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Welcome to #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. We interview emerging independent musicians setting the world on FIYA! Indie artists drive the culture forward & push creative boundaries which enables the world to hear their voice roar!!

Welcome to #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. We interview emerging independent musicians setting the world on FIYA! Indie artists drive the culture forward & push creative boundaries which enables the world to hear their voice roar!!
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Welcome to #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. We interview emerging independent musicians setting the world on FIYA! Indie artists drive the culture forward & push creative boundaries which enables the world to hear their voice roar!!






PH!L LEA: The New Age Millennial Visionary of R&B Soul Music

It doesn't matter the color of your skin if you're fat or skinny, religious preference, or sexual orientation. When you listen to music which captures the heart, your soul will emotionally connect with the creator. Music is the universal language of the world. Music marks time & creates a permanent mental footprint inside our mind. Music is the psychological fuel people uses to accelerate their inner strength. PH!L LEA is an unorthodox angelic musical force in Millennial soul music. "Hey...


Jameel Zion: Leader of the New School of Millennial Warrior's

The eyes are the window to the soul. When you stare into the eyes of Jameel Zion, you can see his greatness, pain, rage, & passion in one glance. His music is creating a new cultural wave with Millennials. "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


ACE DEUCE: The Coolest Millennial OG narrated by Jonathan P-Wright

From birth, some people are born with "3" immediate traits. Pain, purpose, & greatness, Ace Deuce is one of the rare people to shoulder this type of burden & expectation. The music of Ace Deuce empowers people to change their life & reexamine their current


The Real Wine: Redefining Millennial Street Music for ATLiens

Very few people understand how to create music which resonates with the soul and ignites a fire inside people. Global Recording Artist Wine was born with the musical skills to change lives. Wine's music is night club-driven, but it's infused with raw street elements. C/O this EPIC interview! "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast".


ARTISTNAMELEON details why his career is now #CLOSERTHANBEFORE to the next level.

ARTISTNAMELEON is a rare combination of raw ambition, relentless passion, unflinching based faith, mixed with God's plan. Very few artists possess the ability to create, inspire, innovate, & impact music simultaneously. The new album #CLOSERTHANBEFORE is musical gold. The lead singles "RECKLESS", "RAIN", & "STORY OF LEON" is currently making serious noise on Spotify, Pandora, & Apple Music. His musical journey is nothing short of amazing. "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"!


Day Day King: West Coast Millennial Hip Hop King

At the age of twenty one, Day Day began to actually record music in a local recording studio and recorded his first underground song entitled "Ghetto Life". After hearing his first ever recorded material. He decided to focus and devote all of his attention and time toward achieving a career as a rap artist and leaving his street career to the streets. Not only is Day Day king pursuing his career as a musician he is also an active business entrepreneur and has simultaneously put together the...


TYFLOW: The New Definition of Millennial Hip Hop Music

TYFLOW understands the odds are not in his favor, but that has no bearing on his current success. TYFLOW reflects the true hustler spirit of the new age Millennial. TYFLOW's music was born from animal ambition & has grown into a nationwide movement. The gritty back streets of North Carolina provides no mercy for the weak. TYFLOW is built for the long run & is taking no prisoners on his journey to success! "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


NARRON: Redefining Millennial Southern Rap Music

Narron is a different type of animal in the rap game. Creating lyrics which resonate with pop culture, but originated from the grimy streets of South Florida. Narron's voice & vision is socially & lyrically disruptive. Listen closely as he details his blueprint for success. "Hey, Siri play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


Cheri Janae: Millennial Soul Songstress taking control in 2018

Cheri Janae is an International Recording artist with a growing fanbase in multiple countries. The lead single "REWIND" from her forthcoming EP, has already gained over 20,000 listeners in less than 60 days!! Cheri Janae is making #powermoves in 2018 and she details her blueprint on the #BETONYOURSELF Podcast.


Big Head Bandz: Midwest Millennial X-Factor in Hip Hop

Some people are born with an extra "gear" in their life. They understand the true meaning of pursing greatness & creating a true legacy. One of Ohio's finest blesses the #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. Epic story!! "Hey Siri, playthe #BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


Double DDee: International Millennial X-Factor

Double DDee is an International Recording emerging "star". Her music has the islands and International Millennials on FIYA!! Check out this exclusive interview with Jonathan P-Wright. "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


SAVAGE 5IVE: Millennial Urban Legend

Some people are born & built to win. SAVAGE 5IVE is a music street legend and the best keep secret in the rap game. His music, swag, lyrical content, & brand is like no other. SAVAGE 5IVE is an emerging business mogul & is opening doors for the next generation of music millennials. He breaks down his new blueprint for 2018 and holds nothing back! "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


REESE POWER: Against All Odds

Some people are born with three strikes and the world on their shoulders. Life puts them on edge from the start, and God is their only foreseeable hope. REESE POWER was created by Hip Hop & his path of destiny will lead to success. REESE POWER is essential for Hip Hop & his story is just beginning.


PEXXA: The New Energy in Millennial Music

PEXXA is a rare breed in the music game and his sound has the social media on FIYA! Having the ability to cross over internationally musically and socially is rare. PEXXA's unconventional journey to success is nothing short of amazing. He reveals his blueprint for success and next big moves to secure his legacy.


REM DA GIANT: Millennial Street King Immortal

The journey of REM DA GIANT is nothing short of urban legendary. From the womb REM DA GIANT has taking no prisoners and created a special lane for himself in the world. His music, swag, and unique street/corporate mass appeal is unparalleled. "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


ALLWINSNOLOSS: The New Wave Creator of Millennial Music

Some people are born with no choice in life but to either sink or swim. You have to grow up fast and make life-changing decisions in the early stages of your life. The beauty of this aggressive lifestyle is that it prepares you for any and everything in life moving forward. ALLWINSNOLOSS is the true definition of being a "hustler" on all levels. Young, college-educated, aggressive, and born to do music. Check out this amazing interview as he unveils his blueprint for success in 2018! "Hey...


Ed Gee Official: The New Street King of Millennail Hip-Hop

The life of Ed Gee has been like a Hollywood movie. He's had death, crime, violence, love, happiness, fear, & doubt throughout his life. Music has always been his therapy and way to visualize his gift to the world. "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


Calven J: The New Reflection of Hip Hop Millennial Music

Calven J is a true American Hustle story! The story of Calven J is nothing short of amazing. Becoming your own light inside the tunnel of darkness on your journey to the #NEXTLEVEL is never easy. Calven J is the epitome of the rose that grew from concrete! Maryland stand up baby!!! "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


JLC: New Leader of Millennial Music

JLC is a black urban legend in his community. JLC is certified on all street levels and a born leader. Some people can walk into a room and command the spotlight without saying a word. JLC music career is soaring in 2018 and there is "no limit"! "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"


JARVO: The Face of Millennial Freedom by Jonathan P-Wright

Jarvo is the epitome of black excellence & millennial music freedom. Jarvo has a special connection with the streets and the people have crowned him "Street King". His journey is just beginning and the sky is not even the limit. "Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast"!