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Ep.8: The Chronologies of Ancient Scandinavia pt.II

In this part, Aksel and Eirik get into the actual timeline of Scandinavian prehistory with an emphasis on the Bronze and Iron Ages, including the Viking Age. We talk about the materiality of these periods, the language, and regional variation, before we segway drunkenly into our own snobbery.


Ep.7: The Chronologies of Ancient Scandinavia pt.I

Aksel joins the podcast once again to help unravel the dense issue of Scandinavian chronology. We start off softly with a primer on the origin and development of the ages themselves, from the Greek concept of the Golden Age, to the timeline of modern archaeology, before we get into how the Norsemen developed their own system of ages based on surprisingly scientific criteria.


#6: Ginnungagap, The Boundless Enclosure (reading), and the Trollish Theory of Art

The giants called: They want their primeval chaos back! This episode features a cosmic horror reimagining of the Norse myth of creation, adapted from my essay "The Trollish Theory of Art: a scandifuturist art creation myth", published in the recent darkness-edition of Scandinavian Kunstforum. Afterwards, I give a quick overview of Norse poetic morbidity, and pitch a few thoughts on how a philosophy based on Nordic folklore and mythology could inform our perception of traditional and modern...


Episode 5: A Supernatural Guide to the Oseberg Ship

In this surprise Halloween special, we take a look at the strange and trippy story of the Oseberg ship, and of how a Brooklyn clairvoyant may have caused the discovery of the world's most extravagant Viking Age burial.


Episode 4: Barbarian Warlords of Free Germania (Pt.2)

In this episode, archaeologist Aksel Klausen takes us deeper into the dark woods of Germania Libera. We take a look at Germanic, Hunnic, and Roman identity, and see how some kingdoms looked to the Romans - or the gods - to legitimize their power. On the way, we also find the time to consider Germanic animal ornament as an expression of surrealist art, and runes and writing in a non-written, storytelling culture.


Episode 3: Barbarian Warlords of Free Germania (part 1)

Prehistorian Aksel Klausen joins the Brute Norse Podcast to swill wine and chat about ring symbolism, weapon sacrifice, kingship, and the emergence of the ancient Germanic warrior elites. This is the first part of a two-part interview.


Episode 2: What The Romans Did For Us

The Germanic tribes are often credited with the destruction of the Western Roman Empire. There are no Roman roads in Scandinavia, still the empire resonated in the cultural memory of the Vikings. From Teutoburger Wald to the Taliban, Brute Norse joins forces with Krister Vasshus, PhD student in onomastic sciences at the University of Bergen, to discuss just how far the Roman shadow fell beyond its Northern border.


Episode 1: The Archaeology of Emotion with Leszek Gardeła

In this first episode I had a talk with Leszek Gardeła, assistant professor of archaeology at the University of Rzeszów, Poland, about the ambiguity of magic, morbid viking burials, and the ethics of studying the dead. Music by Eirik Storesund and KB Hus.


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