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Never Binge Again: Strategies to Overcome Emotional Eating

Our connection to food starts at birth and our food driven culture is a way to give pleasure to our lives. But sometimes we use food to fill a void and our emotional connection to food can cause problems. Glenn Livingston, author of Never Binge Again: Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Reprogram Yourself to Think Like Permanently Thin Person...on the Food Plan of Your Choice!, joins Diane to discuss emotional eating. They uncover what emotional eating means, discuss emotional issues and...


How To Free Yourself From Stress And Anxiety

In this episode of Balanced Living for Busy Professionals Diane speaks with anxiety expert, Stephanie Dalfonzo. Together, they offer practical tools to help you make small mindset shifts for lasting anxiety and stress relief. Listen and learn empowering strategies that will help you say goodbye to the chaos, stress and anxiety in your life, gain control and bring your life back into balance. Stephanie Dalfonzo is an Anxiety Expert, Speaker, Certified Hypnotist and Yoga and Meditation...


Shift Your Speaking Mindset And Boost Your Confidence

In this episode Diane speaks with Nicole Wells about mindset shifts for presentations and events. Shifting your mindset can help you mentally prepare for tough audiences or speaking engagements. You will learn preparation tips that help save you time, ease your nerves, and improve your confidence when speaking or presenting to small or large groups. Nicole Wells ( turned her greatest fear – public speaking – into her greatest passion, and has since taught thousands of...


How To Deal With & Overcome Difficult Family Dynamics

In this episode of Balanced Living for Busy Professionals, Diane speaks with Dr. Eric Maisel about overcoming difficult family dynamics. Many of the difficult people you encounter in daily life can be avoided, but what if they’re family members? What if the difficult person is a parent, a sibling, one of your children, or your significant other? Life coach and retired family therapist, Dr. Eric Maisel, shares valuable insights on how to stay sane in the midst of family difficulty. Get...


Craft Your Unique Dressing Style: Work From The Inside and Out

In this episode, Diane talks with Kathleen Audet about style, confidence and purpose. Learn what it means to be seen for who you are and not just for your outfit or label. Hear Kathleen’s unique perspective on style, starting with your mindset first, working from the inside and out. Kathleen provides tips on how to shop for essentials and make you forget the statement "I have nothing to wear," forever. Kathleen Audet, Your Authentic Image is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant that...


Creating Stillness, Staying Present, and Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom

Today, Diane Randall and Dr. Davina Koltulski talk about creating stillness, staying present, and tuning into your inner wisdom in order to stay sane in today's world. To create a harmonious balance in work and in life, we need to be able to handle the negative energy in the world, focus on what matters and support ourselves. Dr. Davina Kotulski is a licensed psychologist, life coach and spiritual counselor. Dr. Davina leads meditation workshops, spiritual classes, and her 90-day Follow...


How To Be More Loving And Kind To YOURSELF In 2018

Today, Diane welcomes you to the first episode of 2018 which kicks off the third season of Balanced Living for Busy Professionals podcast. In this episode, Diane talks about how to love yourself more in 2018. Learn why the only resolution you need is to practice more self-compassion. Get her tips on how to be more caring, understanding, and supportive towards yourself which results in greater emotional well-being, less depression, anxiety and stress. Listen as Diane shares her 7 best life...


Inspiring a New Definition of Workplace Loyalty

Welcome back to Balanced Living for Busy Professionals with your host, Diane Randall. Today, Diane talks to Lee Caraher, the CEO of Double Forte PR and Digital Marketing, about workplace loyalty. Find out what it means, how to foster a positive company culture and so much more. Lee is the author of the book The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from your Employees. Enjoy this episode and the many insights Lee shares. What you will learn in this episode: Quotes: “A happy...


Procrastination Syndrome? Find out the Causes and the Cures!

Are you a procrastinator? We rarely talk about procrastinating in a positive way, it’s always more of a judgment. In this episode Diane and her guest, Eric Twiggs, discuss the cost, the causes and the cures for procrastination. Diane’s guest today is Eric Twiggs, a Procrastination Prevention Partner. Eric is an expert in overcoming procrastination, and the author of The Discipline of Now: Twelve Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination. He has done over 28,000 coaching sessions...


How To Create a Life With Purpose

Today Diane is joined by Kathy Knowles, a speaker, trainer and consultant who speaks on the 7-step system for creating more purpose, profit and possibilities in life and business. In this episode Kathy shares some practical tools and tips on how to create a life with more purpose. Diane and Kathy discuss the importance of trusting your intuition, setting boundaries, and practicing self-love in creating a more balanced life. What you will learn in today’s episode: Quotes: “Issues...


