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The Reggaeton Friday Pre-Party!!!

Ahh yeah, So hyped. Seen my homey Jazzy Jeff this week at club Cielo, Toca Tuesdays. He killed it. Shoutout to Tony Touch who brings out the dopiest dj's to rock. Diaz brothers rocked also. Classic night. That party got me so amped up to rock for you today. You wit me? Ok let's rock. All new joints. You know how I do. Shoutout also to all the heads who attended the Puerto Rican Day parade last sunday. My partner Bushwick Bullie in Puerto Rico right now lounging. Anyway enough talking....


Straight Outta Tampa - Friday Reggaeton Mix

How y'all doing out there?? Thank you for tuning into another episode of Latin Hip ­Hop. We are here for you big time!! All new joints. All the damn time. Spread the word. Rocking this mix via­ satellite from Tampa to you and the world. We so special ... Let's go!!! Darell ft. G-One Y Pusho Nova La Amenaza-Deja La Timidez Lito Kirino-El Tiempo Cambio 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 - Naciste Pa' Mi - Nengo Flow ft. Jory Boy 06:04 - Uh La La - Nacho ft. MC Galaxy 09:38 - Inolvidable - Farruko...


Straight Outta Las Vegas Reggaeton Mix

Las Vegas, still here. Been here since Wednesday and it's crazy hot!! My skill set on the mix, crazy hot. BTRtoday, crazy hot. All new joints right here. Latin hip ­hop. Reggaeton at the highest level. Can't stop the madness of great music. Yeah, I'm on the road. Traveling again!!! Las Vegas this weekend. Next week I'm in Tampa for a whole week. Just working. Your favorite DJ? He probably just goes to the corner store to re-up on boredom. LOL, ahh just teasing & joking. We doing it big...


Memorial Day Weekend Reggaeton Mix

Get the grills out, go shopping, get the meat ready and get the beers! Load up this mix right here. Let's party and celebrate. We've got the music for your BBQ or whatever you decide to do. New joints on deck. Reggaeton at the highest level. What more can you ask for? Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!! Let's rock!!! Maluma ft. Prince Royce-Hangover Daddy Yankee ft. Nicky Jam, Zion, J Alvarez, Nio Garcia & Casper Magico J.Balvin ft. Zion & Lennox-No Es Justo 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:45 - Hot...


PR Salute Mix

First and foremost. Shoutout to everybody who came out to my last birthday party of the month, LOL. Everybody who supported me at Friends & Lovers last night in Brooklyn, I salute you back, thank you. Shoutout to all the artists that performed. Illa Ghee, Napoleon Da Legend, Vvs Verbal, Mazzi & S.O.U.L Purpose, Big Leto & Pearl Harba. Thank you! So to set this weekend off right. Check out this mix dedicated to Puerto Rico, keep building & keep fighting. This set is fire!! Baz, I'm on the...


$hit Don't Stop Reggaeton Mix

Yes, yes!! Still celebrating my birthday. Yesterday was officially my birthday. Going to keep partying today and the whole weekend. Then Sunday, Happy Mother's Day to all!! Clap for that. Hope everyone checking out the show has a great weekend with your family however you do it. Eat good, be careful and always shout us out because BTRtoday brings the good music to the supportive fans. Check out the mix. All new hot joints. Crazy beats, ill lyrics. Let's go!!! Don Omar-HOy Se Vale Reykon-El...


April Misses, Bring May Hits, Reggaeton Mix

All brand new joints. Non­stop head bopping. It's a thankless job. Being a DJ..LOL. Come let's just rock. The weather finally getting better here on the upper east coast. Salute to that. Now go out and eat. Party, dance and do all that fun weekend stuff. We are all thawed out. Ladies, you ready? Fella you down? Reggaeton at the highest level. Let's go!!!! I even got that new Pitbull joint on here. Crazy!!!! Dj Kass & Pitbull-Scooby Doo Pa Pa Bryant Myers ft. Gigolo, La Exce & Jon Z-Vamos A...


Good Times Roll Reggaeton Mix

As we proceed to rock with you. Another dope reggaeton mix by the one and only, Crazy Dj Bazarro. Yes, yes I'm here for everybody. The whole world just rock with me. Stand up, dance in your cubicle or in the lunchroom. Blast this mix in your car or truck. Stuck in traffic? We got u mann! This what we do. Feel good music for your soul. Let's go!! Chris Jeday ft. Ozuna & Brytigo-Bipolar Lyan El Bebesi-Uva Lyanno & Farruko-Location 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:30 - Gracias Por...


The Bully Reggaeton Mix

Yeah man!! Wooo let's go !! Another Friday. Just glad to be here. I lost a good friend a couple of weeks back. R.i.P to my friend Lance. He used to cut both my sons hair every two weeks. You will be missed, Lance. I also went to high school with him. I dedicate this show to you, my brother. Latin Hip­ Hop. Been rocking this show for years. Another dope lineup of dope artists. All new joints. Let's go!!! Killatonez-Bailame Noriel ft. Zion, Farruko & Lary Over-El Juego Chris Muller-Vuelta...


Friday The 13th Reggaeton Mix

Finally, today. Well out here in NY we having some good weather. We been talking about this for a couple of weeks how spring was missing in action. So it looks and feels like spring is here. Now you know what I got for this great weather? Some great music. Reggaeton at the highest level. We been rocking that every friday right here on Run and tell a friend your ready to party hard. Peep the hot playlist. Sizzling right now. Let's go!! Turn it up!! Don't let the number...


