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The Choose Health Podcast is weekly show which brings on top experts in health to help you to realise and reach your health potential.

The Choose Health Podcast is weekly show which brings on top experts in health to help you to realise and reach your health potential.
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The Choose Health Podcast is weekly show which brings on top experts in health to help you to realise and reach your health potential.




008- Pat Divilly- Upgrade Your Mindset To Get What You Deserve

Shownotes: Pat Divilly is an author, speaker and health and wellness coach who has fast become one of Irelands leading authorities on health and wellness. He has raised hundreds of thousands of euros through various events for Irish charities including Console and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. In this episode we delve into: How and why Pat got into into health and fitness. Pat's definition of health. How can other men take the first steps to help improve their mental...


007-Declan Coyle- Positively Healthy

Declan Coyle is an international motivational speaker and author of the Number 1 bestselling book: The Green Platform a brilliant book on the power of our thoughts in shaping our lives. He is a thought leader in leadership, personal change and peak performance who has travelled the world working with sports teams, CEOS and individuals.


006: Stevey McGeown: Ultra Endurance- An Inner Game

Today I have Armagh Native Stevey McGeown on the show. He is an entrepreneur, highly sought after motivational speaker, endurance athlete and an incredible inspirational character who has run 100 marathons in 100 days in 2015 being the first person in Ireland to do so and raising monies for charity at the same time This year he looks to take it a step further by running 60 ultra marathons in 60 days, again for some great charities in Ireland running across the 32 counties of Ireland...


005: Dr. Michael Ruscio: Gut Health Matters And How To Improve It

Dr. Michael Ruscio is a doctor, clinical researcher, author, and health enthusiast. Dr. Ruscio practices Functional Medicine in California. Dr. Ruscio gives people who are suffering from symptoms of chronic illness simple steps to get better, and get on with life. This episode talks about chronic illnesses and their link to our gut health and how we can address this. Shownotes: Dr. Ruscio’s story and how he got into Healthcare and Functional Medicine. What is Functional Medicine. How...


004: Patrick McKeown: Breathing- The Most Overlooked Determinant Of Our Health And Wellbeing

Patrick McKeown discovered breathing re-education when faced with poor health in his own life. He had asthma, sleep apnea and poor mental function. He completely transformed his whole life by addressing his own breathing and starting to see these symptoms and condition no longer affected him. Since then Patrick has dedicated his life to teaching others of the importance of breathing re education and has helped thousands of people in the process improve their health by addressing their...


003-Lois Laynee - Optimal Oxygenation For Health And Wellness

Lois Laynee, Ph.D is a dynamic pioneer and passionate lecturer in the fields of Education, Sleep Apnea, Scar Release Healing and Cranio Facial Neuro development. In this episode we speak about the benefits of Optimal Oxygenation in our bodies including better sleep, more energy and overall increased wellbeing and how we can go about achieving this.


002-Danny Lennon- Nutrition Habits And Lifestyle Choices For Lasting Changes.

In this Episode I have Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Danny Lennon from Sigma Nutrition to discuss the habits we have around nutrition and health and how to improve and more importantly maintain them. We also discuss some actionable tips we can employ in our daily lives to improve our body composition, wellbeing and the changes we can make to becoming a healthier version of ourselves.


001-Danny Penman- The Art Of Mindfulness Meditation

Danny Penman is an International Bestselling Author and Expert In Mindfulness Meditation. In this episode we delve into how Mindfulness Meditation can help us Reduce Pain, Manage Stress, and allow us to live a Healthier and Happier Life.


000- Darragh Sheehy- Who, What, Where and Why of the Choose Health Podcast.

This is a short introductory episode for the Choose Health Podcast. A bit about me, your host, Darragh Sheehy. What's my background? Why a podcast? Who will benefit from listening. Who I will interview. Aims of the podcast. Benefits for you the listener. Show format and resources.