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Birthplace Magazine, the award-winning publication covering New York-area hip hop music and culture, presents The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces, a weekly listener call-in “talk radio” program that will create a platform for discussion and dialog regarding New York-area hip hop news, music, artists, events and organizations.

Birthplace Magazine, the award-winning publication covering New York-area hip hop music and culture, presents The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces, a weekly listener call-in “talk radio” program that will create a platform for discussion and dialog regarding New York-area hip hop news, music, artists, events and organizations.
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Birthplace Magazine, the award-winning publication covering New York-area hip hop music and culture, presents The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces, a weekly listener call-in “talk radio” program that will create a platform for discussion and dialog regarding New York-area hip hop news, music, artists, events and organizations.






Sean Price, Wyclef, Produkt Plus Rock Steady Crew Anniversary And End Of The Weak Recaps & The “Real” NY Rap Scene

The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces once again proved itself to be the single most informative New York rap resource on the planet (probably) with another hour-plus long episode recapping the latest in NY rap news, new releases, event recaps and upcoming event previews. Host Manny Faces, who was a guest as several premiere industry events including a private listening party for Wyclef’s The Carnival III, Sean Price’s Imperius Rex and Produkt’s Change The Frequency, and relayed the...


Joe Budden & Hip Hop "Journalism," Jay-Zs 4:44, More #RIPProdigy News and more

In this episode of The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces, Manny speaks on the current state of hip-hop journalism, in response to the Joe Budden vs Migos uproar at the BET awards. As an award-winning new media journalist, Manny has plenty to say about the subject. Upcoming releases from prominent New York-area hip-hop artists were also discussed, including Nitty Scott, a posthumous release from Sean Price and Jay-Z's upcoming 4:44. As always, Manny brought much deserved attention to...


RIP Prodigy, JSWISS Interview, Event (P)reviews

On this episode of The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces, we pay tribute to the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Few MCs personified gritty, visual, memorable New York rap better than Prodigy, and his contributions will surely be treasured for years to come. We also spent some time kicking it with JSWISS, a talented young artist, as he announced his upcoming monthly summer residency at Rockwood Music Hall, bringing together an assortment of incredible musicians and special guests. As always,...


Will the Real Hip-Hop Museum/Hall of Fame Please Stand Up

Episode six of the new format, and The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces keeps pushing the envelope when it comes to smart, passionate discussion about New York-area hip hop music and culture. For this episode, Manny Faces recapped outstanding recent hip hop-related happenings in and around NYC, including the inspiring and innovative #HipHopHacks event held at Spotify (at which Manny was the opening speaker), as well as an album release party for internationally touring, independent...


Summer of NY Hip Hop // #ForTheCulture? // Event recaps [S05E05]

In this episode, Manny Faces recapped a few exciting events from the past week, and broke down some of the many upcoming events scheduled for the next few months in NY hip hop music and culture, including Freestyle Mondays, the Tools of War old school hip hop park jams, and the (overpriced??) Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.


Napoleon Da Legend, Black Privilege, NY Hip Hop Event (P)Reviews, Ticket Giveaways & More [S05E04]

The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces continued with its new format and flow, airing another episode via the Facebook Live platform. In this episode, as always, Manny Faces shed much needed light on the plethora of New York area hip-hop-related happenings, by recapping the past week (including star-studded concerts by iconic veterans like T.I. and buzzing up-and-comers like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) and previewing upcoming events (including the lyrical legend Kool G. Rap’s album release...


Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Hot 97 Summer Jam Plus NY Rap News & End Of The Weak [S05E03]

Both the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and Hot 97’s “Summer Jam” released schedules and lineups in past days. Manny Faces provided a breakdown of the artists set to perform, as well as — particularly in the case of the multi-day Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival — information regarding other events scheduled to take place. The episode’s sponsor, aside from New York hip-hop’s #1 website and event calendar, BirthplaceMag.com, was End of the Weak, a staple of underground and independent hip-hop music...


New York Hip-Hop: New Releases, Event (P)Reviews, Illspokinn & Freestyle Mondays [S05E02]

Well, we managed to pull this off for a second week so I guess it’s official. The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces continued its new season and new format with another episode aired via Facebook Live, featuring news from around the NYC-area hip hop world. New releases from Talib and Styles P, Homeboy Sandman and others were discussed and previewed, and Manny Faces interviewed Illspokinn, host of the long-running Freestyle Mondays event series. We shared information about upcoming...


New York Hip Hop: Don't Call It (or us) a Comeback [S05E01]

The return of The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces to a weekly schedule, with a new live video show format, touched on recent NY-area hip hop events, new releases, New York rap radio and more.


RIP Pumpkinhead, plus Props to Hip Hop and Rhymes & Designs

The independent hip hop community lost a veteran MC and, by all accounts, a genuinely cool cat this week, as word spread that Brooklyn-based battle vet PH fka Pumpkinhead passed away. Social media quickly and feverishly spread word of the family man's passing, as countless members of the hip hop world, from New York and around the world, expressed shock and sadness. We'll talk about the life and career of the fiery BK spitter, and plan to hear from some who know him directly. We'll also...


