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Hip-Hop & you a mixture of what you want and what you need!

Hip-Hop & you a mixture of what you want and what you need!


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Hip-Hop & you a mixture of what you want and what you need!






Episode 128 : Crystalline Carbon

" long as I'm alive, I will make it." - Kim Stephens It's been a subdued start to the year in the main, and my equipment may have conspired against me, but nothing was getting in the way of the first podcast episode of the decade! There are definitely some popular classics in the selection, right next to brand new releases, and some slightly older tracks which deserve a second - or even first - chance in your headphones. Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Roc Marciano :...


Episode 127 : Stand Strong

" instead, you prefer to be lied to." - Hutch This feels very much like the stance needed at the end of a rough year on many fronts. Still, we're here on the cusp of a new decade, but we play out this one with a (mostly) wintry selection from both sides of the Atlantic which will take you into 2020 in fine style. Thanks for your continued support - I hope to continue bringing you quality material! Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Bugzy Malone : December Thought I'd take the...


Episode 126 : None More Black

"These evil streets don't sleep..." - Pharoahe Here's an idea I've been holding for a while - an episode showcasing Hip-Hop tracks that took a rock sample or influence! I thought it'd be an interesting one to select and mix without reaching for the most obvious standby picks, and we've got tracks spanning almost thirty years at the extreme ends. Don't worry, the guitars come along with plenty of bars and beats! Links for the month... Michelle Grace Hunder - wicked music...


Episode 125 : The Audacity Of Dope

"In the land of the free, the slaves are still here." - Jerry Beeks The grind continues, and as the autumn starts to really draw in, the selection gets you prepared for full hoodie and boot season with some rugged sounds from the old to the new! A couple of events for you... The Flyest @ Klondyke Club, Manchester, November 15th - guest starring me on the turntables! Artifacts ft. DJ Mr.Len @ Joshua Brooks, November 30th Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Royal Flush : Life Is...


Episode 124 : Trophies

"I will not lose." - Jay-Z Back on the road after an unscheduled absence, and now with a fully operational battle station (see my IG stories for more). This month's selection starts with a few tracks to test your audio installation, remembers 2Pac twenty-three years after he passed, and is pretty much guaranteed to hit you with at least one track you didn't already know! Let's begin... Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Federation ft. Daz Dillinger : We Ride I've been banging this...


Episode 123 : Count On It.

"...we see people as numbers and we make 'em check a box." - Invincible I couldn't not acknowledge the numerical sequence in this month's episode number! The episode title ties into that, but also the consistency I pride myself on when it comes to getting the show completed; on time, every time. As far as the tunes this time out, there are a few that play on the theme, plus we remember the great Sean Price on the 4th anniversary of his passing, as well as a bunch of other interesting...


Episode 122 : Drop It Heavy

"Scripture tell me no one excluded when rain drippin'..." - Tobe Nwigwe This month has been a rough one, but here we are once again with a brand new selection for your headphones and speakers! We remember the great KMG, and then sprinkle the selection with some strong UK tracks, overlook gems, rapid genre jumping, and one absolutely amazing remix. While individually there aren't many obscurities in the mix, I'll be impressed if anyone already knows every track on here... Twitter :...


Episode 121 : X

"...celebrate like a crooked capitalist..." - Mr. Voodoo The podcast reaches a huge landmark this month - the tenth birthday! Thank you to all of you for your support along the way. It's not easy to put together a show month after month, but when I hear from people how much they enjoy listening (especially when they've gone out and bought some of the records), it makes it all worth it. I hope you enjoy this month's show - there are some rarities, some obscurities, and a bit of an...


Episode 120 : Lessons

"...educate yourself. Don't depend on your school for help." - Charlie Brown Coming to the end of the tenth year, we have an episode this month with the selected tracks centred around the theme of education - either by title, or by content. We cover a span of over thirty years of Hip-Hop, many styles, with everything from multiple MCs on a track to none at all! Do the knowledge. Upcoming events worthy of your attention... Gang Starr Foundation - Jeru The Damaja, Group Home, Big Shug @...


Episode 119 : Don't Break The Chain

"Your mind's not ready and your heart's not open." - Gibbs Back in the studio solo this month, with a bag of Hip-Hop, reggae, and more for the mix. Sadly, this month we also wave goodbye to and salute Nipsey Hussle, who was taken from us this month at just 33. A community activist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur as well an an MC, he leaves a baton for the rest of us to pick up to continue the relay. Events coming up... Gang Starr Foundation - Jeru The Damaja, Group Home, Big Shug @...


