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Each week, folklorist, author, and historian Jeff Belanger, and radio host Ray Auger explore a legend from somewhere in New England. Topics range from ghostly, unexplained, to the just plain weird.

Each week, folklorist, author, and historian Jeff Belanger, and radio host Ray Auger explore a legend from somewhere in New England. Topics range from ghostly, unexplained, to the just plain weird.
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Each week, folklorist, author, and historian Jeff Belanger, and radio host Ray Auger explore a legend from somewhere in New England. Topics range from ghostly, unexplained, to the just plain weird.




The Spectral Moose of Lobster Lake

In Episode 64 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger travel to Lobster Lake in Piscataquis, Maine, in search of a giant white moose that's been reported since 1891. Witnesses say the animal was a greyish white, and twice the size of a normal moose. For almost 50 years the sightings continued. Was it some rare version of Maine's most iconic animal, or was it something more paranormal? Join us as we go hunting legends in the woods of central Maine!


Halloween 2018 LIVE Special

Recorded LIVE Halloween morning! In Episode 63 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger takeover Ray's morning show on MY FM 101.3 to talk Halloween origins, legends, you get to hear two songs Jeff and Ray recorded previously, they talk scary movies, childhood memories, candy, and more! Please note this episode is not our typical format. We'll be back to our normal (well... normal for us) stories next week. Happy Halloween!


The Wicked Witch of Monroe

In Episode 62 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger cruise down to Monroe, Connecticut, in search of Hannah Cranna: The Wicked Witch of Monroe. Hannah died in 1860 and was loathed by everyone in town. She used her witchy reputation to get things she needed like food and firewood. If she didn't get her way, she was known to throw curses around like confetti. Many say she still haunts the road near her grave. Perhaps her final curse is still being executed...


Nine Men's Misery

In Episode 61 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger explore the woods around the old monastery in Cumberland, Rhode Island, in search of nine ghosts said to haunt this forest. Back in March of 1676 during the King Philip's War, something horrific happened on these grounds, and though that may be the beginning of the haunt, it's not the end of the story. More than a century later something happened that made a bad place worse. We're on the trail of ghostly apparitions and disembodied screams at Nine...


Archer's Pond Curse

In Episode 60 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger head over the area surrounding Archer's Pond in Ossipee, New Hampshire, in search of ghosts, curses, plagues, and the story behind an alleged mass murder. So many legends swirl around this place that it's tough to know where to begin, but after searching news archives and town records, we find there's something to all of the stories.


The Sedgwick Pie

In Episode 59 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger head over to Stockbridge Cemetery in the Berkshires of Massachusetts in search of pie... Sedgwick Pie, that is. The Sedgwick Pie is a unique configuration of graves and headstones inside the cemetery surrounding Theodore and Pamela Sedgwick. This family has ties to famous historical figures, pop culture celebrities, and a unique legend we've found nowhere else!


Montpelier's Black Agnes Cursed Grave

In Episode 58 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger saunter into Green Mount Cemetery in Vermont's capital city of Montpelier in search of the Black Agnes grave. They say if you sit on the statue’s lap... it would be bad. Very bad. But how did this grave earn that reputation? How is the person buried here tied to the local library? Do Jeff and Ray dare to test this legend?


Two Legends of Matinicus Rock Lighthouse

In Episode 57 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger sail out to Matinicus Rock Lighthouse off the coast of Maine in search of two legends. For years, lighthouse keepers and coast guard staff claimed the facility was haunted. But this facility is also the former home of a hero -- Abbie Burgess -- a young girl who, in 1856 saved her family from a brutal storm, and saved countless sailors and ships during some of the roughest seas this tiny island had ever endured. Could these two legends be more...


Connecticut's Melon Heads

In Episode 56 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger motor down Dracula Drive in Trumbull, Connecticut, in search of the mysterious Melon Heads. These small humanoids with enormous heads have been talked about in southwestern Connecticut for more than half a century. But who are they? Some monster? An alien? Or something else?


