a good writer is just paying attention and being curious about the world and your own questions. Many of her books are a reflection of her own human experience of faith and her journey to find purpose and where to lean among all the everyday challenges that we all face from our bills, loss we encounter, health obstacles and relationships. In her work as a talented writer, speaker, coach, and podcast host, she talks about relying on a creator and the guide the bible can be in navigating our challenges. She has now authored five books, including: A Habit Called Faith, Surprised by Paradox (winner of Christianity Today’s 2020 Award of Merit for Beautiful Orthodoxy), Keeping Place, and Teach Us to Want (winner of Christianity Today’s 2015 Book of the Year) and her latest book released in 2022, In Good Time, about developing a more grounded, healthy life giving relationship with the clock. Jen holds a B.A. in French from Wheaton College, an M.A. in Literature from Northwestern University, and is working to complete an M.F.A from Seattle Pacific University. After eleven years of living in Toronto, Jen now lives in Cincinnati with her husband and her two youngest children. You can follow Jen on Twitter and Instagram @jenpmichel, subscribe to her Monday letters at www.jenpollockmichel.com, and listen to episodes of the Englewood Review of Books podcast hosted by Jen. Grab a pen and paper, as this conversation with Matt is full of many insights you will want to jot down. You can listen the podcast here or you can view on YouTube.


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Learning to Live and Thrive with Disease, with Jon Dannemiller

In 1984, Jon’s life took an unexpected turn when the first symptoms of ulcerative colitis started to appear. In addition to the health hurdles, the disease brought with it various other social, athletic and just practical life challenges. Treatment options at that time were limited to steroids which brought such side effects as weight gain and trouble sleeping. Diet choices and awareness of the nearest restroom became part of the day. Jon initially kept his diagnosis private and he just tried his best to live normally. With newer medications, he learned how to manage his condition and obtained his degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1991. But shortly after college, it was recommended that his colon be removed, again the best option at that time for what he was facing. The surgery brought some relief and Jon continued to make the lifestyle adjustments with grace. Over the last few decades, he has built a successful career, has 3 kids, and makes time to help others who are facing similar medical obstacles. Through his strong faith, family support, and resilience, he has truly created an amazing life and found more joy than ever. He is engaged to Leesa who he will wed later in 2023 and is excited about the path ahead. Jon is currently a Sales Executive for Oswald Companies in Cincinnati and is a trusted resource for his clients in developing risk mitigation strategies. To learn more about Jon’s story, listen here or watch here.


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Inspiring Lives and Winning Races at Age 91, with John Hurd

In the long list of published inspiring sport stories are great feats by well-known athletes from well-known teams from around the world. While John Hurd’s may not be as famous, his story is as uplifting as any and his achievements are beyond remarkable. John has won 169 gold medals, including 9 at the national level, in track and field. The amazing part of those achievements is that they all came after age 61 and continue today into his 91st year. His story is documented in his two books, JOHNNY RUN LATELY: The Life and Adventures of a Latter Day Sprint Champion and A Sprint to The Gold: How I Won the National Senior Olympics Without a Coach or Trainer. In this conversation with Matt, John shares many more details about his childhood, his career, his faith, his health, his training, and his latest goals. His message is inspiring for all ages, all athletes, and anyone who wants some advice on how to get more out of life. John even faced a health scare and was fitted with a pacemaker, but he has adjusted to the changes and still continues to compete. Listen here or on YouTube.


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A Mother’s Love and Helping Others with Loss, with Barbara Legere

Author Barbara Legere lost her 29 year old son Kevin to suicide in 2020. Kevin had been fighting a drug addition and his mental health for 13 years and Barbara did everything she knew how to do to help him recover and just love him. His life and the lessons Barbara learned from it inspired her to write a book called, Kevin's Choice, A Mother's Journey Through her Son's Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide. Her hope is that the book will help other parents and teens who are suffering, shine a light on the warning signs (for those who think everything is fine), and prevent further loss. In 2021, there were over 100,000 lives that were taken from us who were just like Kevin. Her book and this interview are filled with tips and guidance for parents that might be dealing with similar issues. You can also learn more at www.barbaralegere.com/ and read about her latest book Talk to Me I'm Grieving: Supportive Ways to Help Someone Through Grief. Barbara would have done anything to save her son and his choice will never be easy to accept. But she often feels his presence, love and encouragement and that fuels Barbara to keep sharing, writing and speaking about ways she can help. She also lost another dear soul in her life named Anthony to a drug overdose and he also is part of her drive to be a source of strength and wisdom for anyone who will listen. Tune in for her candid interview with Matt. You listen to the audio version or view the interview on youtube.


