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Join "The Coach" and "Arlo" as they take listeners on a journey each week. Episodes will touch on Mysteries, Murders, The Missing, and general Mayhem.

Join "The Coach" and "Arlo" as they take listeners on a journey each week. Episodes will touch on Mysteries, Murders, The Missing, and general Mayhem.
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Join "The Coach" and "Arlo" as they take listeners on a journey each week. Episodes will touch on Mysteries, Murders, The Missing, and general Mayhem.




Episode 10 - Tiffany Whitton

At 2:00 AM on September 13, 2013 Tiffany Whitton entered a Wal-Mart in Marietta, GA with the intentions of shoplifting various items. However, once she is confronted by security she flees the store and is never seen again. This week's beer is from Red Hare Brewing Company in Marietta, Ga. Classic Pilsner & Gangway IPA. Find us on Podcoin and RadioPublic. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


Episode 9 - The Tromp Family

On a seemingly normal Monday, An Australian man takes his family on a road trip. Nothing about this trip is normal. 6 days and more than 1000 miles and a million questions later we still have no answers. Join Arlo & The Coach as they try and decipher this weird mystery. Find us on Apple iTunes and Podcoin. Beer of the week is Fosters, Australian for Beer This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


Episode 8 - The Jekyll Island Club

On a small island off the coast of Georgia there existed a private club founded by some of America's most powerful and wealthiest industrialists. Several notable historical events have taken place here, But does the island and the club itself hold darker secrets? Join Arlo & The Coach as they explore the mystery that is The Jekyll Island Club. Find us on Podcoin and the new RadioPublic app. This week's beer is Jekyll Brewing Company's Pony Ride Pale Ale. This podcast is powered by...


Episode 7 - Blair Adams

On July 11, 1996 a dead man is found at a construction site naked from the waist down severely beaten in Knoxville, TN. Scattered around his body was German, Canadian, & American currency totaling nearly $4,000. The man is identified as 31 year old Blair Adams of Surrey, British Columbia. Join Arlo and The Coach as they venture down the rabbit hole to figure out how Blair found his way to Knoxville and how he met his untimely death. Find us on Podcoin. Use the code #Brewspod for 300 free...


Episode 6 - Flight 2511

National Airlines Flight 2511 was a domestic flight from New York, New York to Miami, Florida that exploded in midair on January 6, 1960. The National Airlines Douglas DC-6 was carrying 5 crew members and 29 passengers, no one survived. The Civil Aeronautics Board investigation concluded that the plane was brought down by a bomb made of dynamite. The reason for the bombing has never determined. The prevailing thought is that a suicide bombing was the reason behind the explosion. The...


Episode 5 - Arnold & Ruby

On the morning of December 12, 1992, a car stopped at a remote intersection at the edge of the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation in Lake Andes, South Dakota. It was cold and the road was icy. The driver was 20-year-old Arnold Archambeau. With him was his girlfriend, 19-year-old Ruby Bruguier, and Ruby’s cousin, 17-year-old Tracy Dion. Join Arlo & Coach as they chase the rabbit to unravevl the mystery of what happened that cold December night in 1992. Find us on Podcoin, the podcast app that...


Episode 4 - Jennings 8

WARNING!!! This episode is extremely loud. Due to technical difficulties the volume of this episode is VERY loud. We apologize and are working diligently to fix the problem. Thank you for understanding. Between 2005 and 2009, 8 women from Jennings, Louisiana, in Jefferson Davis Parish, were murdered. Their bodies were dumped in ponds, ditches, and canals around town. Law enforcement have implied that a serial killer is on the loose. It’s been over a decade since the killings began, and the...


Episode 3 - Gary Sudbrink

An unannounced trip from Texas to New York becomes incredibly strange for a man named Gary Sudbrink. Strange questions from strange men, and a series of phone calls from an unknown entitiy make him question his own reality. Join Arlo and The Coach as they explore the mysterious case of Gary Sudbrink. You can see a transcript of the crazy phone calls on Find us on Podcoin where you get paid to listen. This podcast is...


Episode 2 - Corpsewood Manor Murders

In 1976 Dr. Charles Scudder and Joey Odom leave Chicago for rural Georgia to live out their retirement together on 40 acres bordering the John's Mountain Wildlife Area. This dream was cut short. Tales of deviant behavior, devil worshiping, and murder plague the small town of Summerville, GA. Find Us on Podcoin. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


Episode 1 - Yuba County 5

Episode Notes February 25, 1978 5 men leave a basketball game in Chico, California and for unknown reasons make a detour into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 4 men are found dead and 1 remains missing to this day. Find us on Podcoin. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.