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From government cover-up to mysterious deaths, powerful cabals to secret societies, alternative histories and the paranormal, sometimes the public doesn’t believe what we are told to believe. Join me as we explore the historical events and public state of mind that influenced the appeal and popularity of the most enduring alternative theories out there.

From government cover-up to mysterious deaths, powerful cabals to secret societies, alternative histories and the paranormal, sometimes the public doesn’t believe what we are told to believe. Join me as we explore the historical events and public state of mind that influenced the appeal and popularity of the most enduring alternative theories out there.
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From government cover-up to mysterious deaths, powerful cabals to secret societies, alternative histories and the paranormal, sometimes the public doesn’t believe what we are told to believe. Join me as we explore the historical events and public state of mind that influenced the appeal and popularity of the most enduring alternative theories out there.






Theoryology Bites: Last Thursdayism & Listener Updates

Episode 35: Theoryology Bites Time for a short Bonus Episode! Theoryology Bites is a bit of a side show idea to cover things that simply don't have any theoryology behind them. These are ideas, beliefs, and even conspiracy theories that didn't gain any traction in the public imagination....usually for good reason. Still, they are fun to talk about and this gives y'all a chance to hear about them without trying to create an episode that created a theoryology that wasn't there. Hopefully you...


Peak Oil, Twinkies and the Scarcity Principle

Episode 34 Welcome back Theoryologists! We are talking about the theory of Peak Oil. The Peak Oil theory has a long history, that, while coined in 1950’s, is rooted in studies and predictions going back to the late 19th century, and in short proposes that oil, as a limited and exhaustible resource, will reach a point of peak discovery, production and availability at some point. In other words, we will eventually figure out where all of it is hiding within the Earth’s crust, and when there...


The Story Keepers (w/ guest NK Kranda)

Episode 33 "Honor yourself because you survived." - NK Kranda These words encapsulate a unique and welcomed approach for those that have experienced the unexplained and inexplicable. And, it exemplifies the empathetic and generous nature of our guest today. On this episode of Conspiracy Theoryology, The Story Keepers. Joined by experience preservationist NK Kranda, as well as Travis, a personal experiencer with his own story to share, we explore the growing field of Experiencer Research,...


The Curse of the Petrified Forest

Episode 32 This episode we explore our fascination with the Petrified Forest, located in Arizona. Specifically we will discuss the curse that has been associated with this amazing National Park, and reported by visitors since the 1930s. I say reports, but they are really attempts to lift this curse by returning stolen pieces of petrified wood, often with letters explaining the streak of misfortune and bad luck that had been wrought upon them following their larcenous indiscretions. Now, it...


Jade Helm 15 and the Secret PsyOp (Part 3)

Episode 31 Welcome back, Theoryologists. We are wrapping up our discussion of Jade Helm 15 and addressing our suspicions that is was, at the very least, used as a convenient opportunity for psychological operations training. Conversely, and more likely, the social manipulation and psychological triggers introduced with the Jade Helm operation were intrinsic of the training exercise itself, intended all along within the planning of this operation. In part 1 of this series, I introduced you...


Jade Helm 15 and the Secret PsyOp (Part 2)

Episode 30 To some, it produces images of government controlled communications/mass media, telling the people only what the government wants them to hear. To others, it raises the horrid specter of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, practicing the technique of the "big lie" which has incorrectly become synonymous with "propaganda". Still to others, the mere mention of "psychological" operations or warfare invokes visions of "mind control" through some mysterious means of...


Jade Helm 15 and the Secret PsyOp (Part 1)

Episode 29 Welcome back, Theoryologists. When you hear the term “psyop”, in context of the military, what comes to mind? Does it conjure up thoughts of leaflet air drops? Radio broadcasts behind enemy lines? Loudspeaker announcements? Are you even familiar with the term at all? While for some it may conjure the thought of clandestine psychic warfare and espionage tactics, Psyop is, in fact, an abbreviation of the term “psychological operation”. These operations are defined by the...


Ancient Aliens And Instinctive Elaboration

Episode 28 Welcome back Theoryologists. What happens when your brain hears a question? In fact, the answer is just what happened when you heard my question. Interestingly, you focused in and everything else, at least for a moment, was put to the side while your mind attempted to address the question at hand. Neuroscience research has found that the human brain can only think of one thing at a time. According to the book Brain Rules, “we are biologically incapable of processing...


Ancient Aliens and Big History (Part 2)

Episode 27 Continuing the discussion of Ancient Astronaut Theory, this time we explore another approach to understanding history, known as Big History. This educational approach to the exploration of history is much more than a timeline of human history, or even of Earth history. Big History goes all the way back to the Big Bang as a starting point, and presents a timeline, in a narrative form, leading all the way to the modern era. It doesn't stop there, using this big picture approach to...


Ancient Aliens and Big History (Part 1)

Episode 26 Published in 1968, Chariot of the Gods?, written by Erich Von Daniken, sparked a movement of thought and belief that endeavored to rewrite our understanding of the origins of human civilization and advancement. Von Daniken proposed that the historical record was proof of ancient extraterrestrial visitation and intervention across nearly all of the developing cultures throughout antiquity. These records, comprised of ancient artwork, mythological and religious texts, and even...


