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Dr Michael Hisey Talks Sciatica - Symptoms And Treatments

Dr Michael Hisey Talks Sciatica - Symptoms And Treatments by Texas Back Institute


Dr. Rey Bosita talks about Swimming And Diving Injuries and How to Avoid them.

Dr. Rey Bosita talks about Swimming And Diving Injuries and How to Avoid them. by Texas Back Institute


Blog Audio Dr Belanger Talks About Ethiopia Medical Mission Award

Read the full story here: https://texasback.com/why-this-texas-doctor-received-physician-of-the-year-honors-for-life-changing-work-halfway-around-the-world/ A selfless spine specialist at the renowned Texas Back Institute travels halfway around the world every year with a team of dedicated volunteers to Ethiopia to perform some of the most complex spine surgeries in the most challenging of circumstances. For his relentless pursuit of life-changing surgery to patients who are critically...


Dr Rey Bosita On Herniated Discs

Dr. Rey Bosita, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute talks about herniated discs, and the symptoms that you need to watch for. What is a herniated disc? Between each bony vertebral body is a disc that acts as a shock absorber and a hinge. As we age, the disc becomes dehydrated, making it less supportive and more prone to injury. Even a healthy, well-hydrated disc can be injured. The disc is composed of the annulus, which is a tough tissue that makes up the outside of the disc....


Dr Ted Belanger Talks About Spinal Instability

Dr. Ted Belanger talks about Spinal Instability in this short, but informative podcast. Spinal Instability is described as excessive motion of vertebral bodies in relation to one another is considered spinal instability. Some motion is, of course, normal. Motion can be described as instability when the motion is significantly greater than that at adjacent levels. Spinal instability can be the result of an injury, degenerative process, tumor, previous surgery or congenital condition. Symptoms...


Dr. Thomas Kosztowski Talks About The Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Dr. Thomas Kosztowski Talks About The Common Causes Of Neck Pain by Texas Back Institute


Dr Craig Lankford Talks About The Dangers of Ibuprofen

View the full story here: https://texasback.com/are-you-taking-too-much-ibuprofen-for-your-constant-pain-the-answer-is-most-likely-yes/ Whether it is chronic or acute, pain affects the quality of life of millions of Americans every day. Pain varies in severity, based on its cause and other factors. It is felt when special nerves that detect tissue damage send signals to transmit information about the damage along the spinal cord to the brain. Literally, billions of dollars are spent each...


Dr Scott Kutz Talks About New Technology To Fight Spine Pain And The Opioid Crisis

Dr. Scott Kutz (https://texasback.com/find-a-physician/name/scott-kutz/) , a neurosurgeon at Texas Back Institute (https://texasback.com/treatments/surgical-treatments/fusion/tdr/spinal-cord-stimulation-scs/), treats hundreds of patients each year for back pain and has some first-hand experience with spine stimulation. “The original spine stimulators were developed in the 1960s,” he said. “However, the technology could not be used in a wide-spread fashion until the 1980s. This was because...


Dr Jessica Shellock Talks About Degenerative Disc Disease

Read the full article at www.texasback.com/blog New Research: An Imaging Biomarker Could Change Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease There is promising news for millions of patients who suffer from lower back pain and disability caused by degenerative disc disease. Researchers in Hong Kong recently published their findings in the medical journal Spine. They found a novel imaging biomarker that seems to correlate to degenerative disc disease and lower back pain. While the researchers noted...


Dr Kevin Ju Talks About The Difference In Acute And Chronic Back Pain

Dr. Kevin Ju, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute talks about the difference in symptoms and treatment options for patients who suffer from Acute Back Pain and Chronic Back Pain. For more information visit: https://texasback.com/treatments/ Join us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/texasbackinstitute Or Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TexasBack


Decompression Spine Surgery - Explained by Dr. Kevin Ju

For more info visit: https://texasback.com/treatments/surgical-treatments/decompression/ Dr. Kevin Ju, explains what decompression surgery is and who would be a good candidate. So, what is Decompression Surgery? Any surgery that relieves compression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves is considered to be decompression surgery. If the compression results from a disc herniation, the surgery is a discectomy. If the compression is because of a narrowed spinal canal that is placing pressure on...


Dr Duffy - Life After Injuries To Two Golfers

Facet Joint PainAs a former collegiate golfer and current avid player, Dr. Michael Duffy, a spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute, is an excellent source for information on playing the game at a high level without succumbing to back injuries. As a student of the game and its players, he has excellent insights about the causes for the injuries to these two players and how amateur golfers can avoid them. “A lot of what’s going on today is due to the fact that golfers are better athletes than...


Dr Michael Hisey Talks About How Surgeons Join Athletes in the “Zone”

Surgeons, such as Dr. Michael Hisey (https://texasback.com/find-a-physician/name/michael-hisey/) of Texas Back Institute, must perform at a high level every time they step into the operating room. In many cases any error – no matter how small – can be catastrophic for the patient. Plus, surgeries can take hours to complete, and it is absolutely critical that the surgeon’s intense concentration remain high throughout the procedure. As someone who is recognized internationally as one of the...


Dr Kevin Ju Talks About Ankylosing Spondylitis

On any given day, the waiting room of Texas Back Institute is filled with people who are experiencing back pain. In most cases, these patients are over 50 and have age-related causes for their pain, ranging from arthritis, wear and tear from work or other conditions that affect their spine. By and large, back pain is an older person’s problem. However, a form of chronic back pain that affects younger patients has received more discussion and research among spine specialists. This disease is...


Epilepsy And New Technologies To Treat The Brain with Dr. Akwasi Boah

Epilepsy And New Technologies To Treat The Brain with Dr. Akwasi Boah by Texas Back Institute


Dr. Boah Talks About Conservative Care Treatments For Back Pain

Dr. Akwasi Boah, Neurosurgeon at Texas Back Institute explains conservative care treatments for back pain. 90 percent of people who suffer from back pain can be treated using conservative care treatments without having surgery. Some of these conservative care treatments include: ice, heat, anti-inflammatories medication, physical therapy, injections, rhizotomy, and chiropractic care. For more information visit: https://texasback.com/patients/patient-education Join us:...


Dr Rey Bosita Talks About When To See A Spine Specialist

Suffering from back pain can be difficult, and knowing when to seek the help of a specialist can be confusing. Dr. Rey Bosita, Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute gives helpful tips on when to see a spine specialist and what red flags to watch for. For more info visit https://texasback.com/patients/patien... Join us at www.facebook.com/texasbackinstitute


Dr Rey Bosita Answers FAQs Of Low Back Pain

Dr. Rey Bosita, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute talks about some myths and facts about back pain. Learn more at https://texasback.com/patients/patient-education/ Join Us at www.facebook.com/texasbackinstitute


Dr Rey Bosita Talks About Healthy Habits For Your Back

Dr. Rey Bosita, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute presents some healthy habits for your back. Use some of these tips in your everyday life to help maintain a healthy spine. Learn more at https://texasback.com/patients/patient-education/ Join us at www.facebook.com/texasbackinstitute


Spine Biomechanics Lab At Texas Back Institute With Dr Scott Kutz

Since its founding in 1977, Texas Back Institute (https://texasback.com/about-us/) has been recognized around the world as a state-of-the-art clinic for spine and neurological treatments. Along with recruiting the best and the brightest spine surgeons and clinicians, the practice has been an important contributor in the development of medical innovations such as artificial disc replacement, treatment for scoliosis, disc fusion and for the testing of many other medical devices on behalf of...