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Making decisions easy!

#20 Today's Episode is all about decision making. I share with you a bunch of tips, tricks and tools that will support and guide you when making decisions. We make decisions in every moment of life, all you see around you right now is due to decisions you made. It's a powerful thing if you regain control over your decision making process and shift your focus where you want it. This Episode will help you do exactly that! ENJOY <3 I look forward to hearing your thought and feelings and...


The Law of Attraction - Interview with Phil Smith

#21 In today's Episode I chat to Phil Smith from 'how feel good now'. Phil is an expert on the Law of Attraction and has been studying its ins and outs for the past 15 years. In today's Episode he shares with us how he first encountered the LOA as a child and how he manages to attract anything using his Step program. Grab a pen and paper, take some notes and start manifesting! Connect with Phil: On Facebook Instagram Email: info@howtofeelgoodnow.co.uk I look forward to hearing your...


Guided Morning Meditation!

#19 Find a comfy seat and close your eyes. Drift off to some beautiful piano music and let me guide you into a space of abundance, gratitude and fulfilment. ENJOY! I look forward to hearing your thought and feelings and am sending you the biggest hug! Don't forget to leave me a review on iTunes Let's be friends on Instagram, Facebook or just send me an email via my website. Much Love and dream BIG! Yours, Nicole


Morning Meditation Part 1!

#18 Meditation is hands down my greatest tool! I have made huge leaps by shifting my energy from a lower state to a higher state using guided mediations. Today I want to share with you how I prime myself for the day - nurturing my self worth and setting myself up for fulfilment, success and abundance. So I split this Episode in 2 parts, here I'll talk a little about the Law of attraction and how we shift into a higher frequency and then attract more of that higher frequency. In the second...


From Head to Heart Interview with Sarah Buino

#17 In today's Episode I chat to the wonderful Sarah Buino. Sarah is a Psychotherapist specialising in addiction. She is also a University Professor and the host of the Podcast: Conversations with a wounded healer. Sarah shares her story with us, what brought her to work as a therapist and why taking the journey from the head to the heart is the longest, yet most rewarding, you'll ever take. We chat about vulnerability, why some people want to dig deep and others don't, how social media...


3 Steps that will support your response to change!

#16 Have you ever watched trees when a season changes? They surrender to change so effortlessly. They know shedding all the old leaves means that they will bloom again next year. I was walking through the park the other day reflecting on my year and how much change went on and what helped me respond to this change in a way that was of service to others and me. Hence, why today’s Episode is a personal one. I dive into the huge topic of CHANGE. I mean, change is universal, we can’t avoid it,...


Finding the balance between being and doing - Interview with Samara from Mindfulness Matters

#15 today I have the wonderful Samara from Mindfulness Matters as a guest. Samara is a wellness and lifestyle coach, a yogi, a teacher, a speaker, she hosts workshops and retreats all over the world empowering people to live in alignment, unfolding all that beautiful potential and living their best life on their own terms. Samara and me dive into: - how to wake up by slowing down - finding your own definition of success - knowing your non-negotiable’s and resources - walking the path of...


Finding the courage to do YOU - Interview with Sah D'Simone

#14 In today’s Episode I speak to the wonderful Sah D’Simone all the way from New York City. Sah is a best selling author, a speaker, a transformational coach, a meditation teacher, a raw vegan chef with retreats all over the world inspiring thousands of people to take control of their mental and physical health and create a life they truly love. Sah shares his inspiring story coming from high fashion to living in ashrams and monastery’s all over the world studying with some of the most...


Feel and Fool your Fear!

#13 In today's Episode I speak about one of my favourite F Words - Fear - about feeling it and fooling it. Fear is the oldest emotion known to man. It is also the most contradictory. On the one hand we fear failure but then we also fear success. We fear people but we fear loneliness. We fear death but also fear life... So fear definitely needs quite a bit of attention if you ask me. After dealing with many fearful days in my life and constantly trying to be fearless, I have found a new way...


Choose your OWN way - Interview with Klara Mudge from both sides buttered

#12 in today’s Episode I have my first fellow Namibian as a guest. I am talking to the wonderful Klara Mudge from both sides buttered. Klara is a functional medicine nutritionist, a health coach, a writer, a speaker, a Yoga teacher and simply a honest, authentic, raw and inspiring woman giving us all a bit of new perspective on health, nutrition and self care. Klara writes for a number of leading international wellness sites and publications like Mind Body Greenand Into The Gloss- on...