Narragansett Rune Stone

In Episode 55 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger walk the shores of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island searching for the ancient mystery of the Narragansett Rune Stone. This enigmatic rock may hold the key to European contact centuries before Christopher Columbus ever buckled his first shoe. Others claim this rock isn't what it seems. Still, it recently became the most famous rock in Rhode Island!


New Hampshire's Haunted Lake

In Episode 54 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger row out on Scoby Lake in Francestown, New Hampshire... a place better known by its official name: Haunted Lake (seriously)! How did this lake get that name? Is it really haunted, or just a story? Jeff and Ray find out!


The Black Flash of Provincetown

In Episode 53 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit the streets of Provincetown, Massachusetts, at night in search of the Black Flash -- a creature said to be cloaked in black, over eight feet tall, who lurks the streets of town late at night, leaping over tall fences and bushes. In the late 1930s his presence was known on the streets and in the newspapers, but who was he? And could he come back?


New England's Darkest Day

In Episode 52 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger mark the one-year anniversary of the podcast in the dark! On May 19, 1780, the skies over all six New England states turned black at 11 in the morning. The darkness lasted over 16 hours. Many believed this was judgment day and turned to their churches. Others turned to their taverns. What caused this strange phenomenon? And could it happen again?


Buried Alive in Vermont?

In Episode 51 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Vermont, in search of the final resting place of Timothy Clark Smith -- a man who suffered from taphephobia -- the fear of being buried alive. Smith's 1893 grave was designed with a chimney and a window. Why did he do it? And what's down there?


Razor Shins

In Episode 50 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger head to the forests of northern Maine on a quest to find Razor Shins -- an immortal monster in search of alcohol. When Maine loggers left out an acceptable offering, Razor Shins could prove helpful. If they failed to leave him hooch, he could turn deadly... Razor Shins is reminiscent of an ancient song and story about John Barleycorn. Do Jeff and Ray break into song for the first time in 50 episodes? Is that why Jeff brought his guitar on this...


Hartford: New England's First Witch Execution

In Episode 49 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit the site of America's first witch trial and execution in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. Then they travel north of Hartford to Windsor to speak with author Beth Caruso about Alse Young, the first victim. We'll learn Young wasn't alone, and this was decades before the 1692 Salem trials. Did Connecticut cover-up their own witch trials?


The Devil Left His Mark in Rhode Island

In Episode 48 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit North Kingstown, Rhode Island, in search of a footprint left by devil himself. Back in Colonial times they say a Native American girl murdered a white man and then made her way down to a rock in North Kingstown where she encountered the devil who dragged her off to her doom. But is this more than just a story?


Ruth Colbath - A Woman Who Waited

In Episode 47 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit the Russell-Colbath house near the Kancamagus Highway in Conway, New Hampshire, to learn about Ruth Colbath; a woman who waited. In September of 1891, Ruth's husband Thomas left their home one afternoon and didn’t return. Each night for the next 39 years Ruth lit a lantern and set it in the window for him. But whatever became of Thomas?


The Legend of the Boston Massacre

Episode 46 -- Our Independence Day Special! Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit Boston's North End and swing by Paul Revere's house to discuss the Boston Massacre. On March 5, 1770, five colonists were killed in the streets of Boston by British soldiers. Six more were wounded. The event became known as the Boston Massacre. This tragedy helped start a revolution because of a now-famous and legendary engraving made by Paul Revere. The only problem is... Revere's image doesn't depict what really...


The Rod Men of Middletown

In Episode 45 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger try their hands at dowsing rods in Middletown, Vermont. Back in 1801 an end-of-the-world event took place here... or rather, DIDN'T take place here that inspired a boy to take up dowsing, and later to start a religion that today boasts millions of members worldwide. Could it all have begun with dowsing or divining rods?