Journey to a Plant-Based Lifestyle with Pam Bradford

Today Diane's guest is Pam Bradford, a busy professional who owns a training and development company and is a plant-based lifestyle advocate. In this episode, Diane and Pam talk about plant-based nutrition, share information on their journey as well as how you can transition to a plant-based lifestyle. You will hear Pam discuss her journey with plant-based living and the initial steps she took to achieve her healthy eating. She also covers what healthy eating actually is and the foods you...


Restore Balance, Find Focus, Increase Stability, and Energy with Yoga

In this episode, Diane speaks with Lucas Rockwood about easy yoga techniques you can apply even if you're busy. Manage your stress and other areas of mental health without resorting to cheats like alcohol or caffeine. Lucas Rockwood is the founder of the Absolute Yoga Academy which is one of the top ten yoga training schools around the world with 2000 certified teacher. He's a weight loss expert, health coach, TV personality, radio show host and acclaimed writer. He's also the founder of...


How to Be An Effective Leader Through Listening and Life-Long Learning

Today Diane’s guest is Hans Finzel, a successful author, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. In this episode, Diane and Hans talk about why it’s important for leaders to listen and learn. Any time we influence others we are leading them, good or bad. Hans shares his own journey to leadership and explains some of the concepts in his new book, ‘Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader.’ Leaders are readers and readers are leaders, but they also probably listen to podcasts, so...


Improve Your Energy, Vitality, and Overall Health

In this episode, Diane speaks with Dr. Michele Summers Colon about creating healthy habits that can help you feel more balanced and energized in your everyday life. This episode explores the importance of accountability and knowing your ‘why’, as well as, the value of leading by example rather than telling others what to do. Dr. Michele also shares her tips for how to improve your energy, vitality and overall health and well-being through incremental changes that create healthier...


How to Dream Bigger and Get Clear on What You Want

In this episode, Diane interviews Bev Martin, a professional intuitive, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Bev changed her life almost as much as a person can when she moved to a new country. Today she’s here to help you bring out your brilliance! In this episode Bev shares her insight, wisdom and intuition to help you get clear on what you want and dream bigger to create your future. She shares some of the strategies and techniques she uses with clients, as well as her guiding...


The Art of Creating Healthy Eating Habits and a Healthy Lifestyle

Today, Diane interviews Claudia Braun and together they share how to get fit without using any gimmicks or diets. They explore the art of creating your best self through lifestyle and mindset changes. When you’re busy you tend to have a harder time focusing on how to take care of yourself, right? In this episode, learn some tools that will help you focus on the most important person in your life, you, and help you to have a more fit and healthier body. Claudia Braun is a healthy lifestyle...


Servant Leadership: A More Embracing and Caring Leadership Approach

In this episode, Diane speaks with George Ramsay about his leadership experience in the military and the workplace, as well as, the evolution of his leadership style over the span of his career. George also shares his wisdom, experiences and insight into what a servant leadership model looks like. Servant leadership is a more embracing and more caring approach, compared to traditional leadership roles and styles. In this episode, you will gain knowledge that will help you become a more...


The Retirement Answer Man with Roger Whitney

In this episode, Diane speaks with returning guest, Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man. Practicing good financial health should be a part of the balanced life of a busy professional. How does your financial health stack up, currently? To help you establish a strong financial foundation and plan for retirement, you'll hear investment strategies, financial management tips and ways to help you meet your lifestyle goals. As a Financial Advisor in 1991, Roger has witnessed first-hand...


Stop Being Mean to Yourself: Start Practicing Self-Kindness

Today Diane interviews Lara Heacock. Together, they explore the concept of self-kindness. They discuss what happens when you stop being so mean to yourself. You will learn practical tips to improve your confidence and navigate through life’s transitions. And, this episode will help you break free of self-critical habits, patterns and attitudes that may be keeping you stuck in place. As you'll hear in this interview, life really does get better when you are kind to yourself. Lara Heacock...


Transformative Nutrition and Balanced Living

Today, Diane talks to Michael Tamez about healthy and balanced living through changing how you think about food. Michael has been on a 15-year journey to lose over 100 pounds. They discuss the emotional and mental breakthrough Michael had in order to make this change. Michael attributes his weight gain to repressed emotions of anger and sadness which caused him to overeat. This in turn created high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other health problems. Michael is a holistic health coach...


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