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Boundaries: The Key To Getting More of Everything You Want!

Join Amber Thiel as she blows the topic of boundaries wide open with a fresh perspective on how boundaries can give you more of everything you want - love, health, intimacy, connection, success, joy, and peace. Get ready to explore the love/hate relationship you have with boundaries and how to define what your true priorities are. Learn to create boundaries that are driven by power, passion and purpose


Coach Yourself to a Better Life

To coach another human being to achieve something they once thought was impossible is so rewarding and fulfilling, itrsquos no wonder why so many people are becoming coaches or working with one. Unfortunately daily life presents a continuous onslaught of situations and problems that just canrsquot wait until the next coaching session. Because nobody knows you better than yourself, self-coaching can allow you to continue to make progress without getting stuck or falling into the trap of...


How to be More Powerful Than Food, Fear, and Failure

Being healthy and fit are not achieved by diets, powders or pills. Many women will spend their entire lifetime trying and failing to achieve their ideal body and health. Join us as we explore the top four lies driving the patterns of self-sabotage, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting. Get ready for solutions on how to be more powerful than food, fear and failure.


Writing Your Own Rules for a Healthy Holiday

Are you setting yourself up for success during the holidays or are you wiring yourself for stress, overwhelm and exhaustion The holidays do not have to be a yearly hiatus from your health journey that results in extra pounds, bloating and a hangover. If you are ready to create a NEW tradition of energy, vitality and confidence, join us for Writing your Own Rules for The Holidays where we will explore why you continuously overcommit and stress out during the holidays and how to do less and...


How to End Your Love Affair with Food

If food was only about supplying our body with nutrition and energy, then getting healthy and losing weight would be a breeze. But for most of us, food is emotional. And when food serves as a way to cope with stress, numb pain, avoid hurt, fill the void of loneliness, and celebrate making it through another day, our love for food can turn toxic. If the pattern of emotional eating is robbing you of your confidence, self-worth, energy and identity join us for How to End Your Love Affair with...


Premiere Show! The Struggle is Real

The struggle to keep up with the daily demands and expectations we face as women can take a huge toll on our bodies, minds and spirits. After years of ldquothe strugglerdquo, it is easy to find ourselves overweight, exhausted and anxious coupled with overwhelming feelings of shame and resentment. If you are in ldquothe strugglerdquo and find yourself engaging in self-sabotage, overcommitment, perfectionism and martyrdom, great ready to break these patterns so you can live an abundant...