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A mix through a selection of Hip-Hop and whatever else comes off the shelves - special respect to those underappreciated artists, album cuts, and b-sides - always keeping it varied, aiming to make sure everyone discovers something new every episode!

A mix through a selection of Hip-Hop and whatever else comes off the shelves - special respect to those underappreciated artists, album cuts, and b-sides - always keeping it varied, aiming to make sure everyone discovers something new every episode!


Manchester, United Kingdom


A mix through a selection of Hip-Hop and whatever else comes off the shelves - special respect to those underappreciated artists, album cuts, and b-sides - always keeping it varied, aiming to make sure everyone discovers something new every episode!






Episode 142 : ...If You Hear Me

"We all need...some fresh air." - Tobe This month has been pretty exhausting, but I did have some good ideas for this episode, and once I hit stride with the recording I decided to try and keep the pace up and get it released on a weekend day! The selection has turned out to be heavy on artists who are no longer with us, but left us some great music to remember them by. Get yourself comfortable and press "play"... Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Evidence ft....


Episode 141 : Big/Donuts

"Go buy me a drink if you didn't buy the CD." - Double K February rolls around once again, and so we pay tribute to Big L, Big Pun, and J Dilla in the selection, as well as the recently-departed Double K from Los Angeles' People Under The Stairs. There are some very well known tracks in the mix as well as some new and somewhat obscure ones, combined lovingly for maximum flavour! Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Busta Rhymes : Still Shining The technical levels...


Episode 140 : his land, a ruler.

"Either unmarked or engraved - hey, who's to say?" - MF DOOM Wow, January has been a long year (!) On the very last day of 2020, the Hip-Hop world was stunned to hear of the passing of Daniel Dumile, later known as Zev Love X, and eventually as the legendary MF DOOM. It had actually happened some time before but his family wanted to maintain some privacy, which is absolutely to be respected. In his memory, we play some tracks from the DOOM catalogue, plus some throwback favourites and a...


Episode 139 : Safe & Sound

"Give your mama enough money to bury ya." - E-40 We've just about dragged ourselves to the end of the year whose name shall not be spoken, and we're not out of the woods just yet. The winter is drawing in, and so we have not a festive selection, but one which in many parts sonically fits the season. There are some deep album cuts, B-sides, and mixtape tracks here, making it one of those months where pretty much everyone is going to learn at least one new tune! Get those headphones...


Episode 138 : Learned From The Best

Very sadly, my father passed away at the start of this month, after suffering with a serious illness for some time. While I'm devastated to see him leave, I feel lucky to have had him as long as I did. The show this month is a departure from the normal format, and after a short intro you'll get an uninterrupted selection of records that I either learned about from him and his collection, that he played in the car, or that I'd put him up on in a couple of cases. I hope you enjoy it. Peace,...


Episode 137 : Goodbye Summer

"I'm like when we turn the clocks back in October..." - Sha The autumn is here, but given that we're still mostly shut up in the house, it's a pretty academic point. Still, it means that musically we start looking in the hoodies and Timbs direction, and some of that cold weather flavour makes its way into this month's selection... Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Curren$y & Harry Fraud : 1 Luv (Roll The Credits) Curren$y is so prolific, it feels like every...


Episode 136 : Protection

"I'm a walking heart attack, looking for somebody to happen..." - Boogieman Still shut up in the house for the most part, which at least gives me a chance to really dig through my crates, vinyl and otherwise! This month's selection has some great recent records, some older underground favourites, and a mix segment I've been wanting to do for ages - figured this episode was as good a time as any! Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Mac Ayres : Shadows If nothing...


Episode 135 : Airflow.

"How it took you thirty years just to sound aiiight?" - Rustee Juxx 2020 continues...feels like all you can say! I didn't get chance to include any Malik B (RIP) last month, but have fixed it this time with a couple of his best verses, alongside other late greats like Sean P and Aaliyah, plus remembering some truly classic albums. Light on the new releases this time, we dig back into the crates... Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes JoJo Pellegrino ft. Ghostface...


Episode 134 : Keeping Our Heads Up

"If you not at the table, then you on the menu." - Jahi This is not the summer we thought we were getting, but I'm going to at least partially overlook that and put some tracks in the mix that are perfect rolling music...even if we're only going to pick up essentials at the supermarket! There's some old(ish), some brand new, and plenty in-between. Oh yes - if your system has the bass turned up, turn it back down, or the third track up is going to destroy it... The sad news came in after...


