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YOMF26: Ryan Stevenson - MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD

There are many new emerging modalities for treating mental health challenges being discovered every day. Did you know that researchers are making breakthroughs in treating people with PTSD and depression with psychoactive substances? In this episode, we talk with Psychologist Dr. Ryan Stevenson and unpack a whole lot of topics relating to mental health treatment, survivors of sexual assault and abuse, veteran and student mental health, as well as the difference between PTSD and trauma....


YOMF025: Melisa Celikel - Let’s Get You Organized!

Did you know that clutter in your home can affect your mental health? While I always thought it was a just a pain in the butt, I never realized it can affect your mood and your outlook on life! In this episode, we chat with Clutter Queen Melisa Celikel, owner of Let's Get You Organized! about the steps you need to take to de-clutter your space and take back your mental health!


YOMF024: Joe Hudak - Part 2 Vet Series

The Nation is celebrating Veterans this week, and we are honored to continue our conversations with Veterans who are making a difference by sharing their stories of courage surrounding mental health. Today, we meet back up with Green Beret Special Forces Operator/Delta Force Medic Veteran Joe Hudak to go more in depth about what happened when he came home, his two suicide attempts, and what he did gain resilience, heal, and learn how to live his best life possible. And if you ever wanted to...


YOMF023: Bill Protzmann: Music Care - Alternative Healing

Bill Protzmann is a man of many hats. Not only has he been a successful businessman and an award-winning musician, but he has discovered how to use music to help heal those who have been affected by trauma by using music for self-care. In 2011, he launched Music Care Inc, a for-profit corporation dedicated to providing education in music as adjunct treatment for post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. In this episode, Bill talks about how music saved his life and how he is now helping...


YOMF022: Healing from Trauma - Sexual Assault and the Veteran

There is a very important conversation happening in America right now surrounding sexual assault. And while we had this interview scheduled long before some of the recent events unfolded, the timing couldn't be more important for her story to be told. We are extending our deep-dive series on suicide prevention for veterans, and today I am honored to talk to Jalitza Cardona. She is a Veteran and a mental health advocate after surviving sexual assault and is now making it her mission to...


YOMF021: Steven Padilla: From The Depths of Despair to Capital Hill

In this episode, we talk with Stephen Padilla about how entrenching himself in the Veteran community has not only been beneficial for his wellbeing; but also shows that through therapy and community, there was a way out of a vicious circle of traumas. Steven a US Army OIF veteran who looked for IED's (roadside bombs) as well as aided in training the 12th Iraqi FER (Field Engineer Regiment) in 2009. He is also a Former Field Coordinator for the Western Region for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans...


YOMF020: Jeremy Stahlnecker: When Regular Therapy Isn't Enough

Sometimes, regular talk-therapy isn't enough for Veterans to manage their mental health challenges. And sometimes, the spiritual injury from the things they have seen and done in wartime is too much to bear. That is why the incredible organization The Mighty Oaks Foundation exists. In this episode, we sit down with Mighty Oaks Foundation Executive Director, and USMC Infantry Officer and Iraq Veteran Jeremy Stahlnecker to discuss "out of the box" solutions for Veterans suffering spiritually,...


YOMF019: Shad Meshad: Pioneering PSTD Research in Veterans

Shad Meshad is a voice that encourages empathy for Veterans because he witnessed so much in Vietnam, as well as the shock of coming home to (at times) a hostile and dangerous homecoming from Americans. Not only is Shad a soldier; he is also a mental health clinician and expert in PTSD. In this episode, we get to hear Shad's insight and stories of wartime; as well as what things Veterans need to survive and thrive after coming home. CALL Life Line for Vets: 888.777.4443 National Veterans...


YOMF018: The Reality of Being a Veteran: Joe's Story with Julie & Joe Hudak

Military Veterans face a whole new reality and set of challenges when they transition to civilian life. Imagine being a young adult who is just starting out in life being thrown into a life that is full of trauma, death, structure, and brother/sisterhood only to come home and be paralyzed by simple tasks like making decisions at the grocery store? How do you integrate back into a world that has not seen the horrors you have seen or understand what you have gone through? Today, Joe shares his...


