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A complex/bizarre yet open minded broadcast revolving around popular hiphop news & a rebellious rebel counter-culture ideology featuring: viewers like you 💯👍🏽💡🌊👑⚡️🔥lets talk

A complex/bizarre yet open minded broadcast revolving around popular hiphop news & a rebellious rebel counter-culture ideology featuring: viewers like you 💯👍🏽💡🌊👑⚡️🔥lets talk


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A complex/bizarre yet open minded broadcast revolving around popular hiphop news & a rebellious rebel counter-culture ideology featuring: viewers like you 💯👍🏽💡🌊👑⚡️🔥lets talk






The Fake Wack100 & Mike Tyson Fight

On this episode I take a look at the fake Wack100 & Mike Tyson fight a lot of us tuned into last week. it was a big trending topic with the illusions of traumatized podcast fighting / rap beef become something of a viable marketing scheme in this world of celebrities that have a hunger or love for PR stunts these publicity stunts that are designed to draw people in for their viewing pleasure in so many words there's so much fake concocted scams out there they're designed for...


Note To Self: Go Meet People

On this episode I spoke about meeting people, how throughout my life, I've discovered one of the most intriguing human experiences life has to offer, speaking to someone most of the time pure strangers, and how doors open up, realities waiting to be accessed anywhere you can go, theres value a simple conversation could have on your well being, conversations just waiting to happen. I love meeting someone for the 1st time, developing all kinds of ways to approach a person, a compliment can go...


Ayesha Curry's Insecure Comparisons & Logics Sample Clearance Rant

On this episode to talk about Ayesha Curry controversial topic of how a woman's insecurities lead to comparisons this episode led me to speak about the human experience and what it's like to change your relationship status in a world of untrustworthy digital lifestyles choices. your career path can potentially surround you with beautiful women ! LOL, in all fairness ayesha has spoken from the heart and has her perspective that many women identify with in this day and age. I also speak about...


Clive Barker's Horror Cafe Endgame

On this episode I talk about going to see The Avengers endgame movie and that led me into a discussion about a video that I discovered last week called Clive Barker's horror Cafe: a 1990's BBC video presentation of 6 Brilliant Minds coming together for dinner and a conversation, you’ll actually witness their creative process. The task they’ve set for themselves is to “create the ultimate horror movie for the end of the millennium, picture this in the year 2000.. 6 people come together and...


The Philthy Rich -VS- mozzy Beef

On this episode I talked about the philthy Rich and Mozzy beef I wasn't going to cover this rap controversy but today I stumbled Upon A no jumper interview featuring philthy rich's take on the whole situation. at 22:44 Philthy Rich mentions how he knows there are rappers that gained traction using fake ads and fake likes and fake subscribers he says how these rappers are using "cheat codes" nowadays! this is the kind of stuff that I've been talking about for years how there are artists or...


Nipsey hussle memorial removed

On this episode I take a look at a TMZ article about the Nipsey Hussle Memorial and how it was scrapped because these bootleggers and different people monetizing the location where Nipsey Hussle was gunned down it's pretty interesting to see the aftermath of what happens when your legacy is solidified and the world continues after your death let me know what you guys think about this episode I'm doing a little mini segments covering Hip Hop news and everything interesting in pop culture


Night Breed, Pet Sematary,and the origins of midian

On this episode of talk about how I discovered the movie The Exorcist 3 from Case Files of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer which led me to researching movies that never made a VHS release but only existed in the movie theater the Beloved Nightbreed movie was ahead of its time and shine light on the secret history of America these ancient sacred sites that house did the disembodied Spirit relics vulnerable ancestors that on the verge of being decimated for the second time the correlations...


Ive discovered The music industry is rigged!

That's right Kreacher K is back is wise words with yours truly hosted by entrepreneur enthusiast I'm a music composer digital cyberspace collaborator on this episode I talk about my music the direction I'm going with it how I stopped smoking weed I'm more proactive and motivated to be the best self that I could be also get into how the music industry is rigged and this is literally a hot bed of social media engineered Fabrications designed to look like thousands of people are liking your...


2pac marketing - selling us a mirage

On this episode we take a look at Tupac hoax YouTube channel covering some ground on the Tupac marketing narratives that are put in place as far as the propaganda been able to track down the Illusions and reading between the lines of fact and fiction that really inspired a countless Generations 2 the influenced by their game culture in the Petty rap game that continues to trick the masses like usual level you take a look at Tupac marketing and how he would get locked up or there be a case...


