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What's in a Name? - The Full Moon Names Bonus Episode

During the Super-Duper, Bluer, Blood Moon episode Pat and Eric did some research on the names of all the full moons throughout the year. It was some really good stuff but it was too long to fit into that episode, so here is a bonus episode with all the full moon names. We hope you enjoy!


The Super-Duper, Bluer, Blood Moon

A good friend of the podcast, Kelby, asked about the super blue blood moon over on the But Daddy Why Facebook page. Pat and Eric don't really need much of an excuse to talk about stuff in outer space, especially the moon. So for everyone who was curious about the super blue blood moon in January get ready for the details. Pat and Eric will break down what a supermoon is, what a blue moon is, and even explain why a total lunar eclipse turns the moon red instead of making it disappear....


There is Something Fishy about April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is a thing but why? Pat and Eric did some research to find out and they came up with some interesting stuff. This story has paper fish, calendar confusion, mythology (of course), and a major religious figure's circumcision.


One Horn and No Corn - The Unicorn Story

Pat and Eric were asked “Why are they called unicorns? Where does the corn come into play? Shouldn’t they be called unihorns?” They answer this question and tell the story of how unicorns came to be.


Foosball Tomfoolery and Soccer's Etymology

A listener asks why tabletop soccer is called foosball, in the process of answering that, Pat and Eric stumble into the origin of the word soccer and how it is England's fault that Americans use that word.


If Oct Means 8 Why is October Month Number 10?

So we all know an octopus has 8 legs, an octagon has 8 sides so by that logic October should be month number 8... but it isn't. In this episode Pat and Eric explain why and they discover a whole host of other screwy things about the calendar as well.


Why Haven't We Gone Back to the Moon? (👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻🎙🌎🚀🌔❓)

If you are like Pat you may have wondered why we haven't gone back to the moon, or you may be surprised to find out we haven't been to the moon in over 40 years. Either way, this is the episode for you. We did the research so you don't have to wade through a ton of conspiracy theories and nonsense. Now you too can know why we haven't gone back to the moon.


Three strikes and you’re out, Baseball gets weird

Have you ever wondered why baseball doesn’t use a time clock. Why are there nine innings? Why are there three strikes and four balls? Why are there three bases and a home plate? Why is the pitcher called a pitcher… not a thrower? Rest easy, Pat and Eric have you covered, this is the baseball episode. P.S. They are going to say knickerbocker more than once.


Like a Virgin... The Olive Oil Episode

No... this is not about Popeye's girlfriend. This started as a legitimate "but daddy why" question from Eric's son. He wanted to know why virgin olive oil is called "virgin." Pat and Eric couldn't resist... after all this is the But Daddy Why podcast... so here is more than you probably ever wanted to know about olive oil. and... If you are curious about Popeye's girlfriend... go ask your mom!


If You Thought Krampus Was Awful... Bonus Out-Take

Krampus isn't the only friend of Santa Claus that has a disreputable past... Pat and Eric found 8 more including a flesh eating cat, a scarecrow that was struck by lightning, and a nice old lady who wants to rip your guts out and replace them with garbage.


Krampus: The Dark Side of Santa's Naughty List

WARNING: If you haven't had the Santa Claus talk with you kids this episode may not be suitable for them. As long as there has been a Jolly old Saint Nicholas, there has also been Krampus. Originally Krampus played the role of "Bad Cop" to Saint Nick's "Not quite as bad cop"; but as time has wore on Krampus has become lost to the annals of history while Saint Nick has evolved into that ripe Jolly old elf we all know as Santa Claus. So who is this Krampus and why is it such a good idea to...


Saturn is Hungry and Pluto gets the Shaft

Ever look at Saturn and wonder why it has rings or are you still confused about why you grew up in a solar system with nine planets but kids today are growing up in one with only eight? Pat and Eric have your back so you can answer mostly accurately why Saturn has rings and why Pluto is no longer considered a planet. Plus they talk a little Greek/Roman mythology.


All the ways Hot Dogs get ruined... Bonus Out-Take

So clearly 30 mins was not enough for Pat and Eric to talk about the wonder that is the Chicago Style Hot Dog. Here is a bonus out take in which they talk about how the hot dog is eaten in other parts of the United States.


Ketchup is not for the Dogs - The Chicago Hot Dog Episode

The Chicago-style hot dog is an institution, Pat and Eric are both hardcore enthusiasts of this tube meat delicacy. There are many ways you can eat a hot dog... there is only one right way. In this episode you will learn why the Chicago-style hot dog is the correct way. You will also learn why ketchup/catsup is a garbage condiment... spoiler... mushrooms are involved.


The City Nickname Quiz - Bonus Out-take

This is a bonus out-take, It didn't make the cut for the last episode, but we thought it was good enough to share, and hopefully tide you over until the next episode of But Daddy Why!


A Couple of Wind Bags in the Windy City

Ever wonder where cities get their nicknames? Pat and Eric did so the did a little research to give you the skinny on "The Windy City", "The Big Easy", and "The Big Apple". Two of them are related... the other one has it's origin in an awful contest to win another nickname related to swine. Dust off your headphones it's time for another episode of But Daddy Why!


Who are You Calling an Idiom?

Episode15: This one has idioms... all of the idioms... ok not all of the idoms more like 5-6 idoms. In this episode Pat and Eric share some of their favorite idioms, their meanings, and the stories behind them. They also answer a few listener questions about idoms as well. All in all not a bad way to kill some time.


Bringing the BOOM - Gods of Thunder... and Horse Spiders

Episode 14 is finally here! Pat and Eric are going to tell you what thunder really is and how it happens. Then they will tell you a bunch of crazy stuff we used to believe about thunder. They’ll throw in a horse spider for good measure… and there will be some Thundercats references, Listen up… you know you want to!


Triskaidekaphobia Ain't No Joke!!!

Episode 13 wasn't happening without a fight... In this episode Pat and Eric are forced to embrace their triskaidekaphobia...


Is That a Baby In Your Mouth? - This Episode is for the Birds!

Ever watch the movie Dumbo or look at a greeting card and wonder what the stork has to do with the the proceess of childbirth. Never fear Pat and Eric are ready to break down the the Stork theory of child birth for you. Along the way they are going to coin the term "Cowardly Parenting"... you probably don't want to fit into that category. So hear is the deal... this episode is about sex... you have been warned! They will be talking about that special hug that mommies and daddies do to invite...