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Episode 46 The Elinor Episode Feat. Da Deputy

R.I.P. Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr.....Join Darryl Superior & D.Kelly as we sit at the Plairs Circle with Da Deputy and chop it up about his latest project Elinor. Is Eminem Top 5? Who washed who Tory Lanes vs Joyner Lucas? Do Indie Artist need the radio? Dwight Howard going from double doubles to double dipping....and oh yeah FUCK Hoover Police Department!!!!!!!!!!!!


Episode 45: "STILL (f/ C1UB AM)"

The Goodplairs Podcast sit s down with C1ub AM and discuss mental health, Lebron vs. Jordan, their latest album "Still" and much much more! Tune in, subscribe, and share.


Episode 44: "Ostrich Meat"

Join us for this episode as we discuss Magic City Classic, Take Off album predictions, Missed interview with Translee and much much more.


Episode 43: "Figaro, Figaro, Fantisimo!"

We're late, but whatever. Teezy, Darryl Superior, and D. Kelly are "The Goodplairs". Join them each Monday as they discuss hip hop, the hot topics of the week in a style that is often ratchet, sometimes sophisticated, but always entertaining. They're just two plairs discussing Hip-Hop, entertainment, the culture, and all the ratchet s#!+ in between. Indie Picks: BTMG Reason - "Damage Control" 4evr Oni - "Clap Yo Hands" Ace2Flyy - "Mama's Boy" Woody Grassella - "Hellcat"


Episode 42: "Unseasoned Beef (f/ Hakeem Skipwith)"

This week we're joined by a special guest Hakeem Skipwith and we discuss Eminem versus MGK versus G-Eazy, Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj, the Power season finale, and much more. Indy Picks of the Week: Jag - I'm the $hit (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) C1UBAM - Visionland Ozu Black - Bullshit


Episode 41: "Pop Star Icon"

Join us this week as we discuss Nicki Minaj spiraling out of control; Lil Boosie signing a 12 y/o white rapper; is there a saturation of "struggle rap" or not enough of it; and more! IPOTW: Darryl: Love Moor - Delete D. Kelly: Toley - Valentino JT: Alexx Wayne - Out The Concrete


Episode 40: "Chingy Ain't Dead, He Woke AF!"

We're back... Again. 😒 This time with our 40th / 1 Year Episode! We'd like to thank you guys for rocking with us and putting up with our bullsh** for a whole 365 days! This week we discuss Travis Scott and Mick Minaj's albums; Chingy's very entertaining Vlad TV interview that went viral; Too many bars; Concert cancellations in Birmingham, and more. Indie Picks of the Week: [Darryl Superior] YungRhyan2x - All the Smoke | [J.Teezy] YBN Choppa -...


Episode 39: "When All Else Fails (f/ Skoolie Escobar)"

Join us as we sit down with Bessemer, AL's own, Skoolie Escobar. We chop it up with him about his newly released EP 'When All Else Fails', the comparison between him and Drake, the importance of a social media presence, his record label situation, his song making process, fatherhood, smoking on the ganja, and more. Indie Picks of the Weeks: [Darryl Superior] Skoolie Escobar - No Talk | [J.Teezy] Skoolie Escobar - The Plan |...


Episode 38: "Young Tone Pizzimp"

Join the Goodplairs this week as they try to dissect the Drake & Kanye beef. OTHER TOPICS: Who is the king of New York; Future - "Beast Mode 2"; Meek Mill EP; Who has the best adlibs ever; Which rapper made you wanna sell drugs; and more. [Darryl Superior] Isaiah Rashad - Find A Topic [J. Teezy] K. Forest - Link [D. Kelly] LE$ - Seude


Episode 37: "Keep That Same Energy"

Join hosts J. Teezy and Darryl Superior as they give you a breakdown and a review of the new Drake album, "Scorpion". Other topics: LeBron to the Lakers; 2018 BET Awards; JAY Z & Beyonce joint album; Teyanna Taylor; Freddie Gibbs; Lil Wayne finally free from the Cash Money plantation; Is Future done?; and more. Indie Picks of the Week: [Darryl Superior] D.Kelly - 8 (feat. BTMG Reason) | [J. Teezy] FijiBoiiMari - Wok |...


