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Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.

Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.
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Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.




His professor told him he wasn’t cut out for medicine. William Mayo went on to make medical history.

It is the 157 th birthday of someone whose life is proof that you shouldn't let the negative opinions of your professor get in the way of your ambitions. William Mayo, half of the dynamic duo who went on to found the famed Mayo Clinic, was born this week in 1861. Dr. Howard Markel , University of Michigan medical historian and PBS contributor, joined Stateside to tell us about his extraordinary life.


Libraries find themselves on the front lines of Michigan’s opioid crisis

The opioid epidemic reaches every corner of life in our state. That includes libraries, where administrators and staff are figuring out the best response if a patron appears to be under the influence of drugs, or potentially experiencing an opioid overdose.


Despite strong economy, Americans report feeling more anxious

Feeling anxious or unsettled? You're not alone. An online poll from the American Psychiatric Association finds 39 percent of American adults reported themselves as more anxious today than they were in 2017.


World’s tiniest implant could be life-changing for the 3 million Americans with glaucoma

There are more than 3 million Americans living with glaucoma. As Baby Boomers march into their senior years, that number is inevitably going to go up. Now, researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with a medical implant that measures just 1 millimeter, and it's changing the way we treat glaucoma.


Michigan law makes it nearly impossible to sue opioid manufacturers

The opioid epidemic is causing death and havoc for families all across the United States. Hundreds of state and local governments have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the prescription opioids. Among those suing are 50 cities in Michigan. There is a big hurdle for those Michigan cities to clear, though. A 1995 state law, sponsored by then-state senator Bill Schuette, gave pharmaceutical companies protection from lawsuits filed by consumers.


MDHHS points finger again at McLaren-Flint in deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak

The state health department is out with a new report on the deadly Legionnaires' disease outbrea k in Genesee County. The Michigan Department Health and Human Services makes an old claim linking most of the legionella cases to Flint’s McLaren hospital. The report says most of the 90 pneumonia-like cases between 2014 and 2015 can be traced to McLaren. The report's key findings: No other large building with high risk plumbing was identified as a common source of exposure. Of the 83 patients...


Stateside 5.23.2018

Today on Stateside , we hear how Michigan pressed the feds to come up with PFAS standards at the EPA's national summit. And, we learn hackers are mining for Bitcoin, and they might be using your computer. Also today, we learn that a mother tried to tell the state her son was mentally ill and violent, but help came too late.


Medical records platform designed in Detroit offers new tool for humanitarian aid work

We often ask listeners to reach out with stories we could share on Stateside . Here's an example of when someone did just that, writing to tell us about a Detroit-based nonprofit that can save lives. It's called Team fEMR , a free and open source electronic medical records system for short-term medical service trips. It allows medical volunteers to record and pass along patient records to the next group of volunteers.


How to know if nursing homes are treating your loved ones right

How do you know if nursing homes and assisted living communities are treating you or your loved ones properly, and what do you do if they’re not?


Advocates fear budget language could lead to privatization of mental health system

If certain health providers and legislators get their way, Michigan's mental health system could soon be privatized. Pretty much everyone agrees that closer coordination of mental and physical health care would be a good thing for patients. After all, the mind is connected to the body, but just how to get there has been up for fierce debate going on two years now.


After nearly dying at her own hospital, physician calls on medical staff to be more empathetic

It began with unbearable pain — an alarming development for a woman seven months pregnant. And before too long, Dr. Rana Awdish was losing her grip on life. While Awdish did not die, she did endure a long, tough recovery from the medical crisis that cost her the life of her unborn child. And, as a physician who cared for patients in the intensive care unit, she learned profound lessons about how doctors and nurses practice medicine.


Stateside 5.2.2018

How do you know when it's time to seek mental health treatment? We hear that answer today on Stateside . And, we learn the zoo community is split over the best way to lift Michigan's ban on breeding large carnivores.


How do you know when it's time to seek mental health treatment?

When do you know the time has come to seek mental health care? Then, where do you go? To whom do you turn? It's a critical question in the quest for mental health and wellness, and we don't tend to think about it until there's a crisis.


What can microbiomes tell us about death? New MSU study explores the life of a corpse.

This story will make you think of watching CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, where police forensic investigators solve crimes.


Issues & Ale: The "frustrating" state of mental health care in Michigan

Mental illness is an issue that “knows no class, no gender, no race, no geography,” said Joe Linstroth , executive director of Stateside and host of Wednesday night’s Issues & Ale event . He asked the audience – a full house at Jolly Pumpkin Dexter ’s brewery – to raise their hands if they have a personal connection to mental health or mental illness. Most every hand went up.


State project aims to combat rising suicide rate in men

Minding Michigan is Stateside ’s ongoing series exploring mental health and wellness issues in our state. Today, the focus turns to suicide. One person in Michigan dies by suicide around every six hours, and according to the CDC, men are four times more likely to die by suicide. The state is making a concerted effort to reach out to men through a project called Healthy Men Michigan . The goal is to promote mental wellness among men in our state aged 25-64.


Psychiatrist says associating mental illness with violence distorts the facts

Last month's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida prompted the President to call for more attention to mental health. That's a common response to these violent events – Sandy Hook, Columbine, Las Vegas, the theater shooting in Colorado, and so many more. So how should we think about mental health in the wake of tragedies like these?


UM hospital to roll out program that would give priority to people who can pay more

The University of Michigan is reaching out to donors, offering better access to its hospital’s doctors, for an annual fee. For $2,700 a year, a patient can take advantage of what’s known as a “concierge medicine” service the hospital is calling Victors Care .


After a crushing diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s, what’s next?

Every 66 seconds, someone in this country is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. It's the sixth leading cause of death in the United Stateside, and as our nation gets older, that incidence will increase.


After years of illness, former Wolverine thanks plant-based diet for renewed health

Today at Detroit's Eastern Market, there will be a celebration of all things vegan. It's called V313 . Organizers promise food from local vegan restaurants, music by local "plant-powered musicians," and educational speakers. Marc Ramirez will be moderating the Vegans of Color panel discussion. He's the co-founder of Chickpea and Bean , a nonprofit which hopes to raise awareness and educate people on the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. He's also a former football player for the...