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Genealogy podcast covering family history, research, tips, stories, interviews and more. With an initial focus on the UK and Ireland and moving beyond that in future.

Genealogy podcast covering family history, research, tips, stories, interviews and more. With an initial focus on the UK and Ireland and moving beyond that in future.


United Kingdom


Genealogy podcast covering family history, research, tips, stories, interviews and more. With an initial focus on the UK and Ireland and moving beyond that in future.




Southwark Park - a green oasis in London with a fascinating history

Southwark Park was the first major park for South London. Setup in 1869 to give 'fresh air' and help with the health of the local residents, it has hosted temperance meetings, political rallies and local sports events. Pat Kingwell, secretary of Southwark Park 1869, talks about how and why it was setup and what difference it made to the local population including stories about the people who backed it and how it has evolved over the last 150 years.


Researching military history with Graham Bandy of Living Military History

Graham Bandy shares lots of tips and insights into how to research your ancestors' military history including how to use military uniforms to identify regiments, medals and more. Major-General Philip de Fonblanque was one of my own ancestors and Graham found out lots of interesting facts about him including how he was very successful at Dunkirk.


A conversation about conservation and curation of children's toys with Will Newton of the V&A Museum

Will Newton takes us behind the scenes of the Museum of Childhood (part of the Victoria and Albert Museum) and shares plans for the future of the museum and its collection. Family toys connect us with previous generations plus we catch up with Pumpie the elephant and discuss conservation and donations and what to do to ensure your toys survive the decades.


Inherited or Ancestral Trauma - a conversation with Kimberly June

Did you know what you experience may not be 'yours'? It might be something carried down from a previous generation. Kimberly June explains how inherited (or ancestral) trauma works and how you can clear or stop this going onto future generations.


A conversation with Helen Tovey of Family Tree Magazine

Helen Tovey explains why rabbit holes can be useful when researching your family tree, how Family Tree Magazine got started, how it has changed over the decades and who it is aimed at. We talk about why she setup the Family Tree Study Club and much more. Plus the chance to buy the March 2021 digital edition of Family Tree Magazine for just 99p.


Stories: a conversation with storyteller Sas Huntwood

Stories are powerful, they connect the past with the present and bring our family to life. Storyteller Sas Huntwood explains why we need to record stories and gives us tips on how to get started.


A conversation with Charlie de Wet of the Huguenots of Spitalfields

Charlie de Wet setup the Huguenots of Spitalfields charity several years ago and is one of the leading experts on Huguenots in the UK. In our discussion we cover how and why the Huguenots came to England from France and Holland (they were the original refugees), what they did when they got here and how they are still influencing society today.


An interview with Libby Copeland about DNA testing

Have you considered doing a DNA test? If you have then listen to this podcast. Award winning author and journalist, Libby Copeland, explains how DNA tests work, which one is best and what you need to consider and do before you take the test. She shares some of the stories from her book "The Lost Family: How DNA testing is upending who we are", the good and bad surprises people discovered after their tests. We discuss genetic genealogy and how it helps find missing people and how DNA is not...


A conversation with author and publisher Amanda Davey

Amanda runs a family business, Tilia Publishing, and has published her grandfather Sir Harold Harding's autobiography. In this episode we discuss inherited research, publishing a memoir, dissenting religions including the Sandemanians, and the importance of fact checking.


A conversation with Ken Toll of the Guild of One Name Studies

Ken Toll is a former President of the Guild of One Name Studies. He shares some of his expertise and gives us tips for starting our own one name studies. And if you don't know what a one name study is then please listen to the podcast! It's a very useful way to record some of your family history.


A conversation with Jacqui Larsson - gemmologist and diamond specialist

Jacqui Larsson is an expert on diamonds and other precious stones. She can create a brand new personalised piece of jewellery for you. Or she can repurpose an inherited family heirloom. In this conversation she shares stories and tips on what to do with your inherited jewellery and how to look after it.


A conversation with Kerry Baldwin, expert in old handwriting and wills

Kerry is the Sussex Genealogist and specialises in Sussex research, paleography (the study of ancient writing systems) and transcription of old documents such as wills. In our conversation we cover family history researching in Sussex and resources available to help online. The history of handwriting plus lots of tips on how to read old handwriting, the format and contents of wills and how to make sense of an old will.


An Interview with author Kath Kirkland

Successful author Kath Kirkland shares her inspirations, stories, family history and tips for getting started with writing your family history.


A conversation with Jane Muddle - funeral celebrant

Jane Muddle is a funeral celebrant and helps families with planning funerals/celebrating the life of their loved ones. She shares stories and a few suggestions on how to make funerals memorable for the right reasons and how the celebration can be saved as an heirloom for the future.


Welcome to Journeys into Genealogy

Welcome to Journeys into Genealogy In this brief introduction I mention the different topics we will be covering on our journeys into family history across the world. They include tips, interviews, stories and guidance from local genealogy experts.