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Ep 56: Holi-bae

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J! This week's topics include: Ann and Boogie’s upcoming wedding anniversary, healthier eating and better choices, skipping school back in the day, having a bae for the holidays, social media and dating, and more!


Ep 55: Never Forget

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie, Christopher and Brotha J! This week’s topics include: The untimely passing of Mac Miller, Dallas police officer charged with the killing of Botham Shem Jean, remembering 9/11, the Nicki x Cardi B scuffle during NY Fashion week, Ebro vs. Tekaski 69, the Bobby Brown story, the Power finale, the latest episode of Insecure, and more!


Ep 54: “Just Due” It

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie, Brotha J, and back in the building we have our friend Rolon aka Mr. Mo. Topics this episode include: Colin Kaepernick, the Nike deal and the NFL, Aretha’s funeral, Pastor apologizes to Ariana Grande, Geoffrey Owens “Elvin” caught making an honest living at Trader Joe’s, Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze”, MGK replies to Eminem with diss “Rap Devil”, Ageism in rap, E40’s new album “Gift Of Gab”, Ice Cube prior to NWA and more! Plus a dope music mix to ride to, courtesy of...


Ep 53: Define “Marriage Material”

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Christopher Terrell as we welcome our friend reggae artist Import Journey to The Lounge! (At the end of the show we listen to some of his music). We talk about how it’s been 17 years since Aaliyah’s passing, and we listen to some of her classics. Import talks about his 7th Annual International Culture BBQ on September 22nd at Discovery Park, we discuss the definition of “marriage material”, the 20 year anniversary of “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”, barber talk...


Ep 52: You Remind Me of The 90’s

Tune in to Ann and L Boogie! This episode we welcome back Anthony Dean aka Antdeezy, and Warren B! We talk about struggle years, what’s in your playlist, 90’s hip hop and cassette tapes, the nosy neighbor, Michael Jackson and Dirty Diana and more!


Ep 51: Soul Food

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J! This week we welcome Rolon Morris, aka Mr. Mo to The Lounge, and we catch up with him after many years. He talks about how incarceration changed him from a boy to a man, and how God has blessed him. Later in the show we listen to some of his music from way back when. We also talk to Warren B. Of Dubb Ya Bee’s BBQ, of Phoenix, Arizona. We got a sample of his delicious brisket. Other topics include: the passing of Aretha Franklin, may she Rest In Peace,...


Ep 50: Blazin’ Up

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J! On this episode, we welcome Sacramento hip hop artist Torch 1 Blazin’ to The Lounge! We talk with Torch about his musical beginnings, his influences and collaborations, and how important humility and a solid work ethic is in this business. We listen to his new single, share a lot of laughs per usual, and much more! We are celebrating our 50th episode, so tell a friend to get involved!


Ep 49: Music Monday

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J! This week we welcome our guy Rik Fame to The Lounge! He talks barber business and eating clean and the difference it makes. Other topics include: prayers for Aretha Franklin, who has been reported to be gravely ill, Kanye says he wasn’t given a chance to answer Jimmy Kimmel’s question about Trump. Trump tweets a thank you to Kanye. Lots of new music out, so we take a listen to new albums from Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj and H.E.R., Power S05 Ep09 recap,...


Ep 48: You’ve Got Time

Tune in to the crew at The Lounge! We talk about how Brotha J met Christopher and L Boogie. Was Brotha J in a dance group with Ebro? Was he almost signed to a major label? Other topics include The Spinners classics, The RBRM (Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike) tour, Demi Lovato’s opioid overdose, how black and white addictions are viewed differently, Anne Hathaway calls out White privilege, Mo’Nique supports Roseanne, Orange Is The New Black is back, and more! Tune in, subscribe, and tell a friend...


Ep 47: Choices, Consequences and Comebacks

Tune in to Ann and L Boogie at The Lounge! This episode, we welcome Ann’s nephew Ron. We have an open and honest conversation about domestic violence, anger management, and the consequences that come about, due to making the wrong choices. Ron Rob is currently working on his new album. He drops some bars for us, and we also listen to some of his music that DJ L Boogie dug out of the crates.


Ep 46: Say Her Name

Tune in to The Lounge with Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J! This episode’s topics include: the horrific stabbing death of Nia Wilson at Oakland BART Station on Sunday night. Her sister Tashiya (some reports are saying her name is Letifah) was also wounded. Our hearts and prayers are with the Wilson family. We also talk about Faith and Stevie J getting married, and R Kelly’s 19 minute song entitled “I Admit” Later in the show we welcome special guest, Mia Aja. She is a talented artist, and...


