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Welcome to #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. We interview emerging independent musicians setting the world on FIYA! Indie artists drive the culture forward & push creative boundaries which enables the world to hear their voice roar!!

Welcome to #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. We interview emerging independent musicians setting the world on FIYA! Indie artists drive the culture forward & push creative boundaries which enables the world to hear their voice roar!!


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Welcome to #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. We interview emerging independent musicians setting the world on FIYA! Indie artists drive the culture forward & push creative boundaries which enables the world to hear their voice roar!!






Kareesh Forreal: Speaks her destiny into existence and prepares for global dominance

Kareesh Forreal understands her path to greatness will be a road less traveled. This EPIC interview illuminates the strength and resolute of her brand.


The Plug Named Jimmy: Betting on himself in 2020 and creating new levels in Hip-Hop

Very few people in life possess the ability to convert graphic and vivid visions of life into lyrical poetry. Young people exhibit the capacity to illuminate and express viewpoints that impact people worldwide. The animal ambition of Music Millennials enables them to emit a rare energy and create timeless music. Hip-Hop in 2020 is unapologetic, aggressive, inspiring, and engulfed in social justice reform. Hip-Hop music remains as the #1 music genre throughout the world. “The Plug Named...


IAMQSOUND: Creating new expectations in R&B Music

When "IAMQSOUND" speaks you hear the pain of struggle and confidence of a rising king. Hey, SIRI play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast on iHeartRadio


DERRICK T. LEWIS: The New Energy in Millennial R&B Music

There are many layers inside the mind of Derrick T. Lewis and his music career is publicly certified. Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast on iHeartradio


IAMJULYDREAMING: Creating new boundaries and raising the bar in Millennial R&B Music

July Dreaming understands the purpose of her God-given musical gift. Listen to this EPIC interview ad understand why her journey is just beginning. Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


IAMSTEVIEYOUNG: Transforming emotions into Hip-Hop lyrics of inspiration

Stevie Young is a young emerging mastermind in Hip-Hop. Stevie possesses a rare ability to convert vulnerability into inspiring poems of music. C/O this EPIC interview!


GATTISONOFFICIAL: Speaks his truth regarding police brutality, social injustice, & more

Gattison is a rare breed and his music reflects a diverse viewpoint of life.


MAJESTIC SOUNDZ & SLIM VEZZY: Shaking up the world with a powerful message of faith

Slim Vezzy and Majestic Soundz were born to change the world. Their universal message of hope is helping people globally to "GET WOKE". Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


TOM BLVCK: Breathing new life into the New York Millennial Hip-Hop scene

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Tom Blvck's mind is overloaded with stress, music, lyrics, street dreams, and animal ambition over the past couple of months. The pressure of running, managing, and monetizing his newly formed music empire has a high price. Tom Blvck is a college-educated music hustler and believes his moment of greatness is forthcoming in 2020. Hey Alexa, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


JORDON EDWARD: Transforming pain into a beautiful reality of big business

With tragedy comes inspiration, said Fredrick Douglas. Jordon Edward made a promise to his late and great father to become a powerhouse in the world of fashion. Hey Alexa, play the BETONYOUSELF Podcast


EMP TAFARI: The Millennial Voice of New York Hip-Hop Music

Everyone knows and understands the history of the New York rap culture. EMP TAFARI's music impact in New York is widely recognized. Hey Alexa, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


Scotty Mac: New Wave Creator of Millennial Music

Scotty Mac first on-stage performance fueled his passion and drive to pursue a career in music. During his first live performance, Scotty Mac expected a crowd of three hundred people to support his movement. Backstage he rehearsed rap lines from the track and completed a brief prayer before God. Scotty Mac walks onto the stage and only sees three people in the audience. Devasted beyond words can explain, Scotty Mac smiled and gave a “Michael Jordan” type performance. During his most...


IKTEA: Taking no prisoners in 2020 and creating new lanes for Music Millennial's

The life of IKTEA is very unconventional and reads likes an episode of ATLANTA on FX. Nothing is normal and everything is about living life to the maximum potential. Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


TOXXX: The New Reflection of Millennial Freedom

The Lester Patterson Houses or Patterson Houses is a public housing development in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City. It is one of the largest New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) complexes in the city with fifteen buildings six and 13-stories tall, and 1,790 apartments. It spans an area of 17.18 acres (6.95 ha), which is located between East 138th and 145th Street and covers two main avenues, Third Avenue and Morris Avenue. Major recording artist TOXXX birth...


IAMLEJAE: Living her truth through music and empowering music millennial's globally

Some people are born to heal the world. The music of LEJAE reflects the raw energy millennial women everywhere seeking strength, courage, and resilience in the world.


GATTISONOFFICIAL: Breaking barriers and creating new Millennail inspirational powered by music

Music is therapy for most music millennials. Global Recording Artist GATTISON creates music for people seeking hope and faith in world filled with pain. C/O this EPIC interview and learn more about the journey of GATTISON. Shop RADIOPUSHERS:


THEREALGINGERBUNNZ: Redefining her Millennial Music Dreams

Life is short and it's not fair to most people. Some people's dreams are deferred or derailed due to life-changing experiences. The journey of REALGINGERBUNNZ is not for the light-hearted and will inspire the next generation of Millennials. Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast! SHOP RADIOPUSHERS:


K.CREDLE: Creating the new wave of Millennial Hip-Hop Independence

Some people understand how to swim in shark-infested waters and not drown. Some people understand there is 'NO PLAN B" in their life. K.CREDLE is one of those people. Listen to this EPIC interview and hear the future of Millennial Hip-Hop music! DREAM.HUSTLE.WIN. Hey Siri, play the BETONYOURSELF Podcast


CIXATE: The New Age Millennial Music KNXG

The city of Union in South Carolina has a population of 8,211 people. The racial makeup of the town is 56.48% White, 42.12% African American, 0.24% Native American, 0.38% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 0.05% from other races, and 0.73% from two or more races. Within this small population, God created Doug Beaty aka CIXATE, and a future leader of Hip-Hop was born. CIXATE’s childhood consisted of soul music, strong family ties, drug dealing, black suppression, and southern politics. CIXATE...


MEGA ACE: Setting new Millennial business trends in the world of Hip-Hop entertainment

Survival of the fittest is a term people relate to and understand. There are no friends are on the street and a person's legacy can be written off of one bad decision. Mega Ace is street-certified on every and any block in America. Listen closely to this epic interview on the #BETONYOURSELF Podcast. Hey Siri play the #BETONYOURSELF Podcast