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your own magic is a spiritual + soul expanding podcast, hosted by raquelle mantra, connecting listeners with the high vibrational wisdom from the voices of visionaries who are living their truth to expand our minds so we may be inspired to create + unleash our own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra theme Music: sounds of sion artwork by @broken_isnt_bad

your own magic is a spiritual + soul expanding podcast, hosted by raquelle mantra, connecting listeners with the high vibrational wisdom from the voices of visionaries who are living their truth to expand our minds so we may be inspired to create + unleash our own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra theme Music: sounds of sion artwork by @broken_isnt_bad


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your own magic is a spiritual + soul expanding podcast, hosted by raquelle mantra, connecting listeners with the high vibrational wisdom from the voices of visionaries who are living their truth to expand our minds so we may be inspired to create + unleash our own magic. hosted by @raquellemantra theme Music: sounds of sion artwork by @broken_isnt_bad




Dr. Stephen Cabral on Taking Control of Your Health, Naturopathic + Functional Medicine to Achieve Equilibrium, + Addressing The Root Cause for Optimal Wellness

So thankful to have Dr. Stephen Cabral on YOM during a time where the collective is seeking advice to keep these vessel's as healthy as possible. Dr. Cabral is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, along with an Ayurveda + Functional Medicine Practitioner. In this episode, he shares his wild health journey that lead him to seek beyond conventional medicine + the power of getting to the root cause to heal any disease. Plus special messages for us to boost immunity + stay well during this...


magic mini ✨ Manifesting While Dancing with the Energetics of Ruts + Rock-Bottoms - with Lacy Phillips

magic mini - a short clip of a yom memory. This is the second of yom's new weekly "magic mini" series. Giving you extra magic during this time of quarantine. Sometimes, we just need brief reminders... Given the nature of what is going on with the collective, I figured a past episode with the brilliant + magnetic Lacy Phillips would be the perfect "magic mini" to remember the power of dancing with the energetics of ruts + rock bottoms to materialize what we desire. Listen to the full...


magic mini ✨ A Memory on Why Isolation, Depression, + Darkness May Take Over Our Spiritual Path with Victoria Bauman

magic mini = a short clip of a yom memory. This is the first-ever of yom's new weekly "magic mini" series. Giving you extra magic during this time of quarantine. Sometimes, we just need brief reminders. And given mama earth's. current state of events + what the collective is going through - I felt the nudge to release a clip from this episode with my dear friend, breathwork facilitator, and boss-Woman, Victoria Bauman. below is more information on the full episode. Hope you enjoy the new...


IN-Q - Inquire Within, Undefine Yourself, + Alchemize How You Feel Through Art

"defining myself is like confining myself so I undefined myself to find myself" -IN-Q National Poetry Slam champion, award-winning poet, song-writer, named one of Oprah's SuperSoul top 100 thought leaders, + more on his lengthy resume. But what I deeply love about IN-Q is his expression of inquisitive lens he wears + his graciousness in encouraging us to alchemize how we feel through art. So happy to hold his book "Inquire Within" to fuel a range of feelings + bring light to a range of...


Soulo - Ways to Expand During This Time of Self-Isolation + Explore Your Own Magic Within

Perhaps we've been divinely guided to go within as more than half of the global pop is self-isolating + social distancing during the pandemic. So why not declare now as the time to take the time on what you've felt you haven't had the time for? Time to clean the home, clean the inner home, create, explore, release, + manifest. In this episode, I also share my experience with a fever this week, the spiritual practice of living with family, + my "expert" tips on self-isolating (with years of...


Sedona Vibes 🌵👽UFOs, High Dimensional Beings, Trusting Your Alchemy, + a Channeling with Bree Melanson + YOMies

So happy the second retreat took place surrounded by the powerful forces of Sedona's Vortexes - where 24 Goddesses gathered together to create alchemy, heal, and expand. In this episode, Bree + I share our experience seeing UFOs, connecting with horses, a life-changing experience she had when she tested positive for a virus, + more. Along with channeling Archangel Michael + the Arcturian Council. Then, of course, the beautiful wisdom the souls from the retreat shared about how to create...


