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How to Heal a Marriage After Infidelity

When a trusted friend asked my husband and I to sit down and be interviewed about how we healed our marriage after infidelity, we felt afraid, but said, "Absolutely, yes." Here is the interview.


Learn How to be Powerful from a Former Dominatrix

If you've ever wanted to learn exactly how to stand in your power, this interview with Kasia Urbaniak, a former dominatrix, is for you. As women, we've been told that we need to be powerful. In the workplace, we must speak up and hold our own. There have been so many times in my life, where I've felt shy, insecure and afraid in conversations. I've frozen, said nothing, then walked away feeling weak and ashamed. Accordingly to Kasia,who is now CEO of The Academy, a school that teaches women...


Meet the Man Who Went From Novice To Olympian in 4 Years

You read the headline right. Jeremiah Brown went from a beginner rower to a Olympic Silver medalist in four years. He chronicles his journey in the book, The 4 Year Olympian. Today on the podcast, Jeremiah talks about what it was like moving from wondering what he was capable of to taking action to find out. During his pursuit, he faced down self-doubt and mounting adult responsibilities (something we all can relate to).


One of the Last Words She Said To Me Still Sticks

"There are just so many things I still want to do." She was 25. Beautiful. Talented. Dying. With those words, my friend Thuy Doan taught me what gives life meaning.


Ayahuasca Experience Questions Answered By Expert Shaman

Ayahuasca. Some people call it spiritual medicine. Others call it a schedule 1 drug. But there are reports from all over the world of people having the most transformative experience of their life after attending an Ayahuasca ceremony. Kat Courtney, a shaman and expert, comes on the podcast to talk about the experience of plant healing.


Even though I know it's right, why is it so hard?

If you've ever asked yourself this question, this podcast is for you. Sometimes we know the answer to getting what we want out of life, but when the opportunity presents itself, we freeze. In today's episode, Kristy explains why that is and shares an exercise for you to do that will bring you clarity and the courage to RISK!


How to Live a Life Without Regrets

Are you stuck in a rut? In a relationship that you feel isn't right for you? In a job that makes you feel tired and less than valued? How much time will we devote our lives to things that are not working for us? As you might already know, we don't live forever but we may live our lives like we do. If this is you, then you will not want to miss today's guest. In this episode, I interview Bronnie Ware the author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. When Bronnie was a child, she believed she...


002 How to Overcome Fear and Be All In

If you have ever struggled taking action because fear stopped you, this episode is for you. I brought back one of my favorite guests, Elliot Roe. He has taught me so much about overcoming my own fears that I wanted to bring him back to share a visualization exercise for processing your fear. Listen to hear us discuss how pro athletes deal with fear, hypnotherapy for fear, why we have fear and how to risk everything and be ‘all in’. If you enjoy Risk Everyday, please take time to leave a...


Don't Go Another Day Without Your Vision

Welcome to Season Two of Risk Everyday! Today, I am speaking about big juicy goals and how to create a vision for your life. Listen to this episode to learn more about how you can have what you want in life. If you enjoy listening to my podcast, please take time to leave a review. Links World Series of Poker (WSOP) Vlog -


#RiskEveryday When NOT to Quit (Season 1 Finale)

Have you ever started a project and wanted to quit? Have you quit something too early? Are you known as a starter, not a finisher? That’s been me before. I’ve quit a lot of things. This podcast though, I’m not quitting. But I am taking a break to reorganize and recharge. Today on the podcast, I talk about how to decide whether or not to quit. While you're waiting for Season 2, I would be SO grateful if you filled out a feedback form. <3 As a token of my appreciation, I'm going to...


You will spend 90,000 hours of your life working— here’s how to make it count (even if you’re at a job you don’t like)

Did you know that you will spend 90,000 hours of your life working? That's over 3,700 days! We better make it count then, right? But what do you do if you can't seem to find the right job? One that fulfills you. What if you're in a job now that isn't right? Today on the podcast, we're going to talk about how to figure out what you work purpose is and how to make the best of it even if you're not in the perfect job right now. Our guest today is Leah Weiss. She is a researcher, Professor,...


