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Episode 48: Whoopity Scoop Poop 2

We aint gone hold ya! After some life updates which includes why 72 degrees is the optimal temperature & how Mario Party will make you j*** off (word to the shake weight) the convo turns to Netflix Picks(The Afterparty, The Hate U Give, Mr. In Between & more).....then the fellas give their in depth analysis on the shenanigans of Kanye West. The fellas also dissect Drake's side of the Pusha T/Kanye beef as told on HBO's The Shop. And as always theres tons more content in between topics! Be...


Episode 47: "Do It For Emmett Till"

After exchanging the usual formalities K & Step turn to some life updates which includes a hilarious story about KNYCE's bout with sleep walking & the Art of the Off Day. Things then turn to the following: -Netflix Picks ("My Dead Dads Porno Tapes") -Suge Knight's Sentencing -Misplaced Shoutouts -Why Kodak Black is Better Than You -"Why Giants Cant Trip" (Kanye West) -Where Them Splotches @ ??? -Donald J Trump Trust Fund Baby -Brett Kavanaugh Updates & as always tons more! Be sure to Like,...


Episode 46: "Steady Long Steady Wrong"

Episode 46 starts off with the fellas jumping right into some life updates which includes KNYCE recounting a bout of retail frustration & Step One reminiscing on a Gala filled with flatulation (not a real word) things then turn to: -Ypipo Money -Netflix/Media Picks KNYCE: Holy Hell Step One: American Vandal, Serial Podcast Season 3 - Can We Really Trust Drake??? -Cleveland Judge Daniel Gaul/Dont Carry Weed In Euclid -The Phones is Listenin -Congress aka Crusty Old White Men Matter -Brett...


Episode 45: "Anti-Dollar Night Superstar"

Episode 45 opens up with Life Updates which includes KNYCE swearing off Hennessy......yet again & explaining why you should never drink the liquor special @ black owned bars. From there things evolve/devolve (however you wanna view it) into the following: -Mental Illness or Super Power ? -Extroverted Intoverts -Are there CZARs for anything besides Drugs? -Can Weed Make You Gay? -Jive Turkeys & our final thoughts on the Eminem vs MGK beef. As always theres tons more to get into so enjoy and...


Episode 44: "This is Alright"

Originally recorded 09.12.18 Episode 44 starts off with a bag of trail mix that Step One brought as a gift & then the show turns into a bag of trail mix....... -Life Updates -Insecure Season 3 & The Story of The Lawrence T -Nas V Kelis -Step One releases his Inner Pimp -The Dreaded "_" Word -Eminem v MGK pt. 1 -Botham Jean & Nike's wise investment into Colin Kaepernick. And as always tons more! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG @TheLOADBPodcast !


Episode 43: "40% A**Hole"

Episode 43 opens up with an homage to a lost treasure from the fellas younger years....the "face off" radio! As always the fellas give life updates which includes Step One's birthday & why birthdays are overrated. Step One reveals he conducted a poll that determines K is only "40% A**hole" and things escalate into the following: - NetFlix/Media Picks - Jalen Ramsey's GQ Interview - Doja Cat -The Downward Spiral of Nicki Minaj - Your Lord & Savior Omarosa - The Catholic Church's Latest Sex...


Episode 42: "Misogynistic AF"

After a rather lengthy intro that included a rant on the "ho logic" of Amber Rose, Paid Porn vs Free Porn & why your "cool" shouldnt be wasted in High school, the fellas get down to business which includes: - Why We Hate Hoes - Are Traditional Relationship Roles Dead ? - How Welfare Killed The Black Family - KNYCE's Workplace Revolution - Why Michael Jordan Cant / Wont Speak Out - Alex Jones Being Banned - The "This Is America" World Remixes & A Review of Travis Scott's "Astro World". AS...


Episode 41 : "Rap Music Made Me Do It"

After a week off the fellas reup with Epsiode 41 which opens with a review of the OTR II stop in Cleveland, Netflix Picks & why "New P**** Is Bad P****". The conversation turns to the following: - Cameron Terrell - Urban Meyer & the morality police - "When Old Tweets Attack" - Madden 2019 - The inevitable Death of The NFL - Blake Griffin's Child Support Order - Qanon - Paul Manafort's Trial As always please Like, Comment & Subscribe AND besure to follow us on IG/Twitter : @TheLOADBPodcast


Episode 40: "Sorry To Bother You"......

In this Episode of The podcast; the fellas tackles everything from Obama's speech in South Africa, to Donald trumps fail meeting with Putin. The guys also do a full review of the movie "Sorry To Bother You" plus we also find out that President trump has stank P****y. And as always, the guys touch on much much more. Follow the podcast on Instagram & Twitter @TheLOADBPodcast


Episode 39: 2008 Was A Very Good Year !

