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Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle: Getting Into Your Flow

Menstruation has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. The controversy in India over women of menstruating age being allowed to enter Hindu temples shows that menstruation is misunderstood and even looked down on by many. Considering it’s part of the very process that allows life to come forth, it’s time we became more open and accepting about it and more tolerant of women and the journey they go through. Coincidentally (or not, depending on how you view such things), we...


Restoring Productivity When You Are In A Slump

We've done many episodes about using the breath to create energy, but what do you do when performance drops and you hit a slump or feel down in the dumps? It happens to all of us. The brain gets foggy, motivation dips, we get bogged down with what’s going on in our head and start to let go of the physical rituals and habits that support us - movement, hydration, breathing, meditation - simply because we don’t ‘feel like doing them’. So we wait until we ‘feel better’ before we pick them...


The REAL Secret to Productivity

Everybody wants to be productive. The reasons why vary from wanting to be a more effective executive or entrepreneur, to being on top of your finances, to becoming a better parent, or to improve your relationships. But is there a secret to productivity? Perhaps, but even the best plans, to-do lists and desires are useless unless you have the energy to implement them. Episode highlights: Angelina Saunders LinkedIn Shane Saunders LinkedIn Breathe Me Instagram Breathing Edge Facebook...


How To Control Your Mind Using Your Breath

Often people tend to make decisions and choices using a chaotic way of thinking. When the brain is running in ‘survival mode’, we have to make split-second decisions so we just do what needs to be done. In hindsight, we often would’ve made a very different decision or choice had we been in a different place or situation. But we can learn to control the mind with the breath, using it to move from chaotic thinking to coherent thinking. Having said that, we do need both ways of...


Breathing To Be ‘Mission Ready’

Today we're talking about breathing to be ‘mission ready’. You might have heard us using this term before but what does it mean? In a world where we’re constantly trying to better ourselves, be it in our careers, our relationships or other areas of life, it’s easy to become complacent. We spend time learning new techniques and strategies, making plans for new ways to move forward in life, by learning new things. We become a master of these things, which of course, is great, but sometimes...


Are You Unconsciously Rejecting Your Body?

Today’s topic of discussion is something everyone can do, but most people aren’t even aware of: the unconscious rejection of your body. It may sound strange, but we do have the ability to reject our own bodies, to some degree. When we’re disconnected, we become cranky and desensitised to our emotions and energy. By using the breath, we can begin to reconnect with our body, the flow of our energy and get back in touch with our emotions. Episode Highlights: Free meditation Useful...


I need more space! Breathe...

Have you ever thought to yourself (or even said out aloud), "I just need more space? Give me some more space, please." You’d be a rare beast if you hadn’t. Most of us are overloaded. We’ve got too much going on in our heads and have trouble staying focused or on track. Often we might observe it in a conversation with someone else. They might be nodding their head or acknowledging you verbally but you can tell their mind is on something else. Sometimes we’ll test this by making a comment...


Rise And Shine Four Simple Steps To Kick-Start Your Day

Morning routines can be simple. The blueprint of your natural flow doesn’t need to be complex. There are a few simple things you can add to your normal morning routine to significantly boost your body and improve your day. In this episode we cover: Useful Links: Angelina Saunders LinkedIn Shane Saunders LinkedIn Breathe Me Instagram Breathing Edge Facebook Group Breathe Me Facebook Breathe Me Website


Breathing To Harmonise Your Natural Cycles

There’s a topic that is big in the breathing world at the moment: circadian rhythm. Put simply, that’s your natural rhythm driven by your 24-hour internal clock that runs in the background in your brain. It’s also known as the sleep-wake cycle. When it comes to sleeping, your body has a natural cycle. Most of your regeneration programmes happen when you’re sleeping but sometimes your circadian rhythm might be out of sync. You can use your breathing to get into your rhythm, but breathing...


Maintaining Your Health With Regular Breathing

Today we’re talking about maintenance. We used to put off the maintenance needed for things like our cars because we were so busy with our business and personal life. Now we make it a priority, because as long as we're maintaining the car, it'll last longer. It works the same way with our bodies. Maintaining your own personal health - maintaining the ‘vehicle’ you walk around in - is key to ensuring you have the longevity and energy you need to get things done. To be a peak performer in...