Golden Nuggets of Wisdom to Remember Your Power, Worth, Oneness, This Love, Your Love...

A round-up of wisdom davidji, Teal Swan, Mastin Kipp, Sarah Blondin, Charlie Rocket, + IN-Q shared on Your Own Magic... randomly and intuitively selected to remind my self, my soul, and many of yours of our infinite power, worth, truth, connectedness with the Universe and more. DEEP APPRECIATION FOR THE WISDOM SHARED BY THESE YOM GUESTS davidji @davidji tealswan @tealswan mastinkipp @mastinkipp sarah blondin @sarahfinds charlie @charlie IN-Q @inqlife - with @alliemichelle CONNECT...


Next Level Astrology 🌙 Soul Contracts, Chiron, Mercury Retrograde, + More Cosmic Wisdom with Danielle Paige (Part II)

Perhaps the cosmos are guiding us to expand our astro-wisdom - and I'm here for it. Happy to receive another astrology lesson (and reading) with Danielle Paige. In this episode, Danielle answers many Yomie Qs - which seemed to be primarily beyond-the-basics-sun-sign-Qs. We talk Mercury Retrograde, Saturn returns, Chiron, houses, each planet's meaning + more. If you are interested in listening to Danielle + I discuss intuitive astrology, listen to Part I listed in the show notes. CONNECT...


11 Gems for Fully Raw Emotional Healing with FullyRaw Kristina

Feel it to free it, she said. Love what is, she said. But really... whether you are an optimist who can resonate with this guidance, or a skeptic who questions this kind of phrasing - listen up! This spontaneous episode was divinely guided by our hearts and I'm so grateful to have one of my dearest friends, Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, aka FullyRawKristina, share hers. She gifts us with 11 gems of old soul wisdom that have allowed her to transform + heal from a rollercoaster of emotional...


Designing Your Creative Life ✨Using Ruts + Perfectionism to Inspire New Tools, Rituals, + Creations with Rebecca Reitz

There are two things that are guaranteed in life: everything is always changing and an artist lives within you. Some of you may have been exploring her wildly, while others are curious to dip their toe into a deeper exploration. This episode is for the creative souls who want to dive into an art of any kind professionally or as a hobby. Digital Illustrator, Rebecca Reitz @becca_reitz, also known for her work with Spirit Daughter, shares her artistic journey, evolution, roses, thorns +...


Human Design 🧬for Relationships, Social Media, and Understanding Your Design's Authority + Profile -- with Erin Claire Jones

Part III with Erin Claire Jones! I know many of you love episodes that circle around human design. This time, we focus predominately on the theme for the month - relationships. ECJ distinguishes the difference between each type, their strengths in partnership + dating, and how they may best understand how to approach their partners. We also expand on the freedom of understanding the way your type may prefer to approach social media. Erin also elaborates on your design's authority, profile, +...


🖤Unlock Love, Break Toxic Patterns, + Attract Conscious Humans by Knowing Who the F You Are - with The Heart Guy, Kevin Crenshaw

Happy episode 144! Those of you who have been listening to the podcast for awhile may know that numbers significance for myself and this podcast. So in honor of what this number (and Feb) represents for me, I figured we would dive into the universal topic of love. Happy to have the heart guy, Kevin Crenshaw, back for a part two to answer many yomie questions and talk about all things relationship-love, self-love, + more on love. LOVE THIS EPISODE share on your instastory +...


More on Your Akashic Record, Taking Action on Your Daily Droplets, + Aligning with Your Line Within for Higher Guidance - with Ashley Wood

So happy to have a part II with the beautiful soul of Ashley Wood. Ashley is a leading voice of the Akashic Records and the creator of ALN within. Many messages are sprinkled through out for every listener to receive. Reminding you of your true nature, power, connection, and to trust the "droplets" delivered daily. In this episode, she answers yomie Qs sent via Insta, along with how we may channel + receive as we naturally align with the line within and open ourselves up to the wisdom from...