BONUS - Mandela Effect - Patreon Teaser (w/ guest Mike Nelson)

BONUS - Patreon Teaser This week I have a bonus episode for you to enjoy. A heavily abridged version of the conversation I had with my guest host, Mike Nelson, over on Patreon. Mike and I explored the Mandela Effect as a follow up to the Food Pyramid episode which only briefly touched on the topic. Mike brought a fresh perspective and some great research and we had a great time! The entire discussion was about an hour and a half, so I pulled out about 30 minutes to highlight and give you a...


The Day Finland Didn't Exist

Ep. 25 - Finland Doesn't Exist In the Cold War era, Japan and the Soviet Union supposedly shared a secret about a stretch of the Baltic Sea between the Soviet Union and Sweden. Around the mid-20th century, the two nations collectively spread the idea that there was a landmass known as Finland on that stretch of ocean, to keep the good fishing between themselves. The Japanese were free to fish as much as they liked there without worrying about international laws, so long as they give a share...


The Day Sleep Paralysis Took Hold

Ep. 24 - Sleep Paralysis Why talk about sleep paralysis? Isn’t it usually just an explanation in itself for strange phenomenon? Actually, it’s not a definitive answer to all night time visions and experiences. Blaming sleep paralysis is simply blaming a physiological function as a means of dismissing strange experiences. Yet, it has become the go-to explanation, and we are eager to accept it as the reason for any sort of frightening tales of experience that remotely include aspects...


That's Not Romantic...It's Creepy!

Podswap - Burst Your Bubble Podcast A wonderful episode swapping project coordinated by the lovely and talented host and creator Moxie at Your Brain on Facts. Inspired by the days of comic strip artists swapping characters, this operation is meant to introduce new podcasts, not only to you the listener, but us as well, that we think our listeners will find interesting and enjoyable. Today, I have to pleasure of bringing you the 50th episode of the Burst Your Bubble podcast, with host...


The Day We Spontaneously Combusted

Episode 23 - Spontaneous Human Combustion This phenomenon, also known as SHC, probably because it gets old saying the full term pretty quickly in a long conversation, goes back hundreds of years and still befuddles investigators in cases today. This isn’t really a tale of the supernatural, although it certainly gives that vibe. It’s certainly paranormal in the very literal sense of being out-of-the ordinary. The term is used in different ways; By investigators and coroners as a means to...


The Day We Built a Food Pyramid

Episode 22 - The Food Pyramid Howdy Theoryologists. Let’s talk about the infamous USDA Food Pyramid. Think back to when you first saw it? That pyramid poster on the wall. When do you remember seeing it? Grade school? On TV? When was that? How old is that colorfully pyramid shaped stack of food? Regardless, that now infamous visual was meant to convey, in summary, the recommended dietary guidelines as outlined by the US Department of Agriculture. The food pyramid was controversial from it’s...


CT021 - The Day We Debunk The Skeptics

Episode 21 - Pseudo-Skepticism Howdy Theoryologists. Today we are discussing the broad brush stroke term “skepticism”, and specifically the misuse and mislabeling of a falsely skeptical approach that hides an objective of debunking. See, underlying any topic we have had, or might have in the future on Conspiracy Theoryology, is the skeptical perspective. That point of view which says “I’m not just taking this at face value,” and rightly so. There would be no such thing as a conspiracy...


CT020 - The Day Space Went Flat (Flat Earth Theory Pt. 3)

Episode 20 - Flat Earth Theory (Part 3) Howdy Theoryologists. This time we will really pull together the reason for first exploring the concepts of belief and perception. I knew we would need to have a good context of those idea before we jumped into the evolution of flat earth theory. Our discussions previously have approached Flat Earth as a proposed idea. Really a hypothesis to be tested and proven. But of course, we like to talk conspiracy, and yes, flat earth has it’s conspiracies. In...


CT019 - The Day Belief Persevered (Flat Earth Theory Pt. 2)

Episode 19 - Flat Earth Theory (Part 2) Howdy Theoryologists. Let’s continue our discussion on Flat Earth Theory. In part 1, we focused on the history of modern flat earth theory, it’s introduction in the mid-nineteenth century, and the contemporary philosophical musings at the time, which were opening up new thought on reality and existence. In our theoryology discussion we explored the beginnings of existential thought being introduced by Soren Kierkegaard, and dove into the psychology of...


CT018 - The Day The Earth Fell Flat (Flat Earth Theory Pt. 1)

Episode 18 - Flat Earth Theory (Part 1) This is the theory to end all theories. Flat earth posits that our understanding of earth as a heliocentric globe is, at best, a misguided and faulty understanding of the physical nature of our world. At worst, a concerted effort to propagate a lie, contrary to our observation and perceptions of the world around us. In this first part of our three part series, it will be helpful to understand the history surrounding the modern origins of flat earth...