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Lupus LA enters the fastest growing media market with the new Your Story Our Fight® podcast which will give a voice to lupus patients while continuing Lupus LA’s mission to raise lupus awareness worldwide. Hosted by the Chairman of Lupus LA and lupus patient himself, Adam Selkowitz, patients from all walks of life will share stories about their unique lupus journeys. With a focus on inspiration and hope, Lupus LA’s podcast will provide support and optimism to a patient community looking for assurance that they are not alone.


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Lupus LA enters the fastest growing media market with the new Your Story Our Fight® podcast which will give a voice to lupus patients while continuing Lupus LA’s mission to raise lupus awareness worldwide. Hosted by the Chairman of Lupus LA and lupus patient himself, Adam Selkowitz, patients from all walks of life will share stories about their unique lupus journeys. With a focus on inspiration and hope, Lupus LA’s podcast will provide support and optimism to a patient community looking for assurance that they are not alone.






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Season 3 | Episode #2 with Founder and CEO of Bare Bodhi & Lupus Patient, Ashley Greene

Season THREE Episode TWO of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Ashley Greene. Ashley Greene is the Founder and CEO of Bare Bodhi. Growing up in a salon with a hairdresser mother, Ashley developed a passion for beauty early on. While assisting one of the biggest names in the industry, Ashley was diagnosed with lupus, which prompted her to embark on a mission to promote both internal and external wellness. Her love for long nails and soft skin led her to create a patented flagship product, the fingerless exfoliating bath glove, designed specifically for women with long nails. This product enables clients to achieve supple, smooth skin without compromising their manicures. Ashley believes that washing your body with your own hands has a spiritual approach, and her products enable users to connect with and awaken their light within. With a focus on a holistic approach to beauty, Bare Bodhi is committed to promoting self-awareness and enabling individuals to serve their highest good. Ashley continues to innovate and develop products that empower and uplift, all while inspiring individuals to embrace their inner beauty.


Season 3 | Episode #1 with Cyber Security Program Manager, Board Member of EMT Advisory Board, Lupus Advocate & Lupus Patient, Shamekka Marty

Season THREE Episode ONE of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Shamekka Marty. In 2012, Shamekka was diagnosed with Lupus, Scleroderma, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Reynaud’s, and Sjogren’s Syndrome. Shamekka seeks to motivate others who are in the same boat as her. She speaks on various public platforms, has a blog, a vlog , provides career counseling, and more to help Lupus patients in their journey. She currently resides in the Bay Area in California with her husband and three children.


Season 2 | Episode #24 with Lupus Advocate and Lupus Patient, Emmitt Henderson III

Season TWO Episode TWENTY-FOUR of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Emmitt Henderson III. Emmitt Henderson III was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Lupus Nephritis in 1995 but had symptoms going back to 1980. Through the years, he has endured major complications from heart, liver, kidney and lung failures, avascular necrosis that led to a shoulder and knee replacement. He had a clinical trial, bone marrow stem cell transplant; he was on oxygen due to his lung failure and had a kidney transplant due to kidney failure. He was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens Syndrome, MTCD as well as he suffered from having a stroke, shingles, gout, chronic fevers, diabetes and hypertension. In 2019, Emmitt was diagnosed with a brain disease, that medically retired him from his career. He decided to advocate for the same disease that debilitated him since 1995 and to talk about how his mental health got him through it all. He created his organization called Male Lupus Warriors Corp to spread Lupus and Mental Health awareness. He holds a safe space for men to meet and talk about their hardships in life, he encourages everyone to not be a victim to their illness. Emmitt did an advocacy campaign in Tanzania Africa in 2022 which included climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. During his climb, he suffered high altitude pulmonary edema and ended up going into kidney failure for the second time in his life. He is now currently doing dialysis and on the transplant list for another kidney. During this time, he still maintains his advocacy by being active on social media and facilitating support groups.


Season 2 | Episode #23 with Social Media Influencer and Lupus Patient, Samantha Boothe

Season TWO Episode TWENTY-THREE of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Samantha Boothe. Samantha was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 14, and she has been sharing her journey with lupus online since 2010. Her main goal is to create relatable and informative content to empower anyone navigating life with chronic illness. When Samantha was diagnosed with lupus, she searched the internet for someone to relate to but had trouble finding any resources. This realization pushed Samantha to start sharing her story on YouTube. As time passed, Samantha's YouTube channel grew, and she was surrounded by others who had similar experiences. Today, Samantha runs a blog and Instagram page called Heal With Samantha, where she shares the ups and downs of living with chronic illness. She hopes that through her content, she can help others feel less alone and provide them with the support and resources they need to thrive in their own life.