Is Gentrification Killing New York's Hip Hop Soul?

Year three of The NY Hip Hop Report on BlogTalkRadio kicks off with this important, and polarizing topic. In our three years covering, discussing and receiving your insight on the New York-area's thriving, progressive hip hop musical and cultural scene, we can't help but to notice the elephant in the room: Gentrification. The influx of outsiders moving into the five boroughs, changing neighborhoods, iconic New York establishments disappearing, skyrocketing rents and the continued focus by...


New York and Kendrick Lamar, I Am Strong Island Concert Series and more

For this episode, we talk a little about Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly," what it means for hip hop in general, what New York thought of it, and why some people need to shut up about how great it might be. We also have a talk with DC3 of Long Island's Central Station, who has been running a series called the I Am Strong Island Concert Series, highlighting talent from the sixth borough. He'll share his thoughts about the state of Long Island rap, as well as some thoughts about why...


New NY Rap Releases, Netflix Casting, Grand Daddy I.U.

Bringing you the best hip hop music and culture news and releases from the region in the form of a talk show, a la sports talk radio. The NY Hip Hop Report is back for another week, and we'll be discussing new releases from some of NY rap's fringe artists, who are nonetheless making much noise, like Ratking and Heems. We'll discuss the new Laz Buhrmann Netflix series,The Get Down, and remind folks that they have two days left to audition. The show has stated they want authenticity so...


F The Grammys, Plus Ralph McDaniels, NY Rap Roundup & Your Calls

Ah, Grammys night. Time for all the non-top-40 rap fans to call out the Academy's lack of "real hip hop" understanding. Yet, as the masochists they are, they'll watch. And moan. And complain. And walk away with the reinforced, yet still false, assertion that hip hop is d-e-d dead. What they should be doing, is tuned in to Episode 115 of our live talk show, where we highlight many aspects of hip hop music and culture that the Grammys, and even our hometown hip hop media, ignore. We'll give...


Joey Badass Up, Cipha Sounds Out - Plus Mic Handz and YOUR CALLS

Peace and love everyone! As always, big things happening in NY's rap radio game, as long time DJ/personality Cipha Sounds has parted ways with iconic NY rap station Hot 97. It is the latest in a long-running (de)volution happening at the once-heralded "home of hip hop." We'll discuss what Cipha's departure means for the NY rap radio game, and for Cipha Sounds himself. Aside from that, an artist we have been supporting for a very long time has finally begun to get the widespread attention...


NY Hip Hop Talk Radio Open Mic - Your calls: Any artist, any topic!

Ah, the beginning of a new year. Another milestone moment, to look at, analyze and discussNY rap music and hip hop culure. Tonight, we'll begin our show imploring members of the hip hop public to stop doing the ONE THING that really does damage to the music and culture that they claim to love and support. Then, host's Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz will have a discussion about who, what, where, when and how the New York rap scene continues to grow, thrive, innovate and excel, despite the...


NY Hip Hop: Better Than It's Ever Been? Plus NY hip hop events & more

After a couple weeks hiatus, we're back to keep the conversation about New York hip hop music and culture going, as only we can. In fact, we're going to open it up a bit tonight, have one of our occasional, "State of NY Hip Hop" talks. Join hosts Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz as they discuss the current hip hop landscape in the Mecca of it all. We'll discuss music being released, from the 'big names' as well as independent and underground artists. We'll talk about venues, closing down, and...


Bourdain in the Bronx, Beatbox Championships, NY rap show (p)reviews & more

As usual, there are a ton of hip hop happenings in and around the Mecca of hip hop music and culture. The South Bronx, the birthplace, was just featured on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's CNN series, Parts Unknown, and many of the borough's hip hop representatives were featured prominently and positively. It's always good when that happens. We'll discuss the episode and how hip hop is shown to the masses. Also, a quick preview of an upcoming celebration of an oft-underappreciatedelemental...


Your Old Droog Performance Review, Mtume Gant talks 'Spit' and more!

We saw it, but we still kinda don't believe it. Your Old Droog made his first major public appearance at New York's Webster Hall, clearly proving himself to not be Nas, which conspiracy theorists had suspected for months. The similar-sounding Brooklynite held it down witha technically sound performance, banters and stage presence. The crowd, even the ones who were disappointed, were impressed at Droog's abilities, both lyrically and performance-wise. In a room full of major media, Your Old...


Your Old Droog / Nas, Likwuid talks "Likwuidity" EP, NY hip hop event previ

Well, the mystery of Your Old Droog has come to a close. Or has it? The mysterious MC, who many have insisted is a personification of an intricate wool-over-your-eyes plot bylegendary lyricist Nas, has seemingly emerged as his own man. Two itemshave been released, just ahead of the Brooklyn upstart's "debut" performance, September 3 at Webster Hall. The videos, one a well-produced in-studio session alongside long-time NYC producer DJ Skizz, and another, a casual freestyle caught in a...