YOMF017: Survivors of Suicide: You Are Not Alone with Joyce Bruggeman & Floyd Strayer

Suicide is not an easy topic to talk about. And because of the stigma surrounding suicide, many survivors of suicide may feel shunned, guilty, and alone. But this needs to change to help end the vicious cycle. In this episode, we talk with Joyce Bruggeman, the Executive Director of the amazing organization Survivors of Suicide Loss in San Diego to discuss why sharing our stories of suicide is so important for not only healing, but to also help prevent others from taking their own lives....


YOMF016: Veteran Crisis Outreach Initiative with William Felty and Sara Correll

In our first episode of The Power of the Story: Conversations Around Veteran Suicide, we sit down with William Felty and Sara Correll. Both William and Sara are integral members of the San Diego Veteran community and are working tirelessly to reach out to those Veterans and families that may be struggling. Learn why the current state of mental health help for Veterans is frustrating William and fueling his passion to ensure not another Veteran dies by their own hand. William Felty email:...


YOMF015: Therapy Dogs with Stephanie

Do you or someone you know need assistance in getting a psychiatric service animal? It can be daunting to jump through the hoops or even ask for help. In this episode, we sit down with Stephanie L. Taylor to discuss her journey to getting a service animal (even as a mental health clinician herself!) and her new book (Animals That Heal: The Role of Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals in Mental Health Treatment) aimed at helping others navigate this experience....


YOMF014: Ryan Dedmon - Be Like a Redwood Tree

Are you feeling burnt out? Are you ready to change your outlook on your helping profession but not sure how? Today, we talk to former 9-1-1 Dispatcher Ryan Dedmon of Kim Turner LLC and the 911 Training Institute to help answer these questions and why he says we should "be like a redwood tree." Email: Become a supporter of this...


YOMF013: APCO 2018 Recap and a Look Ahead

Recap of APCO 2018; why I have been slacking lately and a look ahead to some exciting things! Become a supporter of this podcast:


YOMF012: Intuitive Parenting with Kristi Finney

Do you have kids? Do you struggle to understand them and how to connect with them? In this episode, Kristi Finney will explain to us how intuitive parenting helped her change her relationship with her kids for the better and how it also improved how she looks at herself. Cell Phone: (775) 771-3497 Become a supporter of this podcast:


YOMF011: Wendy Mcilwraith a Suicide Survivor & Code9 Project Ambassador

Suicide rates for first responders are climbing. Today, we talk to suicide survivor and Project Code9 Ambassador Wendy Mcilwraith about her mission to take away the stigma around suicide and PTSD, and how she is changing the narrative through training and telling her story. Code 9 Project: "Code 9: Officer Need Assistance" Documentary: Bound By The Shield:...


YOMF010: Joyfully Divorced with Diane McDermott

What does it mean to be “joyfully divorced?” Those are not two words you hear together very often! Today, we chat with Diane McDermott who is making it her mission to get rid of the stigma around talking about divorce and connecting those who are going through that transition. Find out what she has learned from her own personal experience and why she is using this opportunity to talk to us for her own healing! Diane’s Blog Diane’s Book: The Badass Chicks Guide to...


YOMF009: Rapid Transformational Therapy with Amy Turner

She’s baaaaack! Amy Turner, the "No B.S. Sweetheart" and the founder of No B.S. Therapy is back for Round 2 on the Your Oxygen Mask First Podcast. Today, we are diving into Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is a special type of therapy (and her specialty) that combines aspects of traditional therapy with hypnosis to get those who are suffering to feel better and make breakthroughs in a fraction of the time of conventional therapy. Join us to find out how this can benefit you and why...


YOMF008: Abundance Daily

What does practicing abundance and mindfulness have to do with your profession as a “helper”? Today we are joined by Alex and Sarah Dumas, owners and creators of Abundance Daily, who share with us some tips on how to bring wealth and prosperity to your real job or side-hustle. Website: Facebook: Books: The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle: Outwitting the Devil – Napolean Hill:...


YOMF007: Holistic Fitness With Shelby Foster

Have you ever wondered how to fit in work, attend to your family, obligations, and fit in time for fitness and wellness? Today we chat with Shelby Foster, the "Fitness Kook" to learn more about holistic fitness and why paying attention to your mind can help your fitness gains. Connect and follow Shelby on the following social media: Facebook: Instagram: Become a supporter of this podcast:...