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From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars, and Tides of History comes American Scandal. premiering September 18th

From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars, and Tides of History comes American Scandal. premiering September 18th
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From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars, and Tides of History comes American Scandal. premiering September 18th




Enron - Into the Death Spiral | 4

The Wall Street Journal works to expose the shady financial deals key to Enron’s success. With his company pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, Ken Lay engages in a desperate ploy to avert disaster. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Better Help - To get 10% off your first month, go to


Introducing The Lead: Your New Daily Sports Fix

From Wondery and The Athletic, The Lead is the first daily sports podcast that will bring you one big story each day from The Athletic's all-star team of local and national sports reporters. Subscribe now to hear new episodes each weekday morning:


Enron - Damage Control | 3

Ken Lay fights to restore public confidence in Enron as the bad publicity mounts and the stock price continues to fall. Sherron Watkins is encouraged when an internal review of company practices is launched, but stunned when it appears to backfire. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Best Fiends - Solve thousands of fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters! Download for FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play Hello Fresh - For $80 off your first month of HelloFresh, go to...


Wondery Presents Imagined Life Season Two

What is it like to be famous before you’re famous? What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? Each episode of Imagined Life takes you on an immersive journey into the life of a world-famous person. It’ll be someone you may think you know, even admire -- or maybe the opposite. You’ll get clues to your identity along the way. But only in the final moments will you find out who “you” really are. So sit back, let go, and -- imagine your life, with our hosts, Oscar nominated Virginia...


Enron - The Black Box | 2

Enron manipulates California's electricity market for financial gain, and the state is plunged into an energy crisis. Meanwhile, the schemes of a corrupt CFO, a rocky transition of power, and an alarming discovery by Sherron Watkins, threaten to tear the company apart. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Policygenius - Go to to get quotes, and apply in minutes. You can do the whole thing on your phone right now!


Introducing Joe Exotic: Over My Dead Body Season 2

Joe Exotic is a man who loves his animals and the zoo he created for them. But Joe has a nemesis in the animal world named Carole. And as much as they both love to save animals, Joe and Carole are hell-bent on destroying each other. Listen to season 2 of Over My Dead Body: Joe Exotic at


Enron - A Sense of Urgency | 1

In the mid 1990s, Enron Corporation solidifies its position as the number one energy company in America. Investment manager Sherron Watkins lands a dream job there, but quickly learns that Enron's office culture and accounting practices make it a treacherous place to work.


Introducing Locked Up Abroad

What does it feel like in the split second when you realize you're about to be locked up in a foreign country — possibly for life? The newest season of Locked Up Abroad can be found exclusively on Luminary. Listen at


The Standoff at Wounded Knee - The Reign of Terror | 4

Mounting violence forces Dennis Banks and the rest of the occupation to decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice for their cause. Federal negotiators face a deadline to end the standoff at all costs, and Banks and Russell Means meet face to face with the FBI. Support our show by supporting our sponsors! Parcast Con Artists - Search for and subscribe to CONARTISTS on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Again, search CONARTISTS or visit to listen now Hello...


Introducing Room 20

For more than 15 years, a man named Sixty-Six Garage would lay in a nursing home bed, unidentified and unconscious. Or so everyone believed. Join reporter and host Joanne Faryon across borders and through the twists and turns of the truth until she finally uncovers who Garage really is. Listen now at


The Standoff at Wounded Knee - A Nation Reborn | 3

After defying a federal ultimatum to leave Wounded Knee or face a full-scale assault, the occupation doubles down by declaring themselves the Independent Oglala Nation. A new proposal from the feds causes Russell Means to ponder how much he’s willing to sacrifice for Lakota sovereignty. FBI Special Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach reluctantly accepts an unexpected new mission. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Quip - Quip starts at just $25 and if you go to right now,...


The Standoff at Wounded Knee - We’ve Bet with Our Lives | 2

Emboldened by their takeover of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, AIM takes its campaign for Indian rights to the border towns of South Dakota. But now AIM is a top law enforcement priority, and violent clashes with police follow. When the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge ask for AIM’s help in their fight against corrupt tribal president Dick Wilson, the occupation of Wounded Knee provokes a fearsome federal response. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Policy Genius - If you need life insurance...


The Standoff at Wounded Knee - The Trail of Broken Treaties | 1

In early 1973, the militant civil rights group the American Indian Movement (AIM) takes control of the town of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The action launches a 71-day standoff between Indians and federal forces. But before they make their stand at Wounded Knee, AIM leaders Dennis Banks and Russell Means are already on a collision course with the U.S. government — starting when they lead more than a thousand Indians from across the country to the steps...


Introducing Larger Than Life

In 1960s Los Angeles, after the catastrophic Watts riots, an outsized character emerged — one who found an unexpected way to unite people across race and class. Odds are you’ve never heard of him—but his name, was Big Willie. Reported, written and hosted by Daniel Miller from the L.A. Times. Subscribe now at


Tuskegee Syphilis Study - Parallels | 5

Black babies in the United States are twice as likely as white babies to die before their first birthday. It’s an alarming statistic that further highlights the wide disparities in healthcare that exist between black and white Americans. And while there is no direct connection to the Tuskegee Study there are parallels. We’ll talk with Priska Neely, reporter for Southern California Public Radio, who has dived deep into the issue of black infant mortality, its causes and why it has persisted...


Tuskegee Syphilis Study - What Was Done Cannot Be Undone | 4

After 40 years, the Tuskegee Study has been exposed, condemned, and ended. But for the survivors and African-American community at large, this is not the end of the story. A fight begins to ensure the deceived test subjects are properly compensated, and formally apologized to, by the United States government. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Cayman Jack- Cayman Jack provides premium prepared cocktails for those with good taste and little time. Find Cayman Jack at a store near you by...


Tuskegee Syphilis Study - Controlled Genocide | 3

In the 1960s, as cultural attitudes shift and more doctors in the U.S. learn of the study, objections are raised on moral and political grounds. When the government refuses to end the experiment, a whistleblower goes public, and the test subjects turn to a civil rights lawyer for justice. Support our show by supporting our sponsors! ZipRecruiter - The sooner you download the free ZipRecruiter Job Search app, the sooner it can help you find a better job! Slanted Memoir - Read an excerpt...


New Show From Lindsay Graham: 1865

1865 starts with the moment Lincoln got shot and follows the journey of the Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, as he continues to push through Lincoln’s progressive agenda while dealing with the nuances and scandal around Lincoln’s assassination. In pursuit of his goals, Stanton will forge and break alliances, deceive and manipulate his friends, and cajole and flatter his enemies. Steadfast in his conviction, Stanton will threaten, inveigle and blackmail. He will protect the guilty and...


Tuskegee Syphilis Study - Treatment by Autopsy | 2

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study is underway, with hundreds of African-American men unknowingly serving as human guinea pigs. Though it's initially scheduled to last only a few months, the doctors in charge of the experiment land on a nefarious scheme to perpetuate the study indefinitely. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Cayman Jack- Cayman Jack provides premium prepared cocktails for those with good taste and little time. Find Cayman Jack at a store near you by visiting


Introducing Man in the Window

From the partnership that brought you Dirty John, comes Man in the Window. Pulitzer prize winning reporter Paige St. John investigates The Golden State Killer, and traces his path of devastation through the eyes of his victims. Listen now at