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Episode 12: Book Talk with BookLab II

Books in the Wild is back! It’s been a wild year, friends! For a brief recap, I now live in Texas and work at BookLab2, a limited-edition bookbindery, though I still sometimes work for Flying Fish Press and am still producing my own work under the imprint of Coyote Bones Press (this information is relevant to the episode, I promise). This episode was recorded at the end of February 2019, which means we were all recovering from another fabulous yet exhausting CODEX Symposium and Book Fair...


Episode 11: Fake News(papers)!

If you've ever watched any television shows or movies ever, you may have seen a familiar looking newspaper read by many fictional characters for decades. This exact same newspaper has been spotted in Scrubs, Modern Family, No Country for Old Men, Everyone Hates Chris, Back to the Future, Desperate Housewives, Married With Children, Charmed, That 70’s Show, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and even classics like Citizen Cane and Cincinnati Kid. Is this a newspaper conspiracy? No, not really. It...


Episode 10: Unreadable Books

Today’s episode is all about unreadable books. What does it mean to read? How do we garner read meaning from text written in a language that we do not understand? Today we will talk about the process of reading, and I have some fun historical and contemporary examples of indecipherable books. We will go into the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, the surreal Codex Seraphinianus, and contemporary unreadable works by book artists Heather Peters and Timothy Ely. Links: Coyote Bones Press / Keri...

Episode 9: A Guide to Witch Hunting - The Malleus Maleficarum

Now that we are in October, we are getting into the Halloween spirit by talking about an infamous book called The Malleus Maleficarum, also known as The Hammer of Witches. A book responsible for fueling the heinous witch trials throughout medieval Europe for centuries. We delve into book history and talk about the author and inquisitor Heinrich Kramer. Then we have a fantastic interview with rare books librarian Karen Wahl about her research on the printing developments of the Malleus...


Episode 8: Book Art Basics Trivia

What is book art exactly? What is an artist book? Are all art books book art? What do you mean by codex? Or livre d’artiste? Are you making these words up? I have been getting questions like these for the past... seven or so episodes. So today I’m going to reel it in and start at the beginning with the book art basics. We have guests Ariel Hansen Strong and Faith Hale here today to play Book Art Trivia, and we have compiled the top 5 frequently asked questions which we will try to answer,...


Episode 7: An Interview with Lyall Harris

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with book artist Lyall Harris. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, I was unable to release the episode before the opening of Lyall and Patricia Silva’s exhibition at the San Francisco Public Library in June. It took some time and YouTube tutorials, but I managed to clean up the audio to make it somewhat listenable, and I do believe that the content in the conversation truly outweighs my shortcomings with recording. The other...


Episode 6: Detective Pilcrow and the Search for Missing Punctuation

Today we are on the hunt for missing punctuation. Like many letters and even entire words, quite a few good punctuation marks have been lost to modern English. In this episode, we’re going to track down some forgotten and elusive marks, from the mysterious Pilcrow to the playful interrobang. Today I have a very exciting noir-themed audio drama filled with questionable acting and an unforgivable amount of punctuation puns. Read full transcript here. Links / Cast: Coyote Bones Press Use...


Episode 5: The Sleeper Hoax Booklet

"Shall We Have Common Sense" image from The Linnean Society For his 90th birthday in February 1913, renowned British naturalist and evolutionary biologist Alfred Russel Wallace received a mysterious package containing a small booklet called Shall We Have Common Sense. This booklet, dated 1849, contained essays on evolution through natural selection and germ theory. If this booklet is authentic, it precedes Darwin and Wallace’s publications on evolution by a decade, and Louis Pasteur’s...


Episode 4: A Commonplace Audiobook / Overcoming Creative Block

Image from Henry Tiffen's Commonplace Book, 1760 A commonplace book is a compilation of information or inspiration - anything that one would like to remember or save to reference later. They differ from diaries or journals, in that it usually organized by topic instead of date, and culls information from many sources instead of being autobiographical. For this episode, I wanted to create a "commonplace audiobook" about creative block. I have compiled some information about the creative...


Episode 3: Artist Talk with Julie Chen

Every Moment in a Book: Three Decades of Work by Julie Chen is now on view at the Allen Library Special Collections at University of Washington through June 30, 2017. On March 16th, a reception and artist talk was held and I was lucky enough to attend and record the momentous event. Julie Chen is a renowned book artist and professor of book art at Mills College. Thirty years ago, Julie founded Flying Fish Press, a publisher of limited-edition artists' books, in Berkeley California and has...


Episode 2: The Wipers Times - Newspapers from the Trenches

In early 1916 on an excursion through the ruined city of Ypres, Belgium, British soldiers came across a damaged letterpress machine in a bombed out print shop. Over the next two years, Captain Frederick J. Roberts and his men produced twenty-three issues of gallows humor, poetry, and prose. In this episode, we’ll delve into some of the history, the process, and production of The Wipers Times.


Episode 1: A Brief History of Reading

Today's episode is all about reading - what it means to read, how we read, and a brief history of reading. I'll talk about literacy rates, the alphabetic principle, phonetics, and nonsense poems by Lewis Carroll. I am also very excited to announce that Books in the Wild has been awarded a Project Grant by the College Book Art Association ensuring that this podcast stays alive through 2017!


Human Skin Books and Desert Rat Scrap Books

Originally published as Marginalia Podcast in November of 2016, this is our sample/pilot episode for Books in the Wild. In this episode we cover the gruesome book of John Horwood, a man whose punishment for his crimes didn't stop at just execution. We also go into the tall tales of Harry Oliver, self-proclaimed Writer, Editor, Publisher, Distributor, Artist, Owner, Mirage Salesman, Secessionist, and Press Agent for The Desert Rat Scrap Book, a single broadsheet newspaper printed quarterly...