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25: For When You Get Fired

Some of us are afraid of it. For others, it comes true. Then what? How do we deal with so much shame and unknown? My brother tells us, from his many experiences. (Spoiler alert: We're gonna be OK.) Follow the show at or visit


24: For When You Want a Raise (with Kathlyn Hart)

No one else is going to do it for us, so how can we ask for what we're worth? Kathlyn Hart has some (really good) ideas. But more than that: We talk about how to have difficult conversations, how to trust ourselves even if we feel shaky, and how to be our own goddamn heroes. Text "Earnmore" to 44-222 to get Kat's best scripts. Or visit her at and Visit for links and more from past episodes.


TINY FWY: For When You Have Hangxiety and/or the Sunday Scaries

For all of you choosing right now as the time to decide you're a complete loser who's falling short at everything in life: NOT TODAY.


23: For When Everything Hurts (AKA Managing Stress & Pain)

Ever wake up and feel like you've aged 20 years overnight? This episode is for you. I talk to Physical Therapist and yoga studio owner, Jackie, about how stress and our brains affect our bodies. And, what we can do about it. Head to for links. Follow along at Want to contribute a small amount to the show? Visit


22: For When You're Bad with Money (with Cait Flanders)

Do you worry about money 95% of the time? Samesies. However you think about money, that's not the way it has to stay. We can start telling a different story and change everything. Like, now. Best-selling author, personal finance blogger, and former in-a-shitload-of-debt-er Cait Flanders did. Luckily for us, she's not keeping it a secret. Check out Cait's blog here: For links from the show: We're doing a book giveaway! Go to...


21: For When You Don't Know (Pt. 2 with Mary Beth LaRue)

Or: For When You're a Foster Parent, and every day could be the day you have to say goodbye, but you just don't know. Mary Beth LaRue and I talk about what living in so much uncertainty has given her (you'll be surprised) and what happens when we stop trying to control so much. Follow along MB's story at: More links! To contribute a lil' sumn to the show:


20: For When You Don't Know (Pt. 1)

In other words, all of us, almost always. It's just that sometimes that unknown is so scary and painful and uncomfortable, it seems like we'll never get out of it. Or worse: We won't be able to handle it. We forget to trust ourselves. At 21, Sarah started experiencing stomach pain. Flash forward ten years, lots more symptoms, and no answers. In this episode, you'll hear how she handled it and how we can all surrender to the unknown a little more. Head to or...


19: For When You Feel Small

AKA: For when you feel incapable or not good enough. Which is all of us from time to time, right? Whether it’s compared to what you’re facing, a dream you have, or another person, we can all feel like we don’t measure up. This episode is to remind you you don’t have to.


18: For When You're Never The Same

This week we tackle one of life's biggest curveballs: Parenting. Even if you chose it, becoming a parent has more unknowns, rollercoasters and struggles than most self-inflicted experiences. And even if you don't have kids or want them, your entire life can be turned upside down anytime. When you're in the thick of the terror and intensity, you NEED to know, "Am I going to make it through this?" New-ish parents, John & Bridget, are here to tell you--and so much more.


17: For When You Can't Fix Them

In this FWY listener requested episode, Jess' friend Chelsea is back to talk about having two parents who struggle with addiction, how she stopped trying to take on their pain, allow herself feel her own and even let go.


16: For When You Fail

Failing sucks. But turns out, not trying sucks more. Professional Failure, Allie, & I talk about her biggest ones, how they made her better, why we don’t have to love failure, but we don’t have to be so afraid of it, either. Follow Allie and all her creep old-lady wisdom on Follow me, too, I'm also creepy: Head to for links to JK Rowling's commencement speech, the Comedian...


15: For When You Procrastinate

For months, I did nothing but think about how much nothing I'd been doing. Because that felt easier than doing the thing that I knew I'd been avoiding (this podcast). My friend Catherine Smart--a cook with her own business and on TV, a writer, a mom--doesn't get stuck in that cycle. So I asked her what her secrets are (she's nice so she told me). Check out for notes on every show. Also let's do the thing on social media where you follow and like and comment and I remember...


14: For When You Need To Forgive

After nearly 10 years of not speaking, my friend finally let her dad back into her life. This episode is about what it took to do that. We also talk about dealing with anger, the stories we make up when we're mad, and how compassion is a game-changer. Come hang out with me on social media (please, for the love of god). Also, rate and review if you like the show because that's a little thing that helps a lot and...


13: For When You Make A Mistake

Season 2, bb! Ever made a mistake? Knew it. This one's for you (inspired by a pretty good one made by yours truly) with the hope that you'll remember it's definitely not just you. Keep up with Season 2 by following @fwypodcast on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Have an idea for a show? Email me at Oh, be a doll and rate & review on iTunes, too, would ya? About the show: Hosted...


12: For When You're Overwhelmed (And Need A Beer)

Season 1 finale! We drink a beer and LOL about having no control, getting overwhelmed and why complaining is necessary sometimes. She also shares about struggling with IVF, living with Multiple Sclerosis (and a good FYI about spinal taps), having an ailing parent and why therapy is the shit. -- Want to help me plan Season 2? Email stories or topics to or visit You can also keep in touch/keep it real with me on all the social things at...


11: For When You Live To Tell It

After her husband took his own life, Jessica tried to do the same. In this episode, my guest and I talk about shame, stigmas, and the power of sharing your story. For links, pictures and more episodes, visit, or follow along on all the things: Facebook Instagram Twitter Have an idea for a "For When You ______?" Send it to


10: For When Your Parents Get Older

I talk to Elli Richter--a life coach--about how she repaired her relationship with her parents, who live in Germany, and what happened when it became clear time with one of them was running out soon. Then, I call my Dad to talk to him about death. For links and pictures from the episode, visit, or follow along on social media: Facebook and Instagram. To submit ideas for episode topics, email Jess at And if you're a true friend, you'll rate and...


09: For When You Take A Step Back

AKA: For when you have to move back into your parents' house. This week I talk to one of my best friends about going into debt, moving back in with her parents and shifting her mindset. For more, visit the website at and follow us on all the things at @fwypodcast. Have an idea for an episode? Email me at


08: For When You Want To Quit Your Job (Part 2)

Part 2 delves more quitting guilt and anxiety, the mental energy you get back when you quit, plus what to ask yourself and how to make life a little easier while you're in it, all from a guy who quit a "great" job even though he had a mortgage and no plan. Oh, and he's a recruiter, so he knows his shit. For links to that Oatmeal article, the exercise Dalton mentions and more from the show, visit -- WTF is FWY? You know how when life gets difficult or uncomfortable...


07: For When You Want To Quit Your Job (Part 1)

When I first heard the voice to change careers, I told it to STFU. When that didn't work, I desperately sought advice from the internet, all of which was terrible. This is an attempt to fix that by showing how different this can look. Exhibit A: How to leap, from a guy who did it. To see Jay's photography, go to, or visit and our social media pages (@fwypodcast). -- WTF is FWY? You know how when life get difficult or uncomfortable and we're in...