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Nutritional Wellness Beyond Food looks at why we're not being nourished by what we eat.

Nutritional Wellness Beyond Food looks at why we're not being nourished by what we eat.
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Nutritional Wellness Beyond Food looks at why we're not being nourished by what we eat.




Healing Breast Cancer Naturally

Possibly the four scariest words a woman can hear are: you have breast cancer. Whether you have breast cancer yourself or know of someone who has experienced it


The Secrets of Longevity

How important is food as a factor that influences longevity? No one knows for sure because the study of aging is a tricky thing.


Life Without Sugar?

Not all sugar is bad, but the news isn’t good. The Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation recently recommended that we cut our daily intake of added sugars by up to half.


The Gift of Mindfulness

Life today is a smorgasbord of offerings, and we tend to take advantage of all we can, as quickly as we can.


The Slow Simmer of Stress

The stress response is a biological marvel and a thing of beauty. The complex interplay of the sympathetic nervous system, various brain structures and hormonal


Life on Autopilot: Changing Habits

How many times have you bought a diet or other self-improvement book, read it enthusiastically from cover to cover, bought everything you need to get started and then have the whole plan fizzle


Creating Lasting Change - Choosing Love Over Fear

Are you stuck in poor eating habits and the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting? You try to change but the busy-ness of everyday life and resulting stress suck you back into the vortex of familiar eating and thought patterns, and there seems to be no escape. You wind up blaming yourself, thinking you lack the willpower or discipline to make effective change, or you blame other people or things. Either way, nothing changes. Is there a way out? According to empowerment coach and inspirational...


Simplify, Nourish, Enrich

If I asked you what is holding you back from being as healthy as you can be, what would you say? No time to shop and cook meals from scratch. I eat healthy already. There’s nothing wrong with me, I feel fine. My doctor says I’m good at this weight. Are these truly your beliefs or merely excuses? For the average person without dramatic health problems, finding true health and wellness isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you may think, and it starts with a straightforward concept:...


When Food Becomes the Enemy

Food is nourishment, fuel, comfort, our daily bread. It helps us grow, brings us health, draws people together, can be simple or pretentious. Yet one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Peanut butter is harmless to most children, but can be deadly to others. Between these extremes of sustenance and severe allergies are many shades of grey, and these are the food sensitivities and intolerances. When someone has a food allergy, whether it’s severe or mild, the reaction is immediate and...


Oh, To Have The Metabolism of a Hummingbird

You’re eating 1200 calories per day and exercising like a maniac five times a week, yet the excess weight won’t budge. Calories in, calories out; isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? You’re burning way more than you’re consuming and yet your plan isn’t working. You’re revving up the sluggish metabolism you were genetically burdened with as much as you can, but now you’re ready to give up. If this doesn’t work, what’s left? Oh, to have the metabolism of a hummingbird! My guest, Tonda...


Gut Reaction: The Decline of Digestive Health

Heartburn, bloating, cramping, gassiness, indigestion, and elimination problems. Sound like a job for a thick pink liquid? That may temporarily help with the symptoms but it isn’t getting at the underlying digestive problems that can easily become chronic and are often mis- or self-diagnosed. When the digestive system isn’t working properly, we suffer in so many ways, not just with physical discomfort. It affects the way we physically and chemically break down food, absorb nutrients and...


When Food Consumes You

You are intelligent and educated. You manage a household and a job, career or business. You have a social life, activities, family and friends. You are also the manager of you; what you eat should be the easy part and yet food is in control of you. It doesn’t seem fair to reduce this complex scenario to two words, emotional eating, but that’s what we call it. When did it start? Who is to blame? Why is it so seemingly impossible to overcome? Is there a solution? My guest, holistic...