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Travis Spire-Sweet (LAc, Dipl. OM) and Chris Powell (LAc, Dipl. Ac) combine their 20 plus years of acupuncture experience (albeit Chris' whiskers are whiter!) to create this premier podcast for acupuncturists.

Travis Spire-Sweet (LAc, Dipl. OM) and Chris Powell (LAc, Dipl. Ac) combine their 20 plus years of acupuncture experience (albeit Chris' whiskers are whiter!) to create this premier podcast for acupuncturists.
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Travis Spire-Sweet (LAc, Dipl. OM) and Chris Powell (LAc, Dipl. Ac) combine their 20 plus years of acupuncture experience (albeit Chris' whiskers are whiter!) to create this premier podcast for acupuncturists.




#43 Acupuncture Needles Help Reveal Origin of Life

A medical device used for thousands of years is now being utilized to help discover the origins of life. Today’s show, Dr. Facundo Fernandez talks to us about why he chose the Acupuncture needle for a NASA funded project to help discover the original building blocks of life.


#42 Portland is the New Hub for Chinese Medicine & Fertility Research

Today’s episode looks at what is becoming the hub of fertility and acupuncture research in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin is heading up wide reaching research studies looking at how to optimize in-vitro-fertilization outcomes with Traditional Chinese Medicine.


#40 A Children's Book Brings Acupuncture To Life

Children's books are often the best at explaining sometimes extremely broad topics. The newly published book entitled "Maya and Friends Visit the Acupuncturist" does just that, explains how Chinese Medicine works to a kid. Husband and Wife team, Samara and Troy White, tackled this project together. The episode today talks about their adventure into Children's book writing and illustrating... Bringing Maya and acupuncture to life on paper. Yet, MD Anderson's Integrative Medicine Center...


#39 Why Leading Cancer Hospitals are Turning to Acupuncture

MD Anderson is one of the top ranking oncology centers in the United States. Excelling in cutting edge scientific research to find cures and answers for a wide range of cancers. Yet, MD Anderson's Integrative Medicine Center looks at a treatment method 3,000 years in the making. ACUPUNCTURE Dr. Mary K Garcia is leading these scientific inquires. She started her first study in 1978 with a simple and specific question: "Does acupressure increase test taking scores in nursing students". 40...


#38 Ipad EHR for Acupuncturists Has Arrived !

QiNotes is an iPad based EHR/EMR software made exclusively for Acupuncture and Chinese medical clinics. A patient's record, their health record, is indistinguishable from that actual person. It is a representation of their past, current, and future health and wellness. Dr. Lawrence Weed was the creator of the EHR, we present his story today along with developers of QiNotes.


#37 Minimalist Design: Airstream Acupuncture Clinic

Christina Fish, LAc., combined two of her passions into one space. Chinese Medicine and Airstreams. Located in Durham, North Carolina, Christina, has developed a unique space into a thriving acupuncture clinic. Grass may not always be greener on the other side but sometimes an Airstream might be waiting for you.


#36 2014 Acupuncture Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday gift guide for acupuncturists. Cool gadgets, apps, new Chinese herbal products, must have books, great CEU classes, and new products for you and your clinic. Happy Holidays Everyone !


#35 Acupuncture or Prescription Medication

Christine Perry, of Patient Qi, joins the show today to talk about her dream and ambition of creating a patient friendly database of all the possible alternative therapies to specific diseases and symptoms. This episode is a "short". Quick and fun.


#34 Why Moxa?

Lorraine Wilcox, the queen of Moxa, joins the show today to discuss a very simple yet difficult topic: "Why Moxa?" Everything from the properties of mugwort, temperature spikes while it burns, differences between direct and indirect, what is the best moxa wool?, actual properties of moxa smoke, why some ancient masters of Chinese medicine used moxa instead of acupuncture, how moxa pre-dates acupuncture, and what science is discovering about the use of moxa. Lorraine Wilcox is a Chinese...


#33 Formulas From The Golden Cabinet With Songs

Dr. Eran Even, from Port Moody, British Columbia, joins the show today to talk about his new book called Formulas From the Golden Cabinet with Songs. This is a translation of Chen Xiuyuan pivotal work from the 19th century discussing the Jing Gui Fang Ge Kuo volumes IV-VI.


#31 History Course - Medicine and Healing in China

What is acupuncture from a historical context? How has medicine in China evolved over the past 3,000 years? TJ Hinrichs is a Harvard Ph.D educated, Cornell University Associate Professor, who teaches classes on the history of Chinese Medicine in China. Her newest book, Chinese Medicine and Healing: An illustrated History, covers those topics and so much more. We get to pick her brain (much much larger than our collective brains at Yin Yang Podcast) for about an hour today!


#30 Acupuncture and Nike

Tiffany Cruikshank, founder and owner of world wide renown Yoga Medicine, reflects on her time with Nike corporation and how she brought acupuncture to Nike.


#29 Ancient Origins : Unearthed Chinese Medical Texts

April Holloway, reporter and historical investigator for Ancient Origins, joins the show to explain the newly unearthed Chinese medical texts from Bian Que. Bian Que, according to legend, is the earliest Chinese physician. April also talks about the history of Chinese foot binding, UFO cave paintings, Grace O'Malley the Pirate Queen, and Vlad the Impaler to top it off.


#28 Parasites 101

Parasites and humans have developed a unique cat and mouse relationship. One of our human immune systems detecting the parasite and the parasite evading our immune system. Lee Likins, PhD, a professor of parasitology at University of Missouri Kansas City, joins the show today to gleam some insight on these zombie driving, antigen cloaking, brain hiding, worm wiggling, suicide inspiring, host sucking, creatures! And some TCM on how to treat them.


#27 Chinese Medical Food Cures

Tara Akuna LAc, founder of Edible Nourishment, joins the show today from Vancouver, British Columbia. Her idea and business, meal plans based off of Chinese medical diagnosis. Menopause weighing you down? Eat a yin deficiency/hormone nourishing cookie !!!


#26 Chinese Medicine Meets The Fashion Runway

A woman walking down a runway wearing a dress that has all the meridians and acupuncture points on it... Now that's FASHION !!! Holly Renee, creator and master mind of Shenova Fashion, joins the show today to talk about how she combined science and Chinese medicine into her signature fashion line.