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Episode 62: "The Kumite ( Koo-Mah-Tay )"

Episode 62 starts up very lively with the fellas reflecting on the cult classic "Blood Sport" which eventually comes full circle on a local level....from there the convo goes to some life updates which include Step One's trip to the doctor, "raw dogging life", KNYCE's ancestry update & how Beyonce is sewing discord in black families (#jokes) from there the convo goes to the following: - Netflix / Media Picks Step One: The Twilight Zone, The Forever War KNYCE: American Gods Season 2, Game of...


Episode 61: "Real N**** 10:19"

After getting into some rather lengthy Life Updates that include a diatribe on accountability of behavior from Step One & the fellas tailoring Retrograde for men, the episode turns to the following: - Why Red Dead Redemption 2 was WACK ! - Why You Should Never Fight A Person in a White T - Your Auntie was probably a Slut - Parents are Liars - Netflix/Media Picks (The Trap, Native Son) - The Rise Of Lil Nas X - Out Of Town RULES ! - Cancel Culture & Social Bubbles, as always Thanks For...


Episode 60: "RIP Nipsey"

RIP King Nip. As always thanks for listening. Be sure to follow us @TheLOADBPodcast on IG/Twitter.


Episode 59 : "The Duller Report"

Nipsey Hussle died today and we dont feel like writing a synopsis. RIP Nipsey, see yall on Episode 60. (Originally Recorded 03.27.19)


Episode 58: "Education Connection"

With a lot on the plate to discuss, Episode 58 gets right into some life updates which include KNYCE contemplating "to play MJ or not?". From there things go to: - Netflix / Media Picks ("The Case Against Adnan Syed" & "The Life And Deaths of Robert Durst") - Patient Pimps - The "Education Connection" - R. Kelly & The Magically Appearing 3rd Tape & the city of Cleveland's reaction to Odell Beckham Jr. being traded to the Browns! As always Thanks for listening and be sure to like, subscribe &...


Episode 57: Never Never Man.....

Episode 57 opens up in the usual fashion with life updates but with tons to discuss on the table, the fellas quickly get to the issues du jour, which include the following: - The importance yet improbability of unionizing Entrepreneurs - Toxic Masculinity vs Lack Of Masculinity - Why A Fathers Love is important - Netflix /Media Picks (CNN: The 2000s,The Two Killings of Sam Cooke, Black Monday ) - R. Kelly's CBS interview - HBO's "Leaving Neverland" & whether or not Oprah is "one of them". As...


Episode 56: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

Episode 56 starts out with life updates which quickly sidetrack into the Problem w/ Black Men , The Dreaded "C" Word & How Lobsters Sold Their Souls to the Devil things then go to the following: -ASMR The New Exhibitionism -Netflix Picks / Media (The Sandra Bland Doc & King In The Wilderness (HBO)The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)& Hulu Live ) - "Washed" Culture - "The Fashist Industry" -Reserving Judgement -Donald "Duck" Trump -The Prince of Darkness -Is "Trumpism" A Cult & revisiting Drakes...


Episode 55: "Always Chess, Never Checkers"

Episode 55 finds the guys opening up with life updates which include Step One reflecting on his time @ Sundance. KNYCE's life update includes him witnessing a failed intervention, from there the convo goes to the following: -Are Black People Lost ? -Netflix Picks -How Integration Affected Black People - Kamala v Cory....A Dance Battle - Why Putin is The Smartest Man in The World & the Importance of Group Economics & Learning Trades. As always, Thanks for listening & be sure to follow us on...


Episode 54: "Remember The Future"

Episode 54 gets right into the action of Life Updates which include Step One encountering a troll & KNYCE getting thrown a curve ball 12 months in advance. From there the fellas give a teachable moment on conducting business online & things turn to the following: -Netflix Picks (Trigger Warning, The Punisher) -Urban Outfitters AKA HipMart -The Gods -Time Travel -Our Take on The Gov't Shutdown Why Heroin should be legal and regulated and as always TONS always Thanks for listening...


Episode 53: "Piece of S*** R. Kelly"

After a short hiatus the fellas are back at you with Episode 53, the first of 2019. As always the fellas open up with Life Updates which include KNYCE's recap of the "Black Tie Block Party" & Step One's preparation for Sundance Film Festival. Things then go from there to the following: -Netflix Picks. (You, Searching, Bandersnatch, Bird Box) -Why KNYCE knows NO Gospel Music.... -SK Creative's New Direction & of course "Surviving R. Kelly"..... As always theres tons more inside the convo!...


Episode 52 : Wheres The Beef ???

Sorry for the wait! Sorry for the WAIT ! Now we understand your probably asking what happened to Episode 51.....its recorded and on the way but for now hold #52.....which starts off with the fellas addressing their absence which flows perfectly into some life updates which include K's #Astroworld experience & Step One "Banking While Black" from there things evolve into the following: -What Happened To Dubstep -K's Love of " Dirty N**** Rap " -The Lost Art of The Mixtape -Netflix /Media Picks...


