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Episode 34: Tension Headache Relief, Psychological Service Dogs

This week on The Healthy Movement Podcast: Tension headaches got you down? Check out these three easy corrective exercise suggestions and spend your days in relaxed, headache-free heaven!! Did you know that service dogs are being used to help individuals with invisible disabilites? (Autism, Depression, etc.) Listen as Shawn sits down with Marcie Cramer, co-founder of a wonderful outfit who specializes in training/matching rescue dogs with folks in need. This dog-gone episode has...


Episode #25–Dr. Lyneil Mitchell, DPT Pt. 1

One of the most respected names in sports medicine stops into the Healthy Movement this week, as Dr. Lyneil Mitchell educates us on what it takes to properly rehab and integrate muscles after injury and where functional fitness is headed. Be sure to check out part two of this awesome conversation when Dr. Lyneil gives us the secret to fitness, health and life!


3 Ways to PUMP UP Your Protein Shake

Protein shakes are a great way to add in extra calories to your diet. If you’re a hard-gainer, you’ll want to pay close attention as Shawn gives us a few ways to go even further and jam those smoothies chock full of muscle-fueling calories. Interested in learning more quick fitness and wellness tips?


Episode #21–New Food Labels/Crusierweight Classic Preview

Did you know that the government approved new food labels this year? Come join us as we explore the changes. We’re also talking Cruiserweight competition w/ PJ ahead of the this month’s tournament kickoff.


Conversation w/Alex Chamberlain, 7 (Mandatory) Leg Exercises

After a short sabbatical, THMP is back and better than ever! Come have a listen as we talk fundamentals, squats and hot peppers with top Indy wrestling talent Alex Chamberlain. Stick around and stack on the plates as we go heavy into legs training with 7 exercises that MUST be in your leg routine. (Especially if you want tree trunks like the ‘Champ)!


Manspreading and Death Wish Coffee

Just our take on this scourge that is “manspreading.” Shawn will offer some tips on how to avoid this social no-no and Sancho pipes up with a review of Death Wish Coffee. All that, and our popular Meditation Minute, too!


Breast Cancer Awareness, Anti-oxidants and Fun Fall Facts!

This week on the Healthy Movement Podcast, host Shawn Staerker, CES, welcomes breast cancer survivor, certified nurse-midwife, and bona-fide mother to the aforementioned MC, Denise Staerker, CNM. We’re also talking anti-oxidants and presenting some facts just for the fall season. Kelsey kicks our butts with a “gourd-ous” workout, too! Don’t miss this week’sMeditation Minute, either!!


Treat Yourselves Like Athletes, Road Pro Portable Stove Review

Shawn Staerker, CES describes why the casual exerciser should take some of the same recovery steps as the pros. Plus a review of the Road Pro Portable Oven and the Meditation Minute!