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Ep. 18: Beer in Norse Culture pt.2 - "Baptized in Beer"

The saga continues with an exploration of the vocabulary, material culture, and social status of beer in Iron Age and Medieval Scandinavia. We look at different terms for beer in the Old Norse language and discern their differences, from Old Norse ǫl, mungát, and bjórr to modern ale and beer, with an intimate look at the "Nordic grog" of Scandinavian prehistory, before we venture up to the many festivities of Nordic peasants up until the bacchanalian festivals of Medieval guilds. Also more...


Ep. 17: Beer in Norse Culture pt. 1 - "Not All Ales Are Alike"

Join Eirik for an invigorating dip into the crooked creek that is the history of beer and brewing in Iron Age and Medieval Scandinavia, with some serious side-eye to the later Nordic farmhouse brewing tradition. In this episode we will cover what exactly beer is, and what separates the global industrial brewery from its historical household counterpart. Cheers! Support Brute Norse: Music: Edvard Grieg, "Aa grisen hadde eit...


[ASMR PAGAN MEDITATION] "Norse warriors carrying infant king Hákon over frosty mountains"

Pagan Víkingr ASMR galdor meditation for boosting fertility, virility, muscle mass, and arrogance, balancing friendship, honor, and encourage much skoling. April fools!


[ASMR VIKING PAGAN] Viking Meditation for Homesick Raiders & Sleepy Slaves "Night in cozy barn"

Pagan Norse ASMR for Homesick Raiders + Sleepy Irish Thralls for auspicious dreams and increasing serenity and bliss (with goats, chickens, milkmaid, pigs + many viking animals playing, eating hay) April Fools!


Ep. 16: Kinky Runestones from Outer Space

Join Eirik for a counter-cultural walk on the wild side as he looks at some of his favorite pieces of bogus and fringe literature on the subject of pre-Christian Scandinavia, from Kjell Aartun's runic sex cults to the seedy, folk-etymological mysteries of the so-called Bock Saga, before finally landing on the forgotten, acid drenched sci-fi works of Norway's favorite outlaw, the infamous Black Metal musician Varg Vikernes. To support Brute Norse:


Ep. 15: Pagan Christmas

In this episode Eirik shares what the holidays mean to him as a homesick barbarian/contrarian, and covers some of the many yuletide horrors past folks had to put up with. And concerning the paganism of Christmas: Norse religious festivals were determined according to a lunisolar calendar, so when exactly did the vikings celebrate jól, what exactly is its relationship to the winter solstice, and why does any of that matter to you and me?


Ep. 14: The Archaeology of Evil Dead

In this episode, Eirik and Aksel catch up after several months of disconnect and get up to speed with some of their favorite archaeological news of 2018. They speculate on the contents of prehistoric alcoholic beverages, muse on recent incidents on North Sentinel Island, analyze Danish gang wars in light of warlike honor-shame societies and Norse sexual defamation, look at the so-called Staffordshire hoard helmet, and find some odd historical parallels to the Evil Dead franchise.


Ep. 13: Supernatural Islands and the Folks that Live There

Vineyards and wheat fields forever! In this episode Eirik takes a long, hard look at the belief in supernatural isles in Northern Europe. Our fantastic odyssey begins with the Norse discovery of America and its peculiar ties to scholarly hearsay in the Middle Ages, before we go on to address the rampant abundance of vanishing isles along the Scandinavian coast. Other more or less tackled subjects include: Minimally counterintuitive concepts, order from chaos 101, imperialist pigs and...


Ep. 12: Wetland Sacrifice pt. 2 - Let the bodies hit the bog

In the conclusion to our wetland venture, Aksel and Eirik take an up close and personal look at some of our favorite bog bodies. We go knee deep Roman and Migration Era weapon sacrifices, and dive into bog butter, bog milk, and bog cheese, exploring the wonders of ancient refrigeration and self-tanning (turning your face into shoe-leather).


