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S3E4 - Cliff Po

This week @cliffpo_ and one of his @dufflebagteam_ @rocky.thickness came thru to talk about everything they been up to. @cliffpo_ talks about his cafe that he currently own @grovestcafe and what made him jump to the food business. @cliffpo_ is a multitasker if he not cooking he booking gigs for his @dufflebagteam_ if not he chopping it up with artist like KRS 1 or A Boogie with Da Hoodie. Check the boy out he making moves. #realpointpodcast #grovestcafe #dufflebaggirls #powermoves...


S3E3 - Raz (64 Kbps) (

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with @razvill and speak about how his rap career started. We touch on his mix tape 10,000 hours,his music influenced growing up,how he is prepared to market himself,and he went in the #penaltybox and didn’t have one stumble! @razvill is very humble and he knows what it takes to go to the top he knows tho it takes time but he willing to wait and grind it out. Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel and the audio version on all other...


S3e2 Uneek & New Era (j&b Productions)

S3e2 Uneek & New Era (j&b Productions) by The Real Point Podcast


S3E1 - Bread Mafia (Montega Barz B Park)

This week we sat down with Bread Mafia artists @montegabarz and @bigparkaveli to speak about when they stared they rap journey, who inspired them growing up, and what it means working with ceo/artist @b_rebel141 . Of course they touch down that #penaltybox with crazy #bars to prove why they hot out here in the #powercity!!!! Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel link in our bio and also the audio side on all other major platforms. #realpointpodcast #powercity #breadmafia...


The Cause

On this episode of The Real Point Podcast we bring you The Cause, a talented hip hop artist that has been in the game since he was 8 years old. We sit down with Cause and speak about his passion for the game, his past years rapping with his old partner Knowledge, the struggles of going solo as an artist, his new album Release Party and the visual for Another Chapter that is on YouTube right now. Release Party is due out this summer and features artist Fuzz Rico, The I of a Genius, and Do...


S2E63 - Reviewing Our Own Episodes

This week Derrick and Bebe have one of those episodes where it’s just them. They spoke about the moves they think the NY Giants are going to do in the upcoming NFL draft, where the music culture is going, and how instagram comedians are taking over the rap game smh!!!!!! They also sprinkle in some Dj Envy drama with Desus and Mero. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and follow the wave!!!!


S2E62 - Zeke The Plug

This week @zeketheplug came thru to tell us alittle bit about himself. Zeke is a 17 year old artist from Paterson, New Jersey who had been hitting the music scene for 2 years plus. He told us how his dad/manager Smooth, a barber out of Paterson, wanted him to continue his music career and help him along the way with a few live events and even made this interview happen. @zeketheplug has a lot of work to do but with his R&B music background and his trap flow he is a step closer to that deal...


S2E59 - YM KGB (Kilo Vision Productions)

Season 2 episode 59 we sat down with Kilo Vision Productions artist YM. He is a artist from Paterson with a passion of music since he was young. He spoke about who was his idles growing up,who he was listing to, and also future projects you have in the works. YM wasn't playing no games when it came down to the #penaltybox. When you combine Kilo and YM theirs no telling what ceiling they gonna blow off but its sure gonna be fire.


S2E57 - Bookem

On this episode of The Real Point Podcast we bring in the artist known as Bookem. A Hudson County Sheriff Officer, Bookem is a very talented artist who's end goal is to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement through his positive lyrics and story telling. We speak to him about his decision to become an officer of the law, his history in the music industry, how he got his start as a hip hop artist, and what keeps him going as an artist. We spoke about his new and first...


S2E56 - ShaMiata (Kilo Vision Productions)

On this episode of The Real Point Podcast we jump into 2018 with rising star ShaMiata from Kilo Vision Productions. An artist with a lot of flair and charisma, Sha brings her talents to KVP in style with songs like "Extra" and "Lackin'". We discuss her history as a rapper turned singer, her upcoming EP that should be dropping in the upcoming weeks, her next performance at Edge in Passaic on Valentine's day and where she gets her inspiration to write the way she does. Also in the building...


S2E54 - Kev (From the Brooklyn web series "Let's Go: A New Vintage Story")

On this episode of The Real Point Podcast we chill with Kev from the Brooklyn web series “Let’s Go: A New Vintage Story”, a YouTube sensation based on a true story of a group of friends who live in the Tilden Houses in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Kev lets us in on the process of developing, writing, and acting in the series. We ask him about his inspirations in acting and directing and even what the goal of the show is at the end of it all. Kev also let us in on insider information, telling us...