Season 2 | Episode #22 with Attorney, Author, Patient Advocate and Lupus Patient, Olga Luca Torres

Season TWO Episode TWENTY-TWO of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Olga Lucia Torres. A few years after law school, Olga was diagnosed with lupus and eventually the doctors found she had 4 other autoimmune diseases. Olga's health has never stopped her from following her dreams and attending Cornell University and Georgetown University Law School on scholarships. In August of 2000, Olga went to the hospital for routine medical care. She was supposed to be discharged in 2 to 3 days. Instead Olga ended up in a coma and with an iatrogenic brain injury. It took six years of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, but Olga managed to volunteer again doing health care law. Olga was inspired to return to school in 2012 where she found the Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University and in 2014, received a Master’s in Science. She now teaches narrative medicine at the CUNY School of Medicine.


Season 2 | Episode #21 with Medical Writer and Lupus Patient, Melissa Walker

Season TWO Episode TWENTY-ONE of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Melissa Walker. Melissa is a Medical Writer, with a biomedical research background focusing on traumatic spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. She earned her Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience from Indiana University School of Medicine before returning to UCLA department of Neurosurgery, for postdoctoral research. She was diagnosed with Graves’ thyroid disease in 2002, and has had Hashimoto’s since 2003, after radioiodine ablation therapy. She was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2005, and Sjogren’s in 2016.


Season 2 | Episode #20 with Lupus LA Board Member, Lupus Advocate and Lupus Patient, Stacey Uberstine

Season TWO Episode TWENTY of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Stacey Uberstine. Stacey graduated from California State University Northridge in 1990 with a bachelor of science degree in Health Administration with a computer science minor. One of her most notable jobs was helping to establish the Industrial Care Center which is operational at San Pedro Hospital. In 1993 Stacey transitioned into the insurance industry where she owned and operated her own State farm Agency for over a decade. Stacey was diagnosed with lupus in 1994. She stays abreast of the disease and all related medical breakthroughs and advances in research. Stacey has been an active donor and Board member of Lupus LA. She has a passion for patient advocacy within the lupus and breast cancer communities. Stacey is an avid sports fan, and actually met her husband through her work at State Farm. Sports seems to be a family affair, as her husband is a prominent sports attorney who has represented some of the most iconic figures in professional sports. Her passion for sports was passed on to her twin boys, Grant and Tyler. Grant was an avid athlete in high school, participating in lacrosse, baseball and swimming. Tyler’s passion for baseball took him to Northwestern University, where he earned a spot in the team’s starting rotation. He was later drafted by the Boston Red Sox. Stacey resides in Manhattan Beach, where she can be seen taking strolls along the beach. She is an avid reader and spends a considerable amount of time supporting philanthropic causes close to her heart related to lupus and breast cancer.


Season 2 | Episode #19 with Actress, National Spokesperson for the Autoimmune Association, Author and Lupus LA Ambassador, Kellie Martin

Season TWO Episode NINETEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Kellie Martin. Kellie began acting at the age of seven. She is most fondly remembered for playing Becca Thacher on the groundbreaking ABC family drama Life Goes On, for which she received an Emmy nomination. And, her portrayal of Lucy Knight, a precocious med student who met an untimely demise after two seasons on NBC’s ER, haunts viewers to this day. Kellie has been a been a regular on numerous series including, The Guest Book, Army Wives, Mystery Woman, and on Hallmark’s Hailey Dean, where she served as Executive Producer. Her television and feature film highlights include Troop Beverly Hills, A Goofy Movie, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Mad Men. She also served as leading lady for Hallmark’s beloved holiday movies, The Christmas Ornament and Christmas in Montana as well as rom-com favorites, Smooch, I Married Who?, and Hello It’s Me. In 1999, Kellie lost her nineteen year old sister, Heather, to lupus. So, Kellie took on a new role, one that she continues passionately to this day: national spokesperson for the Autoimmune Association. She works to raise awareness, lobbies Congress, speaks, and meets personally with patients and their families. Kellie is a Yale graduate with a degree in Art History. She co-authored a novel, Madam, which was published by Penguin in 2014. She’s currently writing on a new novel. Most recently, Kellie has been working with her Life Goes On co-star, Chad Lowe and All American show runner, Nkechi Okoro Carroll to reboot Life Goes On with Warner Brothers. She just directed Mistletoe in Montana for Lifetime and has been recording a new podcast with Chad Lowe entitled The Big Break. She lives on a suburban farm in California with her husband, Keith, daughters, Maggie (15), Olivia (5) and a bunch of goats, pigs, and horses.


