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Climate Change Could Make Missouri A Mosquito Paradise, But Health Experts Warn We Aren’t Ready

This year’s catastrophic flooding has created hard times for many people in Midwest, but it’s created a nirvana for mosquitoes. Kansas City and the surrounding region could potentially become a hotbed for mosquito-borne viruses like West Nile virus in the coming years due to increasing temperatures and more frequent flooding, which are predicted by climate experts.


In Kansas, Peer Mentors Tackle A Side Of Mental Health That Pros Can’t Touch

KANSAS CITY, KAN. — Susan Haynes used to have panic attacks seven times a day. Sometimes, she would fall out of her chair. Sometimes, she would stop breathing. “I could just fall down, just collapse and look like I was having a seizure or stroke,” she said. “It was pretty scary.”


It's Easier To Buy CBD In Kansas Than To Know For Sure What's In It Or What It's Good For

LAWRENCE — Before starting his CBD company, Chris Brunin researched the competition, the labs they used, the products they sold. He checked out ingredient suppliers and organic hemp farmers. He took everyone’s pitches with a heapful of salt. “The hemp industry is like the Wild West and Wall Street had a baby,” said Brunin. “You have to vet everything and everybody … to make sure you’re not getting messed with or lied to.”


As Anti-Vax Movement Grows In Missouri, Families With Sick Children Fear For Their Lives

Vaccinations not only protect your health, they protect the health of the community by slowing or stopping the spread of illness. But Missouri now has some of the lowest measles vaccination rates in the nation, and that’s especially troubling for families with children who can’t get the shots for medical reasons.


Treating Kids' Peanut Allergies With Peanuts Might Work — Or Cause More Reactions

When Porter Hall of Raymore, Missouri, was a year old, he broke out in hives after eating a spoonful of peanut butter. It led to a scary night in the emergency room and a diagnosis of peanut allergy. But today, Porter, who’s now five, is giving peanuts another shot with the help of Kansas City doctors, who have been giving him tiny doses of peanuts over the course of months. This oral immunotherapy treatment isn’t a cure, but doctors say these tiny exposures may help to reduce or prevent...


At Kansas City's Children's Mercy Hospital, Doctors Work With Psychologists To Treat Belly Pain

All kids get stomachaches from time to time, but 14-year-old Joey Sigrist’s pain was different. When it would hit, he’d spend hours locked in the bathroom, clutching his stomach in agony. “When you’re in that much pain, you just kind of take in the surroundings. I could hear a clock in a whole different room clicking away on the very back wall, and I could hear the shuffling of feet upstairs,” Joey said.


Kansas Requires Students To Get Vaccines, Yet 15% Of Kindergartners Are Missing Shots

COFFEYVILLE — More than one in 10 kindergartners in Kansas in the 2017-2018 school year lacked at least some of the shots that the state requires to shield students against outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and more. The state’s most recent annual report pegged the figure at 15%.


Vaccine Opposition Isn't Why Many Thousands Of Kansans Miss Out On Shots

Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado. The national measles outbreak — numbering more than 1,000 cases so far — hasn't hit Kansas yet, but it has crept awfully close to home .


Whether It's England Or Kansas City, A Friendly Hello And DIY Hobbies Could Save Your Life

There’s a do-it-yourself movement that’s been spreading across the United Kingdom, but it’s not led by artisan hipsters or first-time homeowners. It’s part of the country’s nationwide campaign to address loneliness, and experts think it may hold some important clues for fixing a tricky and potentially life-threatening problem.


Dance Classes And Choir Singing: British Docs Offer Social Prescriptions For Loneliness

As experts in the Midwest and around the world work to address loneliness, one tricky question keeps popping up: even if loneliness is bad for our physical and mental health, what if people just don’t want to be social?


Safety Net Cuts, Not Just Modern Life, Are Making People Lonely, Critics Say

To a lot of people in the U.S., the idea of a government loneliness program sounds like something out of a free-spending European dreamland, like locally sourced organic school lunches in Italy or months of paid paternity leave in Sweden . Nice, if you don’t mind high taxes. But in the United Kingdom, just such a campaign was introduced by a Conservative British prime minister whose government has been scaling back public spending for years, and that’s led critics to call loneliness a...


Young Urban People Are Lonelier Than Old Rural Folks, And Social Media Doesn’t Help

Hundreds of young German football fans in blue jerseys dance and sing in the streets before a soccer match in Manchester, England. This rainy northwestern city is the third largest in the United Kingdom. Known for its music scene and soccer, it’s a city brimming with young people . But for many of those young people, like 17-year-old Lee Smelhurst-Hudson, life in Greater Manchester can be tough.


The Friendly Midwest Is In A Loneliness Crisis And The British May Have The Solution

In the heart of London, at Buckingham Palace, the daily changing of the guard reminds crowds of tourists that the United Kingdom is a country with staying power. Over the centuries, the British have fought off famine, plague, economic depression and the Nazis. More recently, a few blocks away at Ten Downing Street, Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to take on a new threat to the lives of Britons.


Why Kansas Cops Don't Want To Legalize Marijuana — Medical Or Otherwise

When it comes to marijuana, Kansas is a red state in an increasingly green country. Three of its neighbors — Colorado, Oklahoma and Missouri — have legalized some form of the drug in recent years. Yet Kansas remains one of four states in the country without a comprehensive medical or recreational marijuana program.


Kansas Supreme Court: The State Constitution Protects Abortion Rights

(This story was updated at 4:45 p.m.) Kansas women have a fundamental right to abortion, the state’s Supreme Court ruled Friday — a decision that has conservatives vowing to amend the state constitution.


Farm Bureaus Make An Attempt At Affordable Health Insurance, But Plans Exclude Some

In a recent national survey, farmers said the biggest threat to their livelihoods wasn’t low commodity prices or global trade policies. It was the rising cost of health insurance. It’s one of the reasons why state farm bureaus have jumped into the insurance game in Iowa, Tennessee and Nebraska, and are trying to in Kansas.


What Other States Can Teach Kansas And Missouri About Expanding Medicaid

Health care advocates in Kansas and Missouri are hopeful that 2019 will be the year that hundreds of thousands of people can get health care coverage through expansion of Medicaid. It’s been blocked in both states by Republicans who question the price tag, but now that many states have had expanded Medicaid for several years, there’s a small but growing body of evidence about its actual costs.


An Unlikely Treatment Offers Hope For Chronic Pain Sufferers But Drug Makers See Little Incentive

Doctors generally agree that opioids are not a good choice for treating most chronic pain. But scientists have struggled to develop safe pain treatments that provide the same level of relief as opioids. Now there's hope that might change. New research supports the use of a treatment method that’s lurked for years on the fringes of medicine. The question is whether it will remain stuck there.


After Her Son Nearly Rejects Transplanted Liver, Missouri Woman Campaigns Against Mail-Order Drugs

Shivering outside her home on a freezing day in Park Hills, Loretta Boesing explains that weather in eastern Missouri can be all over the map. “It’s crazy,” Boesing says. “We sometimes experience temperatures like they would feel in Arizona. Sometimes we experience temperatures like they would feel up north.” Boesing worries about how those temperature extremes affect the prescription drugs that many people receive via mail-order delivery.


KU Doctors Look To Childhood Trauma For Roots Of Puzzling Chronic Pain

The Buck O’Neil Bridge just north of downtown is one of more hectic traffic spots in Kansas City, Missouri, and for Shari H, a car accident here in 2012 turned out to be life-changing. She didn’t have any major injuries, but after days and weeks passed, she realized that her post-accident soreness wasn’t going away.