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Answers to the most common and uncommon questions about tapping and EFT.

Answers to the most common and uncommon questions about tapping and EFT.
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Answers to the most common and uncommon questions about tapping and EFT.




EFT To Give Yourself Permission To Be Angry (Pod #311)

Support the podcast In last week's podcast I talked about (and shared the scientific evidence) as to why it can be useful to swear while tapping. Even if we accept that swearing is useful, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are comfortable doing it. When I say uncomfortable I don't mean in terms of using swear words. Instead, we may feel bad because we are angry at all. Anger feels like such a strong and primitive emotion that we may believe that we should be above it and feeling angry...


Why You SHOULD Swear While Using EFT (Pod #310)

Support the podcast Did you know that swearing is good for you? And I don't mean just swearing for the sake of it, but there are a number of contexts in which scientific research has shown it is actually good for you. It can help to manage pain, build comradery, and release stress. It can also be a powerful tool in helping you to tune into your emotions while tapping. Recently Emma Byrne combined her own research into the power of using curse words with the large body of other research...


EFT for Carrying the Expectations of Others (Pod #309)

Win a free one-on-one session with Gene! Support the podcast One of the situations that my clients struggle with the most is dealing with the expectations of their loved ones. Our loved ones want what is best for us, but they want what is best of us in terms of what they think will make us happy. Often what they think will make us happy and what will actually make us happy are totally different. Difficulties arise when going against the expectations of our loved ones feels like a...


EFT to Celebrate Success (Pod #308)

Support the podcast We all know that tapping is a powerful tool when we are in pain, distress, and discomfort. Did you know it can also be a useful tool when we are celebrating success? The reason for this is because it is common to feel a number of negative emotions at the exact same time as feeling happy and successful. It is possible to feel: If any of these feelings are present, when we feel successful we will subconsciously want to avoid success in the future. Here is a simple...


EFT For Decisive Action (Even When You Feel Uncertain) (Pod 307)

Support the podcast Recently I was listening to the actor and comedian Dan Van Kirk being interviewed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show podcast. Dan told the story of his career path, moving from rural Illinois to LA, then to Chicago, and finally back to LA where he ultimately found success. Dan described the choices he made early in his career and why he made them: I have this thing, if it's not true north, get the arrow going that direction as much as you can. Conan O'Brien was on Charlie...


Sharing Information About EFT with Others w/ Robin Bilazarian (Pod #306)

Support the podcast Sharing EFT/Tapping with our loved ones can be a difficult task, mostly because it is kind of weird. Talking about tapping in a way that others will listen to is a skill. This week I have a conversation with someone who has mastered this conversation. Robin Bilazarian is a licensed mental health professional who has been tapping with her clients for over 20 years. In addition to her private practice she currently works 20 hours a week serving the staff of an urban...


Surrogate Tapping For Children w/ Dawn Pensack (Pod #305)

Support the podcast! As much as we would like to share tapping with our friends and family, it is not something that we can share with young children. Young children do not have the focus and ability to tap, and infants are clearly unable. This does not mean that they can't benefit from tapping because it is possible for us to tap on their behalf, which is known as “surrogate tapping”. In this conversation Dawn Pensack and I talk about the fundamentals of surrogate tapping and best...


Listen To Your Body And Find Better Health w/ Deborah D. Miller PhD (Pod #304)

Support the podcast In our modern world it is so easy to become disconnected from our bodies, especially as most of us spend our days seated at desks, rather than engaged in any kind of physical labor. When we take the time to tune into our bodies, we can access a wealth information that we can use to improve our health and wellbeing. In this conversation Deborah Miller and I talk about how we can better tune into our physical bodies, how to interpret physical sensations, and then how...


EFT For When Others Think Ill Of You (Pod #303)

Support the podcast Recently I made a mistake and I hurt my friend "Dave". That mistake caused him a lot of trouble. In addition to being mad at me for making the mistake (which he had every right to be), Dave was also mad at me because he thought I had taken advantage of him. Because I knew him so well, he thought I’d used that knowledge against him to get what I wanted. It simply wasn't true. I had made a mistake, but I hadn't done anything malicious or intentional. Dave didn’t give...


EFT For Resistance to Intentions and Progress (Pod #302)

Support the podcast! A few weeks ago in Podcast 299 I shared with you a simple way to use intentions at the beginning of every day as gentle way of taking more positive action throughout the day. I heard from a number of clients who tried the process and struggled to use it. One described how when she sat down to tap, she completely went blank. Not just for the tapping phrases, but she couldn't remember the type of progress she wanted to achieve. As unbelievable as it might seem, our...