Reggaeton Power Bazarro Mix

Booom! Right in your face, back at cha!!! Another weekend out here in NYC. Still got that chilly, windy weather. Spring is somewhere out there for us. So to keep you hype and warm. This reggaeton mix will make you dance or move around so you can stay hot where ever you at! LOL! All new joints for your ear drums. Shoutout to everybody who tunes in. Let's rock!!! J Alvarez-Te Necesito Ozuna & Ele A El Dominio-Balenciaga Sebastian ft. Luis Figueroa & Lary Over-Por Perro 00:00 - Bazarro intro...


Rockin Outta Tampa Bay Mix

Power house hitting mix. On the road again. Traveling like a madman. Back at my second home, Tampa Bay. Weather is great down here. Tired of that cold weather up there. LOL, in the north. I'm a hit the bar and beach. In the meantime reach out to the listeners and hit them with this great party starter. Latin hip­hop mix. New joints on the playlists. Come on, rock with me via­satellite from Tampa to the world. Reggaeton at the highest level. Farina-Cuanto Me Gustas Justin Quiles-Pendiente...


Sick Of This Snow On The East Coast

It's springtime right now and what do us New Yorkers get? More snow. Do you believe this? Thank god for music. Thanks to We have tons of music to get you through the storm. Cabin Fever? Can't get out? Well then just keep the dial on You will be good for days. We will hold you down. Bazarro, my turn to rock some Latin Hip ­Hop for you. All new joints. Let's go!!!! Joey Montana ft. Sebastian Yatra, Alexis & Fido-Suena El Dembow Khea ft. Duki, Cazzu & Bad Bunny-Loca...


Rock on Forever Latin Mix

Been back home in NY since tuesday night and it feels so good to be back. Back in the mix. New joints on this latin hip­hop journey. Get ya mind right. Get ya feet wet on the dance floor or shake a leg, lol. Nengo Flow setting this off right with the dope beat. All­ star lineup of great talent on this playlist. You know you can blast this mix in your car loud. Ain't my fault if you get a ticket though, lol. Let's go. Youi'll see what i mean once you press play...Rock onnnnnn Enrique...


On Location In Los Angeles Mix

Sorry east coast! Yeah I know it's storming on that side of the country. On this side of the west. We got some great sunshine. So I'm here to share some of that sunshine with the east coast and the rest of the world. Even Mars tuning in, LOL! Word up., ya'll know how we do! Bringing some light to the music fans with another mix of latin hip ­hop to get your feet moving. Bop ya head! Puerto Rico in the building. Zitro The Great chilling with me in the building. We in Los...


On Location In New Mexico Mix

Where am I? Yeah baby. I'm on the west coast. Right now we in New Mexico on tour. The Widow's Son tour with Apathy & Celph­Titled. So yeah, I'm doing the show via-satellite. Latin hip­hop for you. Reggaeton at the highest level. It's beautiful out here. Glad you are about to tune in. I will be on the road for a whole month. So be on the lookout for all the different states and cities I will be rocking from. Let's go!!! Tour with us. Check out my boy joints. His name is Nemesis. He a...


Bad, Bad, SuperBad, Reggaeton Mix

What's good peoples all over the world? Ready to rock another episode with us? Yep it's Friday. Reggaeton is ready to rock your world, lol. New joints by Bad Bunny. We got Sean Paul on something with David Guetta & Becky G. Big time right there. The movement continues. You can't stop good music. Let the party begin. New Mexico I'll see ya'll next week Friday at Sista Bar. Goooooo! Bad Bunny-Amor Foda El Pekeno-Que Pasaria Sofia Reyes ft. De La Ghetto ft. Jason Derulo 00:00 - Bazarro intro...


After All The Chocolate is Gone Mix

Two days after Valentine's day. Was it good or bad? Did you go out or Netflix and chill? LOL. Anyway this the After All The Chocolate is Gone mix by Crazy Dj Bazarro on Its Friday so maybe you can make up for the bad date on Valentine's day. If it was a great day you can party some more and party with us right now, this minute with this super duper latin hip­hop mix. Let's go!!!! Nengo Flow ft. Yexian-En La Oscuridad Maldy, Chencho, Luigi 21 Plus, Jowell & Randy-Alto...



Ahh man. You bored? That's your fault. Press play and I'll bet your mood change. This mix is so hot. Something for the ladies and Gents. You might get in trouble dancing in your cubicle. Or you might get pulled over from the police blasting this mix so loud. Be careful but we understand if you get in trouble. It's just the way we rock with the best dj's on Don't believe me? Press play. Let's go!! HOttttttttt! Pitbull & Fifth Harmony-Por Favor Nengo Flow & Mackie-Intimo Alex...


Scared of Love Mix?

The love month is here. You scared? Don't know what to get her? Running out of money? You'll figure it out soon, LOL. If all else fails, let her chill with you so you can rock my latin hip-­hop mix dedicated to love this month. This mix can save your relationship, LOL. I promise. All new joints too. If you can't even get her a box a chocolate you in trouble. The mix right here, it's free though. Good Luck!!! Let's go! Dalex-Yo No Se Eloy-Reggaeton Shealtiel The Saints-Sueltate Toda 00:00 -...