Breathing For Your Relationship

We've been together 10 years and people often ask us, “what's your secret?” The answer is: it takes work and a lot of breathing. Humans in general are reactive, and especially so in our relationships. It’s this kind of negative behaviour that causes most riffs between partners. Another major behavioural pattern we’ve noticed in ourselves and others is showing contempt towards your partner, rather than respecting them. It could be something as simple as when you’re out with friends and...


Breathing For Jet Lag: Managing Your Energy

Jet lag affects us all but in different ways. Whether you travel a lot or very little, and whether you travel for work or for pleasure, your body will be out of sync with your destination. We often travel across the pond to the United States, which is a long haul flight, so there’s no escaping it. Crossing multiple time zones means sleepless nights. Learning to breathe for jet lag can be a game-changer and help you better manage your energy so in this podcast we share our tips to help...


Meeting Intensity With Innergy: Breathe Your Way To Inner Calm

What do you do when the outside world is super intense and demanding? And how do you calm your own internal voice so you can actually stop and rest? In this episode, we talk about: Useful Links


Breathing Balance Back Into Your Bank Account

One of the breathing benefits we talk about that raises a lot of eyebrows is an improved financial situation. A connection between breathing and money may seem like a bit of a stretch, but today we’re going to share a real life situation where breathing helped us on a financial journey that many would have struggled with. We’re not saying it was easy by any means, but without the breathing skills we have, we seriously doubt that we could have pulled it off. It started with us using...


Cleansing - Out With The Old And In With The New

Cleansing, flushing and fasting are all hot topics right now. We are often asked, "How long should I fast for?" Or "What sort of cleanse should I do?" There's never one answer. That's not something most people want to hear because they want a one-stop-shop for feeling better, but there are many different remedies and they all work in their own way. We all have a rhythm and when you learn to move with your own rhythm, you’ll begin to feel the benefits. Episode Highlights: Useful...


Breathing As A Behaviour: Using Breathing Sessions To Change Your Habits

Breathing may seem like a simple concept, but we’ve noticed a lot of abnormalities during our own and other people’s breathing sessions. It’s weird, but it’s also wonderful and we can learn a lot about ourselves and how the breath can be used to express our energy, thoughts and feelings. By learning to take control, we can shift our energy and perspective and we can begin to breathe as a behaviour. Episode Highlights: Useful...


Breathe Mastery - An Interview With Dan Brulé

Dan Brulé has been taking the breath seriously for a long time. Since the early 1970’s in fact. In that time he’s shared his craft with more than 150,000 people in over sixty countries. We’re blessed to count ourselves among that number and to have worked with Dan closely in recent years as we’ve learnt the craft of breath mastery ourselves. We haven’t just learned from him though. We’ve also partnered with him on projects and and proud to be bringing to Australia for the second time, in...


Breathing For Children

Knowing what we know now about breathing, we can only begin to imagine how different life would have been if we’d picked up breathing skills much earlier on in life. Fortunately, our children, currently aged 8 and 5, won’t have to wonder for themselves. They’re both well and truly integrating breathing practices into their daily habits and strategies. And enthusiastically too we might add. Here’s what we’ve learned on our journey. Episode Highlights: Useful...


How To Navigate and Shift Your Energy

Our bodies are shifting energy all the time. Anxiety, for example, has an energy to it. As does calm. In shifting from one to the other our energy state will change. And on a purely physical level, we can go from energised to tired, back to energised again, then to exhausted, get refreshed a little, and so on... Episode Highlights: Useful Links: Angelina Saunders LinkedIn Shane Saunders LinkedIn Breathe Me Instagram Breathing Edge Facebook Group Breathe...


Laurence Tham From Drive Your Practice on Business and Breathing

Even health experts need help learning to breathe for maximum performance. We recorded this episode with Laurence Tham right after we’d led a group of his clients, all professional chiropractors, through a facilitated breathing experience. Through his business, Drive Your Practice, Laurence supports chiropractors to ‘adjust, align, and amplify’ themselves with their businesses and their business with their customers. Even if you aren’t a chiropractor yourself, much of what Laurence has...