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Listen to our frequently updated collection of stories about health care and the Affordable Care Act from our directory.

Listen to our frequently updated collection of stories about health care and the Affordable Care Act from our directory.
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Listen to our frequently updated collection of stories about health care and the Affordable Care Act from our directory.






What happens next with UAW contract?

Well, as you may know by now, the United Auto Workers union did an absolutely superb job negotiating a new contact with FCA, Fiat Chrysler. Jack Lessenberry talks about how UAW workers voted the new contract down by more than a two to one margin. Everybody in the industry was impressed by the result, with one exception, the workers themselves, who voted the contract down by more than a two to one margin. What happens next is not clear. Analysts are saying the union could stage a partial or...


Telemedicine Expands, Though Financial Prospects Still Uncertain

With apps and video chats now a part of many people's days, some firms and hospitals see big potential for health care delivered remotely. But a lot of insurers still aren't willing to pay for it.


Anna Deavere Smith tackles school-to-prison pipeline on stage

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: A new play inspired by todays headlines touring the country, including a stop soon in Baltimore. Jeffrey Brown has the latest report in our ongoing series on mass incarceration: Broken Justice. ANNA DEAVERE SMITH, Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education: You put leg shackles on a man who could barely walk? And then throw him in the back of a paddy wagon like, oh, a dead animal, you know what Im saying? JEFFREY BROWN: A story on the...


Trump uses tax plan to push back on criticisms

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Donald Trump announces his plan to cut taxes, Hillary Clinton embarks on a new campaign strategy, and Speaker Boehner steps down, but the problems of Congress still remain, a perfect time for Politics Monday. Im joined by Tamara Keith of NPR and Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report. And welcome to you both. So, lets start with Donald Trump. He did, finally today, unveil this tax reform plan. Eliminate taxes for, what, millions of people,...


Shields and Brooks on Boehner’s leadership turmoil, Pope Francis’ uplifting visit

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Capitol Hill was a historic place to be this week, with a papal visit and the surprise resignation of House Speaker Boehner. Of course, those are the main topics for our turn to Shields and brooks. Thats syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks. Welcome, gentlemen. So, Mark, surprised about Boehner? MARK SHIELDS: Yes. (LAUGHTER) MARK SHIELDS: But, as Lisa reported to you from the Hill, the speaker faced what...


Gist: Are There Any Real Catholics in Congress?

On The Gist, we take the vitals on the current state of health care in America. The number of uninsured has dropped dramatically, but are the struggling state exchanges and co-ops a cause for concern? Phil Galewitz from Kaiser Health News joins us for an Obamacare checkup. For the Spiel, are any Catholic members of congress both anti-death penalty and anti-abortion? Today’s sponsor: ZipRecruiter. Hiring? You can post to more than 100 job sites with one single click, and have the highest...


Syrian family resettled in U.S. sees future for their children

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: The Obama administrations plans to settle as many as 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. within a year is coming under fire. In a statement released Sunday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, both Republicans, said the Islamic State group will use the refugee crisis to try to enter the United States and that the administration doesnt have a concrete and foolproof plan to ensure that terrorists...


600,000 people could lose "Healthy Michigan" benefits

I didn't watch much of the Republican Presidential debate last night, but listened to some of it while driving. What struck me was that all the candidates talked as if President Obama was the worst thing in our nation's history. Worse than the Civil War, the Great Depression, you name it. Well, I don't propose to get into an analysis of the current administration. But I will assert that there is clear evidence that in one very important way, President Obama has made life better for people...


Risking journey to Greece, more than 20 migrants drown off Turkey

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: Now to another tragedy at sea. Earlier today, a boat filled past its capacity with migrants and refugees capsized off the Turkish coast, drowning more than 20 people. PBS NewsHours Malcolm Brabant, who was on shore as survivors returned to the Turkish city of Bodrum, reports tonight on why so many are still willing to take the risk. MALCOLM BRABANT: The boat capsized and sank less than two miles after setting off from Bodrum. More than 240...


A doctor’s memoir shows race matters in the hospital room

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: Infant mortality, life expectancy, heart disease, obesity, in almost every area of health outcomes, black people are more vulnerable. In the latest addition to the NewsHour Bookshelf, one African-American doctor talks about what that looks like from the inside. Jeff is back with that. JEFFREY BROWN: Being black can be bad for your health. Its a lesson Damon Tweedy writes in his new book, Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctors Reflections on Race...


What we’ve learned about racial inequity in Ferguson

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: Just over a year after the city of Ferguson, Missouri, exploded in unrest after the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, a local commission today released a blunt new report. Focusing on race, inequity and history, the 16-member Ferguson Commission issued 189 calls to action, including improvements in police practices, education, housing, and health care access. What we are pointing out,...


A nightmare scenario for the auto industry.

Imagine going back half a century, and asking people which of these two things would be more likely fifty years in the future: A) The United States would have established a permanent colony on the moon; or, B) The United Auto Workers union would have chosen a foreign-owned automaker as its target company in contract negotiations. Then imagine a world where most U.S. car sales are foreign and not domestic anyway, the union has less than a third of its peak membership, and newer auto workers...


Ben Carson Says A Screening Mechanism Needed To Resettle Syrians

"This is a splendid opportunity for the global jihadists to infiltrate," the Republican presidential candidate told NPR's Scott Simon. He also talked about health care and Ferguson, Mo.


Shields and Brooks on U.S. reaching out to refugees, Iran deal assurance

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioHARI SREENIVASAN: But first to the analysis of Mark Shields and David Brooks. Thats syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks. We just had a segment where we laid out in painful detail how difficult it is for a refugee to gain asylum in the United States. And there are several people who say, you know what? If it wasnt for the United States foreign policy of perhaps disbanding the Iraqi army, creating a tremendous amount of...


Michigan's shortage in primary care doctors

The battles over the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare, if you are a Republican – have been bitterly fought, and at least for the time being, won. The President's main goal was to make health insurance and health care available to more people, and he's done that. There's still a problem, however. Even if you have coverage, it's hard to get health care without a doctor – especially what's known as a primary care physician. Specialists are thick on the ground, especially in affluent areas,...


A Physician Asks: Is Being Black Bad For Your Health?

Damon Tweedy discusses race and medicine in his new memoir Black Man in a White Coat. "There's been a long history of African-Americans being mistreated by the health care system," he says.


Running for President on Obamacare Light?

Two Republican candidates for President appear to be running on a health care platform of "Obamacare Light," according to Michael Cannon.

One Doctor's Campaign To Pay Those Who Risked Their Lives

Many of the local health care workers who fought the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone have not received payment for their efforts. Now, Dr. Nahid Bhadelia is trying to raise awareness and money for them.


Veterans Used In Secret Experiments Sue Military For Answers

The U.S. military exposed tens of thousands of troops to chemical and biological agents before 1975. Today, those vets are seeking health care and details on what substances they were given.


Shields and Gerson on refugee crisis responsibility, Trump’s GOP pledge

Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: And thats the cue to turn to the analysis of Shields and Gerson. Thats syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson. David Brooks is away. Welcome, gentlemen. So we have just been listening to a little bit of the politics of the week, Mark. Hillary Clinton, important interview she had today, a lot of questions about the e-mail server. She said that she wished she had done it differently. She said it wasnt the...