Episode 118 : Dubbul Or Nothing (ft. Dubbul O)

"Burning it to the ground, from the ashes see what might rise..." - Dubbul O It's been a while, but with a reworked studio setup we welcome the second-ever guest to the show - the syllable-spraying Dubbul O! You'll certainly have heard him on here before, whether it's been with The Mouse Outfit, Voodoo Black, Mothership Connection, or one of his other projects. This month, he came through for a chat about his approach to MCing and with a bunch of tracks for us to hear (including an...


Episode 117 : Rockin' Steady

"...and though the flag been tattered and beaten..." - General Steele The short month of the year puts a little pressure on the recording schedule, but the show is here on time for you as always. Once again, we feature the sounds of J Dilla, Big Pun, and Big L, alongside plenty of other great stuff - and we keep the same speed going all the way through the mix! Shows coming up; Sadat X & El Da Sensei @ Joshua Brooks, March 20th GZA @ Gorilla, Manchester, April 9th Twitter :...


Episode 116 : Headphone Fiend

"...but we worship the dollar, so what we gon' do for jihad?" - Styles P Happy New Year! If I say so myself, I think this is a great mix - plenty to match the colder weather we're having, and opportunities for some enjoyable-to-mix transitions between tracks. Press "play" and get ready for end-to-end quality... Tickets for Homeboy Sandman and Edan in Manchester on Feb 7th - don't miss out! Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Alchemist ft. MidaZ : Don Seymour's Theme One thing you...


Episode 115 : Our Streets

"Watch the roads before crossing." - Tyler Beating the deadline, coming in a few hours before the New Year, giving you time to play this on the way out - or if you're staying in! This month's mix has some of my favourite tracks of 2018, as well as some choice selections from deeper in the crates. Enjoy the listen, and spread the word! Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes The Mouse Outfit : Late Night Doors One of Manchester's finest crews blessed us with the acclaimed "Jagged Tooth...


Episode 114 : Enter The Midnight

"...we fighting back - sorry Martin." - Erick Sermon This month marks twenty-five years (!) since the release of two monumental albums - "Midnight Marauders" by A Tribe Called Quest, and the Wu-Tang Clan's "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)". I still remember going to buy each of these albums which have had a huge influence on me over the years, and I thought that this episode would be a good time to feature them both. We have a mix of original tracks, alternate versions, covers, and...


Episode 113 : Wisdom City

"...whispered from a watery grave 'you are our only hope'..." - Bishop Lamont (0)113 is the area code for Leeds, so it's a perfect month to include a good number of tracks from my home city! The selection also has some excellent new/recent tracks, and a couple of really serious reaches into my vinyl archive. Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Kardinall Offishall : Kill Bloodclott Bill (Bang Bang) A big tune I used to enjoy playing back in the mid-2000s. The 2004 "Kill Bloodclott...


Episode 112 : Reign Of The Tech

"... that 'Cuban Linx' was the bible..." - Tyler Daly Squeezing this one in right before the deadline, I'm glad I can now rest my voice! This month's show starts off at a low tempo and gradually warms you up right through to the conclusion, with tracks old and new from the US and UK, from the 80s to just a few weeks ago. Turn it up! Twitter : @airadam13 Playlist/Notes Z-Ro : Kneel Down With the outrage pointed at Colin Kaepernick and Nike this month, it was a good time to play this...


Episode 111 : Pay Attention!

"Classical soul, I got the nastiest flow" - Sean Price We had to open the show with an Aretha Franklin track to mark her sad passing this month, and you'll hear her essence at various points throughout the episode. I'm just about beating the buzzer to get this one out on time, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the effort! Manchester shows for the month; Beatnuts, The Bluntskins, Didjit, Air Adam | September 19th, Whiskey Jar Havoc, Big Noyd, DJ L.E.S, Seven Spherez | September...


Episode 110 : Unify

"Climbing out the mud 'til we see the grass." - Superbad Solace A great month for Manchester music on multiple fronts has made it a busy time, and it's been great to see people coming out and supporting the scene. This episode's selection includes a couple of fire new tracks out of the city, and while the bulk of the mix is Hip-Hop, we find time for some modern soul and even some blues to round thing off! Dates for your diary; GZA @ Joshua Brooks, Sept 2nd Beatnuts @ The Whiskey Jar,...


Episode 109 : Sunny Days, Dark Times

"If you mad, take it up with God, it's how he designed me" - Havoc My goodness, it was tough to get this episode completed - but here we are, celebrating the ninth birthday of the podcast! Thank you all for your continued support; it's knowing that you're waiting for the show every month that keeps it going :) As mentioned on the show; RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) could make very good use of donations right now. Beatnuts show, September 19th,...