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Now, Where Were We (#NW3RADIO)is your source for intelligent conversation with music's brightest minds and the best rap music nobody else is playing (yet). It airs every Wednesday night from 9PM - 10:30PM on WNYU (89.1FM NYC or wnyu.org). Co-hosted by Peter Oasis & Dharmic X.

Now, Where Were We (#NW3RADIO)is your source for intelligent conversation with music's brightest minds and the best rap music nobody else is playing (yet). It airs every Wednesday night from 9PM - 10:30PM on WNYU (89.1FM NYC or wnyu.org). Co-hosted by Peter Oasis & Dharmic X.
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Now, Where Were We (#NW3RADIO)is your source for intelligent conversation with music's brightest minds and the best rap music nobody else is playing (yet). It airs every Wednesday night from 9PM - 10:30PM on WNYU (89.1FM NYC or wnyu.org). Co-hosted by Peter Oasis & Dharmic X.




Peter and Dharmic welcome Corey Smyth & Liz Barclay

Peter and Dharmic's Victory Tour Featuring photographer Liz Barclay & Corey Smyth, producer of Dave Chappelle's Radio City Music Hall residency & manager for Vince Staples. Lots of jewels dropped, take note.


The Benny Blanco Show

Zany pop producer/songwriter extraordinaire Benny Blanco made an appearance on this week's NW3Radio to talk about how he got his start in the business, what inspires him to make music in 2015, and how he went from introducing Hell Rell to bongs to crafting "Tik Tok" for Ke$ha. He also took phone calls from fans and aspiring producers trying to peep game, and of course, demolished Peter in an acapella freestyle battle. The hi-jinks never end!


Touring While Black with Brandon Jenkins (Complex TV)

With the recent arrests of Migos and Nelly while on the road, Peter, Dharmic, and recurring guest Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins (of Complex TV) talked about the risks associated with "touring while black" and what it means to be surrounded by the right people. We also went back-and-forth on the important issue of whether or not rappers should rap when they're on the air.


Emily Oberg (4-15-2015)

Emily Oberg joined us and we talked about some current events, the state of music (in light of this month's new releases), and television, among other things. We also took some phone calls, including one from a young man who has been asking Emily to prom for the last two months.


All White Everything: A White Rapper Discussion With Dan Isenberg (Nah Righ

With Action Bronson's "Mr. Wonderful" in stores now and doing well commercially, we decided to discuss the topic of white rappers and what it means to be a white rapper in 2015. We were joined in the conversation by Dan Isenberg (aka Stan Ipcus) and Dana Arbib of A Peace Treaty. We talked about what it means to be a white rapper and how YouTube and social media has opened doors that were previously closed off to rappers who might not have fit stereotypical molds. We also named as many...



This Wednesday we were joined by hip-hop renaissance man J-Zone. We got him to talk about how he's stayed ahead of the industry by diversifying his portfolio by being everything from a journalist to sound-tracking documentaries (and the occasional porn flick). We also asked him to weigh in on the jury verdict regarding the copyright infringement case on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." And that's just a couple of things we discussed.


Shomi Patwary (Illusive Media), Brandon Jenkins and Emily Oberg

Shomi Patwary, Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins, and Emily Oberg joined us on NW3RADIO. Jinx and Shomi talked about their recent trips to Detroit (Jinx hanging out with Big Sean and Shomi shooting for PRhyme). Shomi also brought up the time Drake reached out to him on Myspace to become his manager, and why Soulja Boy prevented the creation of a "We Made It" video. We also talked about traveling and dealing with border security. Peter has been detained at a Canadian border, but nothing can top DJ...


Zvi Edelman with Jake One and Mr. Len (Aired: August 27, 2014)

From the vaults: Back when Dharmic was out of town, Peter brought up his old friend and original Live N Direct partner Zvi Edelman, along with super producer Jake One and the great Mr. Len. From there came a great discussion about New York City concerts back in the 90s, the legendary venue Tramps, and what it means to be a producer in 2014. Originally aired August 27, 2014.


Sowmya Krishnamurthy (Aired on 3/27/2014)

An episode from our first month: While Peter was out celebrating his birthday, Dharmic talked with Sowmya Krishnamurthy on NW3RADIO. We talked about what being brown in the music media world means - both inside and outside the community. Sowmya shared the details of her come up from interning on Wall Street to becoming a full-fledged rap writer and interviewer of the stars. We also talked about the etiquette involved with conducting an interview and asking the tough questions. Originally...


DJ Treats & Three Is The Magic Number w/ Leather Corduroys (Joey Purp & Kam

This week's episode of NW3RADIO came at a particularly heavy time for us, as earlier we received word that Dust La Rock, co-founder of Fool's Gold Records, had passed away. As such, we paid tribute to the legendary art director throughout the night. Our good friend DJ Treats came by to talk with us about his Kickstarter campaign to create Ratking-inspired MTA Cards and some of the current events in the rap world, most of which involve the current state of radio. Are celebrated...


Robin Arzon (Bridge Runners / Undo Ordinary)

Robin Arzon joined us to talk about her lifestyle transformation from corporate attorney to full-fledged ultra marathoner, clothing brand owner, and overall fitness guru. We talked about what it's like to run across New York City's bridges, the origins of the Bridge Runners crew, and lots more. Plus, we had a lively discussion about the departure of Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 and the Migos making a grandiose gesture out of their $1000 donation.


Max Glazer (Federation Sound)

Max Glazer, one of the founders of Federation Sound and a former tour DJ for Rihanna, shared stories of his come up as a hip-hop and reggae DJ and that time Media Takeout claimed that he was dating Rih Rih.


Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins (Complex) & Veronica de Souza (digg)

Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins (Complex) & Veronica de Souza (digg) join Peter and Dharmic on the radio to talk about the Internet and social media, their come ups, and why we should feel somewhat bad and irresponsible when we shout "Free Max B" or "Free Bobby Shmurda."


Brent Rollins (of Complex Magazine) - May 7

Early on in our #NW3RADIO run, Peter and I got to sit down with the legendary Brent Rollins. We talked to him about his come up from doing logos for Spike Lee to his current work at the top of the game over at Complex. He also kicked some crazy knowledge: like that time Mark Ronson used to write for Ego Trip. Must listen


Hectah of Mass Appeal & Emily Oberg

Last night we were joined by Hectah, graphic designer and animator who works on projects for Mass Appeal, Okayplayer, and others. We talked about Stress Magazine, that time Wu-Tang Clan performed on Rikers Island, and some of his most recent projects. Of course, Emily Oberg also joined the cypher, and we talked about the recent developments with Bobby Shmurda.