Youtube trending : Segregation history,trumps wall narrative and more

On this episode we take a look at the YouTube trending section and just take a look at a couple videos the first one's about the segregation history of a Pennsylvania community and how they trying to push an all-white neighborhood and how that helps business owners the video took a look at segregation in the day hours when people go to work diverse City scenery and where the workers actually go home at night weather be a rich neighborhood or poor poverty-stricken area that the segregation...


2pac's Rare Sway Interview & YNW Melly's Murder Mind

I came across this YouTube video was talking about a rare Tupac interview with sway did the 1990s after Tupac got shot and he speaks about Biggie and pretty similar to Soulja Boy's rant and you start to see how the cloud chasing trolling the Tupac influenced and inspired all of these newer Generations publicity stunts in social media and takes to get them on a viral level of drama and the hype reality that comes with being a hip hop star and icon a voice for Generations that are voiceless...


Weird City Ep.2 - Decoded

On this episode we cover episode 2 of weird City how the episode takes place in a a meeting for a drink called Pedj 🥃 a futuristic drink similar to the cocaine found the Coca-Cola this drink has methamphetamine in it pretty fascinating take on the ingredients found in a soft drink soda and the corporations presented to the people and with that came the AA meetings of people that became addicts so it's pretty fascinating episode of a kid who joins the gym becomes a control freak and goes...


Weird city Ep. 1 - breakdown

This episode we begin to what's the weird City 6 part YouTube premium TV series this sci-fi Anthology series full of satirical overviews of a comedic futuristic landscape that awaits it's pretty interesting shall we take a look at episode one that was strange talking about a dating service and a young boy falls in love with an old man that's his genetic double and you know they find chemistry in a futuristic sort of way so take a look the episode tell me what you think a lot of predictive...


Escape room (2019) decoded ☆

on this episode 🎧 we take a look at the escape room 2019 movie first horror movie of the year pretty fascinating movie full of symbolism in Puzzles ⛓ and subliminal subconscious 🎻 references to pop culture phrases and find different Clues that'll save you try to escape the any rooms that are featured in this movie 📼 I get into the Zeno effect 🔬I talked about multiple scenes in the movie that had profound significance and you know we get to learn about how lucky alone Survivor 🎲gambling...


Drugs As Weapons Against us ( 2019 Documentary)

On this episode I talked about this drugs As Weapons 💉⚰against us⚔ documentary by John L potosh pretty interesting 2-hour expose on the drug trade the CIA involvement in non-conventional Warfare on the American people pretty fascinating take on what happens when I musician turns activists and starts speaking in an anti-war counterculture sort of way? were they manipulated coached to obtain iconic status or carefully groomed by governmental forces that encourage the drug use the...


Ep. 02 - Black Mirror's Pac-man Theory

Hey thanks for listening to wise words with yours truly podcast dedicated to decoding information and discovering new things on the side podcast I take a look at the Black Mirror bandersnatch movie the infamous LSD scene where Colin speaks on the Pac-Man Theory where Pac stands for program a control we're all in a maze being responded every time we die future Syfy thrilling concept or predictive programming for the future of visual Virtual Worlds that stimulate the human race pretty...


Ep. 01 - BirdBox : decoding the Entities!

Hey this is the New Year 2019 thanks for listening to wise words there's true last year that was last season this is new season take a look at some of these interesting Concepts and subject matter that I look into for someone start with Bird Box movie that took the nation by storm appearing on the scene premiering on Netflix movie about sensory deprivation mysterious invisible entities targeting humans and the survival amongst potential mental patients that escaped from a in the sane Asylum...


Emo Rap: From Underground 2 Mainstream

On this episode of talk about the emo rap scene and how it exploded from user-generated SoundCloud well blowing up a song to full-on mainstream advertisements in hardcore promotion of this new emotional form of Hip Hop Rock sample-based trap music that is sweeping the nation catching Everybody by storm and really promoting a heavy opiate drug-induced culture I grew up listening to rappers that glorified confessional drug kingpin acting roles 2 drug-induced Pill Poppin lean sippin misery...


Direct Energy Weapons update!

On this episode we cover the directed energy weapon information the real world scenarios and science fiction became reality overnight it's really sad and overwhelming concept of mass murder and genocide through the use of high-powered technological spatial means of targeting the Earth and how Corporate contractors are pursuing these Technologies to further agendas that make up Avengers end game type of scenario thanks for listening is wise words with yours truly trying to bring awareness to...


Meek Mill, Migrant Caravan,Paradise Fires,Laser Weapons

On this episode of talk about all kinds of different stuff by watching a couple videos and just taking a look at what we discover the first play the Meek Mill CNN interview and the guy asking him he's not the right guy to be the conscious woke person because of his past to speak about the prison system and then we talked about the Caravan attempting to make its way to the United States but they're stuck a shelter like tents in different areas possibly going to be deported there's 2000...