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We talk about health, wellness + big ideas that transform the world!

We talk about health, wellness + big ideas that transform the world!
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We talk about health, wellness + big ideas that transform the world!




Katie Doble on Fighting Cancer + Writing a Memoir

We sit down with author and cancer fighter Katie Doble. She tells us all about her upcoming memoir, Love, Your Future Happy Self. Katie tells us about her journey to health during cancer treatments and beyond. Katie gets real with us about how cancer is a bitch and what she has done to deal with the challenges that cancer forced her to confront. We talk about self care, guilt, diet, and boundaries. She tells us all about how she has grown to love cooking and develop good eating habits for...


Sierra Goldstein talks about being a young beauty mogul + queen of intention & ritual.

On today's show, we chatted with Sierra Goldstein, creator of H2a Botanicals organic beauty line + true queen of intention and ritual. Sierra digs deep about the importance of self love and care and how she developed a product line with high vibration and the intention to be a vehicle to pass on ancient rituals. Find out more at H2aBotanicals.com. Sierra Goldstein is a highly motivated and successful young entrepreneur. Her lifelong journey of project based learning, international travel,...


Crystal Melanson on Functional Nutrition

On the podcast, we are joined by Crystal Melanson, founder of Zen Functional Wellness. Crystal is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, FDN® Health and Nutrition Practitioner & Certified Natural Chef. Crystal and Andrea sit down to talk about nutrition in various stages of life and how testing can help create a clearer picture of what is happening in your gut. They discuss the role of a practitioner as a guide to your health, but how ultimately, people need to learn to listen to their bodies to...


Terese Shanley on Intuition + Healing

Terese Shanley is an intuitive healer working to channel the light! After 30 years as a hospice nurse, Terese felt the call to move to a different realm of healing. She is yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher and has trained extensively in many different areas of healing. She is transforming the world by introducing people to their souls, to who they are, to showing them their intuitive gifts. In this episode, we talk about the difference between the ego and the soul and what...


Dr. Mary Rondeau on Kids, Gut Health & Behavior

In this conversation with Dr. Mary Rondeau, co-founder of The Wholeness Center, an integrative mental health center in Fort Collins, we talk about kids, food, and how food affects their behavior during times of developmental change. For everyone, regardless of age, diet is critical in treatment of any condition. Gut health provides the environment for bacteria that affect mental functioning and development. In our conversation, Dr. Rondeau sheds light on how the microbiome develops in kids’...


Debi Kennison & the Goddess Awakening Institute

We sit down with Debi Kennison, the founder of the Goddess Awakening Institute, to talk about what it means to heal yourself from the inside out. Our conversation hits on the way that trauma and pain can be passed down from one generation to the next and how for many of us, healing is learning to let go of the trauma that we carry for those who came before us. Debi’s work focuses on connecting people to their inner world through breath and movement. She is inspired to teach people to pay...


Dr. Shawn Talbott from Amare Global

Dr. Shawn Talbott Chief Science Officer & Founding Executive of Amare Global Over the past 3-5 years, more science has come out around mental wellness. Science is showing us that mental health is not just our brain functioning. It includes our guts. Amare Global seeks to optimize mental wellness by addressing more than just the chemical imbalances in the brain. They are working to measure what is off and what leads to imbalances and then address the brain and gut issues at the same...