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The podcast about women you've probably never heard of, but you should have.

The podcast about women you've probably never heard of, but you should have.
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The podcast about women you've probably never heard of, but you should have.




Episode 18: Josephine Cochrane and Bessie Stringfield

Rita's on an inventor roll. This week's woman is Josephine Cochrane, who designed and invented the first commercial dishwasher. Amanda shares the sometimes true, sometimes wildly fabricated story of Bessie Stringfield, the Motorcycle Queen of Miami. Along the way, Amanda shares stories of schools on fire and big lies no one should believe, but somehow do anyway. As always, please rate and subscribe if you're enjoying the show. Visit us on social media.


Episode 17: Valentina Tereshkova and "Stagecoach" Mary Fields

Perfect timing for this week's episode as Rita delves into Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. Amanda tries to do the story of Stagecoach Mary Fields justice. She was the second woman and first African American woman to have her own star route for the U.S. Postal Service, in the wilds of Montana, no less. As always, if you're enjoying the show, please rate and subscribe. Also visit us on our social media accounts! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idkherpodcast/ Twitter:...


Episode 16: Bessie Blount Griffin and Irena Sendler

Bessie Blount Griffin, inventor and forensic scientist, is brought to life by Rita this week. Amanda discusses Irena Sendler, a Holocaust hero who is credit with saving thousands of Jewish children. Please rate and subscribe to the show if you're liking what you're hearing. Also visit us on our social media accounts! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idkherpodcast/ Twitter: @IDKHerPodcast Instagram: @idkher_podcast Website: idkher.com


Episode 15: Ka'iulani and Helen Gibson

Join the ladies this week for a wild ride in women's history. Rita discusses Hawaii's Princess Victoria Kawekiu Ka'iulani and America's history of oppressing indigenous cultures. Amanda livens up the joint with the tale of Helen Gibson, the first professional stunt woman.


LIVE Episode Bonus Material

Rita and Amanda chat a little about segregation in schools and why it's still an issue, and correct a few of the things they said during the live show at GirlConNW.


Episode 14: LIVE at GirlCon - Barbara Johns and Jackie Mitchell

Join Rita and Amanda for a special live event at GirlConNW. They shift gears this week to talk about girls who made a difference. Rita talks about Barbara Johns, part of the landmark group of cases that led to school desegregation. Amanda discusses Jackie Mitchell, a teenaged pitcher who struck out Babe Ruth AND Lou Gehrig. A note on this episode: Rita and Amanda know very well the disparities in education, particularly with regards to students of color. Because this was an event for young...


Episode 13: Gertrude Ederle and Christina Vasa

The women's history expedition continues! Rita talks about Gertrude "Trudy" Ederle, swimmer extraordinaire. Amanda discusses Queen Christina Vasa, Sweden's young and scandalous queen.


Episode 12: Susannah Oland and Mary Edwards Walker

Beer fans, unite! Amanda tells the story of Susannah Oland--brewer and business owner extraordinaire whose legacy lives on today in one of the world's most popular beer brands. Rita follows up with the first and ONLY woman to ever receive the Medal of Honor. This story is truly one that everyone should be taught in every school across the U.S. As always, if you're enjoying the show, please subscribe and rate our podcast. It truly helps!


Episode 11 - Dr. Olivia J. Hooker and Dolores Huerta

Our hosts get personal on this episode. Amanda talks about Olivia J. Hooker, the last survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre and the first African American woman to join the Coast Guard. Rita's subject today is Latina activist Dolores Huerta, who helped improve the working and living conditions of migrant farm workers. Rita discusses how Huerta's activism directly impacted her family.


Episode 10: Ada Coleman and Noor Inayat Khan

All you obscure women's history fans will love Rita's subject this week: the first woman to become a professional bartender/mixologist, Ada Coleman. Amanda brings WWII spy, war hero, and literal princess Noor Inayat Khan to the table.


Episode 9: Phoolan Devi and Ruth Handler

Who doesn't love a good revenge plot? Trigger warnings abound as Amanda tackles the complex life of Phoolan Devi, the Bandit Queen, a woman who was brutalized and fought back. Rita lightens the mood with Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie and founder of Mattel. You'll also learn more than you ever wanted to know about the games girls play with dolls. It's another great round of women's history on I Don't Know Her, the podcast about women you've probably never heard, but should have. As...


Episode 8: Jeanne Baret and Alicia Alonso

This week Amanda discusses the strange and sometimes tragic story of Jeanne Baret, the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. Rita lightens the mood with the inspirational story of Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso. Tune in for the women's history stories and stay for the laughs. If you're enjoying the show, please subscribe and rate the podcast!


Episode 7: Caresse Crosby and Wilma Rudolph

This week features some fun stories about Lizzo, bras, running and more! Rita discusses Caresse Crosby, the bizarre woman who invented the bra. Amanda brings Olympic athlete Wilma Rudolph into the spotlight, the "fastest woman in the world." If you like this podcast, please rate and subscribe.


Episode 6: Junko Tabei and Camilla Williams

The ladies are out of their comfort zones this week. Amanda brings Junko Tabei to the table, the first woman to summit Mount Everest (and many other peaks). Rita tells us about Camilla Williams, an opera singer who broke barriers when she became the first African American soloist with the Vienna State Opera. If you're enjoying this podcast, please rate and subscribe!


Episode 5: Isadora Duncan and Louise Blanchard Bethune

A bisexual atheist commie who dies an unseemly death? What more could you want in a story? Tune in this week to hear about Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance. Meanwhile, Rita introduces us to Louise Blanchard Bethune, the first woman to become a professional architect. If you like this podcast, please rate and subscribe!


Episode 4: Lozen and Arlene Pieper

Amanda and Rita hit their stride! Join them as they discuss Lozen, a two-spirit Chiracahua Apache warrior, and Arlene Pieper, the first woman to finish a marathon (and a badass trail one at that). Don't forget to rate and subscribe!


Episode 3: Berta Zerón de García and Naziq al-Abid

IDK Her is going international this episode! Hailing from Mexico, daredevil Berta Zerón de García is Rita's pick of the day. She was the first woman to pilot a jet airplane, compete in air races, and skydive! Amanda introduces us to Naziq al-Abid, a revolutionary nicknamed "the Joan of Arc of Syria," who fought for women's rights and for the independence of her people. Don't forget to rate and subscribe!


Episode 2: Stormé DeLarverie and Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Amanda introduces us to former circus performer turned drag king Stormé DeLarverie, "the Rosa Parks of the gay community". Rita brings us on the journey of Rebecca Lee Crumpler, a young black woman who became the first woman to get her M.D. ***Correction: Stormé's long-term girlfriend was a dancer named Diana, not famed photographer Diane Arbus (though Diane did take Stormé's picture).*** Don't forget to rate and subscribe!


Episode 1: Shirley Muldowney and Esther Eng

On this inaugural episode of the show, Amanda brings Shirley Muldowney to the table, the first woman to receive a license from the National Hot Rod Association and the first to drive a Top Fuel Dragster. Rita will tell us about Esther Eng, a Chinese-American lesbian film director who became the first person to direct Chinese language films in the United States. Plus, get to know a little about Rita and Amanda as they discuss comediennes Ally Wong and Hannah Gadsby. Don't forget to...