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Tune into a bizarre podcast about different subject matter featuring viewers like you

Tune into a bizarre podcast about different subject matter featuring viewers like you
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Tune into a bizarre podcast about different subject matter featuring viewers like you






Emo Rap: From Underground 2 Mainstream

On this episode of talk about the emo rap scene and how it exploded from user-generated SoundCloud well blowing up a song to full-on mainstream advertisements in hardcore promotion of this new emotional form of Hip Hop Rock sample-based trap music that is sweeping the nation catching Everybody by storm and really promoting a heavy opiate drug-induced culture I grew up listening to rappers that glorified confessional drug kingpin acting roles 2 drug-induced Pill Poppin lean sippin misery...


Direct Energy Weapons update!

On this episode we cover the directed energy weapon information the real world scenarios and science fiction became reality overnight it's really sad and overwhelming concept of mass murder and genocide through the use of high-powered technological spatial means of targeting the Earth and how Corporate contractors are pursuing these Technologies to further agendas that make up Avengers end game type of scenario thanks for listening is wise words with yours truly trying to bring awareness to...


Meek Mill, Migrant Caravan,Paradise Fires,Laser Weapons

On this episode of talk about all kinds of different stuff by watching a couple videos and just taking a look at what we discover the first play the Meek Mill CNN interview and the guy asking him he's not the right guy to be the conscious woke person because of his past to speak about the prison system and then we talked about the Caravan attempting to make its way to the United States but they're stuck a shelter like tents in different areas possibly going to be deported there's 2000...


Transhumanism,mars,A.I,Quantum world

On this episode I talk about transhumanism all the different information about the quantum world and Holograms AI slowly taking over computer systems of tomorrow or seen an increase of Androids and people engineering humans and Chyna and different stories of super soldier is in different people that are engineered to have an upgrade so that's the kind of information I talked about let me know what you think thanks for listening peace


DEW - PG&E lawsuits, Artificial weather warfare

All right that's it I've been covered some information that flew over my head I just found this video on YouTube called plan to burn up Northern California disc closed from stop the crime. Net with Deborah Tavares pretty interesting stuff having to do with sophisticated cameras observing wildfires in real time to artificial EMF appliances that toxify are culture of PG&E homes that are destroyed or cataclysmic level now we see the weather painter major role in harnessing the alchemical...


🔥 ][X][ ~ " Paradise Lost" 🚨

On this podcast I just premiere this new beat that I made yesterday and the mist of all the deadly smoke toxic fumes the fill the air affecting or lungs the song is inspired by the wild fires that burned throughout Northern California in particularly Paradise California where everything is lost this beat and comes to this put tremendous Devastation that comes with elemental disasters


Oroville smoke survival #Campfire

We will we just made it out of the town that was covered in toxic smoke and from the prevailing winds that came from the camp fire that destroyed Paradise California lot of families and friends are affected by this deadly disaster thanks for listening this is the second update where I'm traveling through different towns trying to make it out thanks for listening


The #CampFire🌫 experience 🔥

On this episode I talk about this #campfire experience currently in the middle of being hit with a instantaneous destruction of a city within 24 hours about 30 minutes away from where I live I'm possibly going to have to evacuate with my loved ones find refuge and City several miles away just to get some breathable air the skies are filled with smoke and all I hear is car alarms police sirens people in panic a lot of people lost their lives yesterday or RIP Paradise California the world will...


80 year cataclysmic cycles ✨⏳🛰

On this episode I talk about these 80-year cataclysmic cycles that a few authors proposed the theory where information increases 10 hostile warlike events take place increase of knowledge mixed with extraterrestrial information debris flying in space that could potentially be Alien Probe here to observe the planet lot of interesting information on this episode I kind of speak about all the biblical prophetic references the people claim are associated with the end times if you like this...


I voted 🇺🇸 for nothing?🕳 👀

On this episode I cover a Clyde Lewis article about voting in the whole mainstream coverage of how much the vote counts in how TV shows encourage your participation in systematic game between 2 sides of the same coin!!🌐 Yeah this episodes pretty interesting body information💻 about how much your vote doesn't count in a world where the big names✔ come in and make the real decisions without your approval👈🏾 even if it doesn't go your way The Show⏳ Must Go On in the western world🇺🇸 and...


