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NewfoundPod - a bite sized podcast about Newfoundland

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NewfoundPod is a bite-sized podcast about Newfoundland, hosted by Debbie Wiseman. In each episode I will bring you stories focusing on our unique culture and extraordinary citizens.

NewfoundPod is a bite-sized podcast about Newfoundland, hosted by Debbie Wiseman. In each episode I will bring you stories focusing on our unique culture and extraordinary citizens.
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NewfoundPod is a bite-sized podcast about Newfoundland, hosted by Debbie Wiseman. In each episode I will bring you stories focusing on our unique culture and extraordinary citizens.








Hiatus - Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone, welcome back to NewfoundPod. This isn't an episode, but just a quick update in your feeds to let you know that the podcast is on hiatus. It's just a short one, I'll be back in January with regular episodes. In the meantime, you can check out the fogbank at for more Newfoundland themed podcasts. If you haven't, you can listen to my older episodes at Thanks everyone, have a great holiday season, and I'll talk to you in 2019!


NewfoundPod Episode 27: Newfoundland Ghost Stories

Today I tell you about a miracle photo and two ghost stories from Gower Street in St. John's. Thanks so much for listening today. I hope you all enjoyed it. Links for today's episode: Theme Music: Club Seamus by Kevin MacLeod If you can, please leave me a review on Apple podcasts or whatever podcast app you use. I'd really appreciate it. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, just search NewfoundPod. Instagram is also NewfoundPod. You can contact me at...


Newfoundpod 26: 48 Horror Film Challenge, The Foran Hotel & Mrs Dower

This time, more spookiness! I tell you (well, Elling Lien tells you) about the Nickel Festival's 48 Hour Horror Film challenge. Then I tell two classic Newfoundland ghost stories. Thanks so much for listening today. I hope you all enjoyed it. Links for today's episode: Nickel Festival's 48 Hour Horror Film challenge interview with me! Merchandise! Theme Music: Club Seamus by Kevin MacLeod Source: incompetech If you can, please leave me a review on...


Episode 25 - The Balcony by Keith Daniels - Happy Halloween, Newfoundland

Hello, and welcome back to NewfoundPod, a bite-sized podcast about Newfoundland. I'm your host, Debbie Wiseman, and this is episode 25 – Happy Halloween! Yes, it's my favourite time of year again. Last year, I shared with you some spooky folk tales from Newfoundland. This year, I'll be doing that again, but this week, I wanted to do something a little different. This episode, I am going to read a spooky story written by a Newfoundland author. His name is Keith Daniels and he's written a few...


24: NewfoundPod Episode 24 - 9/11 In Newfoundland

Tuesday will mark the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States. Over 200 planes were diverted from the US to Canada, and over 70 of those planes landed in Newfoundland and Labrador. There was no plan in place for this type of thing. At the time, it just wasn't something people thought could happen. At the airport in St. John's, 27 planes landed, carrying over 4,000 passengers and crew. 38 planes ended up in Gander. Over 6,000 people ended up stranded in the town,...


23: NewfoundPod Episode 23 - Mary Dohey

Mary Dohey isn't a household name in Newfoundland, and it seems like that's the way she wanted it. But Mary, who passed away last year at the age of 83, was an extraordinary person. She was the first living person to receive the Canadian Cross of Valour. That's the highest honour that the country awards for acts of bravery. She helped save the lives of over 100 people after a man took a plane hostage, in what would become known as The Doomsday Flight. +++ If you can, please leave me a review...


22: NewfoundPod Episode 22 - Cats & Cabot

Today I talk about the cancellation of NightLine, the Mad Catter Cafe and Discovery Day. Twitter: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Blog:


NewfoundPod - Episode 21 - Remembering Neveah Denine - Newfoundland

This week, sadly, we lost one of our own, Neveah Denine. Neveah was a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, and a friend to all. She passed away on Monday, having just turned nine years old. Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about this incredible young girl and the legacy she will leave of selflessness and love. []( [](


20: NewfoundPod Episode 20 - The Royal St. John's Regatta

Episode 20 of Newfoundpod covers the Royal St. John's Regatta. I talked history, my personal stories, some other stories and the plans for the current year's races. Twitter: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Blog:


19: NewfoundPod Episode 19 - What's Up With The Podcast B'ye?

In this episode I talk about the future of the podcast, the death of Anthony Bourdain, the search for Cortney Lake and adventures in the Newfoundland subreddit. I made a bad edit in this one (probably more than one) see if you can spot it. A fun game!


18: NewfoundPod Episode 18 - Parts Unknown: Newfoundland

As I promised on the Facebook page, here's my recap and thoughts on yesterday's episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - Newfoundland. Blog: [](


17: NewfoundPod Episode 17 - Lovely Mummers, A Horror Movie Set In Newfoundland

Crazy week here, but I got this episode finished....I did forget my intro though! Here is the link to the "Lovely Mummers" Indigogo page: A horror home invasion short film blending Newfoundland folklore with the tradition of Mummering. Please support if you can! I really want to see this movie get made!


16: NewfoundPod Episode 16 - Ireland and Newfoundland

This weekend is St. Patrick's Day, and that got me thinking about how closely related Newfoundland and Ireland are. Our flags, our music, our accents, our looks, our beliefs, even the look of the land are so similar, that Irish author Tim Pat Coogan has said “Newfoundland is the most Irish place in the world outside of Ireland. Today I'm going to talk about those similarities and the effect of our Irish ancestors on our province.


15: NewfoundPod Episode 15 - Vera Perlin (Extraordinary Newfoundlanders) Newfoundland

Today's episode is about the woman who was the driving force behind the Vera Perlin Society, an organization that believed children with disabilities were entitled to the same rights as any other child. Elizabeth Vera Perlin.


14: NewfoundPod Episode 14 - The Giant Squid of Newfoundland

Newfoundland holds a few Guinness World Records: the first trans-Atlantic flight, the first European settlers in North America, the earliest record of animal tracks (from 565 million years ago) and the world's largest squid.


13: Newfoundpod Episode 13 - Newfoundland Traditions

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season. Today, I’m going to tell you about some Newfoundland Christmas traditions, some that have stuck around and most that have gone away.


12: NewfoundPod Episode 12: My Christmas Memories

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate it. Today, I’m going to tell you how my family celebrated Christmas when I was growing up, and in the next episode I’ll be releasing today, how Newfoundlanders have traditionally celebrated.


11: NewfoundPod Episode 011 - Mummering In Newfoundland

Mummering in Newfoundland can be traced back to the early 1800s, and was brought here by our Irish and English ancestors. So what is mummering? During the 12 days of Christmas, a group of people, usually family and friends, dress up in costumes and visit homes in their communities. If they are 'lowed in (and they are usually 'lowed in) they put on a performance that includes dancing, playing music (hopefully someone brought their accordion) singing and telling jokes. Meanwhile, the...


No Episode This Week

No episode this week as my sinuses are killing me. I'm going to skip over the railway and release the Christmas episodes in December and do the Railway episode in January.


10: NewfoundPod Episode 010 - Hockey Night In Canada's Bob Cole - Newfoundland

Bob Cole is an announcer for NHL Hockey Night In Canada. At 84, Bob is semi-retired but still calls games from time to time on Sportsnet. He’s been broadcasting hockey in some form, including the NHL regular season and playoffs and the Olympics, for about 50 years. He won a Gemini award in 2007 for his play-by-play and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1996, winning the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for Broadcast Excellence. He’s in the Newfoundland Hockey Hall of Fame. He received...