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Talking to Teens & Families About Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana is changing, and fast. How do you talk to teens and families about the shift?Legalization of marijuana is shifting, and fast. Some state laws have changed, making marijuana legal for adults for medicinal and recreational use. This complicates the discussion within the family sphere. To clarify, minors cannot receive medical marijuana for specific conditions without written parental consent. Recreational use is only legally permitted for those over...


Martial Arts & Your Kid: Risk vs. Benefit

Should you enroll your child in martial arts classes?Martial arts teach body control and discipline. Studio classes often have kids teaching other kids. Advancing belts encourage achievement and moving to the next level. Injury risk doesn’t vary by gender. There is less chance for injury in the martial arts that don’t involve contact. Kicking is cool. Kids need to learn safety, avoiding kicks to the head. Proper form is important for physical benefit and sparring security. Protective...


What to Do if Your Child Has Lice

You child comes home with the dreaded note: the class has lice. What do you do?Even the cleanest children get lice. Those little bugs tend to nest in certain colors and textures of hair, which is why some people get repeat visits. Lice are bugs that crawl from one scalp to another. They can crawl from combs, brushes and clothing onto a fresh scalp. The bugs look like sesame seeds, and their eggs stick to the hair shaft. A louse will only live one to two days when not on a scalp. Eggs...


Integrative, Nutritionally-Oriented Psychiatry

There may be some nutritionally-based solutions to improve the effects of mental illness and depression.The current model for treating depression and mental illness is limited. Medications are not as effective as desired. Everyone who presents with depression might have a different source and/or contributing factors. The biochemical underlying cause can vary from person to person. Individualized, integrative treatment is important. The gut microbiome may be an underlying cause. Stress...


How to Survive Temper Tantrums

Learn how to survive the dreaded temper tantrum.It’s your worst nightmare. Your child throws a tantrum in a public place. You’re stressed out and are ready to have a tantrum of your own. How can you deal? The most difficult -- yet most important -- thing to do is to ignore your child during the temper tantrum. See if the tantrum dies down. If that doesn’t work, divert your child’s attention. Remove him from the environment. This may be tough because you’re pressed for time and are in a...


Picky Eaters: Feed Your Child Without a Fight

Is your picky eater driving you crazy? Learn how to develop good eating habits and work through the selective eating without another fight.Do you have a picky eater? Pickiness and selective eating are fairly common. They develop around age two. The duration of the habit depends on the parental response. You can’t control everything that goes into your child’s mouth, but you can control your approach to mealtimes. Forcing a child to eat something creates a negative reaction. You’re...


Promoting a National Culture of Wellness

How can we improve health and healthcare for all Americans?We have a narrowly defined wellness culture, primarily consisting of the middle class and affluent population. Why is chronic illness on the rise? Why is it so hard to meet the simplest of health goals? Most Americans are struggling for survival within the context of a highly stressful, materially oriented, high performance focused society. They don’t take the time for self-care with diet, exercise and enjoyment of the...


Environmental Influence on Chronic Illness

How can you reduce your exposure to toxins?The average person encounters environmental toxins in every day life. It’s impossible to completely avoid them. Our bodies are enzyme machines. We vitamins and minerals for the enzymes to work properly. The nutritional quality of our food supply has decreased in the past fifty years due to modern agricultural procedures. Toxins poison the body’s enzymes so they don’t function properly. There is a correlation between chronic illnesses and toxin...


Should Your Child Choose a Sports Specialization?

Are there benefits if your child chooses a sports specialization early?You watch your child participate in sports with a mixture of pride and fear. You may even have hopes for your child to have a successful career in sports. Sports are an excellent form of exercise. Starting sports young creates a lifelong habit of physical activity. Children can also learn leadership, teamwork, and socialization from participating in team sports. When is specialization a good idea and when is it...


Thriving in Difficult Times

What wisdom can we take from the ancient Greeks to improve our lives today?The writings and art of ancient Greece show a civilization that seemed to be balanced, relieved of stress, and focused on living life. And, that focus was on a lifetime, not on a single day’s drama. Tolerance of other cultures was high. People were accepted the way they were. Common grounds were sought so trade could occur. The technology level limited medicinal practices. People went to temples when ailing....