🔥🎶Welcome 2 Death Row records 💯✨

On this episode🥁 we take a look at the welcome to death row🔫 documentary 🎞that shine light📸 on some old information📹 about how the Death Row Records era and how everyone wants to try to attempt to do what dr. Dre as a producer did with a handful of rappers .. made a supergroup💿 and then eventually made individual singles and everyone became platinum-selling artist overnight their advertisements 🛢music🎥 videos propelled their imagines 🛡 to be the first to get in that corporate Arena...


Ep. 01 - the #Beats 🔥🔊🎹🖤

On this episode I talk about music production what I've been doing lately .. it's getting cold alot is changing .. I've been selling a lot of Beats 🖤👏🏽🎹🔊🔥exclusive of course I've been networking🗝 with a lot more people online💯 and making some pretty big moves in the publishing Department ☄🎤putting out all kinds of new tracks with a whole lot of new artists that I've met through video chat social networks and through different people who live locally in Northern California like I...


🤤Vanishing people🕳 pt.1

On this episode I taken the in-depth Approach at discussing the kidnapping culture how people disappear and in some cases apparently vanish in a moment's notice it's the most disturbing idea to be kidnapped and lost while your family and friends look for you I just covered a book that speaking about the vanishing people idea and I also take a look at appearing people how there are people that appear from out of nowhere from the shadows and even in rare cases of people that come from other...


🇺🇸Nano machines 🔎smart dust and competing with A.I👽

On this episode I read from a monologue written by Clyde👽 Lewis on the Nano machine technology / smart dust Nano particle idea where many Americans🇺🇸 have these microscopic machines living inside of them leading to countless symptoms🎞 / diseases and plenty of complications on a microbiological level so I speak about a lot of different topics like the neurolink / neural lace🎧 technology that's going to hit the scene in the future to come people like Elon Musk want to merge with...


Searching 🔎(2018) Movie Reaction🎞 and concept decoding🔬

On this episode I take a look at the searching movie that just came out in theaters is pretty interesting take on what happens if you lose a loved one and all the way you can find them is through their Facebook account or their emails or they're digital footprint they leave behind when they go missing there's tons of open cases and unsolved cases where people go missing every day where you can drive a parent crazy just wondering where there child has vanished to this episode is not a spoiler...


"Elon Musk ✨ & the NeuroLink 🎧 technology"

On this episode part 2 of the Elon Musk Joe Rogan interview I break down what exactly was spoken about as far as the neurolink🎧 Technology, the end of the cell phone culture and the beginning of the 5G🎚 induced bandwidth Super Hyper reality ... we will be the precursor generation that is introduced to this Tech that will directly interface🔫 us with AI and the World Wide Web this is a fascinating talk on transhumanism 🔧and science fiction🌐 based realities the take form of predictive...


The Elon Musk🎧Joe Rogan interview🎙 decoded Pt.1

On this episode I take a look at the Elon Musk and Joe Rogan podcast interview🌍 that he did the other day it really got a lot of attention👀 in the mainstream news as far as Elon Musk company Tesla l☣osing out on close to 4 billion dollars as the stock dropped📉 the interest in SpaceX went up and the publicity🚬 was something that money couldn't Buy now we take a look at the interview👀 that caught the attention of millions overnight✨ I break down piece by piece all the different concepts...


🔊David icke/ 🌍 the matrix control part 2

On this episode I follow up with the David Icke😎 who controls the Matrix podcast I did a couple📉 days ago this is part 2 continuing ⚠️the video speaking about nag hammadi Scrolls 👏🏽the Unseen entities that are like the higher-ups that look down upon the lower eons and how we are stuck in a bad copy 👀of the real reality so this is an interesting podcast about lot of different stuff thanks for listening🎲


🔥MGK and the🎙Beef Theatrics 🔎

On this episode I talk about how Quincy Jones directed The Beef documentary and pretty much shined light on the collection of conflicts and stuff that's killing The Hip Hop scene for a while now and actually set up for these new age rappers gain a whole lot of publicity by the click of a button thanks for listening this is an interesting topic everyone's waiting for Eminem's response so let's see what happens


🌍"Who Controls The Matrix"✨

On this episode we talk about the five perception of reality and the intricate nature of the human simulation a place where people can choose who they want to be and what they want to believe in just to be locked in a box never looking to a brighter Horizon that is until some ancient texts shine some light on the nature of entities that puppeteer humankind from an invisible Spectrum dominating every area of our minds we even speak their language take a listen to this tell me what you think...