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The show for Hip Hop & Rap artist It's a show where I chat with artist and producers 5 days a week. My goal with this podcast is to help smaller hip hop artist by learning from other artist who may have more experience or just different experiences than them.

The show for Hip Hop & Rap artist It's a show where I chat with artist and producers 5 days a week. My goal with this podcast is to help smaller hip hop artist by learning from other artist who may have more experience or just different experiences than them.
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Kansas City, MO


The show for Hip Hop & Rap artist It's a show where I chat with artist and producers 5 days a week. My goal with this podcast is to help smaller hip hop artist by learning from other artist who may have more experience or just different experiences than them.








LaLion Interview - Figuring Out The Perfect Release Strategy

I had LaLion on as one of my first guest on the show before I really got the current format down for the Hazzlee Podcast and the episode he was on is currently not available anymore. I've been wanting to get him back on for his own episode for a while now and glad I finally did. He has some amazing talent and I hope you enjoy this interview. He has a huge catalog of music that you can find on Spotify or Soundcloud that should keep you entertained for a while. He just dropped a mixtape called...


CatalystBars Interview - Discussing Ways To Maintain Momentum

Today's episode is with Catalyst Bars. He's been doing some awesome things for a while now. While having videos and songs that have garnered a decent amount of plays and views he discusses the thing he didn't do that would have pushed him to a new level. We get into a bunch of awesome stuff on this episode. I hope you enjoy it! . . Catalyst Bars Music & Social Media: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2MSHWjuH79FqIyX9rArFTJ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/catalystbars Instagram:...


J Puff Interview - The Manifestation of Happiness Equation

We have JPuff on today's episode. Pretty awesome dude with a great outlook on life. JPuff has recently signed to a label and talks about how that's like in this episode. He takes a fat rip and coughs his ass off and it sends him right into space about halfway through the interview. He's believes his good karma is gonna take him far in this game an I do too and I'm rooting for him. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. . . JPuff's Music & Social Media: Spotify:...


Sangstaa Interview - Work Hard To Perfect Your Craft

Sangstaa will be joining us on today's episode as well as a surprise guest but you'll have to listen to find out who. Sangstaa talks about his struggles and some growth and his future ambitions in this episode. He describes his experience running into J. Cole was when he living in North Carolina which is where Sangstaa is from. He's currently living in LA with some friends and working hard to perfect his craft and sound. We discuss some pretty cool things in this episode, don't miss it. . ....


Chuck G Interview - Stay Connected & Keep Grinding

Get to know Chuck G from Oklahoma on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Chuck talks about spinrilla and how he has used it as a promotion tool. He also discusses how his feature with Tory Lanez could have been money spent better on other aspect of his music career. Chuck is a hella chill dude and if you want to play PlayStation with him his gamertag is Chuvckgeez918. This was a really fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it too. You can listen to his music on the Hazzlee Heat playlist...


JAYSAV Interview - It's Never Too Late To Start Fresh

JAYSAV said that he's starting fresh with all his music and that is why he basically has a blank slate but that don't mean he ain't working or been grinding. He was out in LA but moved back to Omaha, Nebraska. JAYSAV still plans on moving back to LA because the connections he was able to make out there and the opportunity was just good for him. He just dropped a new song on Soundcloud so check that out and enjoy the interview. . . JAYSAV'S Music and Social Media: Soundcloud -...


Tone Oliver Interview - You Gotta Treat Yourself Like A Business

Get to know Tone Oliver on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Tone Oliver has a new album out called Pluto and you can get it exclusively on his website. He explains why he decided to release it that way in this episode. We talk a little about meditation and mindfulness and get into a bunch of awesome topics. Listen to the Tone Oliver Interview now available on all Hazzlee podcast platforms. . . Tone Oliver's Music & Social Media: Website: https://www.toneoliver.com/ Soundcloud:...


Ed Rem Interview - Don't Ever Pay For Doing Shows

South Philadelphia born and raised and on the playground, around the corner, is where he spent most of his days. Ed Rem is on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. The conversation with Ed Rem is actually my first interview where we recorded audio on both ends but on separate sides of the country. Ed seems like a super chill dude. He explains how he used to be apart of a rap group and is now just doing the solo stuff. And talks a little bit about some of his experience with performing. Get...


Cam Murdoch Interview - Using Social Media To Start Booking Shows

Get to know Cam Murdoch on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Cam explains how he got started making music and talks about how he started booking shows at first when he didn't really have a following or resume performing. We go over some interesting things in this episode. It's was a fun one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. . . Cam Murdoch's Music & Social Media: Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/40bIh02zyyuYPI95tiEUSo?si=s_cRFKlZQJyObhzxZRO0TQ#_=_ Soundcloud -...