Season 2 | Episode #18 with Lupus Patient and Policy, Advocacy and Mobilization Manager for SisterLove, Inc., J. Christopher Reed

Season TWO Episode EIGHTEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes J. Christopher Reed. Christopher Reed was diagnosed with lupus in 1990 at the age of 16. Despite several serious attacks to his organ system, he earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from the Georgia State University and a law degree from Tulane University. He managed his first job out of law school juggling lupus nephritis and horrible chemotherapy treatments. After an 18 year career in litigation, Christopher has devoted his life to public health and health policy. He is the Policy, Advocacy, and Mobilization Manager for SisterLove, Inc. an organization that is devoted to eradicating challenges to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. He is a contractor for the American College of Rheumatology, the University of Alabama, and the Lupus Research Alliance on three separate projects devoted to increasing minority participation in clinical trials. He is also an advocate, moderator, and writer for He now serves as a Support Group Facilitator, Advocacy Chair, and Project Manager for the Lupus Foundation of America-Georgia Chapter. His support group, designed specifically for men, is the first of its kind in the United States. He was appointment by the state and then chaired the Georgia Council on Lupus Education and Awareness (Council) an advisory council created and funded by the state of Georgia. As Chair he established the Georgia Lupus Collaborative, a 60 person multidisciplinary advisory group and think tank charged with improving the lives of people with lupus in Georgia. He was one of twelve panelists chosen to speak at the historical Lupus Patient Focused Drug Development meeting in 2017.


Season 2 | Episode #17 with Special Education Teacher, Mother and Lupus Patient, Alma Torres

Season TWO Episode SEVENTEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Alma Torres. Alma is in her twelfth year working in education. Alma was diagnosed with lupus in the summer of 2009. In 2014, her younger sister was diagnosed with lupus. She went from lupus patient to lupus patient/care giver. In 2020, Alma's sister lost her battle with lupus. Since her passing, Alma has struggled with staying healthy, but no matter how she physically feels, she is thankful she gets to experience another day.


Season 2 | Episode #16 with Lupus Patient, Valerie Gilkey with Dancer & Daughter, Marcella Lewis

Season TWO Episode SIXTEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Valerie Gilkey and Marcella Lewis. Valerie Gilkey is a 55 year old woman suffering with SLE. She was diagnosed at the early age of 19. Despite doctors advising her of the dangers to her life as well as her child’s, with faith she gave birth to one daughter, Marcella Lewis. Even though it was a challenge, Marcella was trained from the early age of 4 in all disciplines of dance, and is now a world renowned dancer. Today, Valerie still gets her strength to fight so that she can continue to see her daughter grace the stages around the world.


Season 2 | Episode #15 with Lupus Coach, Executive Director of Gibson Lupus ARC and Lupus Patient, Zuriel Gibson

Season TWO Episode FIFTEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Zuriel Gibson. Zuriel received her Lupus diagnosis and was told that she wouldn’t live past the age of twenty-four. After many bouts with depression, pain, addictions and hospital stays, she became discontent and decided to use her pain to propel her into purpose. As a lupus survivor and advocate, she has become a much sought after speaker. Her message, “There is purpose in your pain”, has been shared on numerous media outlets such as The Kingdom Broadcast Network, Destiny Channel TV, Something Good is About to Happen, The Ladies Room Radio Broadcast and more.


Season 2 | Episode #14 with Model, Influencer, Activist and Lupus Patient, Cambria Francesca

Season TWO Episode FOURTEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Cambria Francesca. Life plans were sidelined when she woke up one night to an excruciating pain. A constant pain that she has now grown so accustom to that she no longer remembers what it felt like to be painless. Having a sister with SLE and a father with Discoid, Cambria's mother knew that there’s 11 criteria for a Lupus diagnosis and that a low white blood cell count falls under one of them. They ran tests and confirmed, she has Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. While recovering in the ICU, after other illness had threatened her life, she used her trauma and pain as inspiration to pursue a career as a plus size model. Fast forward a little over a year and Cambria has become Plus Model Magazine’s Model of the Month for their March 2016 issue. That same year, she was chosen to walk for Full Figure Fashion Week. Now, 6 years later, Cambria gets to work with brands who are inspired by the diversity of the world we live in.