Ep 45: Love Happy

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie, Brotha J and Babagazoo. On this episode we talk love, marriage and divorce. We also talk about a new show on OWN called “Love Is”, created and produced by Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, producers of “Girlfriends”, “The Game” and “Being Mary Jane”. Other topics include a few buffets we like, Shiggy’s “Drake #inmyfeelings challenge” takeover, how you get the blue check on Instagram and Twitter and more! Thank you so much for those that continue to follow and support...


Ep 44: DJ L Boogie Mix 1

Tune in to listen to DJ L Boogie’s latest Carter Cafe mix at The Lounge! This episode is all music. Clean to it, vibe to it, or ride to it! Please tell a friend to get involved, tune in and subscribe!


Ep 43: Rent Control

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J at The Lounge! Topics include: the rent control initiative, should we be for it or against it? California prosecutor says horrible things about congresswoman Maxine Waters. Thai boys are being rescued from the flooded cave. Jada Pinkett discusses addiction on Red Table Talk, and more! Tell a friend to tune in! Hometown Hittas - Jessica Jolia ft. J.Ali - Good Stuff https://youtu.be/BFwWbh-eA5s The Philharmonik - Underdog https://youtu.be/HKlV-Z0Udp4


Ep 42: Smile Bitch

Tune in to Ann and L Boogie! Back at The Lounge we have Babagazoo! This episode, we explore: When someone you care about says something you consider to be out of line to you, how do you respond? As we cover this topic, we discuss past arguments that we’ve had with each other, and begin to unpack some of the reasons why we are the way we are. We talk about admitting when we are wrong, overthinking, and therapy in the minority community. Which relationships are worth saving? When do you call...


Ep 41: Better Shoot Straight

Tune in to Ann and L Boogie at The Lounge! Topics include: Christopher Terrell talks about his trip to Disneyland. Lee Daniels agrees to pay Dame Dash his money. (For real this time). Maxine Waters receives death threats, and she says “All I have to say is this: If you shoot me, you better shoot straight!” D L Hughley’s book “How Not To Get Shot” and other advice from white people. Lebron’s a Laker. Demarcus Cousins is a Warrior. Power is back so renew your Starz subscription, and much more!...


Ep 40: Best I Ever Had

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J. Also back at The Lounge we welcome Regular Ass Tee West and Hunter Green. Topics include: Who was your best and why? Qualities? Traits? Celebrity crushes. A South Carolina woman yells at black teen and his friends to leave pool, attacks him and threatens to call 911. Ohio boy’s lawn business goes viral after neighbor calls police on him for accidentally mowing a small part of her lawn. Terry Crews hits back at #MeToo Critics. Does Tiffany Haddish Talk...


Ep 39: Mind Ya Business

Tune in to Ann, L Boogie and Brotha J at The Lounge! Topics include: The King of Pop. Michael Jackson. It’s been 9 years since his death. We listen to the a few of his classics. Antwon Rose II, 17, was shot three times as he ran away from Officer Rosfeld following a traffic stop at Grandview Avenue and Howard Street about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday (June 19) in East Pittsburgh. On Wednesday (June 20), Bronx teen Lesandro “Junior”Guzman-Feliz was fatally stabbed by a group of unidentified men after a...


Ep 38: Touch My Stick

Tune in to Ann, DJ L Boogie and Brotha J! Topics include Melania Trump’s dumb jacket, BET Awards nominees, Joe Jackson’s battle with cancer, midnight picnics and much more! Also, L Boogie is much more than just a DJ. He was a part of an R&B group called S.O.L.O. with his brothers. He’s a music producer, engineer, and drummer. Listen to some classic music from him and the fam on this episode. You may even hear that Christopher Terrell had bars back in the day. Another “jam” packed episode!...


Ep 37: Young Life Lost

Tune in to Ann and L Boogie! On this episode at The Lounge we welcome back Teddy Brewski from episodes #1 and 2. Also in the building we have Jeru aka The Crowd Fav. Topics include the tragic death of rapper XXXTentacion at only 20 years old, Nas’ new album, Trump separating families at the border and more. R.I.P. to our friend and brother Kareem “Aggie” Johnson. We celebrate him and listen to some of his music.