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A mix through a selection of Hip-Hop and whatever else comes off the shelves - special respect to those underappreciated artists, album cuts, and b-sides - always keeping it varied, aiming to make sure everyone discovers something new every episode!

A mix through a selection of Hip-Hop and whatever else comes off the shelves - special respect to those underappreciated artists, album cuts, and b-sides - always keeping it varied, aiming to make sure everyone discovers something new every episode!


Manchester, United Kingdom


A mix through a selection of Hip-Hop and whatever else comes off the shelves - special respect to those underappreciated artists, album cuts, and b-sides - always keeping it varied, aiming to make sure everyone discovers something new every episode!






Episode 155 : Uptown Funk

" can rally troops, but I play the awesome defence..." - Guru 155 brought to mind the famous Rucker Park on 155th St and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem, which is the home borough of a recently departed legend - DJ Kay Slay, aka Dez, aka The Drama King (aka Slap Your Favourite DJ. But don't, please). Closer to home, we wish a peaceful journey to Phil Ratcliffe of The Mouse Outfit/Tungusku/Extra Love, who also sadly left us this month. His guitar playing closes the episode,...


Episode 154 : Criminal Records

"Where the venom corrodes the street..." - Large Professor We have a great mix of the old and new this episode, and I all but guarantee that everyone will hear one new track, and hopefully one that will send you to the shop to add to your collection! Some of the tracks were fitting together as though it was meant to be, so I hope you enjoy the flow. As well as picks from some of the best artists working today, this month's selection contains several jewels left to us fromour departed...


Episode 153 : Audio Visuals

"Seasoning drippin' off of my style, I dress tastefully..." - Meyhem Lauren It's Feburary once again, and so we dig into the catalogues of J Dilla, Big Pun, and Big L as we mark the anniversaries of their passings. Alongside those gems. we have some excellent brand new releases and some rarities from the vaults. You should definitely have some tunes to add to your shopping list after listening to this one! Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Semi Six : It's On I...


Episode 152 : One Of Our Own.

"...and if they don't understand, then they ain't fam, simple as that." - Nature This month's episode is dedicated to the memory of a great friend who also happened to be a serious DJ - Obelix of Too Many Cooks (second from right in the photo), who tragically and suddenly passed away this month. He was known to many as part of the crew that organised the Family Gathering parties in the mid-late 2000s, and when you weren't dancing to his selections, you were probably chatting to him and...


Episode 151 : Bespoke Selection.

"Don't quit now, you're just a heartbeat away..." - Spitta No copy-paste, back of the store cupboard mix business, this show always aims to give you an episode crafted around recent listening (which doesn't necessarily mean recent releases), events, and ongoing conversations. The work level is real! This month's episode includes a classic track from The Roots (RIP Hub), some recently-suggested Verzuz competitors, and some of the best tracks of 2021 alongside some pulls from the vaults. I...


Episode 150 : Time And A Half

"It's the song for those who've finished singing." - Talib Kweli One of those nice round-ish numbers on the episode count this month, so I've broken out a couple of numerically-appropriate selections along with a segment I've had on my mind for ages! On top of that, I've included some tracks by two artists I somehow ended up DJing for this month - Ras Kass and Big Noyd! It's a pretty rugged selection as the winter continues to draw in, so lace up your boots, throw a hood over your...


Episode 149 : Twists & Turns

"We set out on our travels, we do the best we can..." - Mos The autumn is firmly with us here in the UK, but spending even more time in the house means more time to dig through interesting picks for the show! This month we've got some serious old classics alongside a good chunk of new Manchester music, and a flow that takes some unexpected turns but should have you fully mellow by the end of the hour. Hook up your sound system of choice and enjoy the ride... As promised, here's the link...


Episode 148 : Everything Crossed

"Tryna make it from the bottom, pull everybody up." - Ka Finally, all the parts of my DJ setup are fully operational, and so I get to use the new mixer and freshly-serviced turntables for the first time on my birth month episode! There are some old classics in the selection alongside some lesser-known modern underground material, and I think the mix will make for a great listen! Here we go... Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Ka : Everybody Up Ka has always...


Episode 147 : Still On It

"Reminiscing 'bout my style, before it was yours..." - Snoop Dogg First things first - RIP to Zumbi of Zion I, who passed away unexpectedly this month. He penned some incredible music in his too-brief lifetime, and he will be missed by all who knew him in the Hip-Hop family. This episode was tough to put together - it seemed like some of the most crucial parts of my DJ setup all decided to stop working at once. Still, with a crucial turntable loan courtesy of past guest Danny Drive Thru...


Episode 146 : Rise.

