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Host Tony Weaver, a practicing physician in Rowan County, and his team of health experts interview guests and discuss health issues like obesity, tobacco use, heart disease, exercise and other topics concerning the well being of eastern Kentuckians.

Host Tony Weaver, a practicing physician in Rowan County, and his team of health experts interview guests and discuss health issues like obesity, tobacco use, heart disease, exercise and other topics concerning the well being of eastern Kentuckians.
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Morehead, KY


Host Tony Weaver, a practicing physician in Rowan County, and his team of health experts interview guests and discuss health issues like obesity, tobacco use, heart disease, exercise and other topics concerning the well being of eastern Kentuckians.






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The Mildly Amusing Show

Dedicated to our enthusiastic but misguided fans, this show discusses weather conditions and heart attack, the increased prevalence of dementia in the winter, and predicting suicidal behavior. Let us take your mind off the discomfort of your fall flu shot by discussing a new flu drug, the first in 20 years. We wrap up by worrying about marijuana and being encouraged by the success of the HPV vaccine, now recommended for all below age 45.


Natural Instinct for Science show

“I have a natural instinct for science.” US President Donald Trump on why he disagrees with the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. Brought to you by the vaccination league and shoes with tread, Health Matters discusses why, since the ancient Greeks, science has been about systematic exploration, not relying on instincts. Rick and Tony discuss falls, the fall of IBM’s Watson computer, bucket lists and teen vaping.


Blame it On the Russian Twitter Bots show

Sponsored by the Vaccination League ("Don't be late, vaccinate!"), we reopen our discussion of cancer-sniffing dogs, review the "New Coke", analyze the Fitbit murder investigation, and (of course) explain how Russian Twitter Bots are trying to undermine our life-saving vaccination program. The conversation is unusually lively, since our very own Health Matters RickBot is there to assist with the Health Matters website info.


Wrong Town, Wrong Time Show

This show expresses Health Matters’ bewilderment at the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh hearings. While our show is not political, the spectacle in front of us clearly invites some commentary. Once the show starts, we stick to what we know, including marital stress and sudden death, influenza numbers, and five terms that doctors should stop using.


Wealth, Education, and Zip Code show

“Wealth, education and zip code are the three most important determinants of your health.” -- Dr. Robert Califf How can they film a reality show about real patients in real hospitals? They can’t. Three Boston hospitals were fined $1 million for violating patient confidentiality. We discuss this, psychiatry chatbots, and the “New Coke One” on today’s show.


We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Show

Dedicated to the hurricane-related victims in the Carolinas this year and in Houston last year, this show includes a discussion of the Apple watch, tackle football, and breast cancer screening recommendations.


The Lunch Cancer Show

We were invited to speak on lung cancer, but the brochure unfortunately had us speaking on lunch cancer. “Lunch cancer” is my new favorite term for obesity. This show discusses Rick’s worst day in PE class, and treating cholesterol in the elderly.


The Cloud of Stupid Show

“Stupid is what gives us our power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” (Obi-Wan Kenobi, paraphrased). A coworker commented, “I feel like I’m working in a cloud of stupid”. And that was all it took. This show is dedicated to foods with liquid nitrogen (which literally produce a cloud of stupid), the lack of benefit of aspirin for healthy people trying to prevent disease, flu vaccinations, and smartphones.


Unleash the Data show

According to CMS Administrator Seema Verma, "We're at the beginning of what I call the digital health revolution, where we have all of this data that's in a digital format within the doctor's office and we have the ability to take that information and unleash it." Those of us at Health Matters who work in a doctor’s office or begging Ms. Verma not to unleash it just yet. We discuss the failure of IBM’s Watson to make a measurable impact in cancer care, six predictions from 1961 regarding...


Chuck Roast Show

Chuck Mraz has served as news and sports director for Morehead State Public Radio since shortly after our show started in 2003. He first came to WMKY in 1986. He is a real classy guy, although weird in a way that you can’t quite put your finger on. This show is our retirement salute to Chuck. We also talk about suicides, high blood pressure guidelines, and the new colon cancer screening recommendations from the American Cancer Society.