Episode 36: "Adonispapi"

Season 2 of the #1 podcast/internet radio show in the city, The Goodplairs Podcast, is back and the wait is over! This episode we are going to discuss Drake versus Pusha T, Is beef necessary in hip hop and more. We have new drops and stuff added into the show. Enjoy and share with the world. Indy Picks of the Week: J. Nate Da Great (f/ Throwed Ent.) - "U Don't Wanna" Eazy Money - "Runnin" KD - "Daniel Payne"


Episode 35: "If There's A Will, There's A Way (f/ Prezzley P of 48kHz)"

This week chop it up with Prezzley P. We discussed how he get placements on major artists projects, why is he so underrated locally, the business side of the music, and more. We also discuss black men taking L's in the media this week: Bill Cosby, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and more. Indy Picks of the Week: Tokyo Jetz - The One [Prod. By Prezzley P of 48kHz] | T-Hood - Switch [Prod. by Prezzley P of 48kHz & M16]


Episode 34: "That Nigga Said Rigorous (f/ Xaii)"

This week the Goodplairs along with special guest, Xaii, sit down to discuss the Starbucks incident, racial profiling, R. Kelly, Beyonce vs Michael Jackson, the disconnection between DJ's and artists, and more. Indy Picks of the Week: Darryl Superior - Opps | Skoolie Esobar - Pipe Wrench |


Episode 33: "You Smoke Crack Don't Ya?!"

This week The Goodplairs along with special guest ZAY discuss Cardi B's debut album "Invasion of Privacy", ghostwriting in Hip-Hop, Young Dolph being blackballed, Meek Mill's legal situation, Fabolous, and thoughts on DV. Indy Picks of the Week: Alexx Wayne - Django (feat. Ray Da Great) | [J. Teezy] Murk City - Pull Up (feat. TBMG RiGGs G) | [Darryl Superior] Don Trip - Sleep (feat. Pif) |...


Episode 32: "3irty2wo (f/ BTMG Reason)"

After a week off, we are back! This week we have our Plair Partna, BTMG Reason, in the studio for an exclusive interview about his project "ParaPenalia" that's dropping April 1st. Also we discuss Tekashi 6ix9ine's Breakfast Club interview and social media antics (will it get him on or get him hurt?), Jeezy announcing his retirement and what artists need to retire with him, Cardi B's album predictions, and more! Indy Picks of the Week: [Darryl Superior] Ozu Black - Carpe Diem [D. Kelly]...


Episode 31: "Large & In Charge"

This week the Plairs discuss OJ Simpson's confession, Young Buck's homosexual allegations, Who really invented trap music, and much more. Segments: Story Time With D. Kelly Indy Picks of the Week: Alexx Wayne - "New Money" Darryl Superior - "Triangle Offense" J. Teezy - "Siddity" D. Kelly - "No Destination" HONORABLE MENTION: Da Deputy - "No Identity" Follow Us On Social Media IG: @thegoodplairspodcast Twitter: @TheGoodplairs


Episode 30: "Story Time With D. Kelly"

Join hosts J. Teezy, Darryl Superior, D. Kelly, and Alexx Wayne as they discuss Renzel's health, Lil Xan's comments about Tupac, the Huffman High School shooting, shade being thrown the Goodplairs way, and their reactions when they first got their heart broken by a girl, Also, D. Kelly shares a couple of his infamous wild, but true stories. Indy Picks of the Week: [Darryl Superior] Stro - "Thank God" [Alexx Wayne] Quezzy2xs - "M A D" [D. Kelly] Rare Breed - "Elevation" [J. Teezy] Break the...


Episode 29: "Ooh Na Na Na"

For the past few weeks we've been experiencing technical difficulties, but we still try to put out content for our loyal listners. Bare with us as we transition between recording software and equipment. Indy picks of the Week: Don Ace - 4 5 Omeretta - Dat's Cap Koach Gee - Paper (f/ Fab Boy Boochie & DTeezy)


Episode 28: "Everything Goes Back To The Cat"

Episode 28: "Everything Goes Back To The Cat" by The Goodplairs Network


Episode 27: "Culture Talk"

The Goodplairs are back this week with a lot of culture talk. We discuss opening week of Black Panther and the impact it has; The mass shooting that took place in Florida; Do music videos really matter?; Young Thug trying to find a Valentine; Is J. Cole done for?; and more! Indy Picks of the Week: Bknott & Kudoz - Gnetik Lil Mail - Huh