Episode 133 : The Struggle Continues

"Why you think Bobby and Huey P were heat holding?" - Toki Wright It's been a very up and down month, which I imagine isn't at all a unique experience. This episode reflects some of that, marking the eleventh birthday of the podcast while also recognising the incredible Black Lives Matter street protests that have been taking place over the last few weeks. The selection takes that as the main theme, and I think it's a solid mix that you'll enjoy - and one where almost everyone will learn...


Episode 132 : All Love

"They don't never see the work, only results of it." - Rapper Big Pooh Another month inside, and one that has been tinged with sadness; we say Rest In Power to Ty, Andre Harrell, and the soul legend Betty Wright. The month's selection starts with a favourite of mine from Ty's catalogue, and though the styles change, we keep a steady pace all the way through - I know some of you are running to try and stay in shape during this time, so I hope it helps! Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch :...


Episode 131 : Strange Times

"History repeats what you refuse to learn about." - Planet Asia Another month inside, which I'm sure is a test of patience for many. It's been an odd one, which feels like it hasn't been any less busy than normal, and so the rhythm of podcast production has pretty much been as usual. The selection ranges from some of my earliest, brokest vinyl purchases to the latest releases of the digital age - hope you all find something in there that makes you rewind (and then buy an album)! Rest In...


Episode 130 : In The House

"We'll get the drums goin' so y'all can dance again, don't worry..." - "Old Man" Ebro I think it's fair to say that this has been a month like no other, certainly in the UK, where the restrictions on movement that other places in the world were ahead of us on finally came down. These are strange times where we're all trying to get used to new ways of living, but I hope this month's show has some tunes that can lift your mood a little! As mentioned in the show, Hip-Hop Chip Shop are...


Episode 129 : Wheel And Come Again

"I don't wanna be a playa...I just coach the team." - Lord Finesse I had a new experience recording this episode - making an error which meant I had to re-record the whole thing again! Still got it out on time, and so we have our annual tributes to the catalogues of J Dilla, Big L, and Big Pun - alongside some other heavyweight picks. We open proceedings with something fairly topical... Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Ice Cube : Chase Down The Bully The recent march in Washington...


Episode 128 : Crystalline Carbon

" long as I'm alive, I will make it." - Kim Stephens It's been a subdued start to the year in the main, and my equipment may have conspired against me, but nothing was getting in the way of the first podcast episode of the decade! There are definitely some popular classics in the selection, right next to brand new releases, and some slightly older tracks which deserve a second - or even first - chance in your headphones. Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Roc Marciano : Richard...


Episode 127 : Stand Strong

" instead, you prefer to be lied to." - Hutch This feels very much like the stance needed at the end of a rough year on many fronts. Still, we're here on the cusp of a new decade, but we play out this one with a (mostly) wintry selection from both sides of the Atlantic which will take you into 2020 in fine style. Thanks for your continued support - I hope to continue bringing you quality material! Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Bugzy Malone : December Thought I'd take the...


Episode 126 : None More Black

"These evil streets don't sleep..." - Pharoahe Here's an idea I've been holding for a while - an episode showcasing Hip-Hop tracks that took a rock sample or influence! I thought it'd be an interesting one to select and mix without reaching for the most obvious standby picks, and we've got tracks spanning almost thirty years at the extreme ends. Don't worry, the guitars come along with plenty of bars and beats! Links for the month... Michelle Grace Hunder - wicked music...


Episode 125 : The Audacity Of Dope

"In the land of the free, the slaves are still here." - Jerry Beeks The grind continues, and as the autumn starts to really draw in, the selection gets you prepared for full hoodie and boot season with some rugged sounds from the old to the new! A couple of events for you... The Flyest @ Klondyke Club, Manchester, November 15th - guest starring me on the turntables! Artifacts ft. DJ Mr.Len @ Joshua Brooks, November 30th Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Royal Flush : Life Is...


Episode 124 : Trophies

"I will not lose." - Jay-Z Back on the road after an unscheduled absence, and now with a fully operational battle station (see my IG stories for more). This month's selection starts with a few tracks to test your audio installation, remembers 2Pac twenty-three years after he passed, and is pretty much guaranteed to hit you with at least one track you didn't already know! Let's begin... Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Federation ft. Daz Dillinger : We Ride I've been banging this...


Episode 123 : Count On It.

"...we see people as numbers and we make 'em check a box." - Invincible I couldn't not acknowledge the numerical sequence in this month's episode number! The episode title ties into that, but also the consistency I pride myself on when it comes to getting the show completed; on time, every time. As far as the tunes this time out, there are a few that play on the theme, plus we remember the great Sean Price on the 4th anniversary of his passing, as well as a bunch of other interesting...