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Ep. #28 - Fighting Depression

MORE FROM LUPPY: DATE: 11.15.16 CURRENT WEIGHT: 414 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -40 I have struggled with depression my whole life. I've had many low times that I never want to relive. The good part about having those lows, is it has taught me to see when I am headed there again. I know I don't ever want to go down that road again. So I know when I need to start fighting all the negative thoughts in my head. You ultimately choose whether you are going to be happy or...


Ep. #26 - Food For Fun

MORE FROM LUPPY: DATE: 11.1.16 CURRENT WEIGHT: 413 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -41 I am down to my last unhealthy addiction and this one is hard to shake. My happiness everyday depends on food. To be more specific, lots of food and TV. I love sitting in front of the TV and pigging out. I have been doing it since I was a kid. It is such an engrained habit in my mind that the idea of not doing it every day is really depressing. Yes, I am addicted to "dinner and a show!" I need...


Ep. #25 - The Dope 40's

MORE FROM LUPPY: DATE: 10.25.16 CURRENT WEIGHT: 413 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -41 It finally happened. I grew up. October 23, 2016 I turned 40 years old! Holy mother of popcorn! I can't believe it. But the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I think my 20's and my 30's were a time of learning and just surviving. It's time to truly thrive. My 40's are going to be dope. SUBSCRIBE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES:...


Ep. #23 - Extreme Weight Loss - 3 Month Check-In

MORE FROM LUPPY: DATE: 10.11.16 CURRENT WEIGHT: 416 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -38 3 months ago I re-dedicated myself to losing weight after watching an episode of Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell. I was pumped. I decided I was going to lose 234 pounds in one year. My 3 month goal was to lose 100 lbs. A few weeks into it, however, I realized that this may be too tall of a goal. I want to get healthy, not just lose weight. After a lot of thinking, I decided I needed to...


Ep. #22 - This Is Serious

MORE FROM LUPPY: It's so easy to blow off our weight loss efforts and tell ourselves "it's no big deal." Sometimes the pressure seems too much and we make excuses or compartmentalize our trying to lose weight. The truth is, however, it IS a big deal. It's a really big deal. It's life or death. The food we put in our bodies can either give us life or take life away. That's the cold hard truth. It's time to stop making excuses. It's time to stop blowing off going to...


Ep. #21 - Know Your Why's

MORE FROM LUPPY: DATE: 9.27.16 CURRENT WEIGHT: 419 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -35 It's so easy to get distracted and forget about what is really important. Sometimes we forget that what we eat and our activity level truly determine our quality of life. When we are feeling miserable, we tend to think that "that's just the way it is." This is such a lie we tell ourselves. I think we try to believe this lie to take the pressure off of trying to make change. If being miserable...


Ep. #19 - Focus On The Positives

MORE FROM LUPPY: CURRENT WEIGHT: 419 TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -35 I think a lot of people struggle with staying positive. It's even harder when you are trying to get fit and lose weight. So many times when I eat something less than healthy, all I can do is focus on my weak moment. Then I get mad at myself. And that makes me want to eat again and the cycle goes on and on. My new approach is to focus on the positives. I am trying to focus on the good things I did today...


Ep. #18 - 5 Tips To Eat Healthier On The Road

MORE FROM LUPPY: Are you someone who travels a lot and struggles to eat healthy when you are on the road? It's really hard to make good decisions when you are not in the comfort of your own home, but it is not impossible. In episode #18 of the Living Luppy Podcast, I share 5 tips to eat healthier on the road. I travel quite a bit, being a musician, so I know how hard it is. Sometimes the only thing you have to look forward when you are driving a long time is...


Ep. #15 - 6 Tips To Get Back On Track

MORE FROM LUPPY: Looking for tips to get back on track with your diet? Luppy has got you covered In episode #15 of the Living Luppy Podcast - 6 Tips To Get Back On Track. This week Luppy welcomes all new listeners and old alike. He weighs in as he always does and we find out if he lost weight in the last week. Was Luppy successful this week?? In the Battle Notes, Luppy shares 6 tips to get back on track after straying from a clean eating. After many google...


Ep. #14 - Success With Eating: Low Calorie Recipes Vol. 1

In episode 14 of the Living Luppy Podcast, Luppy weighs in as always and talks about the pros and cons of the last week. In the Battle Notes, he discusses 2 great low calorie recipes that have been working for him: Butternut Squash Soup (from and Easy Vegetarian Skillet Enchiladas. Yum. These recipes are something Luppy will share from time to time as he discovers new ones that help him stay strong and focused. After a word from our sponsor, Luppy checks in on the...