Episode 50 : Lakeisha 10:19

The BIG 5-0 !!!!! Episode 50 finds the crew reunited ! After a nice bit of roasting the "Prodigal Son" J.Ab , K & Step relay some Life updates which include Step One being the victim of a hit & run. The convo then turns to the following: -Red Dead Redemption2 -Netflix/Media Picks (AHS, Daredevil Season 3) -Why We Hate Motivational Speakers -The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shootings -The Serial Letter Bomber -Trumps "Young Black Leadership" Summit -Sheriff David Clark + Candace Owens = Treasure -The...


Episode 49: No Vote For You !

Uno Episode Away from the BIG 5-0! Episode 49 finds the fellas fresh off of road trips, KNYCE to Pittsburgh & Step One to Knoxville TN. Said road trips inspire KNYCE to reflect on the difference between White 1st Birthday Parties & Black 1st Birthday Parties while Step One recounts the differences he saw & felt in the South. The guys then move on to the following: -Netflix / Media Picks (CNN: The 90s, Explained & Halloween) -Voter Suppression & The Vote Nazi's of Georgia -Monica Lewinsky...


Episode 48: Whoopity Scoop Poop 2

We aint gone hold ya! After some life updates which includes why 72 degrees is the optimal temperature & how Mario Party will make you j*** off (word to the shake weight) the convo turns to Netflix Picks(The Afterparty, The Hate U Give, Mr. In Between & more).....then the fellas give their in depth analysis on the shenanigans of Kanye West. The fellas also dissect Drake's side of the Pusha T/Kanye beef as told on HBO's The Shop. And as always theres tons more content in between topics! Be...


Episode 47: "Do It For Emmett Till"

After exchanging the usual formalities K & Step turn to some life updates which includes a hilarious story about KNYCE's bout with sleep walking & the Art of the Off Day. Things then turn to the following: -Netflix Picks ("My Dead Dads Porno Tapes") -Suge Knight's Sentencing -Misplaced Shoutouts -Why Kodak Black is Better Than You -"Why Giants Cant Trip" (Kanye West) -Where Them Splotches @ ??? -Donald J Trump Trust Fund Baby -Brett Kavanaugh Updates & as always tons more! Be sure to Like,...


Episode 46: "Steady Long Steady Wrong"

Episode 46 starts off with the fellas jumping right into some life updates which includes KNYCE recounting a bout of retail frustration & Step One reminiscing on a Gala filled with flatulation (not a real word) things then turn to: -Ypipo Money -Netflix/Media Picks KNYCE: Holy Hell Step One: American Vandal, Serial Podcast Season 3 - Can We Really Trust Drake??? -Cleveland Judge Daniel Gaul/Dont Carry Weed In Euclid -The Phones is Listenin -Congress aka Crusty Old White Men Matter -Brett...


Episode 45: "Anti-Dollar Night Superstar"

Episode 45 opens up with Life Updates which includes KNYCE swearing off Hennessy......yet again & explaining why you should never drink the liquor special @ black owned bars. From there things evolve/devolve (however you wanna view it) into the following: -Mental Illness or Super Power ? -Extroverted Intoverts -Are there CZARs for anything besides Drugs? -Can Weed Make You Gay? -Jive Turkeys & our final thoughts on the Eminem vs MGK beef. As always theres tons more to get into so enjoy and...


Episode 44: "This is Alright"

Originally recorded 09.12.18 Episode 44 starts off with a bag of trail mix that Step One brought as a gift & then the show turns into a bag of trail mix....... -Life Updates -Insecure Season 3 & The Story of The Lawrence T -Nas V Kelis -Step One releases his Inner Pimp -The Dreaded "_" Word -Eminem v MGK pt. 1 -Botham Jean & Nike's wise investment into Colin Kaepernick. And as always tons more! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG @TheLOADBPodcast !


Episode 43: "40% A**Hole"

Episode 43 opens up with an homage to a lost treasure from the fellas younger years....the "face off" radio! As always the fellas give life updates which includes Step One's birthday & why birthdays are overrated. Step One reveals he conducted a poll that determines K is only "40% A**hole" and things escalate into the following: - NetFlix/Media Picks - Jalen Ramsey's GQ Interview - Doja Cat -The Downward Spiral of Nicki Minaj - Your Lord & Savior Omarosa - The Catholic Church's Latest Sex...


Episode 42: "Misogynistic AF"

After a rather lengthy intro that included a rant on the "ho logic" of Amber Rose, Paid Porn vs Free Porn & why your "cool" shouldnt be wasted in High school, the fellas get down to business which includes: - Why We Hate Hoes - Are Traditional Relationship Roles Dead ? - How Welfare Killed The Black Family - KNYCE's Workplace Revolution - Why Michael Jordan Cant / Wont Speak Out - Alex Jones Being Banned - The "This Is America" World Remixes & A Review of Travis Scott's "Astro World". AS...