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Lessons from a Rekindled Relationship, with Andy Hill

Most any high school basketball player in the 1970s dreamed of the opportunity to play for Coach John Wooden, one of the most respected and successful coaches of all time. Andy Hill earned that chance on a UCLA team that won 3 straight National Championships from 1970-72 (part of a string of 7) along with such legends as Bill Walton, Henry Bibby and Jamaal Wilkes. The only issue for Andy was that he spent much of those 3 years as a reserve on the bench. After graduating, Andy carried some unresolved feelings about his time on the team. 25 years passed before Andy decided to call Coach Wooden and connect over the phone. During that time prior to his phone call, Andy’s career was skyrocketing, with such roles as the President of CBS Productions and Channel One News. But there is nothing quite like the bond with a former coach. Immediately, the unresolved for Andy was resolved and a new friendship was established. As they spent more time together, Coach Wooden’s influence became more evident (past and present). They went on to write a book together, Be Quick—But Don't Hurry: Finding Success in the Teachings of a Lifetime. Tune into this follow-up conversation from February 2021 to learn more about Andy’s journey, his friendships, and his life lessons from basketball and TV. You can listen here or view the interview here.


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On Call for the Bengals, Damar Hamlin, and his Family, with Dr. Bret Betz

Bret Betz MD is a physician at the University of Cincinnati Health specializing in orthopaedics, sports medicine, and emergency medicine. It was his interest in sports medicine that led him to become the team physician for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was on the field January 2 when Damar Hamlin went down and laid unconsciousness on the field as 23 million fans watched across the country. It was a moment he and his team were prepared for due to their game day routines, discipline, years of training, and life experiences. At the age of 10, Bret tragically lost his father in a plane crash and always desired to not only make his father proud, but to do something positive with that pain. He was drawn to emergency medicine where he is board certified with a Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in sports medicine. As a result of the care given to Damar, Bret and the medical team who worked together on January 2 were honored at the Super Bowl. Damar was present and gave a heartfelt speech. Listen in to learn more about Bret’s career, his family, and how gratitude plays a role in his life. You can tune in here or watch here.


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Doing Work That Will Last Beyond My Lifetime, with Brother Andrew Torrey

The work to become a priest is not easy but it is full of joy as you will see with this conversation with Brother Andrew. Brother Andrew Torrey is in his last year of 14 years of formation with the Legionaries of Christ in Rome. In the spring of 2024, he will be ordained and assigned to a parish somewhere else in the world. For many of us, 14 years of religious study and the anxiety of an unknown future living location might seem overwhelming. But Brother Andrew is putting his trust in God and knows that his purpose, his calling and the real work to become a priest is about helping others get to Heaven (his eternal impact). Brother Andrew is a terrific representation of the future of the Catholic Church and proof of how Church leaders are changing. Brother Andrew comfortably and wisely addresses many of the questions, the obstacles and the misconceptions that some see hindering the growth of the church such as the priest scandals and shortages. Brother advises that God is love and addressing weakness is a strength of Jesus! Brother Andrew also talks more about how we can all grow through our faith and our challenges on his podcast, Pause and Play (also on Facebook). In addition, you can catch him on an episode of Many Hail Marys, where he prays the Rosary and then shares more about his personal faith journey in the second half of the show. You can listen to Matt’s interview here or you view the interview online.


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Being Single and Finding Joy Exactly Where You Are, with Hannah Schermerhorn

Newly published author Hannah Schermerhorn was two months away from her wedding day in 2014 when she ended the engagement. She was embarrassed, felt shame and was let down because she wanted all the richness and joy that comes from married life. Learning to embrace being single was a transition that was aided heavily by her faith and her strong upbringing. Her experience inspired her to write her first book for any others facing similar challenges. Hannah discovered countless lessons and tools that she wished she had known before her journey began and lays them out beautifully in “A Single Life to Live: Stop Waiting for Your Life to Begin and Thrive Where God has You Today.” The book is available on Amazon or you can also go to her website for more info. Her ability to hand over the struggle to God and her work to find peace and purpose paid off as Hannah married Josh in November 2022. Listen or watch here to hear more details about Hannah’s story and her new book.


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A Healed Brain and the Doors it Opened, with Chris Gathers

Chris Gathers is a brain cancer warrior and after the successful removal of his tumor, decided to do something to shake up his daily routine. Inspired by a best friend, he started an Instagram page @culminationpoint in which he posts regular messages about surviving brain cancer, trauma and lessons learned about healing and growth. As the title of his page suggests, it came down to a choice of either status quo or shedding the past and recreating. As a Regional Vice President for Nationwide Insurance (focusing on Life), Chris understands the value of planning and is doing all he can as a husband and father of two girls to make every day count. His messages come from his experiences, his heart, and are a result of fighting through crisis and adversity. Prior to cancer, Chris grew up around divorce, depression, mental health issues and anxiety that took many years to accept, unravel and pull out the needed guideposts. The lessons he shares are universal in their application and will remind any listener of how we can connect through our challenges. Enjoy this candid conversation with Matt here or view it on YouTube.


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With Gratitude, Matt - The Gratitude Tribute Show, with Listeners and Past Guests

After releasing 56 shows over two and one-half years, the With Gratitude Matt show honors former guests by asking them to check in with their latest gratitude list and honors listeners by asking them to share highlights from past shows. With each episode, the intent is always to pass along life lessons, share stories that people can connect with, and talk about the power of gratitude, faith, and community in overcoming challenges. With this episode, we reflect on the show’s journey so far and take inventory of what we have right now to help all of us to prepare and succeed in 2023. Blessings to all our current and future listeners. You may enjoy this episode best by viewing on YouTube - https://youtu.be/FlZuE05XizM