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Reggaeton for Daze Bazarro Mix

Woo!! Yeah man. Ya'll miss me? Sorry but I might be going away tonight again, after this mix. Waiting for confirmation on these plane tickets. Last minute info says , St Petersburg, Florida, beach party might be my next stop. I don't mind rocking in the hot sun. Right now I have to rock for you. Get you thru those friday blues where it looks like the clock not moving fast enough. Just put this mix on repeats and your day will be swell. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - Gates of...


Summer Time in December - Bazarro Back in Miami Mix (Art Basel Weekend)

Woo!! This might be my 5th time in Miami this year alone. I love coming down to Florida this time of the year. Yep in December. I don't hate the winter time, I just hate the winter time, lol. Sometimes back in NY, it just gets to damn cold. Enough about that. Welcome to another dope episode of Latin Hip Hop. Yes, me Bazarro on the turntables. We're doing it big out of Miami via­ satellite. I'm down here for the Art Basel Weekend. Me and my homegirl Stahhr will be performing this weekend....


Reggaeton Cyber Attack Mix

What's good everybody? I'm back with another banging mix like always. Reggaeton at the highest level. Shoutout to everybody on the check in right now. We're rocking all new joints today to get you in the dancing mood, tapping your feet & bopping your head. You know how we do! Yeah man, cyber week all that. This is the cyber Latin mix while your brain is being fried from all these sales and discounts. You type in your credit card number online for like the 50th time. Probably buying stuff...


Reggaeton Bazarro's Black Friday Left Overs Mix

Black Friday. Last minute deals. Left overs from the night before. Hangovers. College football today. I've provided the mix for all that. Just turn the music up loud and we're going to party like it's 1999. The week's not over, it's still Friday. We have to work off some of that food you ate yesterday. We can jog outside or exercise in the house. Dance to the beats. Let's go!! Enjoy your weekend. Reggaeton non­stop. 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:59 - Otra Copa - De La Ghetto ft. Farina 05:39 -...


Reggaeton Latin Hip Hop After Party Bazarro Mix

Is this the party after the after party party? We're back with another dope episode of Latin Hip ­Hop. You know what time it is. Bazarro on the mix. Shout out to the Latin Grammys and all the winners. That was last night out in Las Vegas. So why not do the after party on here. I’m sure there was a hundred of them. Anyway rock with us. Let’s go!!! Enjoy the mix ... Enjoy your weekend.. 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:59 - Bubalu - Anuel AA ft. Prince Royce & Becky G 05:55 - Mi Mami - El Alfa ft....


Reggaeton Super Mix By Bazarro

Woo! How yawl feeling out there? Another dope mix for your musical fix. I gotcha. You know how we do it. We bring the best every week all the time. Ahh man I'm loving the Jstr joint feat. Jenn Morel called "Tiguere." Make sure you check it out in my mix. I mean the whole mix is dope. Sometimes you just have favorites. That's the way it is. Don't forget next week the Latin Grammys are going to be out in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena live on Univision. Now that's a party I would love to...


Reggaeton Weekend Mix Spectacular

Wooooowee!! Friday is here. Back in ya face is this crazy DJ. Yeah that's me. Bringing it 100% like all the time. Shoutout to everybody who's always on the check in. New music by Tiara Belary called "Gucci Hucci". Also we got some new Wisin & Yandel called "Reggaeton En Lo Oscuro". Yep, big things and great music for ya listening pleasure. Either your on the move, chilling or ready to party, we got you. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:59 - Nube De Humo - Wambo ft. Anoniimus 06:05 - El...


Bazarro's Reggaeton Party In Paris

Yes Yes! You see the title of this mix? We rocking in Paris, France with some Latin Hip-Hop. Bazarro on the set. Playing all new joints. Come on down and rock with us overseas. We doing big things via­ satellite so you can hear the good vibes from Spread the word also, we're not selfish. Shoutout EOW France who got the whole weekend in Paris on lock. 13 countries from all over the world. Wanna party with us just yell GO!!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - No Venga A Joder -...


The Priceless Reggaeton Mix

Umm shhh, yeah I'll be in Paris, France in a couple of days. Woo. Right now though, let's rock. All new reggaeton joints. Check the new banger with Bad Bunny ft. Drake. Oh God! Fireeee! Also, check out the super collabo with Farruko, Daddy Yankee, Akon & Sean Paul called "Inolvidable". Incredible yo!!! I mean the whole mix is incredible. Check it out yourself & spread the word. It's Friday!! Rock Out!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - Prendas Fekas - MC Ceja ft. Gastam, Letra & DNA 05:48 -...


Reggaeton Medicine for Your Ear Sickness Mix

Yes sir we doing it big time. Yep, every Friday this is how we rock, so spread the word. Latin Hip­hop rocking all across the board. So another dope episode for you to blast where ever you at? Your car, cubicle or house party. Bazarro got that ish for ya. All new joints back to back. Come on who doing that? I know who? Us. It gets no better than us. Trust me if you feeling down right now at work. Let this mix perk you up for the rest of the day. Let's go!!! BANG! 00:00 - Bazarro intro...


