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ATP 63: Take your editing on the road! Go mobile with LumaFusion

In this episode we speak with LumaTouch co-founder Terri Morgan about her years innovating mobile post production, the release of LumaFusion and the benefits of going mobile. Full HD editing on a mobile device using LumaFusion can be a game changer. This episode has the details.


ATP 62: Introducing STREAMER for Adobe Premier Pro by Score Addiction.

This episode is the first post NAB interview and we speak with the CEO of Score Addiction in Sydney, Australia Luke Gordon. Luke walks us through their new STREAMER plugin for Adobe Premier Pro and we talk video, audio, NAB and more!


ATP 61: How to expand your brand via Conferences, Social Media and Shear Hustle! Part 3

This is Part 3 in a series on personal branding and claiming your space in your chosen industry. Host Niel Guilarte discusses "the hustle", features our first Screen Grab Friday monthly winner Nick Montgomery and announces our new sponsor and supporters at www.stockmusic.net .


ATP 60: Girl Power, Video and More with Fabiana Lowe, Audio Visual Communications Manager for Shriner's International Headquarters

Fabiana is a communications professional with more than 14 years of experience in the fields of video production, marketing communications, journalism and translation. As the Audiovisual Communications Manager for Shriners International Headquarters, Fabiana is responsible for most corporate videography and her projects range from quality control and approval of national video campaigns to all-inclusive, in-house productions where she serves as cameraperson, producer and editor. Fabiana...


ATP 59: Introducing MediaWorkstations.net

Mediaworkstations.net makes real-time computing possible for creative and technical professionals. Founded by Christopher Johnson in 2010 this performance based computing company has exploded and is now poised to make a big splash for content creators, post pros and companies worldwide. We interview Christopher and discuss the product offerings and state of computing in the industry today.


ATP 58: How to expand your brand via Conferences, Social Media and Shear Hustle! Part 2

In Part 2 of How to expand your personal brand via Conferences, Social Media and Shear Hustle, host Niel Guilarte introduces his proven strategy for growing an a social presence from scratch. He outlines how to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in tandem to create an experience for followers and to increase your social engagement.


ATP 57: How to expand your brand via Conferences, Social Media and Shear Hustle! Part 1

ATP Host Niel Guilarte shares his personal journey from long time editor and videographer to entrepreneur, speaker, coach and film maker. This is part one of a three part series on growing a personal brand, getting out from behind the cubicle and becoming the front man. Take notes as Niel provides a step by step guide that when executed can lead you to new places!


ATP 56: Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story Documentary Exclusive

We get the exclusive on the all new Gamertag Radio documentary film produced and edited by Hall of Fame podcaster and founder of Gamertag Radio Danny Peña! Danny shares his journey to make his first film and surprises our listeners with HOW he edited it! You have to listen to be inspired and it will shock you! Learn more at www.gamertagradio.com


ATP 55: Introducing Transcriptive by Digital Anarchy

CEO of Digital Anarchy Jim Tierney returns to share his new transcription plugin for Adobe Premier Pro! Hot off of his release at the IBC conference in Amsterdam Jim gives us all of the details.


ATP 54: Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday! On this episode we celebrate three years of podcasting, share some insights, talk about new gear and some special fiends with you and us a happy third birthday!


ATP 53: Virtual Reality Realized with Chris Bobotis of Mettle.

Chris Bobotis is at the forefront of the virtual reality race and his company Mettle is creating the toolset for content creators to move the needle forward with this incredible technology. On this episode Chris shares the history of VR, his companies position in the space and we talk about the future of VR 360 as well.


ATP 52: A World of Plugins with Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy

Jim Tierney is a leader in plugin development for video editors. His company Digital Anarchy is a leader in plugins such as Beauty Box and Samurai Sharpening Tool. We talk about the digital world he plays in and how he sees the future.


ATP 51: Happy New Year! Divergent Media Updates and New Releases

Divergent Media CEO discusses the EditReady transcoding tool, ScopeBox and their new OneLight stand alone player. Review without transcoding! This episode educates listeners on all that Divergent offers and discontinued products as well.


ATP 50: Introducing Switcher GO!

We talk with Nick Mattingly of Switcher Studio for the second time since Episode 37. Nick introduces Switcher Go which is pecially designed for video creators on-the-go, this free app lets you do more than just point-and-shoot so your videos are engaging and easy to share no matter where you are. We talk Go and Switcher Studio in this episode. Learn more at www.switcherstudio.com


ATP 49: Documentary Update, Final Cut Pro X refresh and Focusrite Studio test.

Host Niel Guilarte updates listeners on his recent podcast documentary, The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary (www.themessengersdoc.com) and provides a personal product review of the Focusrite studio bundle, discusses his recent Tascam.com feature and provides his personal insight on the recent refresh and update of Final Cut Pro X by Apple.


ATP 48: Terrible Two's! Its our 2nd Birthday!

We launched on August 1, 2014 and 48 episodes later and 16,000 plus downloads later we are still here! Podcasters like Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Danny Pena of Gamertag Radio wish us Happy Birthday!


Introducing A Muslim Pearl in a Western Shell

Not long ago at Podfest 2016 in Tampa Khadija Bazzi Hamdar had an idea. She wanted to create a podcast that would help educate listeners on Islam and dispel all of the myths and misunderstandings of the faith. Her goal was to show that ISIS bends the faith and its core values to manipulate and deceive and she wanted to add her Western views on it as well. Khadija was born in Canada and has already caused a stir with the show. Her Facebook threads are filled with angry listeners and...


ATP 46: "Running Rampant", Orlando United and Final Cut Pro X.

Stefanie Mullen of Rampant Design Tools drops by to talk about the back end of her company, how the Orlando attacks and tragedy have had an impact on business and we talk Final Cut Pro, Motion 5 and more!


ATP 45: Introducing Blue Collar Post Collective West!

The ladies of Blue Collar Post Collective return to All Things Post with a huge announcement! They are going bi-coastal launching the BCPC West on June 11, 2016 in Los Angeles. We welcome founders Katie Hinsen and Janis Vogel along with Kylee Pena of BCPC West for a candid interview about what got them where they are today and their vision for the future.


ATP 44: Introducing a new documentary on podcasting.

Executive producer Chris Krimitsos has spearheaded the creation and execution of the Podfest conference. In its 2nd year, Podfest has attracted beginners, independents and pros to learn from one another and share ideas. Now he has partnered with ATP host Niel J. Guilarte to produce his first documentary film on podcasting. Directed and produced by Niel Guilarte the film will take a four man unit across Florida and across the nation to capture the stories in person and unfiltered. Film...