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Why we love Ancient Warfare

Jasper recently published a blog on the ancient warfare website, the title was ‘Why I love Ancient Warfare?’. To discuss why Jasper loves Ancient Warfare Angus is joined by Jasper Oothruys, Murray Dahm, Mark McCaffery, Marc DeSantis and Lindsay Powell.


Victory for Sparta

The team discuss Ancient Warfare Magazine XI-6. "With financial aid from Persia, Sparta slowly brought Athens down in Attica, throughout its empire, and at sea."


Simulating Ancient Warfare

We were casting around for a topic between ourselves, another film? A piece of kit? Murray suggested we discuss trying to simulated the ancient battlefield. We look at table top games, computer games and re-enactment. Its a big thank you to those who sent in questions, its really appreciated and it does help guide out conversation.


Riding into Battle

Horse cavalry has long played a role in warfare. But other, more exotic mounts were also used in the ancient world. In this episode we’re once more looking a the magazine with volume 11, issue 5, “Riding into Battle: Ancient Mounted Warfare” So joining me are Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Marc DeSantis, Mark McCaffery and Lindsay Powell.


300 vs the real Hoplite

In the final podcast of the year we find ourselves between issues of the magazine so Mark suggested the title ‘300 vs the real Hoplite’. The gang are joined by Paul Bardunias author of ‘Hoplites at War: A Comprehensive Analysis of Heavy Infantry Combat in the Greek World, 750-100 bc’.


Conflict In The Old Testament

We’re looking at wars in the old Testament in this episode of the podcast. It’s a huge span of history, and only Jasper wrote a piece for this issue of the magazine. As is often the case with the topics we’re not quite so sure on, it turns out to be a very fruitful discussion. Angus is joined by regulars Jasper Oothuys, Lindsay Powell, Mark McCaffery and Marc DeSantis.


Faces of Battle

We are once more between issues of the magazine with this episode. One of our patrons came up tonight's topic, we’re going to discuss what we actually know about combat on the battlefield and what it might have been like. Much of what we read is the work of fiction but since John Keegans “Faces of Battle” in the 1970s historians have attempted to give a picture of what it might have been like for soldiers on the battlefield.


Caesar and Pompey in the Balkans

In this episode, we’re looking at volume 11 issue 3 "Rome against Rome: Caesar and Pompey in the Balkans". We’ve got the dream team tonight… Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm, Mark McCaffery, Marc De Santis and joining us after a brief hiatus is Lindsay Powell.


Defeat Into Victory

We’re between issues of the magazine this month so Murray suggested as the new war movie Dunkirk has been released why not try and look for similar examples in the ancient world of turning a Defeat into Victory. Joining me is Jasper Oorthuys, Murray Dahm and Marc De Santis.


The Romans Unify Italy

In this episode the team are looking at volume 11, issue two “On the cusp of Empire: The Romans Unify Italy”. "Before building an empire, the Romans first had to unify the various cultures already living on their doorstep." If you want to be involved with the podcast why not become a patreon? Before each show is recorded we put the call out for listener input, those contributions hopefully help make the show better for everyone. Our patrons always provide some top notch talking points...


What Ancient Battle Would You Like To Witness?

You may or may not be aware Ancient Warfare has a sister publication Medieval Warfare which Angus also helps produce the podcast for… You can find more information on the magazine at Peter, the host, recently recorded an episode discussing with Michael Livingston and Kelly DeVries which Medieval battle that would like to witness? We thought it was a great idea so we've stolen it for this episode of the ancient warfare podcast. Angus, Jasper, Murray and Marc...


Archers In The Ancient World

With Jasper back in the editors chair at Ancient Warfare Magazine he joins regulars Marc DeSantis and Mark McCaffery to discuss Archers in the Ancient World (issue XI.1). Throughout antiquity, the bow played an important role in warfare, from Assyria and Egypt to Greece and Rome. Heavy infantry and cavalry often got the glory, but archers on foot and horseback often played an important role on the battlefield. We fielded a lot of listeners questions, many from patrons of the show who...


Barbarians Rising and the difficulties of documentaries

One of our Patreon supporters suggested for an "extra" we might look at documentary series, such as Barbarians Rising, and the problems of factual programming falling into the same traps that Hollywood feature films fall into. So after we finished talking about the year of the four Emperors I put the question to the team, curiously Lindsay Powell is actually one of the historians featured in Barbarians Rising. We hope you enjoy the discussion. Angus is joined by Josho Brouwers, Murray...


The Year of the Four Emperors

After the suicide of Emperor Nero, four usurpers struggled for control of Rome, plunging the Empire into chaos. In this episode we look at AD69 the Year of the Four Emperors. Angus is joined by Josho Brouwers, Murray Dahm, Mark McCaffery, Marc De Santis and a welcome back to Lindsay Powell.



In this episode the team investigate Ridley Scott's movie Gladiator.


The Empires of Persia at War

In this episode we’re looking at volume X, issue 5 “The Empires of Persia at War”. Angus is joined by I’m joined by Josho Brouwers, Murray Dahm, Mark McCaffery, Marc DeSantis and Sean Manning. Medes, Persians or Achaemenids? Ancient sources rarely cared to differentiate them. Their tribes united and became kingdoms, and their kingdoms turned into empires. Some of the most decisive chapters of ancient warfare were written when their ever-changing borders brought them face-to-face with the...



We’ve always promised ourselves we would record some extra podcasts. As we’ve caught with the magazine release we thought it was time for such an episode… So we decided to look at the Chariot Race in Ben-Hur. Angus, Josho, Murray, Marc and Mark were joined by David Reinke who ,with Graham Sumner, writes the film articles for Ancient Warfare Magazine… It proved to be a marathon recording, and we were terrible at staying on topic of the Chariot race… I hope you enjoy us wandering round...


Wars at the edge of empires

"Once people began to live in settled villages, they started to identify themselves not just based on their language and culture, but also on where they lived. Farmers became, to a lesser or larger extent, tied to the soil. As villages grew into cities and cities became the centres of larger city-states, kingdoms, and even empires, it became ever more important to define territories in a visible way, and to defend them whenever necessary." We're discussing Ancient Warfare Magazine volume...


Rome vs Poisonous Pontus

In this episode we’re looking at Volume 10, issue 3: Rome vs Poisonous Pontus: The Mithridatic Wars, 88BC - 63 BC Don’t forget if you missed the issue you can pick up your copy from Better still why not subscribe! That way you’ll be fully versed in the subject before you listen to the podcast! I’m joined by stalwarts of the podcast Josho Bouwers, Murray Dahm, Mark MaCaffery and Marc de Santis.


Wars in Hellenistic Egypt

In this episode we look at Ancient Warfare Magazine Vol X, issue 2 "Wars in Hellenistic Egypt: Kingdom of the Ptolemies". We have a big group of guests with usuals Josho, Murray, Mark and Lindsay, also joining us is Marc de Santis and Seán Hußmann.


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