"Put on the wings of the morning and fly." - Capleton It somehow feels like an awful long time since the last episode - the new job has been keeping me extra-busy and the speed of world events just seems to keep accelerating. Sadly, one of those events was the passing of Biz Markie - another legend lost too soon. I've selected one of his most famous tracks to close the episode, but I hope you enjoy the fifty or so minutes before that as well. Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch :...


Episode 145 : Setting Levels

"Appetite for construction..." - Swigga We celebrate another birthday for the podcast this month, marking twelve full years since that inaugural experimental episode! This month's mix includes new tracks from artists who are setting themselves new standards, as well as some deep album cuts, B-sides, and unreleased gems. Sadly, we also mark the passing of Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, who left us just a few days ago. We include just one of his tracks this month, but he's an MC who left a...


Episode 144 : Multiples Of Twelve

"It ain't f-ing sensible." - Strategy I ended up completely changing the selection this month when, taking the lead from a few tracks I was considering, I decided to go with an all-downtempo selection - a continuous unbroken mix once the first lyric hits. That said, there's a serious mix of genres so you get a bunch of variety inside the hour-long show! Get yourself plugged in... RIP to the legendary Chi Modu - the man responsible for some of the most iconic images in the...


Episode 143 : Ruff Ridin'

" will remember my name." - DMX It's been a grinder of a month. It shook the world when DMX passed away at 52, only for his former contemporary Black Rob, who himself had recorded his best wishes for X towards the end of his life, to pass only a week later. With everyone still wrapping their mind around those losses, the sudden death of Digital Underground founder Shock G was the icing on a very bitter cake. Of course, you'll hear a little of all three in the selection this...


Episode 142 : ...If You Hear Me

"We all need...some fresh air." - Tobe This month has been pretty exhausting, but I did have some good ideas for this episode, and once I hit stride with the recording I decided to try and keep the pace up and get it released on a weekend day! The selection has turned out to be heavy on artists who are no longer with us, but left us some great music to remember them by. Get yourself comfortable and press "play"... Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Evidence ft....


Episode 141 : Big/Donuts

"Go buy me a drink if you didn't buy the CD." - Double K February rolls around once again, and so we pay tribute to Big L, Big Pun, and J Dilla in the selection, as well as the recently-departed Double K from Los Angeles' People Under The Stairs. There are some very well known tracks in the mix as well as some new and somewhat obscure ones, combined lovingly for maximum flavour! Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Busta Rhymes : Still Shining The technical levels...


Episode 140 : his land, a ruler.

"Either unmarked or engraved - hey, who's to say?" - MF DOOM Wow, January has been a long year (!) On the very last day of 2020, the Hip-Hop world was stunned to hear of the passing of Daniel Dumile, later known as Zev Love X, and eventually as the legendary MF DOOM. It had actually happened some time before but his family wanted to maintain some privacy, which is absolutely to be respected. In his memory, we play some tracks from the DOOM catalogue, plus some throwback favourites and a...


Episode 139 : Safe & Sound

"Give your mama enough money to bury ya." - E-40 We've just about dragged ourselves to the end of the year whose name shall not be spoken, and we're not out of the woods just yet. The winter is drawing in, and so we have not a festive selection, but one which in many parts sonically fits the season. There are some deep album cuts, B-sides, and mixtape tracks here, making it one of those months where pretty much everyone is going to learn at least one new tune! Get those headphones...


Episode 138 : Learned From The Best

Very sadly, my father passed away at the start of this month, after suffering with a serious illness for some time. While I'm devastated to see him leave, I feel lucky to have had him as long as I did. The show this month is a departure from the normal format, and after a short intro you'll get an uninterrupted selection of records that I either learned about from him and his collection, that he played in the car, or that I'd put him up on in a couple of cases. I hope you enjoy it. Peace,...


Episode 137 : Goodbye Summer

"I'm like when we turn the clocks back in October..." - Sha The autumn is here, but given that we're still mostly shut up in the house, it's a pretty academic point. Still, it means that musically we start looking in the hoodies and Timbs direction, and some of that cold weather flavour makes its way into this month's selection... Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Curren$y & Harry Fraud : 1 Luv (Roll The Credits) Curren$y is so prolific, it feels like every...


Episode 136 : Protection

"I'm a walking heart attack, looking for somebody to happen..." - Boogieman Still shut up in the house for the most part, which at least gives me a chance to really dig through my crates, vinyl and otherwise! This month's selection has some great recent records, some older underground favourites, and a mix segment I've been wanting to do for ages - figured this episode was as good a time as any! Twitter : @airadam13 Twitch : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Mac Ayres : Shadows If nothing...