Soul Chat + Channeling with Bree Melanson on Your Own Essence, Purpose, + Truth

I just want to thank whatever collective used Bree as a vessel to deliver this Universal wisdom and remind us of our truth. Bree + I begin the conversation about what we think it means to be a "spiritual being", which leads into an expansive conversation on living from our hearts + how we may recognize our divine essence. Bree guides us through a series of questions to help us see this light within more clearly, and then tunes into a star collective ready to answer a Q on all of our minds,...


Magic with Gabby Bernstein, Byron Katie, Jim Kwik, Mastin Kipp, Lisa Nichols, Paul Selig, Lacy Phillips, + More on Creating Your Own...

How would you advise the Your Own Magic listeners on how to create their own magic?... their answers. Many of YOM's past magical guests - dedicated to rewiring our mind to remember, trust, and feel more excited about our purpose and living it this new year, new decade. Guests include: Byron Katie, Gabby Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Paul Selig, Teal Swan, Emory + Trevor Hall, Jim Kwik, Lisa Nichols, Vishuddha Das, Sahara Rose, Lacy Phillips, Jordan Younger TBB, Lauryn + Michael of the Skinny...


Paul Selig (+ Guides) Stretch Us Beyond the Known, The Small Self, and More on Realization... (+ a Channeling about the Cost of Social Media)

Deeply honored to have spiritual channel, Paul Selig, join YOM after reading + listening to many of his best-selling books written with his guides. In this episode, we talk about his channeling journey, and discuss many of his guides messages on the small self, the "upper room", the "octave", and other information beyond the known. They even come in to channel about the impact of social media and how there may come at a cost -- depending on how we use it. May this episode attune you to the...


Entering the 2020 Portal - New Year, New Ritual with 4 Intentional Steps to Connect, Cleanse, + Manifest in 2020 (Numerology Year 4)

Dancing into the New Year with fierce grace by setting the stage on the Eve. In this improvised solo episode, I explore the power of presence, contemplate if I have evolved as a "better human", talk about the numerology of 2020, + lay out four simple stages to step into the new decade with intention. May we leave energies that no longer serve us in 2019 and welcome a new blank slate for a magical 2020. Yet, never forgetting the power of being present over thinking of the past or planning for...


You Can't Fool the Soul -- Ainslie MacLeod is Back! We Talk How to See + Heal Past-Life Fears, Soul Walk-Ins, + Connecting with Other Old Souls

Dear old souls, Ainslie MacLeod is back! You're welcome. One of YOM's most beloved guests is here to continue to nourish your old soul's questions. This episode is interlaced with many expansive Yomie Qs gather from my Instastory, + the main theme seemed to be around understanding our past-lives and how this helps us along our journey in this incarnation. Ainslie helps us let go of the memories of traumas our soul may be holding onto from other lives, so we may release the fear + live our...


The Universe Rewarding Courage, Letting Yin In, + How Alleviating Exhaustion Heals Your Body, Mind, + Daily Grind with Rachel Fearnley + Lucy Foster Perkins

Exhaustion. Something we all experience, yet overlook in terms own our mental, emotional, + physical state. Yet it's this that can play a huge role on how we thrive or just survive in our daily life. So I sit here in a lovely boutique villa in Canggu, Bali - breathing in the ocean air with the intention to alleviate some exhaustion preventing me from thriving - as I reminisce on this expansive and healing convo with two power women, Rachel Fearnley + Lucy Foster Perkins. (Co-owners of the...


Vishuddha Das on Psychedelics, Kali's Fierce Grace, Eastern Wisdom, Letting Go of One-Dimensionality + Spiritual Ego

Vishuddha Das + I recorded this episode in Nepal after spending seven days trekking together along the Anna Purna range. When we got to the top, Vish had an expansive experience dancing with Lucy + The Sky of Diamonds + shares about his insights + new level of "oneness" awareness. We also talk about the moment we basked in the presence of "the living goddess" - a 6 y/o incarnate of Kali. Plus living with "fierce grace", eastern wisdom, letting go of the spiritual ego, and more on traveling...