Episode 39 Opens with KNYCE & Step One discussing Life Updates, video game picks & Netflix picks before getting into the meat of the show. Things get colorful while discussing Shady McCoy & Charlamagne's innocence or guilt & KNYCE proposes an interesting theory about us all being duped by Drake & Shiggy. They round out the discussion by reliving a pivotal year in Cleveland "Scene" history.....and as always A WHOLE LOT MORE ! Be sure to follow us on IG & Twitter : @TheLOADBPodcast


Episode 38 : Why Music Sucks Right Now

Episode 38 is finally here.....After some technical difficulties the guys record take two of Episode 38 on July 4th. Episode 38 includes tons of Netflix Picks & a review for Drake's latest album "Scorpion" which turns into a discussion of the current quality of music being served thru streaming services. The guys also discuss why they are mildly relieved that Lebron is gone & the impact the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy will have on the country going forward....and as always A...


Episode 37: Bozack Horsemen

Episode 37 starts with a lot on the agenda but swiftly takes a turn into KNYCE's life update which centers around an uncomfortable "dick story" which starts the podcast down a rabbit hole of virginity stories & more. Eventually order is regained and the duo discuss Netflix Picks, Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, Social Medias Reaction to the death of rapper XXXtentacion, Immigration annnnnnnd SPACE FORCE ! & as always this episode (which is extended by the way) contains a WHOLE LOT MORE...


Episode 36: Drake Vs Pusha T Meets the Toy Box Killer

In this episode of The Last Of A Dying Breed Podcast: Dj KNYCE and Dj Step-one breakdown the Pusha T Vs Drake beef, Kanye West's new album "Ye" and KNYCE tells a chilling story about "The Toy Box Killer". Also as usual, the guys give out their Netflix picks, life updates & A WHOLE LOT MORE ! Be sure to follow us @TheLOADBPodcast !!!


Episode 35: The Legion Of Coons

In Episode 35 KNYCE & Step One discuss Morgan Freeman being the latest legend to be taken down by the #MeToo movement, Jess Hilarious vs Black Dollars Matter, the Royal "Colonizers" Wedding, how Prom turned into the Met Gala, the NFL's new Anthem Policy, woke shaming & the inverse relationship between career & family.....and as always A WHOLE LOT MORE Be sure to follow @theloadbpodcast on Twitter & IG !


Episode 34: Donald Trump "Anti-Christ Superstar"

In Episode 34: Dj K-Nyce and Dj Step-one, have upgraded the show with a couple of new drops. Also in the episode, K-Nyce finds himself finding a new word, the duo discusses phrases they wish would go away, Step’s religious beliefs and a plethora of other topics. The pair also gives their review on the “Atlanta” TV Show and discuss if Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ. Plus as always MUCH MUCH more. Be Sure to follow us on Twitter/IG @theLOADBPODCAST


Episode 33: Step One's Slavery By Choice

In Episode 33 Step One's Life Update finds him taking Kanye's words literally & accepting a volunteer PA position on a movie set. The duo also discuss the rise of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino & the hidden messages in "This is America", speculate on what happens inside the #MetGala, share some Netflix picks and even carve out some time for Donald Trump & Dj Khaled ! Be sure to follow us on Twitter/IG : @TheLOADBPODCAST


Episode 32 Pt. 2: Whoopity Scoop Poop

In Pt.2 of Episode 32 KNYCE & Step One explain why they can no longer support Kanye in his current state & why his comments on slavery are wrong. They also discuss the graphic slave mockumentary "Goodbye Uncle Tom" and give listeners some homework in addition to discussing whether Bill Cosby is guilty or the victim of "legacy lynching". Be sure to follow, comment, rate, like & subscribe ! Twitter/IG: @theloadbpodcast @djknyce @djstepone @skcreativestudio


Episode 32 Pt. 1: All The Spoilers.....Avengers Infinity Wars Review

A crazy news cycle finds KNYCE & Step One needing two parts for Episode 32. In Part One the fellas turn in their grades for Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars & discuss their favorite movies in the MCU & their theories for upcoming Marvel releases. Be sure to follow, comment, rate, like & subscribe ! Twitter/IG: @theloadbpodcast @djknyce @djstepone @skcreativestudio


Episode 31: Mansplain The World (Live @ Callaloo Cafe)

Recorded Live @ Callaloo Cafe Episode 31 finds the gang in front of a live audience. J.Ab recounts spending the night before in jail, the fellas invite friend of the show Saxx Booker to discuss the creation of the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T woman & Corey Grand joins the discussion on "Shitty Songs We Love"....and as always A LOT more ! Thanks to EVERYONE who came out and made this event a success & as always be sure to Like, Comment, Rate & Subscribe. @TheLOADBPodcast


Episode 30: Liberal AF

Big 30 !!!! The 3-0 finds KNYCE and Step One discussing Marvel's Infinity Wars, Upcoming game releases, and their current reads on the early side. The discussion turns to Facebook & IG's post suppression, Stephon Clark V Black Feminists, How TF Google knows my route, Fabolous & Why South Africa has the right idea ! ......and as always A Whole LOT More! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG : @TheLOADBPodcast , @DjKNYCE, @DjStepOne & @SKCreativeStudio