How to Successfully Breastfeed

Meet your breastfeeding goals with these expert tips.Breastfeeding is natural, but it isn’t always easy. Before baby comes, you need to learn what to expect. It’s hard to know what’s normal and what’s not when you’re a first-time mom. Most hospitals advise taking a breastfeeding class, and you can always ask your obstetrician for advice. Many mothers are returning to work after the baby comes, which can make breastfeeding problematic. However, insurance companies are now paying for...


Nature's Nurture: Improve Your Health & Creativity

It's time to crawl out of your compartment, grab the kids and visit nature.Times have changed with technology. Kids today aren’t spending as much time exploring the outdoors as in previous generations. Seventy-one percent of today’s mothers recall playing outdoors in their youth. Only 25 percent of them recall their own children playing outdoors daily. Even when outdoors, many kids still have a device in front of them. This impacts children negatively. Development of motor skills is not...


Sensory Integration & Importance of Play

Your child's behavior issues may be a result of sensory integration problems. Play is key to improving the underlying cause.You can improve the future of many generations to come, simply by being a good parent. Examine your child’s roles. Your child is a student, peer, son or daughter, sibling, and team and community member. How well is your child functioning in those roles? You can help your child successfully fulfill each one. Sensory Integration Sensory integration takes in all...


Low Dose Naltrexone for Autoimmune Diseases

Learn more about low dose naltrexone for treating autoimmune diseases.Frustrations with diagnosis, treatment and results from conventional Western medicine may prompt you to search for alternatives. You want an alternative that is safe, effective and well-researched. One excellent resource where you can find research on the effectiveness of supplements is PubMed. Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a drug that acts like a nutritional supplement. Initially intended to treat addiction, it is now...


How to Behave During Arguments

Behave better during arguments by working on a few skills. Your compassion will grow.When your blood is boiling and you’re not going to take it any more, it’s tough to keep your behavior in check. Arguments knock all that common sense out the window. A few guidelines can help you improve your behavior during disagreements. It’s so important to take a moment before running off at the mouth. Stop, breathe and stay calm. You have to focus on what you hope to accomplish and why you’re...


Pets: Fur Your Health

Adding a pet or two to your household can improve your quality of life.Pets are amazing companions that can provide numerous health benefits. Kids who are raised in a household with pets tend to have fewer allergies and less incidence of asthma. Their immune systems are constantly being stimulated by pets, making their immune systems stronger. Pets are natural mood enhancers. Petting an animal lowers your blood pressure. Calmness and relaxation encompasses you. They even have the ability...


Stress Survival Hacks

Make the holidays less stressful by implementing some of these simple hacks.More than half of Americans surveyed consider the entire 2016 presidential election cycle a huge source of stress. Compounded with holiday stress, many of us could use a little stress relief right now. Our modern day stressors don’t help our health. We act like it’s normal. It’s not normal to suffer from chronic stress. Stress weakens the immune system and precipitates disease. Here are some tips to help you...


Probiotics: How Does Your Gut Garden Grow

Learn the basics of probiotics and how the gut microbiome works.Probiotics products are designed to give you health benefit. The term probiotic actually comes from Greek biota, meaning “life.” Your body hosts a microbiome— a collection of microorganisms. The human body contains more bacteria than anything else. Every aspect of your health is influenced by your microbiome. It may be more important for your health to take a quality probiotic than a multivitamin. Most probiotics contain...


Value of Evidence-Based Natural Medicine

How does evidence-based medicine work for natural treatments?We live in an information age. Your diagnosis and condition can be easily researched for further information. You’re more familiar with your body and how it reacts because YOU live in your body. Your physician can only provide diagnosis and treatment options based on the information presented. By researching your condition, you can make suggestions to your physician. Together you can create an educated plan to address the...


Importance of Patient-Centered, Individualized Medicine

Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating whole individuals, not just masking symptoms.Many people who investigate naturopathic medicine feel they have been failed by conventional Western medicine. It’s important for practitioners to review all of the evidence and not cherry pick what supports their pre-existing ideas for diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic practitioners try to treat people based on environment, lifestyle and genetics. Identifying and treating the cause of disease can...