Foreign Forest Interview - Stay True To Your Real Self

Get to know Foreign Forest on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. He's currently living out in LA with some friends who also make music. He said that they all make their money off of their music and they just spend all day working on progressing their musical careers. He's begun to build up a fanbase and is steadily growing. Foreign Forest seems like a really cool guy and gave some good perspectives on some stuff in this episode. Listen to the Foreign Forest Interview available now on...


The 4everunknown Interview - Why Paying For Reposts Can Be A Good Idea

4everknown is the guest on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Me and this fella chop it up for about 30 minutes and discuss his musical beginnings and some strategies he uses to gain awareness. He aims to make music that people can relate to and talks about the stuggles he's gone through in his music. Make sure to check out some of his music. Listen to the episode, now available on all platforms. - - Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/4everunknownx Twitter:...


The Gifted Gab Interview - Capitalizing On A Viral Song

It's Gifted Gab on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Gab is a hard worker and the proof is in the puddling. She recently had a viral video and she knew she needed to utilize the opportunity and seize the moment before it fades away. She currently just taking steps to further her music career while maintaining multiple side jobs. I had a fantastic time talking to her and look forward to watching her grow as an artist and am super excited about her new duo album coming out with Blimes...


The JayProb Interview - How Concert Photography Can Help You Network

Jay Prob from the Bronx is on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Jay said he does a lot of photography and how he leveraged concert photography to get to know venues and build a reputation for his music and photography simultaneously. This was a really fun and informative conversation and I look forward to see what Jay Prob has coming. Show Jay some love and check out his music if haven't already. - - Jay Prob's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1OiSK2dUy4U0ctGR4fje9J Soundcloud:...


The Justin Witter Interview - From School Musicals To Rapping

I found Justin's Music looking for music on another artist that I had on the show before and instantly knew I had to get this kid on the show. I really digging his music and you might too. He's from Syracuse, New York and is only 19 years old. Justin has talent and I know will go far. Great guy and a great conversation. Go check out his music too! - - Justin's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5REH35rXpJ17BhW3zpE4HO Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/official-witter Twitter:...


The Son Kuma Interview - From Dragonball to Antares

Enter Son Kuma on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Son Kuma tells us how he got his name from the first episode of Dragonball. He breaks down his chain effects and tells us how he gets his music to sound so fresh. He is now hitting 200k streams on Spotify at the release of this episode. This guy is doing some awesome things and I can't wait for his new drop Sativa. If you haven't listened to his ep Indica yet I suggest you go check it out. - - Check out his music on Spotify here:...


Mitch The Hero Interivew

Mitch lives in LA but is from Colorado. He's dropping a music video next Tuesday and does a weekly vlog on his YouTube channel that's pretty wild. Look up Mitch The Hero on YouTube to find that. Also you can find his music on soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music it's tight af - - Mitch's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3eaZn4lW3Th8Hk1ZF8HeC1 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heromusic-1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mitch_the_hero/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mitch_hero...


Lil Bear Interview

Its Lil Bear on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. Lil Bear is friends with a previous guest of the show J-Netti and I'm truly digging his music. It can be kinda depressing but hey sometimes the greatest music is a little bit on the sad side. Lil Bear is a genuine ass dude! And talks about some real shit in his music. Our conversation ran just over an hour and I look forward to seeing his growth as an artist because I believe he has some true potential to make it in this music game. \...


Shani B. Interview

I discovered Shani's music about a week ago and I was instantly a fan. You can check out her latest EP on soundcloud. She recently moved out to LA but is from Boston, Massachusetts. I really enjoyed our conversation, and am looking forward to hearing more music from her. \ \ Shani B's soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shanibmusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialshanib YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGVyjY47iJSFTKKHR9ZxT-Q Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamshanib/...


The Couny Interview

The fellas from The Couny are hella chill. I really liked their energy. Glad I had the chance to talk with them and hang out. Get to know Charlie Too Much and Sleezy Bundles on today's episode of the Hazzlee Podcast. \ \ You can find The Couny's music in these links: https://open.spotify.com/search/results/the%20couny https://soundcloud.com/thecouny Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/welcometothecouny/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecouny YouTube:...


Trevor Lanier Interview

Sat down and had a chat with Trevor Lanier. An artist from North Carolina. Trevor can not only rap but sing his ass off, which I found out he didn't even know he could sing until after he started rapping and I'm glad he did because his singing voice is good af! He's making moves and great music. We discuss a little about promoting music and how he's going to spend this year building content then gonna hopefully start touring in 2019. You can find his music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and...


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