Ep. #13 - 8 Nighttime Eating Solutions

This episode of the podcast marks the launch of - the portal for all things Luppy! This will be the home for more info on the podcast, as well as a place to check out Luppy's music and services that Luppy offers! Check it out today! Luppy weighs in and discusses his progress. He talks about struggling with nighttime eating, watching tv without eating, and being unmotivated to exercise. In the Battle Notes, we get 8 nighttime eating solutions that Luppy has been using to...


Ep. #11 - The Body Strikes Back

In this episode, Luppy has his first weigh-in since he rededicated himself to getting fit in the last episode. He discusses how his body is striking back and fighting him a bit on the process due to food addictions. Luppy vows to never give up, however, and encourages us to do the same. Luppy talks about Weight Watchers and how awesome it is. After a quick break, we hear Alice B4 Cialis- the song for the month of July. We then finish up with the Health Fact of the Day and the Challenge of...


Ep. #10 - Luppy's Extreme Weight Loss - Day 1

It's a whole new day. In this episode, Luppy recommits to his goals and begins a one year journey of extreme weight loss! Motivated by the TV show of the same name, Luppy is ready to reach goals and get fit. This show marks day one as Luppy weighs in and shares his plans and strategies. We then hear about piano lessons with Luppy and Luppy's song of the month Alice B4 Cialis. After the song, we hear a humorous Health Fact Of The Day and the Challenge of the Week pushes us all to get on...


Ep. #9 - Excuses

In episode 9, Luppy weighs in and discusses the battles he fought in the last week. This included many excuses he's been using to justify eating too much. Ice cream has made a return as well and Luppy talks about this. Then we get to hear the new song of the month, Alice B4 Cialis which is available on iTunes. Luppy then gives us the Health Fact of the Day followed by a new Challenge of the Week. For more info, please visit:


Ep. #8 - Anxiety

In episode 8, Luppy weighs in and discusses his week. He tells of his progress with the gluten-free diet. In the Battle Notes, he discusses his issues with anxiety, panic attacks, and anxiety disorder- something that a lot of people deal with. We then hear Luppy's song Contentment for the last time as next week Luppy will unveil a new song of the month. We then hear the Health Fact of the Day and are left with the Challenge of the Week. For more info, please visit:...


Ep. #7 - The Dark Night

This week on the show, Luppy gets real about his struggles with nighttime eating. It's something that a lot of people deal with and Luppy encourages us to never give up. He also weighs in and we see his progress for the week. Then we listen to his song Contentment, hear from the Jim Manley/Chris Swan Duo, followed by the Health Fact of the Day and our Challenge of the Week.


Ep. #6 - To Be Gluten-free Or Not To Be

In episode 6, Luppy discusses his "unqualified thoughts" on the gluten craze we all have heard so much about over the last few years. Luppy weighs in, we listen to Contentment, and hear the health fact of the day. Which is better for you at McDonald's: caesar salad or hamburger? Luppy gives us his opinion. Then we are left with a challenge of the week. Luppy got a new mic and is still learning how to use it, so apologies for the occasional distortion. For more info on the podcast, please...


Ep. #5 - 5 Tips To Eat Healthy On a Budget

In episode 5, Luppy weighs in and discusses his war on ice cream and overeating. In the Battle Notes, Luppy gives us 5 tips to help keep the bank account happy while eating healthy. We then hear about and listen to a bit more of the song of the month which is "Contentment." The episode concludes with the Health Fact Of The Day and the Challenge of the Week. For more information, please visit


Ep. #4 - The Perfect Diet

In this episode, Luppy weighs in and admits to a lie he has been telling us in the first 3 episodes! Once this is sorted out, Luppy talks about finding the perfect diet and asks the question: are carbs really bad for you? We are then introduced to the Jim Manley/Chris Swan Duo and we hear Luppy's song "Contentment" (available on iTunes) which will be the featured song for June. Finally, we hear the Health Fact of the Day which leads us into the Challenge of the Week. For more info, please...


Ep. #3 - Mind Your Body

In this episode, Luppy talks about the difficulties of healthy eating on a budget. He talks about his love for Aldi, why he hasn't been to the library in 10 years, and the book that finally got him to get a new library card- Mind Your Body by Joel Harper. This book has helped many people put a plan into action to overcome the things in life that are keeping them down. Finally, Luppy encourages us to laugh more in the Challenge of the Week! For more info, visit