Season 2 | Episode #13 with Biomedical Scientist, TEDx Speaker, Adjunct Professor and Lupus Patient, Judith Mills

Season TWO Episode THIRTEEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Judith Mills. Judith Mills is a Biomedical scientist, a TEDx speaker, an adjunct professor, lupus & disability advocate. October 1999, Judith's Lupus diagnosis was a relief after 3 years of constant doctors visit with symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite, body aches, and hair loss. It shattered her dreams of being a beauty pageant queen, a modern dancer, and the next Flo-Jo. Judith has been featured on online platforms such as Blackman Can, Rizzar, Scoop it, and others. She is the recipient of the 2012 Black Street "Black Celebration" Award winner for Non-Profit. K-hitz & affiliates for recognizing selfless dedication & contributions to the betterment of Ghanaians & immigrants in the USA award. She has also received Uptown Honors nomination and 2017 3rd Annual AEUSA winner of Best Community Award of the Year.


Season 2 | Episode #12 with High School Student and Lupus Patient, Lexi Hamburger

Season TWO Episode TWELVE of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Lexi Hamburger. Lexi Hamburger is a high school student and lupus patient. Lexi was diagnosed with lupus two years ago. For the past year, she has been sharing her experiences navigating high school with a chronic illness. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, skiing, and golfing.


Season 2 | Episode #11 with Abstract Artist, Visual Communicator and Lupus Patient, Fatema Siddiki

Fatema Siddiki is an Abstract Artist and a visual communicator. After being diagnosed with Lupus and Scleroderma in 2007, her life took a miraculous turn. Art was there for Fatema when no one was, it helped her overcome her worst days when she was fighting against Lupus. Art soon became her therapy and purpose to fight.


Season 2 | Episode #10 with Property Manager and Lupus Patient, Raven Lexime

Season TWO Episode TEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Raven Lexime. Raven Lexime currently live and works in the Inland Empire. Raven has worked retail most her life and transition into property management in late 2003. When Raven is not working, she enjoys traveling and spending time with close family and friends. Raven is Lupus Patient. She hopes to continue helping support organizations that focus on treatment research and support groups within the Lupus Community.


Season 2 | Episode #9 with Correctional Officer and Photographer, Teri Scott with Author and Magazine Owner, Demetria Buie

Season TWO Episode NINE of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Teri Scott and Demetria Buie. Teri T. McIntyre-Scott is a 43 year a mother of two who lives in Clewiston, Florida. She is a certified correctional officer and has been on the job for almost 20 years. She also has her own photography business, T'Shots Photos. She has been battling lupus for 25 years but refuses to let it slow her down. Demetria Buie is a Businesswoman, Author, Mentor, & Magazine Owner who lives in the Louisiana area. She hosts Conferences & Retreats for female entrepreneurs in business and ministry all over the country. In 2019 Demetria Buie started her Lupus Support journey after being tested for Lupus 3 times & seeing over 25 Doctors. She now supports Lupus Ladies all over the Globe by interviewing Lupus Patients, leading prayer rallies and more.


Season 2 | Episode #8 with Legendary Producer, Lauren Shuler Donner

Season TWO Episode EIGHT of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Lauren Shuler Donner. Lauren Shuler Donner has produced many films, including Pretty in Pink, Free Willy, St Elmo’s Fire, Dave, You’ve Got Mail, Secret Life of Bees, and nine X-men movies. She was also an Executive Producer on another seven films and five tv shows including “Legion." Lauren has been honored with a star on Hollywood Blvd. and has received her honorary Doctorate from Boston University.


Season 2 | Episode #7 with Writer, Producer, Director and Lupus Patient, Nzingha Stewart

Season TWO Episode SEVEN of the Your Story Our Fight® podcast welcomes Nzingha Stewart. Nzingha Stewart attended NYU’s Gallatin School and upon graduation went on to shoot over a hundred music videos for artists like Common, Eve, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent breaking down barriers for women of color in the music video world along the way. An equally in-demand commercial director, Nzingha has also filmed clips for ESPN, McDonald’s, and Coors Light among others. Having recently directed episodes of Little Fires Everywhere, Black Monday, Greys Anatomy, A Million Little Things, Good Girls, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, the Netflix hit feature film Tall Girl, and Shonda Rhimes upcoming series Inventing Anna, she has also proven herself as a writer having written With This Ring and The Tenth Date (Lifetime/ A+E Networks) which she also directed. Both movies were ratings hits for the network and With This Ring went on to be nominated for three NAACP awards and won the Women In Film Award for Best Television Movie. Stewart is currently shooting and executive producing Netflix’s From Scratch, based on Tembi Locke’s best-selling memoir, produced by Hello Sunshine. In 2022 she is set to Executive Produce Daisy Jones and the Six for Amazon and Hello Sunshine. Recently she sold her co-written script, Bad Ass Biker Chicks of Marrakech to Wayfarer for which she is also set to direct. Next up on the directing front is the feature film Life in Motion, a biopic about powerhouse prima ballerina Misty Copeland.