Dr. Kip Guy show

Growing up in rural Mississippi, Kip Guy decided he wanted to do scientific research. He headed to the West Coast, began working on a more environmentally friendly way to make the cancer drug Taxol, and developed collaborations all across the country. In 2016, he became Dean of the UK College of Pharmacy, because in his words, “where else could I find these resources in a state with these health disparities?” Kentucky reaps the benefits of his expertise and guidance daily, as the College of...


Better Than Autumn Show

“I enjoyed the spring more than the autumn now. When does, I think, as one gets older.” (Virginia Woolf). The joy of spring is present each year, but there is a special joy for those in healthcare after a harsh influenza season. The earth renews itself, and we must as well. This show failed to launch, and I mostly blame Rick. We talk about Royal babies, electric cars and pacemakers, cancer and coffee, and marijuana. Tip: The ticks are upon us. Bring out your DEET and permethrin, mow the...


Salute to Carl Kasell Show

Legendary radio broadcaster Carl Kassell, who recently died at age 84, began his broadcasting career hosting a fake music show using his grandmother’s windup Victrola. He went on to team with Charles Kuralt at University of North Carolina to start a new radio station before joining forces with NPR. After years as a newscaster, he joined the cast of the popular radio show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! We salute his passing with this offering on the health effects of chocolate and strawberries,...


Stephen Hawking show

This show salutes the late theoretical physicist, hero of today’s youth, Stephen Hawking. Hawking was able to link certain behaviors of black holes to an explanation of how the universe was born. He described the characteristics of a black hole, and predicted that it would emit radiation. Health Matters talks about coffee, and prescription and recreational drugs during pregnancy. Tip: according to a recent report, US medical care is so expensive because of the extra administrative costs with...


Health Matters Fun Razor show

Let’s be clear: Health Matters does not approve of fun razor activities. Razors are for grown-ups, and should be used carefully. However, Morehead State Public Radio just finished their fun razor week, and maybe you should contribute some money to help alert them to the dangers of fun razors. This show is about credit cards, soft drink taxes, the importance of weight loss, and the consequences of “negative wealth shocks”. Tip: It is allergy season. Avoiding pollen is your best bet. The best...


What’s in Your Colon? show

Our profound thanks to UK dietetic intern Hannah Mayse, perhaps the only bright spot in a show about orange popsicles, diarrhea, swimming in contaminated water, and artificial sweeteners. Hannah is from Elliott County, adds lemon to her water, and prefers grape. Tip: antibiotics wreak havoc with your ecosystem. Use them for severe or life-threatening infections, but avoid them when possible. Links: Clostridium difficile has its own organization and website Don't swim in the ocean after heavy...


Off the Grid in San Juan Show

The show conveys our sympathy for those medical students and all others affected by Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017. The subsequent loss of electricity, Internet, transportation, and commerce is touched everyone in Puerto Rico. While first responders can supply basic needs, lives and careers are interrupted. We all need to help each other and we need to find mechanisms so that a natural disaster does not cost us generation of young people. Tip: according to Michael Pollan, “be the kind...


Briefly Visiting an Absentee Owner Farm for Meditation Show

On the 95 th anniversary of Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”, Health Matters revisits this classic American poem. We talk about insomnia, low blood pressure and suicide, legalizing marijuana, and a cancer “Ground Shot” for Eastern Kentucky. Tip: Sleep experts are focusing on avoiding white light at night. They even suggest using sunglasses if you wake up and must look at a screen. Links: The "Cancer Ground-shot" may be a better, low tech approach to cancer in...


Joe Polchinski show

Joe Polchinski was an early pioneer of string theory, describing tiny particles of matter as vibrating strings of energy and the possibility of multiple universes. The show conveys our admiration and respect for his work. Since we don’t understand it, and can’t explain it, we discuss sugar sweetened beverages, dietary recommendations, and the death rates on Grey’s Anatomy. Tip: Adding a tax on sugar sweetened beverages is one tool to end our misguided reliance on getting energy from...


We’d like to Discuss Marijuana show

Prompted by our visit to the Rowan County Fiscal Court to listen to the debate over supporting legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky, this show includes a discussion of the alarming lack of scientific data on marijuana, skepticism over recent research on cleaning products and emphysema, and the benefits of cold water. Tip: Women experience heart attacks differently than men. The pain is more likely to be in the jaw, neck, arms, or between the shoulder blades, and women were nearly...