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Episode 43: "Figaro, Figaro, Fantisimo!"

We're late, but whatever. Teezy, Darryl Superior, and D. Kelly are "The Goodplairs". Join them each Monday as they discuss hip hop, the hot topics of the week in a style that is often ratchet, sometimes sophisticated, but always entertaining. They're just two plairs discussing Hip-Hop, entertainment, the culture, and all the ratchet s#!+ in between. Indie Picks: BTMG Reason - "Damage Control" 4evr Oni - "Clap Yo Hands" Ace2Flyy - "Mama's Boy" Woody Grassella - "Hellcat"


Episode 42: "Unseasoned Beef (f/ Hakeem Skipwith)"

This week we're joined by a special guest Hakeem Skipwith and we discuss Eminem versus MGK versus G-Eazy, Cardi B versus Nicki Minaj, the Power season finale, and much more. Indy Picks of the Week: Jag - I'm the $hit (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) C1UBAM - Visionland Ozu Black - Bullshit


Episode 41: "Pop Star Icon"

Join us this week as we discuss Nicki Minaj spiraling out of control; Lil Boosie signing a 12 y/o white rapper; is there a saturation of "struggle rap" or not enough of it; and more! IPOTW: Darryl: Love Moor - Delete D. Kelly: Toley - Valentino JT: Alexx Wayne - Out The Concrete


Episode 40: "Chingy Ain't Dead, He Woke AF!"

We're back... Again. 😒 This time with our 40th / 1 Year Episode! We'd like to thank you guys for rocking with us and putting up with our bullsh** for a whole 365 days! This week we discuss Travis Scott and Mick Minaj's albums; Chingy's very entertaining Vlad TV interview that went viral; Too many bars; Concert cancellations in Birmingham, and more. Indie Picks of the Week: [Darryl Superior] YungRhyan2x - All the Smoke | [J.Teezy] YBN Choppa -...


Episode 16: "Live At Magnolia"

The post-show Episode to the Live At Magnolia 4 event with special guests BTMG Reason, FAB Boy Boochie, and Yung OG Thomp. This week we recap the event, discussed everything these artists have coming up in their career, and much much more. Major shout out to Kenya Latrice, Dion Racii, Eugenius Neutron, BTMG Reason, FAB Boy Boochie, Rashaad G, Zoot'd PhellaZ, and the good people at the Magnolia House. Indy Picks of the Week: BTMG Reason - 1st & the 3rd Yung OG Thomp - I'm So Gone


Episode 15: "Déjà Vu, Take 2 (f/ Kirk the Kamera Guy)"

We're having déjà vu like a mf. This was our second recording Episode 15, so we came back with the homie Kirk of Kirk's Kamera. This week we discussed YBN Nahmir's ex-girlfriend attempt at a rap career, Remy Ma & Lil Kim versus Nicki Minaj, ghostwriting in hip hop, joint albums, the legacy of Kanye West, Meek Mill's legal woes, and more Drake talk. Good Top 5: Kanye West albums Indy Picks of the Week: Kenya Latrice - Man Eater Rockí - Mental Big thanks to Kirk for coming through last...


Episode 14: "What More Do You Want From Meeeee?!"

This week the Goodplairs discuss the embarrassment that is former Mayor of Birmingham, William Bell, NBA/NFL Hometown Hero's getting traded, the plethora of music that was released the past week, and who verse was better on the new Migos single, "Motor Sport". Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? Indy Picks of the Week: Big K.R.I.T. - Big Bank (feat. T.I.) Tho' Back - Lambo Dreamz


Episode 13: "The Fab Boy Boochie Episode (H2DC2K17)"

The homie Fab Boy Boochie came through and kicked some plair sh*t with us, ironically on the 10 Year Anniversary of his group FAB Boyz popular mixtape, "Headed 2 Da Classic 2K7". We discussed positive energy, why he should've been higher than #5 on our list, how the infamous "Tino Diss" came to be, why he's selling hard copies of his mixtape " Bag Season" versus putting it on streaming sites, which rapper doesn't want smoke with him, and much more! Indy Picks of the Week: Fab Boy Boochie -...


Episode 12: "Mans Not Hot"

This week the Goodplairs talk about the unfortunate injury Gordon Hayward had, NBA Opening Night recap, the traffic shooting in Maryland, and Donald Trump's heartless statement...... All while eating spaghetti. lol The second portion of this episode is dedicated to Gucci Mane; they give a review of his latest album Mr. Davis, they give their Top 5 Gucci Mane projects during the "Top 5, Top 5, Top 5" segment, Waka Flocka Flame, Eminem's BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle, trolling in rap, and...


