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A weekly show about urban culture, that mostly focuses on Hip-Hop (African and Zimbabwean) hosted by SpekkTrumn.

A weekly show about urban culture, that mostly focuses on Hip-Hop (African and Zimbabwean) hosted by SpekkTrumn.




A weekly show about urban culture, that mostly focuses on Hip-Hop (African and Zimbabwean) hosted by SpekkTrumn.






#reSPEKKThePlug S02E03: Do Not Listen To This Episode

SP3KKTRACULAR — While we self-quarantine another episode for your headtop. On this episode Spekk wonders what became of the #ZveMoyoChallenge and #FillUpHICC. There's a new streaming service on the block On 5 Minutes of Game tips on how to get your music out there. Guess who's getting featured on upcoming episodes of #WadiwaWepaMoyo? Sick or nah? Episode Playlist Abel X - 1017 Suburban Hanna - No Hands Zimbiyana Jones - Feel It (Feat. Xzike) Shabzi Madallion - Wena Fun_f - Todini...


#reSPEKKThePlug S02E02: 2nd Time's The Charm 2

SP3KKTRACULAR — New week, new episode. On this episode Spekk talks about new music/videos that recently dropped and why content is necessary. Episode Playlist Probeats - Ibanga Iroro (Feat. Mclyne Beats) Denim Woods - Home Alone Yung Tyran - I Say (Feat.Tembi Powers) Boy Tricky - Level Up (Feat. Michael Chiunda, Soko Matemai& Tulk Munny) Karizma - ABC Like on Facebook: fb.me/reSPEKKThePlug Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/reSPEKKThePlug


#reSPEKKThePlug S02E01: Return of the Pod

SP3KKTRACULAR — The podcast returns, did you miss us? Episode playlist Asaph - FifeStreet Flow 3 R. Peels - Bag nemabhebhi Soko Matemai - Mine VI the Law - Third World Love Dough Major and Michael Chiunda - Wakuketa Staira Spekk also gives his view on why Zim Hip-Hop isn't progressing Like on Facebook: fb.me/reSPEKKThePlug Follow on Twitter:: twitter.com/reSPEKKThePlug


#reSPEKKThePlug Episode 5: Soft AF

SP3KKTRACULAR — On this episode unlike the Bangers Only SpekkTrumn gets "soft AF" as he describes love through the eyes of Zimbabwean Hip-Hop. What's your type? Background music: Sharky - Big Brand (Prod. by Coded) Soft AF Playlist Cruise - Ndichakutsvaga (Feat. FM & MC King) Ti Gonzi - Ngatidanane (Feat. Astraal Vee) Ab-Norm - Love Begets Love (Feat. Vicshae & Chyllur) Ishy X & Foster - Type Tonight (Feat. Dizzy Don & Anonzi Xndr) Karizma - Good Guy Noble Stylz - Mhamha Vakati (Feat....


#reSPEKKThePlug Episode 4: Bangers Only!

SP3KKTRACULAR — More music, less talk is the aim of this episode, Bangers Only as SpekkTrumn drops some bangers from his personal arsonal. Background music: Sharky – Big Brand (Prod. By Coded) The episode’s playlist is as follows: Juan Take – Zim Juan Cal_Vin – Izandla Emoyeni (Feat. Asaph) Scrip Mula – Shanda Maestro IV – Aziwe Ke! (Feat. El Jah) Meyniak – Into The Shadows (Feat. T.shoCa, MC Chita & King Kandoro) Anonzi Xndr – Zvazvekudaro (Feat. Yung Zee, Kent & Splits Loui) Kent – Taking...


#reSPEKKThePlug Episode 3: The Moxtapes Episode

SP3KKTRACULAR — The #reSPEKKThePlug podcast is back! Did you miss us? On this episode SpekkTrumn talks the Moxtape mixtape which he did with DJ Mox and drops some music from it. This episode's playlist Background music: Sharky - Big Brand VENGEMuzik & Tizzy101 - Ever So Ready Donne - Blastin' Nial Ainca - I'm Gunnin' W. Hill$ - 5-0 Trizzle - Jozi Life (Feat. DaReal) MVPANI - Standard GoldFurnace - 16s For A Meal (Feat. Trigger 5 Star Captain) AyTee - Pain & Gain AyTee - Sugar Loaf Crusader -...


#reSPEKKThePlug Episode 2: 2nd Time's The Charm

SP3KKTRACULAR — Second time's the charm, right? SpekkTrumn returns with the second episode of #reSPEKKThePlug as he shares his thoughts on what's been happening in the past week and drops some favourites off his playlist. Theme song: Sharky - Big Brand The featured tracks on the playlist are: VengeMuzik – Isu R. Peels – Cap Netennis Mclyne Beats – All My Feelings (Parere Moyo) 89 – Bhawa Ranger M.U.S.E – Benchmark (Feat. MC Chita) Boi Mac – Boomin’ Crooger – Boyz Repaghetto Mariachi –...


#reSPEKKThePlug Episode 1: Mic Check 1, 2

SP3KKTRACULAR — This is the pilot episode of #reSPEKKThePlug hosted by Zimbabwean Hip-Hop insider SpekkTrumn. Proudly sponsored by Zim Son Clothing and Grapevine Clothing. Produced by Move Afrika. The featured tracks on the playlist are: R. Peels – S.L.A.V.E.S http://bit.ly/2C05hPb Cal_Vin – Gin & Juice (Feat. Gigi LaMayne) http://bit.ly/2BL636X Ti Gonzi - Tisvikewo http://bit.ly/BestMero Afro Zenda - Tambirai Masoja (Feat. Ronash & Maye) http://bit.ly/2C1q9pl Dakid Verse - Squad...