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Episode Nine: Planes, Motorcycles, & Automobiles

Beatrice Shilling was all about speed and efficiency. She modified her Norton M30 (a schmancy motorbike) so she could rip up the Brooklands motor circuit at speeds of 100+ miles per hour, and she fixed serious little problem the British air force was facing in WWII - a problem which was causing their fighter planes to literally stop working while in mid-air, surrounded by Nazis. I mean, c'mon!


Bonus Episode: Girls Talk Math! Part 2

It's part two of the Girls Talk Math bonus episode! We're bringing you mini-sodes about historical math femmes.


Bonus Episode: Girls Talk Math! Part 1

Surprise, it's a bonus episode! We're bringing you stories about lady mathematicians from the Girls Talk Math summer camp.


Episode Eight: Girls Talk Math!

Sofya Kovalevskaya was a 19th century Russian Mathematician, novelist, and political activist. She was born into Russia at a time of political unrest and, well, pretty restrictive times for women. How restrictive? Like she literally had to fake a marriage so she could legally leave Russia and go to a country that would allow her to study past high school - and that's just the beginning of her story, my friends.


Episode Seven: Nuclear Physics, Nueroscience, and Chisme

Sameera Moussa was an early 20th century Egyptian nuclear physicist who held a doctorate in atomic radiation. She was the first woman at her Univeristy to earn a PhD in her field, and the first woman to hold a university post in any field there. Her research, among other things, worked to use nuclear technology for medical purposes, she saw it as a way to make medical care affordable to all. Sameera was a prominent figure not only at her university, but in her country and at an international...


Season Two Trailer!

The Femmes of STEM podcast returns October 15th! Listen to the Season Two trailer to meet the guests that will be joining us this season, and the historical women whose lives we'll be celebrating!


Bonus Episode: Decolonising Science 101

Surprise - you get a bonus episode! While the Femmes of STEM examines science and science history through a feminist lens, there's another framework near and dear to my queer, brown heart: postcolonial studies! How do postcolonialism and science intersect? Very deeply, it turns out. So in this bonus episode of the podcast, instead of our usual feature on a historical woman in science, we deviate from format to talk theory with Alexis Takahashi of the Free Radicals Collective. Let's get to it!


Episode Six: Bugs and Stuff

Maria Sibylla Merian was a 17th century middle class woman who studied bugs (and stuff) at a time when butterflies were considered demonic creatures and beetles were believed to spontaneously appear from the ground. Her fascination with bugs began at an early age (she had her very own silkworm farm at age 13!) and would be the subject of her painting, writing, and lifelong studies. If a proper young lady being interested in hell bugs doesn't catch your attention, stay for the dirt on her...


Episode Five: Mary Anning's Revenge

Mary Anning is a 19th century paleontologist responsible for the discovery of Dino-Age creatures such as ichthyosaurs, pleisosaurs, and pterosaurs. She hung out with and provided invaluable fossil specimens to classic White Dude Scientists like Georges Cuvier & Richard Owen, but despite her discoveries, Mary Anning didn't get sh*t. Meaghan Emery-Wetherell and Amy Atwater consider themselves her revenge - by running the super funny, super NSFW blog Mary Anning's Revenge. Join us to learn...


Episode Four: Woman As Scientist, Woman as Activist

Roger Arliner Young was an early 20th century american biologist. She is best known for being the first African American woman to earn a PhD in zoology - but her story is often presented as a sad, one sided cautionary tale. Join your host, Michelle Barboza-Ramirez, and guest Melissa Cristina Marquez, as they shut down this false narrative and tell you the whole story.


Episode Three: The Woman Entrepeneur

On today's episode, we talk about engineering + entrepreneurship! Beatrice Hicks was a 20th century American engineer, businesswoman, and founder of the Society of Women Engineers. Erin Winick, modern day mechanical engineer, CEO and founder of the Sci Chic STEM jewerly company, and proud member of the modern Society of Women Engineers joins us.


Episode Two: How Dare A Woman

Hello Femmes and friends, welcome back to the podcast! Today we present the very first Femmes of STEM guest episode. Hisorical femme Rachel Carson was a biologist and author, and is often credited with sparking the 20th century enviornmental movement. Today we discuss her life and legacy with guest Priya Shukla, a biologist, ecologist, and science communicator at the UC Davis Marine Bodega Laboratory.


Episode One: Not Bad For A Woman

Hello Femmes and friends! Join us this week to learn about 19th century geneticist Nettie Stevens + consider the effects of sexism and implicit bias on women in STEM.


Episode Zero: The Introduction

Welcome to the Femmes of STEM podcast! In this pilot episode, you'll learn what this podcast is about, how it came about, and what to expect from future episodes. Let's get acquainted, shall we?