Episode 11: "The Skoolie Escobar Episode"

This week Skoolie Escobar came through and chopped it up with The Goodplairs to give us insight on his upcoming EP entitled "Souled Out" and his upcoming debut studio album. They also talk about his newly signed record deal with Capitol/Priority Records, his big show in November, fatherhood, Top 5 DOA, being a jack of all trades, why he doesn't do collaborations, and much more! Indy Picks of the Week: Skoolie Escobar - Head Huncho Skoolie Escobar - Seeing Is Believing Listen to his EP...


Episode 10: "The Rare Breed Episode"

Recently we caught up with Rare Breed and he supplied us with hella vibes. We discussed him getting out of a bad contract, his upcoming project "New Lennon", his Top 5 DOA, the influence hippie culture and the Beatles had on his music, trap music, Future vs Young Thug vs Travis Scott, and more! Indy Picks of the Week: Rare Breed - Dodi (f/ Ray the Great, Retro Budd & Fab Boy Boochie) Rare Breed - Faded **World Premiere** Big shout out to Kirk's Kamera, Johny Zotic, super producer T-Time....


Episode 9: "Throw The Whole List Away"

This week the Plairs discuss the fuckery in the NFL with Donald Trump, Kaep. and "kneeling", the "OpporCOONist" Ray Lewis, which famous black athletes need to GTFO because they're not for the culture. They also discuss the moves made in the NBA and why the Cleveland Cavaliers will be a juggernaut this season. The second half of this episode the Plairs talk about a Top 26 (ikr) list that went vital in Birmingham, AL. Why was it null and void, and they create their own TOP 25 Rappers of...


Episode 8: "The Skip Free Episode"

Woody Grassella, whitt., Woo Diesel, DJ Trap Kartel, and Jeter the Dude as a collective are Skip Free Music Group. This week they stop by to discuss everything Skip Free. We touch on their beginnings, inspiration behind the music, why do they feel underrated, would they sign a major record deal, the Birmingham music scene, trolls in YouTube comments, and more. Of course, we asked them for their Top 5 DOA individually and to pick a collab between Migos, Rae Sremmurd, and A$AP Mob. Indy Pick...


Episode 7: "Made In Magnolia (feat. Justin Streeter)"

The Goodplairs sat down with mogul and entrepreneur Justin Streeter of Solace Entertainment and Magnolia House. In this episode they discuss his business ventures, being a dreamer, the struggles of entrepreneurship, supporting small businesses, his Top 5 DOA, and more. They also discuss the Top 10 greatest rappers from Louisiana, the Power season finale, hip-hop being a young man sport, and Wale's legacy. Indy Picks of the Week: Artist TeeJ - No Pollen |...


Episode 6: "Better Late Than Never (The Lost File)"

This was actually the VERY first episode the Plairs recorded, but it was never posted. Just a little something for our listeners/supporters while we take a week off. On this episode the Plairs discusses colorism amongst black people, eating in the strip club, and the Meek Mill album "Wins & Losses". Indy Pick of the Week: YBN Nahmir - Rubbin Off The Paint


Episode 5: "We'll Name This Episode Later"

Nothin' fancy here; this episode the Plairs are just having a general discussion on Hip Hop: Album of the year SO FAR?, most underrated hip hop artist right now, songs of the summer, etc. They also touch on the tragedy that struck in Houston, Tx. Indy Picks of the Week: Li' Moonie - They Say Stro - Aura


Episode 4: "The Eugenius Neutron Episode"

The 'Plairs sit down with independent artist, Eugenius Neutron, to discuss his upcoming album, "The Eubik's Cube", that releases September 1st. They converse about the process it took making the album, the true meaning of a few songs, his upbringing, and his future. Indy Picks of the Week: Eugenius Neutron - Stay Woke ft. The Monastery Eugenius Neutron - Eubuntu (World Premiere)


Episode 3: "They Don't Want No Smoke"

This week the Plairs discuss the events that took place in Charlottesville, VA, white sepremacy, Barack Obama, culture appropriation, ESPN's auction, and more! Indy Picks of the Week: L.I.T (Loyalty Is Timeless) - "Greats" Murk City - No Love


Episode 2: #AllBBWLivesMatter (f/ DJ Dirty Vegas)

DJ Dirty Vegas drops by this week to discuss the relationship between the DJ and artist, what it takes to get a record broken, and some of the ratchet sh!t in between. Indy Picks of the Week: Rare Breed - Stretch Dat Bag [Prod. By Zaytoven] Woo Diesel - Believe Me [Prod. By Jeter the Dude]


Episode 1: "He's Definitely NOT the GOAT"

*Listen with headphones. Low volume* On this episode Darryl & JT discusses Bobby V's shenanigans, Hip Hop Top 5's, LeBron James' legacy, Donald Trump, and Usher. This week's Indy Picks of the Week: Ozu Black - "On Ice" Pinch - "Grade A"