EFT for Feeling Stillness and Peace (Pod #301)

Support the Podcast Sometimes we tap with the aim of just feeling better, without a clear focus for our tapping. We might feel unsettled or out of sorts, but not in a precise way. From a tapping point of view this can pose a problem because often the best results come when we are very specific about an issue. When this happens to me, I have a simple way to tap for peace, calm, and tranquility. Here is a tap-along audio that’s perfect for those times and will help bring you peace. (Full...


EFT For Releasing Unuseful Commitments (Pod #300)

Support the podcast! Quit has become a dirty word. American football coach Vince Lombardi is credited with saying that "Winners never quit and quitters never win!" Early in the movie "Molly's Game" (based on the life of Molly Bloom) there is a flashback to Molly’s childhood and a session training to be a competitive skier. After hours of training she asks her father (who is also her coach) if she can quit because she is tired. Her father replies that she can quit only after she gives...


Setting Intentions In The New Year w/ EFT (Pod #299)

Support the podcast! The beginning of a new year provides a great opportunity to reset and refocus. Even though I am not the biggest fan of New Year's resolutions, I have found a way to make a small commitment to tapping each day that is making huge changes in the way that I behave and feel. In this audio I share with you how I have used tapping for a simple intention at the beginning of my day to create this change. The reason I love this process so much is because it doesn't require...


The Art Of Love w/ Jake Khym (Pod #298)

Support the podcast! Recently my friend Jake Khym was being interviewed on a podcast and he brought up the idea of "the art of love." He talked about how being loving is a not only a skill, but a skill at which we can get better. There wasn’t the time in that particular interview for him to go into detail about this idea, but I was fascinated and needed to hear more. So this week's podcast is exactly that. Jake takes the time to explain how he approaches love as a skill, the four parts...


Step-By-Step Process To Reach Your Goals With EFT w/ Kris Ferraro (Pod #297)

Support the podcast! One of my favorite ways to use tapping is to remove whatever is standing in the way of taking action towards creating the life we desire. In this conversation with my friend Kris Ferraro, we go through a simple step-by-step process she has created to help you get clarity about what you want, how to identify the emotional blocks you have to taking action, and how to tap for those blocks. Kris has also created a handout you can use to follow the process. Download it...


EFT For Getting Clear About Our Calling w/ Gregg Levoy (Pod #296)

Click here to support the podcast Tapping for pain and distress is easy. You can name exactly what is wrong (the pain) and you have a clear idea of what you want (relief). Tapping to create a life that we love can be a little bit tricker because we are often unsure of exactly what we want that life to be like. My friend Gregg Levoy refers to this idea of creating the life we were made for as a calling, as if our soul is calling us towards fulfilment. Once we have a clear idea of our...


What To Do When You Don't Know Where To Start w/ Gwyneth Moss (Pod #295)

Support the podcast! One the main reasons that we don't do the tapping we know would be useful is that we don't know where to begin. We have a general idea that something isn't right, but we can't quite put our finger on it. When we are in this situation tapping feels like a giant waste of time. This week I have a conversation with EFT Founding Master Gwyneth Moss about what to do when we don't know what to tap on or where to start. If you follow her simple advice, you will make great...


EFT for Clarity w/ Carol Look (Pod #294)

Support the podcast by clicking here Taking action can be very difficult when we aren't exactly sure of our direction or what we think should be happening next. The problem is that it is hard to tap for clarity because we aren’t trying to remove a feeling of discomfort or a block that is in the way. We are just missing something we want. In this conversation with EFT Master Carol Look we talk about how to tap for more clarity and its power. We even do a little tapping for clarity in the...


What is the best way to tap? (Pod #293)

Support the podcast! Almost daily I receive an email asking something along the lines of, "What is the best way to tap for [insert issue]?" It’s great that people are looking for the most effect ways to clear an issue, but sometimes I think this question can be problematic. In this audio I explore the question of the best way to tap. What I share here will help even the most experienced tapper to tap in a more effective way.


How We Inherit Trauma Genetically w/ Mark Wolynn (Pod #292)

Support the podcast When working with my clients one-on-one, we usually spend a lot of time tapping for the world views and beliefs that have been passed along from parents. It makes good sense that we pick up the beliefs of our parents because they are usually our closest relationships. Mark Wolynn's work looks at how we inherit our parents’ beliefs, not through the day-to-day of living with them, but genetically as a result of the trauma experienced by past generations. This idea...


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