Living On A Natural High Reggaeton Mix

Once again its on!! Yeah you know how we rock. All new joints every week. Dem other djs still playing records from 1995, LOL. Not here man. Shoutout to all the djs on staff right here at btrtoday. We all stay busy! So if you meet one of us, that's a special event right there, because we stay on the grind. You ready for this mix? Oh lord we got Will Smith feat. Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny all on one track. Telling you man it's crazy. I like that the Fresh Prince is always willing to try new...


Party Like A Rockstar Reggaeton Mix

Keeping it raw for ya. Yep, back again with another banging episode of BTR Latin Hip Hop. All new joints for ya. It don't get no better than that. Another Friday, yes sir. Party time, take it easy time. Get ya eat and dance on. Never a bad thing to enjoy yourself, especially with me on the turntables. I mean come on who does it better? LOL. Press play and see for yourself. We play no games when it comes to music... 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:40 - Bam Bam - Gue' Pequeno ft. Cosculluela & El...


Friday Night Lights Reggaeton Mix

Back on the block. Back on the mix. Yeah, no days off ever. Especially with the music lol. We have to keep providing the fans with awesome sounds till like forever. So I brought you another great episode of Latin Hip Hop from the top of my heart. Let's rock. Let's go!! It's Friday, let's celebrate whatever. Something like life, yeah that's it. Go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 - No Pare - Equipaje 11 ft. Trebol Clan 05:10 - La Modelo - Ozuna ft. Cardi B 09:14 - Mexico Lindo - Galante El...


Move Ya Body Reggaeton Mix

Check this mix right here. Different tempos on the beats. Different kinds of sounds. Yeah, this show right here really switches it up. Yo, let's go!! Get ready. I'm telling you. You will be on the rewind button heavy. I told you it doesn't stop ... All new music. Get ya eardrums ready. Hit that start button and boom!! Bazarro On the mix. Move ya body!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:35 - Donde Estan - Tito El Bambino ft. Shelow Shag & El Alfa 04:36 - La Gargola - Lyan ft. Chama 07:22 - Viajo...


Baz On The Road Reggaeon Mix

Woooo, that little breeze right there. Yep, I'm by the beach. Where? Ft. Lauderdale. Ha ha. Yeah! Rocking my mix from the sands of Florida. Ya'll missing it? Feels good down here. But what we can share is my mix -- while I'm down here to the rest of the world. Yeah, my Latin Hip ­Hop mix right here on Tonight me and my crew in town are rocking at the Cash Only Bar. I'm on the DJ set with DJ Heron. Hitting the stage will be Rockness Monsta from Heltah Skeltah, Craig G from the...


Reggaeton Labor Day Super Mix

The weekend is here. Time to have some fun! Get the food out, the grill, let's BBQ. Turn up the music and tune into baby!!! LOL. You know I always set your weekend off right with the reggaeton mixes. So invite all your peoples over, don't be selfish with the steaks. Bring them out the freezer, too. With the drinks and my reggaeton mix, you can't lose. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:30 - Vida Cara - Dm ft. Farruko & Lary Over 05:49 - Rosas o Espinas - Joey Montana 09:05 -...


Flipping That Latin Flavor Mix

Back home. Feeling good. Get ready for another dope mix that I fixed. For you, especially for you! Are you ready for this right now. This one is for you and everyone. Beats for days. Lyrics to go. Reggaeton at the highest level. Bazarro or call me Bazzz for short, I'm here for your musical needs. Party in your cubicle or where ever you are!! Boom! Let's rock!! Friday baby!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:30 - Made for Now - Janet Jackson ft. Daddy Yankee 05:02 - In My Feelings - Anuel AA 08:02 -...


Rocking From Savannah, GA

This week I'm in Savannah, GA. Lots of history out here and also chilling with family and friends. I'll be back in NY next week. Once again shout out to Cuba. Had a awesome time there. Moving on to another dope show I've got here for you. It's Friday baby, let's rock. R.I.P to my friend from back home, Bill Bullock from Bushwick. We played on several basketball teams together, growing up. A great guy, you will be missed. Okay, it's Friday let's go and have a good time. Enjoy!! 00:00 -...


From Bushwick To Cuba Reggaeton Mix

Yep I'm on the road. If you listened to my World Hip Hop show this past Wednesday you'll know I was in Tampa. Now I'm out here in the beautiful country called Cuba. Havana, Cuba. So great to be here! I still have to work though and provide you with the reggaeton mix for today, Friday. Shout out to all the good people out here showing us around! I was just a little kid in Bushwick, Brooklyn dreaming of traveling and wow, been hitting the road since 2001 for the love of music and what it can...


Hot Fun In The Summertime Reggaeton Baz

Wooo Wee! A yo! Bryant Myers on the check-in. Make sure you Google his name and check out his new mixtape. Fire baby!! We warned you. You know what it is anyway. It's summertime in a lot of places around the globe, so this super mix by Bazarro is just for you. We play no games. Let's go!!! 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:45 - No Te Vayas - Mackie 04:54 - Tu Sabes - Bryant Myers ft. Tito El Bambino 08:44 - Buena Vida - Daddy Yankee ft. Natti Natasha 11:46 - Rola Cola - Menor Menor ft. Jon Z & Lary...