The Analytical Approach that Gained a Top Female Poker Player Millions

You know how sometimes we can be irrational? Like being afraid of something you know won't hurt you? Or losing your temper when your TV breaks even though you know that they aren't supposed to last forever? When our emotions run us, there is chaos. One way to help us overcome this is to take an analytical approach. Today's guest is professional poker player, presenter and astro-geek Liv Boeree. She has won over $3.5 million in live poker tournaments, has a degree in Physics and...


Hack Your Memory

We have all been there; you are at an event, you're going around meeting new people, you have a lengthy conversation with a new acquaintance, but you instantly forget their name. It can be embarrassing, and you can feel guilty for not paying close enough attention, but it doesn't have to be this way. With practice and going back to your childhood imagination skills, you can enhance your memory. Today we are back with Chris Pimmer to discuss how to hack your memory. Listen as Chris teaches...


The Completely Counterintuitive Secret to High-Quality Results

What are the fundamental ways of being to have quality results in your life? Is it patience? Is it your mindset? Is it slowing down? Something that we don't usually think of when we think of successful people is their ability to slow down. Today, in the first part of a two-part episode, I interview Chris Pimmer, instructor of Self Mastery: Upgrade Your Mindset & Thought Patterns. Chris Pimmer is a philosopher, instructor on Udemy, a Taoist, a thinker, and writer. He knows four languages,...


#RiskEveryday The Power of Intention Transition

So many of us have difficulties transitioning into the next phase of our day; we cannot shake off work before coming home to our significant others or are spacey when meeting friends for dinner. When we are somewhere else emotionally and mentally, it stops us from really experiencing life. Not slowing down, checking out, and moving too quickly often has us responding differently than if we were in our intention. I want to share this simple but powerful exercise to help you get grounded,...


10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity

Chris Lee has always had a natural ability to help others shift their perspectives and let go of what is not working. He is someone that I have wanted to interview since the day I met him and he is one of the biggest reasons I still have my marriage. On today's episode, Chris walks us through the 10 principals of abundance and prosperity. Listen to learn how to make space for abundance and attract what you want in life. Find Chris Lee here: Buy the...


#riskeveryday Are you playing win win or nah?

Some words can elicit such strong reactions. How do you feel when you hear the word 'compromise'? Do you think compromise is a win/lose, lose/win, or lose/lose situation? In today's Risk Everyday, we are talking about how to compromise without feeling like you have to lose or win. Listen to learn how to express your needs and keep close in your relationships instead of drifting away in resentment. I would love to hear what you have to say and how you are risking - remember to use the...


The Art of Making Things Happen

On today's episode, I interview Steve Sims, the world's first luxury concierge. Steve is the visionary and founder of a company called Bluefish. Bluefish makes all of their clients' fantasies and wildest dreams come true. Whether that is visiting the International Space Station or taking a submarine to the Titanic, Steve makes it happen. Through Steve's journey, he has learned that failure is what has helped him move forward in life. He has been a bricklayer, a doorman, unemployed, etc.,...


#riskeveryday Making Decisions for Other People

When we hold back on what our gut is telling us to do (visit new parents, reach out to a busy friend, ask something of someone else), we miss out on the opportunity to deepen relationships, give our love and gifts to others, and allow others to give to us. This week's episode is about how we decide that others are too busy, overwhelmed, and are uninterested in anything that we would ask them to do. When we do this, we are really saying that we are afraid of being vulnerable. Listen to find...


No BS Communication

When polling my friends about what their biggest hurdle is in relationships, one of the top answers was-- COMMUNICATION. Well, that and choosing what to eat for dinner (but I think that can be put into the communication category anyway). The question then becomes- Why can't we communicate effectively? What's stopping us? And what would good, clear communication between people look like? According to Joshua Hathaway, the reason we don't communicate effectively is because bull shit runs us.