Ep. 11: Wetland Sacrifice pt.I - Battle Axes and Cranium Cults

Eirik and Aksel begin their journey into the bogs of Northern Europe. They look at water symbolism in Norse mythology and burial rites, the emergence of water depositions in the Mesolithic though the Bronze Age, and mentally prepare for the gim reality of Iron Age human sacrifice.


Ep.10: Talking living history and brutality with Dieter Huggins

In this episode we are joined by Wulfheodenas founding member, archaeologist/cage fighter Dieter Huggins. Beyond him spouting wisdom from his life on the forefront of living history, here are some of the things you'll find in this veritable smörgåsbord of an interview: - The current state of Dark Age living history. - Funerary pageantry among early Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxons. - The regulation of violence past and present, from warbands to the UFC, and the ambivalence of the warrior...


Ep.9: The Chronologies of Ancient Scandinavia pt.III: Pillaging the past

In the final segment of the Chronologies of Ancient Scandinavia, Eirik and Aksel tackle the slippery slope of commodification of viking heritage, its uses and abuses. Can our admiration for our thieving, hyperviolent ancestors be morally justified? Let's find out!


Ep.8: The Chronologies of Ancient Scandinavia pt.II: Proto-Juiciness

In this part, Aksel and Eirik get into the actual timeline of Scandinavian prehistory with an emphasis on the Bronze and Iron Ages, including the Viking Age. We talk about the materiality of these periods, the language, and regional variation, before we segway drunkenly into our own snobbery.


Ep.7: The Chronologies of Ancient Scandinavia pt.I: Turning gold into shit since 10,000 BC!

Aksel joins the podcast once again to help unravel the dense issue of Scandinavian chronology. We start off softly with a primer on the origin and development of the ages themselves, from the Greek concept of the Golden Age, to the timeline of modern archaeology, before we get into how the Norsemen developed their own system of ages based on surprisingly scientific criteria.


Episode 6: "Ginnungagap, The Boundless Enclosure" (reading), and the Trollish Theory of Art

The giants called: They want their primeval chaos back! This episode features a cosmic horror reimagining of the Norse myth of creation, adapted from my essay "The Trollish Theory of Art: a scandifuturist art creation myth", published in the recent darkness-edition of Scandinavian Kunstforum. Afterwards, I give a quick overview of Norse poetic morbidity, and pitch a few thoughts on how a philosophy based on Nordic folklore and mythology could inform our perception of traditional and modern...


Episode 5: A Supernatural Guide to the Oseberg Ship

In this surprise Halloween special, we take a look at the strange and trippy story of the Oseberg ship, and of how a Brooklyn clairvoyant may have caused the discovery of the world's most extravagant Viking Age burial.


Episode 4: Barbarian Warlords of Free Germania (Pt.2)

In this episode, archaeologist Aksel Klausen takes us deeper into the dark woods of Germania Libera. We take a look at Germanic, Hunnic, and Roman identity, and see how some kingdoms looked to the Romans - or the gods - to legitimize their power. On the way, we also find the time to consider Germanic animal ornament as an expression of surrealist art, and runes and writing in a non-written, storytelling culture.


Episode 3: Barbarian Warlords of Free Germania (part 1)

Prehistorian Aksel Klausen joins the Brute Norse Podcast to swill wine and chat about ring symbolism, weapon sacrifice, kingship, and the emergence of the ancient Germanic warrior elites. This is the first part of a two-part interview.


Episode 2: What The Romans Did For Us

The Germanic tribes are often credited with the destruction of the Western Roman Empire. There are no Roman roads in Scandinavia, still the empire resonated in the cultural memory of the Vikings. From Teutoburger Wald to the Taliban, Brute Norse joins forces with Krister Vasshus, PhD student in onomastic sciences at the University of Bergen, to discuss just how far the Roman shadow fell beyond its Northern border.


Episode 1: The Archaeology of Emotion with Leszek Gardeła

In this first episode I had a talk with Leszek Gardeła, assistant professor of archaeology at the University of Rzeszów, Poland, about the ambiguity of magic, morbid viking burials, and the ethics of studying the dead. Music by Eirik Storesund and KB Hus.