S2E53 - Tweeterborough

On this episode of the Real Point Podcast we bring in a pioneer of hip hop from the Silk City, Tweeter AKA El Tweeter AKA Tweeterborough. An artist with a lot of charisma, courage, style and grace, Tweeter is an all-around guy when it comes to his music. Beginning his journey back in 2008, Tweeter has been rapping and shooting his own music videos with some help from his closest friends. And like most people living the everyday struggle he has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of...


S2E52 - MBK Vision Entertainment

This week on the Real Point Podcast we spoke with MBK Vision Entertainment CEO Boss and artist/producer Justin Moss. We discussed MBK's meaning, goals, where their ambition comes from, the history of the label, the artist on the roster and the different events and charities that the label contributes to. It was a great episode with a lot of info about future endeavours including a clothing line titled On The Rise, an untitled book in the making and projects from many of the artist on the...


S2E51 - Joey Mafia

This week we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Bethlehem, Pa owns Joey Mafia. We ask him how long he have been raping, his take at the new generation of hip hop and who inspires him as a artist growing up. Joey have a bright future and we hopes he continue on pushing shout out to his manager, mom, girlfriend, and grandfather that all made the trip to be there with him.


S2E50 - Mack A Mill

This week we had the opportunity to chop it up with powercity's own @mack_a_mill and talk about how long his music career been going. @mack_a_mill spoke about the artist he was listing to growing up and how music itself help him become a great rapper. @mack_a_mill represents his own music brand Black mask which it's migrating to other parts of the state's. @mack_a_mill have that 90s sound so if you fuck with dipset, Jay z, Gunit, etc this the type of music you getting. Also make sure to...


S2E48 - Kasim Allah (ROTGE)

[1:11 AM, 11/5/2017] Stack Federal Dollas: Live from @263studios.The Power City’s Number One Platform For All Independent Artists All Mighty @realpointpodcast .The host @bebegunz813 & @djdd0201 had the opportunity to build with New Rochelle’s own @kasimallah7 & Asbury Park CEO of @nowjustentertainment. The God Mc @kasimallah7 spoke about the impact The Nation Of God & Earth’s had on his life, the importance of a father being present in their reflections life. @kasimallah7 told @bebegunz813...


S2E47 - ErioSkeam (TEAM TEAM)

The All Mighty @realpointpodcast hand another dope interview Live From @263studios with their special guest @erioskeam . We set the tone with the phrase “there’s a first time for everything”. Today was @erioskeam first interview EVER. Although this is his first interview he isn’t a novice to the other aspects of the music industry. @erioskeam as be relentlessly working since 2004. He has recently put out two bodies of work by the title of 2012 & 2013. Both projects are a solid collection...


S2E46 - EVG Rebel

The All Mighty @realpointpodcast Live From The @263studios with their special guest @evgrebel . The city once formally known as Spanktown is now known as RAHWAY. Besides RAHWAY being the home of The Dirty Jersey’s most infamous criminals it’s also the foundation for dancer/songstress/HipHop artist @evgrebel. In our lifetime everything comes to one at its due time. We would like to thank the anonymous individual who left their instrumental cd in @evgrebel dorm room. On this particular day...


S2E45 - Private Gods (Trillionaire Daz & Euro Dough Stacks)

The All Mighty Real Point Podcast host Bebe & Derrick were live & direct from 263 Studios with The Private Gods Trillionaire Daz & Euro Dough Stacks. The Power City is FLOODED with talent! If you’re maneuvering thru the different studios thru out The Power City you’ll eventually be connected to someone thru the engineer as Euro Dough Stacks & Trillionaire Daz were. Since there first track together they’ve been diligently working on endless material. Be on the look out for their joint...


S2E44 - LaVoz Music

Episode 44 The All Mighty @realpointpodcast host bebegunz813 & djd0201 started their show live from the @263studios. The opening was a dedication to all those who have endured a tragic loss in LasVegas,Houston,Puerto Rico &Mexico. The interview commenced with The Washington Heights veteran Spanish Trap artist @lavoz_music & his PowerCity comrade @willie_crillz .@lavoz_music got his inspiration to do music at a young age from @jermainedupri Atlanta Georgia sensation Kriss Kross. As he grew...