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24: The Owhyee War

They say good fences make good neighbors. But what if your neighbor was trying to steal thousands of dollars of precious metals from you? In 1868 on War Eagle Mountain near Silver City, Idaho two mine shafts ran into each other, sparking off a war between the miners that would end up killing 6 men, including one of the pioneers of the Boise Basin, J. Marion Moore. The hero of Lloyd Magruder story, Hill Beachy was also a key player in this event. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss...


23: The Nampa Image

In 1889 some men were digging a well near Nampa, Idaho when they came across an object of archaeological interest. It was a small clay figure of a woman, said to be two million years old. This is considered to be an out of place artifact. Could it be evidence humans were living in North America long before sceience says it was possible? Or is this just a historical hoax?


22: Haunted Cascadia

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week we will take a trip around Cascadia to look for ghosts. We will start out at the Hot Lake Resort in Lagrande, Oregon where Ben had some of his own experiences. From there we will get on the highway toward Ontario where we can Malhuer Butte, home of witches and imps. Then we will will go East on 1-84 headed toward Albion, Idaho home of the Albion State Normal School, with plenty of ghosts to go around. Finally, jump on a plane and end up in Washington State where we...


21: The Lava Lake Murders

In the fall of 1923, three men from Bend, Oregon went to an isolated cabin in the woods to trap furs to make a little extra cash. The next spring, Edward Nickols, Roy Wilson, and Dewey Morris were found dead in the lake near their cabin. Each man had been lured out of the cabin, shot and beat to death. The only suspect was a man named Charles Kimzey, an escapee from the Old Idaho Penitentiary. But some think he did not act alone. This case is also known as the Trapper Murders. Don't forget...


20: Northwest Cryptids

Have you ever seen anything strange in the woods? This episode is all about creatures that science has yet to explain. You will hear about the Bear Lake Monster of Southern Idaho, Batsquatch of Washington State, the Little Devils of Owyhee County, Idaho, the Bandage Man of Cannon Beach, Oregon, and legend of the Kushtaka of the native Alaskan peoples. Also, what is up with all of the lake monsters in British Columbia?


19: The Mad Trapper of Rat River

A man led police on a chase lasting weeks in the bitter cold and snow above the Arctic Circle. He killed one officer and wounded two more, but no one knows why he was running. He ran for more than a month, but never said a word to the officers chasing him. No one knows who he was, or what he was doing in Canada's Northwest Territories to begin with. The mystery shall endure, possibly forever.


18: Seattle and Walla Walla Vigilantes

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke This week we will explore vigilante movements in Washington State, especially in Seattle and Walla Walla. Join us for this fascinating history.


17: The Legend of The Almo Massacre

The Almo Massacre was one of the most terrible events on the Oregon Trail, with a wagon train of 300 almost being completely wiped out by natives. The story of which has been passed down through oral histories of the area since the 1860s. But did it even happen?


16: The City of Rajneeshpuram, Oregon

Rajneeshpuram, Oregon was a town in central Oregon that only existed for a few short years in the early 1980's. Built by the followers of an Indian guru, there was plenty of free love to go around. But there was also a deep paranoia that forced these cult members in to confrontations with their neighbors. Learn who these people were, how they built a city in the desert, and how it all came crashing down.


15: Ghost Towns, part 2

Who doesn't love a good ghost town? This week we talk about six more Northwest Ghost towns.


14: The Mystery of Flight 956

Our tribute to Thinking Sideways. On October 1, 1966, West Coast Airlines Flight 956 took off from Eugene, Oregon en route to Portland. On the way, it would crash into a mountain, killing everyone aboard. The cause of the crash is still shrouded in mystery.


13: Pacific Northwest Wildfires

This week we give an overview of some of the major fires in the Northwest and talk about how our attitudes and approaches to fire fighting has changed.


12: How the Confederacy Saved the Whales

Or How the Last Shots of the Civil War were fired in the Pacific Northwest. The CSS Shenandoah's mission was to destroy any Union commerce ship it could find. And it was quite successful at that. Find out how the Confedarcy saved the whales on this episdoe. Make sure you are subscribed, so you don't miss any of our episodes.


11: To Hang the Sheriff: The David Updyke Story Part 2

And then Updyke found religion, repented of his sins, and everyone lived happily ever after. Right? Wrong. His wave of terror continued, and he was eventually taken out, the hard way. This is the exciting conclusion of the David C. Updyke story.


10: To Hang the Sheriff: The David Updyke Story Part 1

This is a true Wild West story. David Updyke was a native New Yorker who came west to mine gold. He would end up as sheriff of Ada County, Idaho after being installed to that office by agents of Henry Plummer, the infamous outlaw and sheriff of Bannack, Montana. Updyke used his position to allow his gang of outlaws to terrorize the countryside. Until a young Billy McConnell stood up to the bullies. *Also, make sure you listen for that next clue in the Silver Skull Treasure Hunt.* Orginal...


9: Common Criminal History Throughout the Decades

For this episode, Jeff let Ben take the reigns. Pirate treasure, curses, gold, murder, robberies, prison. Its all in this episode, inexplicably. Ben will lead us from the 1500's to modern day, telling us tales of criminal behavior, and what punishment that has brought. Also, remember to listen for the next clue in the Silver Skull Treasure Hunt. This treasure is gaurenteed to be curse free, and you don't have to kill for it.


8: The Nez Perce War

When The Lewis and Clark Expedition came through the Northwest, the Nez Perce People greeted them with open arms. A generation later, the Nez Perce were at war with the settlers. The army took up the fight and chased the natives for hundreds of miles before Young Chief Joseph was forced to surrender. Like so many other tragedies during this time, the lust for gold started it all.


7: The Cursed Gold of Pitt Lake

A man was hung for murder. On the gallows, he uttered a curse that would cause anyone that tried to find his gold to die. Many have tried, many of have died, but still people look for this lost mine. Is it a curse, or just really hard to get to? The truth might have died with Slumach.


6: Some Weird Northwest Happenings

The Northwest is a strange place. In this episode, we explore some of that weirdness. From blobs raining from the sky that make people sick, to the mummy of John Wilkes Booth residing in Idaho, this episode is really weird. And make sure you stick around after the episode for that first Silver Skull Treasure Hunt Clue


5: The Magruder Party Massacre

Gold, greed and murder. This week we take a look at the incident that led to the first legal hangings in the Idaho Territory. We'll even throw in a premintion for good measure. Stay tuned after the show for a special announcement from our very own Ben Durbin.