The Disease to Please - How to finally say NO to others and YES to yourself!

#11 In today’s Episode I address the Disease to Please! Yea, I am talking about people pleasing- why we do it, why we shouldn’t do it and how we can stop doing it. This Episode is very personal for me as it’s hands down my biggest fish to fry. I had to be quite honest with myself and take on a different kind of standpoint as this ‘everyone’s darling’ vibe wasn’t getting me nowhere. In this Episode you will learn: Quotes used in this Episode: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” -...


Re-prioritize your health with Dr. Andrea Page

#10 I am honoured to be speaking to Dr. Andrea Page today. Andrea works as a neuropathic doctor, a “Bio Hacking Epigeneticist”, a fasting expert, a yoga teacher trainer, a speaker, an astrologer, a write and a podcaster. She is a master of lifestyle medicine, travelling all over the world inspiring people to take their health back into their own hands. This episode is all about learning about the benefits of fasting, breaking it’s myth, it is also about how mindfulness really matters and...


This morning routine changed my life!

#9 How you start your day will influence all that follows. If you prime your mind-set and heart set toward your goals and shift your focus on mindfulness, success and feeling good, thats where your energy will go throughout the rest of the day and that’s where you will have the right results. In this Episode, I share my morning routine with you. Take what you need. Books mentioned in Episode: Hal Elrod - Miracle Morning Julia Cameron – The artist way Quotes mentioned in this...


Step into your power with Nadine McNeil

#8 In today’s Episode I speak to the wonderful Nadine McNeil, aka Universal Empress. Nadine is a healer, a activist and yoga teacher, with retreats all over the world, helping people heal, find their voice and step into the fullest expression of self. She has a fascinating story, working for the UN for many years, serving in places like Iraq, Kuwait and Sudan and finally taking a leap of faith to commit her path as a healer. Nadine was a huge part on journey. I did a life changing...


How to let go of the past!

#7 Today’s Episode is about letting go, about closing old chapters and especially about the big F Word: Forgiveness! Forgiveness is letting go of the hope for a better past, and therefore living your best kind of future. Even if you believe someone doesn’t deserve your forgiveness, you definitely deserve peace, this also goes for forgiving yourself or even life itself. I will share a story with you that you’ll always remember when it comes to forgiveness. I will also share with you 3...


How to reach financial freedom and create a lifestyle by design With Oliver Grimbly

#6 Today I speak to the wonderful Oliver Grimbly, a former professional Tennis player turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur and speaker, inspiring people to live a life full driven by purpose. I speak to Oliver on how he managed to build a 7-figure income in just 2 years. How mindset, meditation, morning routines and mentors helped him to where he is today and how it serves others equally. We speak about courage, vulnerability and stepping into the unknown even if everyone around you tells you to...


Choose a powerful I AM!

#5 What is your I AM? In this episode I will dive into the importance of finding an I AM that serves you, that gets your out of that negative reality loop of thinking and feeling in a certain way. I will share with you how 10 days of silent meditation helped me understand how we can recreate ourselves in every moment of the day. Quotes used in this Episode: "You are not the voice but the one that is aware of it.' -Eckhart Tolle "I think; therefore I am." - Rene Descartes "We are what we...


How to cope with negative feelings!

#4 In todays Episode I want to talk to you about feelings and emotions. I will share a 3 steps with you that help me deal with negative feelings and transform them into serving me. Download the FEELINGS list on my website: https://www.nicole-davidow.com/for-you-en I hope you enjoy this episode, share it with anyone who's growth it can support and leave me a 5 star review here on iTunes in order for the Podcast to reach more people worldwide. Also connect with me on Instagram for more...


Boost your confidence in 5 steps.

#3 Is self-confidence a skill? Absolutely. In this episode, I want to share 5 steps with you that will boost your confidence immediately. For more information please visit my website: www.nicole-davidow.com For the values worksheet: https://www.nicole-davidow.com/for-you-en Quotes mentioned in this Episode: "We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with." -Jim Rohn "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein For...


Live your Best Life!

#2 In todays Episode I will share a powerful coaching tool with you: The wheel of Life. This tool will help to see where you are at and especially where you want to go. What's your current reality? What's your desired reality? It is a great way to take that first step towards your best life. I'd like to invite you to download the worksheet here: https://www.nicole-davidow.com/for-you-en Books mentioned in this Episode: - Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki - Think and Grow Rich by...